A Night on the Moors

    Chapter 4 - The Return of Lothar

   I leapt to the head of the stairs in time to see six men enter the house, weapons at the ready. I yelled for Milady to grab the sword and prepare to defend her self. I grabbed a stool and hurled it down the stairs, following it with my body. I snatched up the sword one of them had dropped and quickly dispatched one and then another.   Milady quickly joined and the fight was all but over in the house. We stepped outside and we could see another five men led by Lothar coming out of the barn, Gypsy was nowhere to be seen. There were horses tethered near the house I pointed to them and Told Milady to make good her escape, "What about you?" she asked. "He has   something that belongs to me" I pointed at Lothar "and I mean to retrieve it. Now go"

"No" was all she said as she again drew her sword. "You may be good but I am not leaving you to die alone." "Well, I hope Gypsy can make good her escape then" was all I could reply. We charged, the fight was brief and bloody, with
Milady accounting for three of them while I fought Lothar, almost as quickly as he dropped I scooped up Razor and hurled it into the back of the man who was about to dispatch Milady. The fight over we quickly took stock of what we had gained, all my possessions were there with notable exception of Greyling my warhorse. "Any sign of Gypsy?" I called out. "Just some blood in the straw in the barn, do you think she escaped?" "I don't know Milady, I hope so but fleeing like that does not seem likely for her" came my reply as I looked over the horses. "None of these are fit to travel right now so we best spend the night here, and try to find her trail in the morning," she looked at me then went into the house.

I entered the house and found her naked washing the blood from her body, I quickly picked up a wet cloth and began helping her. She arched her eyebrows but said nothing, then she began removing my clothes and washing my body. "At least in all that fighting you didn't break your sword" her lips quirked into a smile as she grasped my now erect manhood.  She lowered herself to her knees and took my manhood into her mouth, I could feel each stroke of her tongue on it as she moved her head, her mouth sliding up and down the length of it. I watched as her ruby lips engulfed my manhood and sshe looked up at me with lust in her eyes. I scooped her up and carried her upstairs, pausing only long enough to grab our sword belts. "What are..." I stopped anything else she might say with a kiss. "One thing I learned, always leave your weapons where you can find them in the dark."

When we got upstairs I laid her on the bed and we and stood staring at her magnificent body until she pulled me down on top of her. We were both eager needing this to celebrate living through what we had just done. We were taken by lust and she bit and clawed my back as I entered her and thrust deep over and over again until we both collapsed in exhaustion and quickly fell asleep. When we awoke in the morning I turned and looked deeply into her eyes kissed her and asked "Was it as good for you that time, as it was for me?" a small smile played across her lips and her eyes sparkled as she replied "No it....." and the bedroom door burst open and we found ourselves staring into the barrels of a half dozen muskets. "Dress yourselves and come with me" said the sergeant of the kings guard.

More chapters to follow......