Day Dreaming
Sensuos & Sasha


   I'm sitting at my desk....plagued by thoughts of you...I drift off into a day dream.............. I casually stroll into your office at home and catch you hard at work on your latest project.  You hear the rustle of my dress against my thighs and turn towards me, a smile forming instantly on your lips. 

  I stop just inside the door way, wondering if now is a good time, but you motion for me to come sit on your lap. I run the tip of my tongue over my lips as I slide into your lap and feel your arms encircle me immediately.  I feel your warm breath on my ear as you huskily whisper, "You sure are cute today, you take my mind right off of work." I smile secretly as I lean
forward and press my lips to the side of your cheek, "I really hate to interrupt you while you're so hard at work, but I need your help with something babe."

  You look at me and spy the mischievous twinkle in my eye and grin. "Am I gonna enjoy this?" I can't help but laugh softly as I reply, "Oh, definitely".   I slowly slide from your lap, the brush of my thighs against you not exactly unintentional, and take you by the hand as you rise from your desk chair.   "Close your eyes and come with me", I tell you.  I lead you
down the hall way through the master bedroom and into the master bath.  I let your hand fall from mine as I say, "Okay hon, you can open your eyes now."  I see the surprise in your eyes as you take in the sight before you. 

  The room is filled with burning scented candles... and as your eyes wander, you spy a bottle of wine chilling on the counter and the two wine glasses on the edge of the sunken tub.  Sensual music is playing in the background and your eyes are riveted to the tub...which is ready and waiting for us, filled with hot water and piles of soapy bubbles. I grab you by your tie and slowly pull you towards me.... my fingers deftly unknot your tie and I pull it from your collar.  My hands sensuously caress up your chest as  my fingers work to release the first button....I bring my lips to the skin revealed by this action, my hands, never still, move down to the next button.  My lips trailing behind them.  This process is repeated over
and over,until I have your shirt opened completely...I grin up at you as my tongue slips from my mouth and licks up your stomach and chest.  I slide my hands back up your chest and over your shoulders, pulling your shirt as I go. 
My hands begin to move down your arms and your shirt falls in a whisper to the ground. You watch me thru eyes clouded with desire....your breath quickens as you feel my hands fumbling with your belt buckle, but I manage to get it open and make quick work of the catch on your dress pants......I look up into your eyes as my hand eases the zipper
down, hearing every tooth being released as I slowly pull....I smile as I reach up and run my finger tips down your chest, just barely brushing your nipples with them as they travel down your chest ...stopping to tease your lips start to follow my hands as I softly nip your shoulder.. and kiss a trail down....I stop at your left nipple and tease it with flicks of my tongue...pulling on it, as I suckle you softly....I can't resist moving over to your right nipple and doing the same....I hear you try and suppress a throaty moan,and just when you think you can't stand anymore, I slide slowly down your mouth never leaving your flesh...and find your navel once again.  The tip of my tongue circles your navel...occasionally flicking in and out....while my hands run along your outer thighs....I smile as I slip my hands into the waist of your pants and ease them down over your buttocks and hips....caressing you as they descend....

  I drop to my knees and you watch as I remove your shoe and then your sock....exploring your foot with my hands as I do so, repeating the process with your other step out of your pants and I lay them on the hamper.  I smile as I see evidence of your arousal in your one piece of remaining clothing.  Your briefs.   Before rising...I trail my lips up your outer thigh on one side and my hand up the other...a sigh escaping my lips as I return down the front of your  thigh.   Slowly I rise to my feet and step back from you, turning and offering you my back I ask, "Will you unzip me?". 

You chuckle as you say, "Gladly."  And reach up and pull the tab of the zipper down...all the way to the small of my back.  I turn around and smile softly as I say "Thanks."  I step away from you and allow the dress to slide off my shoulders and down my body to puddle at my feet...I hear your audible gasp as you see I am left wearing almost nothing.  Your eyes dart from the sheer lace bra that conceals almost nothing to the barely there panties.  As you take in the
stockings hugging my thighs, you are glad I never bother with pantyhose.  I look deep into your eyes as
my hand reaches behind me...and with a flick you see my bra sliding off my body to join my dress on the floor.  I hook my thumbs in the edge of my thong..and slide them off as well. 

