She Waits

The clock was placed conspicuously over the doorway. The workings of its motor made imperceptible clicks, but she could hear them well in the silence. Jenny watched the minute hand as it patiently began another round in its journey to nowhere.

"How much longer?" she thought.

Jenny heard the twisting noises of the leather as she tested the restraints yet again. The soft black bands held firm, keeping her body immobile and bound in a state of erotic denial. Denial of the pleasures of her own touch and denial of the need she had for any
sort of physical relief. For the time being her mind would be her only friend, and the source of her greatest sexual torment.She tried to think of other things. Anything to stop the flood of
sensual musings that ran through her memories with each turn of her head and each sight her eyes beheld. It was impossible. The decor of the chamber saw to that. Its walls festooned with an assortment of toys and equipment that her lover had used on her so many times before. Each one holding in its aura, a story unique to her most pleasurable dreams.

Her naked body pressed further against the dark stained wood of the X-frame that held her erect. Her arms high, her legs spread wide. Her body exposed to whatever teasings her lover desired to impart upon her most sensitive areas. She felt herself dripping with juices that betrayed her ecstasy as the minute hand moved once more.

How bad she needed his touch. Her mind was awash in the memories of his delicate teasing caresses. How many times had he watched her body pull madly against her bonds. Enjoying her erotic torment as she sat tied to a chair or hanging helpless from eyebolts so carefully
attached to the ceiling. Her lover, practicing his art of keeping Jennys body on the brink of orgasm for hours at a time. Molding her senses in a rich tapestry of pleasures unfulfilled. Her nipples and clitoris becoming so swelled from excitement that his mere breath alone would send her body convulsing in passionate bliss.If only he would whip her, it would be a gift. Even the pain of the lash would be a release. A way for her body to escape from the
torments of her lovers soft teasings.

Jenny knew it was never to be; her mind was the most adept punisher she would ever know. A traitor to her body. Bringing to her the joys of restrained pleasure. Pleasures she needed badly but could only be achieved through the tight bonds of her lovers ropes and gags. To be his prisoner was her only desire. Her only need.

Jenny knew that soon he would come through the door, and begin the game again. He would start as always with his slow lickings. The lickings had become a ritual. Starting at her toes. Tiny flicks, with a patience that was maddening. Then ever so slowly his wet teasings
would begin their upwards journey over her bound body.

By the time he would get to Jennys thighs she would be squirming in her bindings, begging for his touch on her wetness. Jenny knew this was the level of pleasure she would remain at for quite some time. Her delicate flower was the last thing he had in mind of teasing.

She strained against the tight leather bands as the memories flooded over her. Gyrating her hips as much as the restraints would allow in a vain attempt for some sort of caress. If she could get the leather to brush against her clit, she knew that it would be enough to give
her some relief.

The bindings held firm, her hips moved slightly to no avail, as a small trickle of her juices rand down her inner thigh. Jenny looked down between her breasts, she could barely see the tip of her mound,  light glistening off her wetness. Jenny threw her head back and moaned softly. The clock clicked again.

Jennys mind raced with sensual thoughts, knowing her body would pay the price. She recalled the dinner they shared in the crowded restaurant. The small butterfly vibrator so delicately hid under her panties. His smile was he toyed with the remote control in his
pocket. Alternating between a slow gentle teasing to a mind blowing crescendo of electric joy.  Jenny trying to comport herself as the other patrons went about their meals. Giving no signal to the pleasures she felt inside. It was torture, it was Nirvana. Her body shook in ecstasy, her hips straining as she remembered whispered pleas to him that they forgo the meal. The answer given was a full ten minutes on the butterflies slowest speed. They would even stay for a lingering dessert.

Jenny moaned loudly. Her head spinning from thought after thought of the dinner. The trip home and the lovemaking that followed. Even now her pussy was dripping from the memories of an orgasm weeks old.An orgasm that defined forever in her mind the meaning of passion and loyalty.

It had worked; Jennys body stiffened against the leather, the wood creaking as her body was thrown into wave after wave of pleasure. Her moans loud; her hands clenched from an orgasm derived only from memories alone.

Jenny rested in her bonds exhausted. Skin glistening from the sweat of her own passions. The leather straps that encircled her thighs  darkened by the juices that had flowed upon them. Weakly smiling and enjoyed the solitude of the moment.

Jenny could here her lover descending the stairs. Her head raised slightly, eyes bright in anticipation. Comforted by the clicking of the clock ,that still watches over her, while she waits.

                           THE END
Copywrite: Dangermouse 1999                            

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