A Night on the Moors

    Chapter 5 - Gypsy's Story

    "Must you treat me like a sack of flour!?" she yelled at the back of the man sitting the saddle. "Quiet bitch!" he struck her with the short riding crop he was using to drive the beast with. "If this horse wasn't the fastest one available I would kill it" he muttered under his breath. It almost seemed as if the horse could understand him as it bucked at this moment throwing both him and the woman known only as The Gypsy to the ground. The large grey horse moved as if to trample them until the woman moaned, it seemed to reconsider and turned back north the way they had come from. The man regained consciousness first and dragged the woman off the road. When she finally awoke it was dark and her captor had a fire going and was cooking a rabbit. "Here eat this, you will need to keep up your strength for the journey ahead," he cut off a chunk of the rabbit and threw it to her. "And where pray tell is this journey taking us?" the Gypsy asked. "We are going to Londoninium where you will board a ship headed for the brothels of Ostia" came his sharp reply. "You would sell me into slavery? Is there nothing about me that pleases you?" Gypsy asked as she slowly opened her dress. "Don't try
any of your witchcraft on me woman." "I wouldn't dream of it, a warrior such as yourself, a Captain in the service of a great lord. Surely you would be protected," she remarked knowing full well any powers she had over men came from their own minds. "Aye, see that you don't woman. I would hate to be forced to kill you," the Captain looked over his prize. "Well, perhaps we can come to some arrangement that would save you from being sold to the highest bidder," he said with an evil glint in his eye. He took hold of her and began to tear the dress from her body. "No wait!   Why must you men always tear things? I shall need this to put on later," and with that she slid the dress of over her head, revealing her firm breasts and long shapely legs. The Captain was drooling as she helped him remove his clothing.

"Well, you are an eager one aren't you? How long has it been since you had a woman?" She grasped his stiff member in her hand and slowly massaged it bending every now and then to lick the tip of his manhood. "Hmmm, nice equipment you have here, I bet you are a favorite with the girls back home," she said honestly. "Well, I never had any complaints from the women I have taken" he gasped, as she managed to get the whole of its width into her mouth. He flung back his head and gasped in pleasure as she took more and more of him into her mouth until she was sure she would choke. He grabbed her to pull her up just as exploded and covered her chest with his juices, she just grinned and mounted him. "You are better than any of the farm maids I took my pleasure on," he managed to say. She looked down on him. "Well, it makes a difference when the woman is willing." "I, I see that," was all he said as she slid the rest of the way down on his manhood. She stayed like that impaled on his shaft for barely moving for several minutes, then she began slowly moving up and down. Caressing the length of his manhood with her velvet sheath, and marking his chest with her fingernails. She was enjoying this, if not an adept lover he was at least large enough to please her and content enough to let her control things. "You will remember this for the rest of your life my Captain" she moaned as she climaxed for the third time.
The Captain was spent, having managed to release himself twice, and quickly fell asleep.

Gypsy cleaned herself up and dressed. "Oh yes you will remember that for the rest of your very short life" she whispered as she dressed. Once having dressed and gathered everything into a bundle she could carry, she assured herself the Captain was sleeping soundly. She approached where he slept and drew the knife she had taken from his belt. She severed his manhood. "That is for all the farm girls whose lives you destroyed!" she hissed. The Captain stared not yet aware of what happened. Then he began to scream as she dropped his manhood on his chest. "And this is for making me do that!" she spat out as she pinned his manhood to his heart and left the dagger there as she strode off into the darkness. His screams died away quickly.

Gypsy found a place to sleep for the night away from the man she had just killed, and in the morning she continued on her way. Around noon she found a horse she could steal and rode hard towards Lord Eric's keep, she must get there before his soldiers find her companions.....or their Captain. She reached the castle at midday and demanded entrance and an audience with the baron. "I am sorry the His Lordship is busy this afternoon, perhaps you could come back tomorrow" was all the seneschal would say. "But its a matter of grave importance to the life of the barons family." Gypsy insisted. "Look young lady I am sure it is" it always is the seneschal thought to himself. "But just the same the Baron isn't seeing anyone today." "Do you have any idea who I am?" asked Gypsy. "You are a poor serving wench by the look of
you, perhaps wishing to get some small favor from the Baron by using your body" came the reply. "I am the one everyone calls The Gypsy, I travel with his daughter," she used her best imperious voice. "Oh" was all he managed as
Gypsy strode past into the inner halls of the castle.

After a short search she found the Barons chambers and went in, the seneschal on her heals. She saw the Baron lying in bed very pale and his breathing labored. She approached the bed and looked at the body, she threw back the covers and tore open his gown examining his body. "You can't do......" the seneschal began only to be silenced with the point of her sword against his throat. "Be still and listen old man, the Baron has been poisoned" she whispered. "I think I can save him but I need your help, do I have it?" "Yes, anything" he stammered. She took a pen and paper and wrote some quick instructions. "Have the cook prepare this. and watch her closely see that she adds nothing else to it and leaves nothing out," she pushed him out of the room.

When he returned with the potion she had Lord Eric naked and was massaging his arms and legs. "We need to get his blood flowing so the potion works right" she said by way of explanation. "Now we need to rouse him enough to drink, I think you best leave the room." "But I cannot leave Milord Eric alone with you" the old man protested. "If you don't then he will die, do you want that?" Gypsy pushed the old seneschel out into the hall and shut the door. She moved back to the bed and picked up the dagger, she pricked Lord Eric repeatedly until the pain woke him enough to drink. He collapsed back onto the bed after drinking, his breathing became less labored almost immediately. "Good now if I can get his blood going just a bit more" Gypsy thought to herself as she observed the man for really the first time. "Nice features, good bone structure, solid built, he exercises" she could see where her mistress the Lady Blade got her looks, and her red hair. She let her eyes travel down his body "Hmmm firm well muscled legs" she uncovered his manhood and admired, quite possibly, the best specimen of manhood she had ever seen. It was perfectly formed like the drawings she had seen in that book so long ago, and the size while not as large as that of the Captain she had so recently dispatched, was a pleasant surprise. "Of course" she exclaimed "that is the best way to get blood flowing after all" she said to herself a mischievous glint in her eye. She straddled Lord Eric and began moving up and down his body, rubbing his chest with hers and his legs with her legs. "This is for your own good Milord" she whispered in his ear. Slowly she continued rubbing her body over his, she was growing wet as her excitement mounted. Finally Lord Eric's body began to respond and she could feel his manhood stiffen between her thighs. She moaned and continued to rub her maidenhead against it. As she achieved her own climax she bit his shoulder, and for the first time his eyes fluttered open. His eyes were questioning even as his mouth sought hers and they kissed. The pleasure was exquisite when he entered her, and she could feel his mouth on her breasts at the moment of penetration, biting her nipples. She began to moan louder as she neared her peak, her moans echoed by him. They were moving together and finally climaxing together when the door opened. "What in God's name are you doing!!!??" bellowed the man standing there. "I saved your fathers life" Gypsy exclaimed as she drew the blanket up over her naked body, suddenly modest. "I see that, pity now I shall be forced to have you both thrown in the dungeon," he said in a voice that dripped acid. "Take them! and the old man too!" As the men with him moved to obey. "I am lord here now. Baron Donald, any that dare cross me I shall see dead," and with that he strode from the room.