You step forward and take me in your nipples brush against your chest and immediately tighten into hard nubs..  Your mouth caresses my shoulder while your hands cup my hips and pull me against you...I murmur softly at the feeling of intense pleasure that these actions bring me.  Your mouth slides slowly down my shoulder..and down the
under curve of my teasingly flick my aching nipple as you lower yourself...trailing your lips down my abdomen...past my navel...and brushing past where I ache to be touched....I feel your lips at the top of my stocking and smile as you start to slowly roll it down....I lift my foot and it joins the pile on the kiss my thigh and move to the other leg and repeat the same process.  I softly whisper, "This is where I need the assistance" You murmur "What?" I grin wickedly as I say, "I want you to help me take a bath".  I watch as you moisten your lips with your tongue "I'm up for it", you say as we both glance down.  "Mmmm..not quite yet", I murmur. 

I hook a finger on each side of your waist and ease your briefs down..letting them fall to the floor, where you kick them aside.  I step into the bath, "Join me" I whisper.  You love the thought of sliding along my body....soapy and slippery...You step in and sit on the edge...I hand you a glass of wine and take a sip from the glass that remains.  You wonder to yourself...what I am up to..and when you are going to find out. I slowly easy myself down in the tub...and move over beside you, as I feel the warm water engulf me. I run my hand up from your ankle...moving slowly to your knee...and upward....I bend forward and place my lips on your thigh..and teasingly bite you.  I look up at you and smile, "So...are you ready?" You grin and say "Most definitely..but ready for what?"  In a low sexy drawl, I reply "To be my barber, of course.
We'll have to trade places." You stand and tell me, "Well...get up here darlin, and let me sit down".

  We trade places. I hand you a can of shaving cream and a new razor.  You look at me, excitement and question in
your eyes, and ask "Are you sure about this?"  I nod my head yes.  You squirt a small amount of shaving cream in your hand..and slowly start to apply it to my mound.....caressing me in every nook possible...flicking my clit as you apply cream to the lips of my pussy.  I lean back and intently watch every move you make.  You smile when you have everything lathered to your satisfaction and reach up and flick a swollen nipple with a lathered finger.....I moan softly.  

You proceed to take the razor and look deep into my eyes and then back to the task you've been given.  You start along the top edge of my thigh...small strokes...followed by rinsing the shave the edges and surrounding areas with a minimum of time..and now start to concentrate on the most difficult part. You run one finger between my
lips to separate them...and leave it there, pressing it against my hardening clit.   You stroke the razor along the inner edge of my pussy lips....then across the top..and the outer edge.  You find yourself getting immensely turned on with every stroke, just as I am.  With the last stroke of the razor you  wipe me off with wash cloth and you look up to find me
stroking my nipples.

  You didn't think it was possible to get this turned on.  With out hesitation, your tongue goes right to the spot. My legs part further as  your tongue begins to lick and caress.  Circling my clit over and over before  moving lower and delving
into my wet opening.  I sigh and say, "I think we need to adjourn to the bedroom."  You rise from the water, your body glistening, and I can't help but stare at how excited you are.  You cock hard and swollen, making me groan in anticipation of what is to come. 

  We step out of the tub and spend several sensuous minutes drying each other off. All goes blank when you see the look of pure desire on my face.  You are standing in front of me hard and ready to attack.  You pull me to the bedroom and lay me down on the bed.  You decide I haven't had enough of your mouth on me and lower your head between my legs, at the same time moving to straddle me so that I can take you into my mouth.  I feel your muscles tighten as my lips tighten around your dick, my tongue caressing you as I begin a slow deep suck.  You pace yourself so that you bring
me to climax just as you reach it yourself.   The soft murmurs..and slight moans of pleasure.  The feel of the shock waves.... ..your body going limp, my mouth engulfing you in its warmth and  wetness...what a combo! You roll off of me and lift me onto you.  Your hands gripping my hips as you pull me down onto your throbbing cock.  Your fingers digging into my soft
flesh as you hold me there, moving in and out, our bodies entwined as one..ooooh yessss.   We move against one another in an erotic dance, moaning as I lean down and kiss you deep.  You tighten your grip as you turn me over and at the precise moment I raise my knees and close my legs around you, you plunge deeply into me..I let you take what you want, for it is what I want as well.  You are my fantasy. You tease me relentlessly....taunt me till I cant stand it any
longer.....make me beg you to have your cock, til I can take no more.  And when I finally get it... I make love to it..adore it... worship it...take it all...and make it all mine!

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