The Initiation
M. Pat
In my freshman year of college it was May and I was finally finished with my pledge Spring semester in my fraternity. All that remained was the initiation   informal and formal ceremonies. The chapter had told everyone that no one would be hurt, although moods would be set and mind games would be played and lot of "in your face" yelling- we were told to arrive on Thursday night at the off campus fraternity house with a duffel bag with a pillow,blanket,some underwear,mtowels,a bath robe shower sandals, shaving cream and safety razor,comb,hair set gel, and 2 large sanitary pads, and a 7 ft length of clothesline.

Arriving at 7pm sharp Thursday evening we were assembled in the 1st floor living room which had all the drapes pulled closed. Our duffel bags were put onto the floor behind each pledge,after we took out one sanitary napkin- then they said these would be used as
blindfolds-something I am sure the manufacturers never thought of! Our pledge "fathers" then took 4 ft strips of adhesive tape and wound them 2 or 3 times around our heads to affix the "blindfolds" in place, obviously also sticking to our hair on the sides and back.

  We then were told we were in the desert as they turned up the furnace, and to avoid heat stroke we should shed ALL our clothes,and stand in line-They then played eerie far eastern music and a heavy sweet smell of incense filled the room. We were then told we were now to act like camels. and to bow down on all 4's to the East,to receive our "passengers"- first however the "veterinarian"was to check the camels. A latex gloved hand then stroked the inside of our haunches from the rear, I heard the neasrest camel gasp, soon I knew why as someone whispered to spread my legs furyther for a "desert flea check"- I then separated my knees 18" on the floor-suddenly a weird sensation hit each of us pledges, cereal bowls of ice cubes in cold water, were slipped under our parted haunch and raised up to suddenly immerse our balls in 33 degree cold water! More gasps.Plus a few high pitched giggles from the passengers in the room.

The water instantly contracted my scrotum to a tight mass that must have looked like 2 tangerines trying to escape their tight pouch confinements.

Then the ritualmaster ordered,"beduins climb on", and a pair of legs straddled me and a bare butt sat down on my back-I thought the actives had removed their clothes also, my passenger seemed to be a light weight one about 100-120# We then were told the camel caravan leader had to tie a bridle rope around the lead camel and pass one back to each following camel so we would not get lost in the appraching wind/sandstorm. We got into line,still kneeling with our passengers, and one by one each camel had an 6 ft section of clothesline tied around their testicles so they would not get lost- the loose end was given to
each rider. Now with sound effects a windstom developped, fans blew on us and active threw sand at our naked bodies as our passengers jerked the bridles gently to urge us on in a huge cirvle around the living room. Finally we reached the oasis after 2 circles and our riders were alliowed to lead us to the watering hole to drink. Even blindfolded i sense the watering hole was a small  4 ft diameter plastic tub. I drank.

After all had drank, the camelmaster said we have 100 miles of brutal hot desert to still cross so it is important that al "camels" drink all the water in the oasis pool- I quickly figured that the 11 of us would have to drink about 3 gallons each.He also said thatin the real
desert to get the camels to intake the final gallon, the camels were "bricked" going on to explain that as they camel filled and slowed down his intake the driver would come up behand with 2 adobe bricks and clap them together on the camel's testicles!!! The camel would suck in from pain,thus getting that last gallon, called bricking the dromedaries. We
knew that would really smart!

We were led 4 at a time to the 4 sides of the "oasis"pool. Our riders alighted and picked up bricks, and placed one on each side of our family jewels getting the range should they be needed. We started to drink,just as I started to feel full across the pool came a clap and a
god awful scream- I was inspired to drink another quart which seemed to satisfy my rider. We rode away to allow another 4 to drink- while kneeling for 15 minutes while others drank, I began to feel the pee welling up in my bladder, as no doubt the other camels did,because the caravan master said good, all have partaken, now we must hold that 30 minutes without even a dribble, but we could now stand, in line again. Our riders disappeared, mny rider had left a opatch of sweat on his saddle (my back). Now the stereo tape changed to waves rolling in then rainfall-I had to pee in a big way, the master said we still had 15
minutes to hold. My prick reacted to that by getting what males call a pee-erection. The bladder pressure in the groin tells the prick to admit blood and swell up. We were told that the camel with the longest pee hardon would be permitted to pee first.I thought he meant the longest in minutes,but it turns out he meant the longest in length-so our riders
rematerialized in front of us with tape measures and each 3 minutes they counted off from the lead camel on down.I was camel #4. The tape was stretched along the underside for uniformity, soon the countoff order came and I heard,#1 camel 6 inched master, and #2 camel 5" master, #3 camel 6" master then the all important #4 camel 6.5"master.I almost
klet loose at this till #9 reported 10" and #10 said 8"in the squeaky raspy voices the riders were using to conceal who they were. The camel master allowed the 2 longest camel schlongs to fo outside to relieve themselves then be hitched to the 2nd floor atrium stair rail so as to not wonder away . Finally my rider lead me by the rope outside then to my surprise took my rod in hand and directed the stream back and forth. finally leading me in and up the stairs to tie me off at the atrium opening.

But there was one more test of strength they said. The master reminded us that we all stood tied facing the rail on the 2nd floor, it was 11 ft fown the atrium to the terrazo entry foyer. To be initiated we had to prove our strength and he said each of us would ge untied then a 1# lab weight would be tied onto the loose end of our 7 ft ropes still securely tied/knotted at the top end around our testicles up at the top. We were each to hold our 1# weights on the count of 1 out over the edge of the guard rail, then the count would
progress to 2 and at 3 we would release the weight and brace wor its impact. If we failed this 1/4 pound would be removed each time till we did it 3 more times at 3/4#,1/2# and if our testicles were niot already stretched more than 18" we would do 1/4 #.

Tjhe riders handed us the tied weights, we held them out over the abyss, the count went on 1,2,3 and lous screams came from all sides, but I felt nothing-time stood still, I visuallized in slow motion the brass scale weight falling in slow motion running out of rope then
stretching my nuts like a rubber band bouncing up and down. But the pain never came and I never heard mine nor any hit the terrazo-I did hear a chorus of guffdaws from the actives behind us, and a few feminine giggles.

We were told we passed the informal rites and we could remove our blindfolds. When I did i saw all of us naked "camels" standing around the atrium with out pledge fathers goldin the wewights- the cords had been cut at midpoint during the countdown, and the plegde fathers below had caught the free falling weights. But then I noticed that standing behind each pledge father were their stready girls they were pinned to. they had just redressed from acting as the riders. We were then told they also wielded the tape measures and directed our streams out on the side patio porch. They each were also the latex gloved Veteriaarians. I got another erection since my rider was the big sister of my girlfriend, We then were free to shower and dress but remaining naked we all went downstairs for a brew first-what the heck the gals had all seen "everything we had" already! I think that I also saw VCR cameras bulging in several of their huge feedbag sized shoulder strap purses!!! Oh well , with a pad over my eyes and all that tape we basically all looked alike (except for the "horse")

And tomorrow would come the eyes open formal initiation rite. It was time to get some sack time!!!