Balcony Sex
Thorne Hartford

It was a sunny day at the apartment I had overlooking Bush Street in San Francisco and I had strolled out onto the balcony with binoculars to sneak a peak at a friends office up on Hyde Street that faced North and which I would look at as he prepared for the day. Jonathan was so yummy looking with a mysterious side. A Doctor we shared mutual interests in Nietzsche and Vivaldi. Like a voyeur I would watch for an hour or more each morning as he worked in his office, pausing to gaze out the window.

Taking my vibrator I would recline and mastrurbate while watching him looking out onto the world. Would moan and utter his name with each new orgasm. Smile and then seek another orgasm, wondering what he would do if he knew what I was doing and that he was the focal point of my orgasms.

It was a sunny summer day after a fresh rain that I had strolled onto the balcony to see what Jonathan was up to. Then was shocked and taken aback at the sight of him standing in his office window, also looking thru binoculars, catching sight of me, wearing only the short silk kimono my Dad had brought me back from his last jaunt to Japan, and vibrator in hand.

It was as if we were both caught off guard seeing the other seeing the other. I smiled and ran my tongue along my lips.

Wasn't sure what Jonathan would do but opted to tease and see if he would continue to watch, so reclined on the hammock and opened the kimono to feel the air brush across my nipples as if in foreplay. If he was watching he would not be disappointed as I take sex very seriously. It is as much a must as eating, sleeping and walking.

Licking the chrome vibrator I had gotten at Good Vibrations days earlier I then teased my clit , sliding the vibrator as deeply in as possible, and proceeded to masturbate until the first orgasm began to rise up. I tightened my pussy to make the vibrator work harder and allow the orgasm to build to a major burst. Then teased my pussy to produce one more, and then another.

Paused to take a break and look to see what Jonathan was doing. Oh my god ......... He was watching me. I waved and he waved back and with a wave of encouragement I proceeded to return to masturbating, and further orgasms. Licking the juices off the vibrator after each orgasm as I loved hearing the suction break as I removed the chrome cock shaped vibrator from my slurpy pussy.

I smiled at Jonathan and he smiled back. This continued until eight forty five when he needed to return to his work. But he turned to catch a last look .........

It was a few days later while showering I heard a knock at the door. Thru on a robe and peeking thru the guard slot could see it was Jonathan. I giggled and then opened the door inviting him in.

He smile then bent forward to kiss me. I smiled and kissed him back.

"What brings you here at eight o'clock in the morning?" I asked. "You" he replied. I giggled and proceeded to seek a further explanation. "I want to watch you up close" he replied. "Watch me what?" I asked. "Masturbate" he noted and then continued "I want to watch you and listen and smell you as you masturbate, as you do each morning for me."

"On the balcony or here or in my bed?" I asked. "Your choice" he shot back. "But I have to see this up close", he smiled back. "Follow me and be as encouraging as you can. Please?" I inquired. I took his hand and led him to my bed, which was very much French with a bug net tent and mounds of pillows on the finest bed linens. I kissed him and invited him to sit or lay on my bed as I pleased myself.

As he walked to the left side of the bed to recline I slowly dropped my robe and lay back on a mound of pillows and took a deep breath. I gazed at Jonathan and concentrated on his eyes and lips as I began to caress my pussy, clit and inner thighs.

Taking the vibrator I slid it slowlyyyyy into my pussy and clenched it tight as I then began to stroke it in and out like a prime cock. Slowly feeling moans building up within me along with orgasms.

I could smell the juices as I could also hear them getting slurpy with each stroke of the vibrator. Soon a massive orgasm came to the surface and without even realizing it I was screaming Jonathans name and begging him to fuck me. "Fuck Me Jonathan" "Fuck me now. "


He quickly leaned over and began to tongue fuck me as we both worked quickly to get his pants down and shirt unbuttoned. Then quickly he laid down and I straddled him, rocking hard on his cock as I continued to make sure hi shirt was free so I could glaze my breasts across his chest and suck his nipples. He filled me tight which pleased me. It felt luscious tightening up as I rose up to milk his cock with my pussy. He moaned and proceeded to grab my hips to help thrust me back down on his cock. Smiling as I tightened up and rose so he could see his cock going in and out of my pussy, juices dripping with each milking.

Leaning down I let my nipples glaze his chest as my pussy tightened harder and my tongue explored his throat. I moaned and groweled. He smiled back and thrusted harder hitting my cervic and sending a massive orgasm out of my body.

My clit had swollen and was rubbing against his pubic hair allowing for orgasms even when I simply rocked lightly.

We went at it a good forty minutes before he felt he wanted to cum. "Can I swallow?" I asked. He smiled back as I quickly dismounted and went down on his cock, engulfing it as deep into my throat as I could take him. Cradling his cock with my tongue and caressing the shaft tight with my lips, it took but nine plunges before he tensed up and held my head down as he shot his cum deep into my throat while moaning like a lion cumming in a lioness.

I drank every drop and licked his shaft clean as he lay exhausted, hands craessing my hair and whispering what a gift I was and how glad he was that he knew me.

I held him for a few minutes before getting up to run him a shower. he had twenty minutes to shower and re-dress before his first patient. He did it in eleven minutes. Giving us time to hold each other and kiss. Opening the door I thanked him, promising we would do it again. He smiled.

The next morning I was back on the balcony and he was there watching me from his eight story office. Smiling and giving me the thumbs up.

It would be three days later before he could visit in person. But this continued on as a joyful activity until I moved out of the city almost a year later. He tells me an older woman has taken over the apartment and he wishes I would move back. Maybe I will. Maybe I won't.

The important thing I remind him, is to treasure such moments as one never knows how long they may last. 

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