An Unusual Dinner


After Christian had picked Anne up from her house they headed to dinner and then to a movie.  (Before I continue I must tell you that what is in store for Anne might come as a bit of a shock.)  As they headed to the restaurant
Christian took a bold step in asking Anne if anything was going to happen tonight and Anne looked at him and just smiled.  As they pulled up to the restaurant Anne noticed that the place had no windows and from the outside
looked kind of run down.  As they entered the restaurant Anne was shocked to see that this restaurant was a very high class restaurant.  As she looked around she noticed some very big stars.  As they were seated Anne noticed that there was a countdown clock on the far wall and when she asked Christian what it was all he said was you'll see.

As the time grew near Anne began to get nervous about what might happen when the clock got down to zero.  Half-way through their meal the lights went out and the clock went off.  Then through the dark room a man told every person in the restaurant that it was time for anything goes.  Anne asked Christian what he meant by it and was answered with the moaning of the patrons at the next table.  Anne then looked at Christian and asked him if this was a sex restaurant and he in turn answered her with a kiss.  She then leaned close to his ear and asked if he felt lucky tonight and he said yes.  While adjusting to this new experience Anne decided to play along and make Christian a very lucky man. 

Anne slowly began to kiss Christian on the lips letting her tongue roam around in her mouth at the same time she slowly began to caress his ever hardening cock.  As he became aroused he slowly began to take off her top and when he did he noticed that she wasn't wearing a bra.  As Anne noticed what Christian was starring at she told him to take her nipple into his mouth.  As he took her nipples into her mouth she let out a load moan. 

After a few minutes of sucking on her nipples he began to move his hand up Anne's skirt.   To his shock she wasn't wearing any panties either which made Christian want to cum in his pants but he had other plan on where he wanted
to put his cum.  As Christian began to rub his finger through Anne's pussy, Anne slowly began to remove Christian's pants and let his cock out.  Once his cock was out of his pants Anne staired in shock at the size of his cock.

  Not wasting any more time Anne bent down taking his entire cock into her mouth.   Anne then began to give him the best blow job he had ever had.  Anne had the same idea Christian had in that she wanted his cum in her pussy. 

Feeling that he was about to cum, Christian pulled away from Anne and told Anne to sit on his cock.  She did and in doing so took the entire thing into her aching pussy.   Slowly she began to ride him letting him suck on her breasts.  As she began to orgasm he knew he wouldn't last long so he pumped faster and faster and released his seed deep within her womb.  As they both began to calm down the lights came on and they were all asked to leave.