A Night on the Moors

    Chapter 3 - The Wagon

    "Are you sure its safe to ride here" the ladies inquired, for about the tenth time that morning. "Yes, yes and for gods sake yes!!!!!" I yelled back "I know what I am doing." It was about this time that the horse decided to stumble into quicksand. "Oh shit" was all I had the breath to say as my horse quickly sunk beneath me, I was however able to push off his back and propel myself closer to hard ground where the ladies dragged me to safety. I turned to watch the clumsy beast disappear for all time, and found myself glad it wasn't Greyling.

    At that thought I began to seethe with anger, how dare they! They would pay and pay dearly, they took my horse and my weapons and then thought to sell me, Me Sean Connel the Crimson Blade. Well, I was free now and soon
they would know my wrath. I hope Greyling is making some poor fools life miserable right now.

    I regained my feet and we continued our trip deeper into the moors. I could hear the two women chuckling as I walked, I must look a site and I knew the chafing was already making me walk a bit odd. Around noon when I thought
I could stand the itching and chafing no longer we came upon a small house. the house appeared deserted but I crept ahead to check it out anyway. It was a typical small farm house and barn, where its occupants were was anybody's guess, and right now I didn't care. I went inside and immediately found food and clothing but no weapons. I found a small clear stream behind the house and bathed and put on the clean clothes I had found, I felt ready to take on the world except I still didn't have a weapon.

    I left the ladies in the house, hopefully they would prepare some food, while I went to search the barn. I had just climbed down from the loft when the door swung open, I quickly dropped to a defensive posture and prepared to hurl the axe I had found when I recognized the form of Gypsy standing there. She must have just washed, for the simple dress she was wearing clung to her still damp body. Her hair unbound for the first time hung to the small of her back and was as lustrous black as a ravens feathers. "Sorry I didn't mean to startle you, but you had been out here so long." Was
all she said as she approached. She moved like a cat, so full of grace and ready to pounce. She removed her dress as she came close, I could feel the heat from her body. "A Tattoo Milady?" I asked with raised eyebrows, hoping to get the explanation of the black raven tattooed over her left breast. Then I noticed the dragon coiling up her leg. "This one is a symbol of power" she pointed at the dragon, "and this one symbolizes death for I can tell when a man is going to die." "Can you tell when I shall die?" "You?" she said "You will last a very long time" as she spoke her hand slid up my leg and caressed the growing bulge of my manhood. "Take me" was all she said.

   Her clothes seemed to practically disappear as did mine. Our lips were hot over each others bodies, she pressed closer. I could feel her nipples grow hard against my chest as she bit my lip. I moved my mouth down to her breast and began suckling like a babe, a moan escaped her lips and I picked her up and carried her over to the pile of hay at the far end of the barn. As I carried her she wrapped her legs tight around my hips and slid herself over my manhood and down onto it. The heat of her was intense as she slowly caressed me using only her inner muscles. We moved like that for
several minutes with my hands moving her up and down the length of my manhood my mouth always on her breasts she threw head back and moaned loudly. I laid her in the hay and began moving into her "harder" came her urgent pleas and I increased my pressure. Her fingernails again scored my back as she climaxed yet again. I withdrew my manhood not wishing to hurt her even though I had not yet finished. "And just where do you think you are going?" she laid there staring up at me. I managed to stammer out "I umm but... I you would have trouble walking if we continued" already I could see the beginning of the bruises she would have on her inner thighs. "you just let me worry about that" as she grabbed my hand and pulled me down to her, my face between her legs. As I slowly licked over her moist woman hood I wondered what her mistress the Lady Blade was doing. As she began moaning once again I entered her and kept going until she had climaxed twice more and I had finally finished. She lay there sated as I rose. She drifted off to sleep and I covered her with my cloak as I went into the house looking for food.

  The house was quiet when I entered and I moved to the kitchen and found mutton joint and started eating. After finishing the mutton I moved quietly upstairs to find a bed, as I came around the corner I met the Lady Blade and she was holding an old but still serviceable rapier. "Ulp! Milady, it is only I. Sean Connel" I stood very still. "I know who you are oaf. How dare you sneak up on me that way. You were trying to spy on me weren't you?" she hissed between clenched teeth. "No Milady, I was.." "Silence pig!" she poked with the rapier for emphasis. "Did you enjoy yourself in the barn with
my handmaiden?" The rapier wavered. "Silence! You don't need to answer that. I heard you both quite clearly." She moved a little closer. "You fucked Gypsy now you will please me, and if you fail I will run you through" again she poked. "Milady, if you poke me with that one more time you will regret not running me through." "Oh really?" her eyes glinted as she poked me again.

  I uncoiled into action, slapping her hard and knocking the blade from her hand. As she reeled from the blow I grabbed her hands and quickly tied them together with a piece of rope I had found in the barn. Then I threw the rope over a beam and hoisted her up until her toes barely touched the floor. She lashed out with her feet trying to kick me. I was forced to move the bed over and tie one leg to each leg of the bed. "Comfortable now Milady?" I lay down on the bed. She tried to twist and look at me but could not turn far enough. "Release me this instant or I'll..." "You will what? Call your
father? It was probably him that tried to sell you." I stood and picked up the rapier. "Did you sharpen this yourself Milady?" I moved around in front of her, measuring the distance with my eyes, carefully. I let the blade flick through the air, she gasped as the laces on her bodice parted. I let it flick out again and the bodice fell to the floor revealing her round full breasts. Her chest was heaving and she appeared to grow excited as she watched the blade flash out again and again, slowly cutting her dress and undergarments away and revealing smooth flesh the color of cream. Finally with a final slash I parted the last of her garments. She moaned in climax as the blade scratched her leaving a thin red line of blood on her thigh.

  I knelt in front of her and slowly cleaned the blood away as she continued to moan and kept moving her hips so she was closer to my hand, and my face. She was so aroused that I could smell her and see the juices of her body as they began to run slowly down her leg. I leaned forward and began slowly licking them up until my mouth was on the source and she was moaning loudly as I drank in all her juices and found the hooded source of a woman's pleasure and applied my teeth with gentle bites. I worked my way up her body until my manhood entered her. She kept trying to move but being tied she could only submit herself to me. I quickly established a rhythm then bent down and cut her legs free. She wrapped her legs tight around me and screamed out her pleasure as she milked my seed from my manhood. When I was finished I untied her and laid her on the bed. "Was it as good for you as it was for me?" I inquired "No it...." Whatever else she had been about to say was lost in the crash of the door.