A Shotgun Wedding and a Fire Wedding
Jenny Towler



I am waiting at this huge house where my family has locked me. I look ridiculous in the stupid wedding dress they forced me to wear. And i am waiting to hear the sound of a car which brings the groom they chose for me.

Months ago i lied down in this same bed with my lover. We made love passionatedly, hidden in the dark, for if my family found out hell would break loose. Doesnt a girl have to behave like a saint? Let's just say i didnt. So one morning he just forgot to leave my room, sleeping like an angel with his head down on my breast.

Next thing i heard was my brothers calling me whore, and pulling him out of the bed. I saw my older brother pulling off his knife and stabbing him. I cried out in pain, falling over my brother trying to kill him at my turn, but he slapped me violently and i fell on the ground, next to my life who was draining away from a huge stab in the throat.

He died the same night. My family decided to mend the dishonour fallen upon me and found a way to.

Marrying their little lady, now treated like the whore of the family, to a rich old man who doesnt mind having a young rebelled wife to slap and mistreat and give some discipline.

Im looking myself in the mirror. White wedding dress. Real corny. I feel so revolted and i grab the cleavage with my two hands and rip off the top of the dress. Pearls falling on the floor. So im a bitch huh? they'll see.

My dress falls on the floor now. I am wearing black lace lingerie under it, not really what a bride would wear. The stockings have a run already. My white skin makes a voluptuous contrast with the black lace. I take a dress out of the garderobe.It's a black mourning dress with a huge row of buttons at the front. I slip into the black silk like a glove.

I undo my hairdo and my locks fall over my shoulders and breasts. i cover my head with a long black veil, like i was going to a funeral. I open the window: almost dusk. From here i can see the house and the sinuous road that leads to the house.

I think i could do almost anything to escape this marriage. Even through great tribulation. And now i hear the wheels of a car,i hear the horn of the car as it approaches. It is him, my groom the mummy.

And suddendly i hear screeching wheels...screeching more...and more...a huge silence and then...the torn metal noise of the car crashing violently on the wall...and then an explosion.

I just cant believe it . I am free! I laugh sadistically at that dead family who wanted me to be the legal whore of a living corpse and killed the one i loved. i feel like rarely felt. My heart has taken wings. Could it be God punishing the hypocrit family? An avenging God?

Or could it be the Devil?

Suddendly the door in the ground floor is strongly hammered. From the window i cant see who is it, but i say "come in". Somebody comes in, closing the door behind. Somebody enters the living room. A man's steps. i feel curious. I come down the stairs slowly, letting him hear every of my steps.

As i enter the room i see him. A tall young man, his blond hair cropped close at the sides and a little long in the top, and his sparkling greyish-greenish eyes fixing me. His strange smile makes me tremble. Seems to be undressing me with that smile. He is wearing a dark suit and tie, and carries a pinkish leather document bag, like made out of human skin.Strange, i think.

He comes to me and takes my hand, kissing its back. His hand is so hot! Like he was feverish... and then i feel his moist lips pressing the back of my hand, sliding to my pulse. A frisson of pleasure runs through my spine. I'm staring to feed fiery fantasies on him, but i want to seem calm.

Now he takes his document bag and takes a manuscript, written in a paper seeming to have centuries. The letters are stylized and i can notice a number of grimoires on that paper.

"I did this for you", he whispers on my ear, "i saved you. Dont you know who i am?", he whispers still, now going behind me without even touching me. My head spins as i feel the heat from his body . Of course i know who is he.

"i will give you, i promise you, the fulfillment of all your dreams and desires. Like now, as i saved you from being a housewife for life...such beautiful hands washing that old bag's dishes, such delicate body being a pasture for a heartless fiend. And all i ask is such a small price..."

I tremble, looking at him, facing him now. Im not hearing what he says. He wants me to seel him my soul, but i want to have his body, NOW. I face him , looking at his hands, imagining them running through my body, grabbing me strongly against that hot skin from hell. Im defying centuries of moral.I dont care. I want to take Lucifer,

the most beautiful angel who was cast out of heavens , inside my paradise.

"I am asking you, Jenny, give me your soul...", he says, his voice taken, almost begging me, so seductive. He could make a nun kick a vitral. "a drop of your sweet blood to sign and you will be a goddess, living all your dreams and having all your prayers answered..."

I take the veil off my face,leaving it over my hair. "please, convince me. i am still not sure, but if you explain me better i will sign your contract...", i say to him, leaving the room. He follows me to my room, where i can see he doesnt reflect in my mirror. It is really him. Me, seducing the very Devil. I turn to him, ready to stert the game.

He comes to me again, taking my hand and kissing it. He approaches, his arms embracing around my waist, pressing my sacrum against him as i throw my arms around his neck. "i will have your soul, my love, in a way or another..." he whispers in my ear. I start feeling hot inside. And now i can feel his moist hot lips touching my neck, kissing and sliding and making me sigh deeply. The Mozart Requiem is playing inside my mind, as i approach him slowly, and kiss his lips. Centuries passed and finally he found me. I feel the velvet of his full lips sliding, nibbling on mine. My hands start running through the blond corn of his hair. He kisses me back, so passionatedly and intense i feel all my body already shaking. My hands feel the skin of his neck, soft as a child's. I start biting his neck, while i feel his hands running through my body.

Taking me in his arms he makes me spin, like dancing, through the room. I close my eyes feeling lustily my body taken against his. I can feel he sat on a chair and i sit on his lap facing him. He unbuttons my dress, attentively, as i unbutton his shirt, revealing a perfect pale skin, smooth as silk. I cant wait and i kiss hungrily his chest, running my anxious lips and tongue from his neck to his chest, taking small bits of skin between my lips. He feels so good, i feel like taken.

