A Night on the Moors

    Chapter 2 - The Wagon

     I recognized the driver, we had crossed paths before, he was a captain in Lord Eric's guard. "How very curious" I muttered more to myself than anyone else. After a cursory examination we were thrown together in the cage on the back of the wagon. Luckily I had not been recognized. After the money changed hands the driver mounted the wagon and we began moving. We traveled for several hours and as the sun fell I noticed the ladies were beginning to shiver with cold. Having no spare clothes and with what I had been wearing hanging in tatters after being whipped I suggested perhaps we should huddle together for added warmth. "I should soil my self with one so low born as you?" came the Lady Blades only reply. Gypsy said nothing but slid over until she was close against me. "Suit yourself your highness, maybe this will help keep you warm" I threw the remains of my shirt near her feet.

     After a time had passed I began to become aware of how wonderful Gypsy felt against my bare skin, and I began to run my hand up and down her back, to warm her I though to myself. It had more of a warming effect than I thought for I soon found her mouth on mine and her hand inside my trousers. Her eyes opened wider as she felt my manhood become hard with her touch. she started to speak and I silenced her with a finger on her lips, I pointed at our guard and she nodded in understanding. She was very quiet as she slid my trousers down and bent over my manhood taking me into her mouth.  Not sure how much of that I could stand I stopped her and lifted her to her knees and kissed her deeply, letting my hand feel her moist womanhood. She grasped my hand and pushed it deeper into herself as we kissed ever so quietly. When she was ready she knelt and mounted, the only sound was the night owls and the creaking of the wagon. Her nipples were hard against my chest and I bent to suck them into my mouth. A moan escaped her lips then and we stopped in near panic, it was then that I noticed the Lady was watching us intently and appeared to be enjoying our show. This seemed to spur Gypsy on even more and her movements became faster and as I bit her nipple I felt her fingernails rake my back like the claws of a large cat. Suddenly it was over and she stilled and gave me a slow lazy smile in the darkness and drifted off to sleep with my manhood still buried deep inside of her.

     I awoke in the morning to the frantic whispering of my two companions. I stretched as best I could and noticed our guard was nowhere in sight. "Where" I began, and the Lady pointed into the trees and gave me a look that would have killed a lesser man and spoke volumes of how miserable a night she had had. I pulled the slim dagger I keep strapped to my right thigh and moved towards the lock. "Can you open it" came the soft voice of Gypsy. "If he is as good at picking locks as he is at fucking we will be stuck here forever" growled Lady Blade.   At that moment the lock gave way and the door swung open. "I fuck much better than I open locks Milady" was all I said and went to unharness the horses. We quickly took everything of value off the wagon and mounted the two horses and rode off as quickly as possible. We could hear the guard shouting behind us as we left the road in favor of the bleak untraveled moors.