He slides my dress from my shoulders and unbuttons my brassiere, touching my now naked breasts, holding me tight against him. I feel him burying his face between my breasts and sighing from an ageless desire...now his hands cup gently my breasts, pressing my hard nipples between his fingers. Fire burning inside of me. "Dies irae, dies illa".

i press my chest even more against him, embracing him strongly. My nails sink into the flesh of his shoulders. His lips now slide over one of my breasts, sliding lips and tongue over the stiff nipple, nibbling it. I rub my body on his, as i can feel already his hardness pressing against my mound. His fingers press the other nipple, making me breathe deeply and anxiously.

I draw him away a bit and kiss him, long and slow. i run my tongue over his soft lips, over and over again, while his hands roam through my body, like remembering after centuries how it feels to touch a woman.

i look at him, almost desperate. He knows. He takes me in his arms and lays me gently on the bed. I help him to undress completely. I only have my black garters and stockings now. I leave him take a look at me. I lay down on the bed , looking deep in his eyes. I part my legs for him. Now sliding on my back, i grab my thighs and lift them, offering myself totally to him. I can feel all the temples of my body on fire. He will make them burn even more.

He looks at me, like making me wait. He's beautiful. He seems totally in control and calm apart from his engorged member. He approaches me and lays on top of me, then holding me strongly he makes us roll over again and again, our heads spinning. He turns me over my belly and lays over me, as i feel his hardness pressing on the back of my thighs and on my buttocks. I feel his body so hot as he rubs himself slowly on me. His hot breath and lips kissing and biting the back of my neck produce ripples of ecstasy all over my skin. I let him take his time.

He turns me on my back now and comes over me, embracing me strongly against him while i feel his hot mouth sliding over my belly, biting my side so wildly i feel almost afraid. He can feel and kisses my navel with his tongue and lips, so sweetly i sink in deep pleasure. As i look down i can see him now looking at me , with a stare...a real devilish stare. Oh, those eyes looking at me! like saying to me "oh Jenny, im having you for dinner tonight!", those eyes making me melt inside my paradise...

His lips start going down real slow, making me wait, making me rub myself on the bed in impatience. He says nothing. He is simply perfect. He knows all the details he must mind.

While i feel his lips and tongue slowly sliding down, his hands take my inner thighs, caressing and pinching lightly. Then he throws his arms around my hips, leaving me with no chance to escape from Hell.....

I draw up my thighs, offering myself again to him. I feel all wet and hot, soaking in honey. I can feel him biting my Venus mound, just for a shape of things to come. Then i feel his hot, hot breath over my labia and clit. It almost hurts of longing. His hot breath turns me into an impatient beast. i moan and rub my body on the bed and sway my hips frantically, begging with my body to feel him. His answer is the deep silence- and his breath from hell.

These seconds are like centuries. Then the hot breath grows close, and his lips slide over my firepearl, pressing it excruciatingly as i scream in agony. His lips feel like fire. But then he flicks the soft tip of his tongue very slowly up and down the swollen bud, and i almost faint.....i part my legs even more, offering everything to his immense desire.

His lips surround at one time my labia and clit and his tongue caresses the inside, velvety and burning. I bite my lower lip not to scream. his hands roam up and down my thighs and belly, while my skin grows moist from the sweat. He runs his tongue from the end of the vulva to the top of my engorged pearl, in long slow fire strokes,stopping at a time to tease me with his hot breath. Then his lips circle around my clit and suck it, lightly, then stro˝gly, almost making me lose my reason. I lay on the bed, giving myself to him, head thrown back in pure rapture, my fingers running through his hair. Now he goes up and rests his lips over my navel. I moan of impatience as he is really tormenting me. he knows. he loves it. he is loving the way i am feeling. he wants total abandon, he looks at me now. he comes over me and looks me deep in the eyes. He knows he is tormenting me so much, yet the Devil shows no mercy. he goes down again, his lips sliding and his tongue running back and forth over my firepearl, over the tender flesh already hard from his fire. he moves his tongue on small circles over the red bud, striking so slowly at the tip i shake all over and warm tears run over my face. i hear him whisper "render onto me baby, you are mine now...". his lips part and close around my burning flesh again and press it strongly, making me almost scream. he feels im bordering and now i can feel his burning tongue sliding from down to up over the red tender bud, giving me no rest...so much i cant take it anymore and give it all away, screaming and spasming brutally in mighty ecstasy. he can feel me coming, feeling ecstasy like never before. he is loving it. i can feel his lips sliding down my swollen vulva and caressing, sucking lightly, still wanting more.

I feel glowing and sacred. i move apart from him and roll on the bed looking at him. he approaches me, grabbing me against him so that i might feel his hard hot member. i can feel it and grow anxious to feel it on my lips. i come on top of him, caressing and kissing his chest. my hair dangling down, falling on his skin, as he sighs. my lips and tongue go down slowly, as i mark him with dozens of amorous lovebites. i want to pleasure him, my turn to delight him.

My hands touch his skin, soft and warm, running through his side as my mouth reaches his belly. i am very close to his member but i will tease him as he did to me, even worse if i can...i run my wet lips on the skin of his belly, around his member, leaving him feel a little strike of my lips but not even a touch. then i run my tongue , real close, for him to feel the wet presence, just to feel it close. he closes his eyes and sighs. i take his member in hand, it is hard and thick, and pulsates as i touch it. i give him a touch of my lips as he trembles in ecstasy just of that first touch. i slide the fleshy head inside my mouth and suck it lightly, then i press my lips around it as i take it in and out of my sweet lips. i take it out of my mouth and then i clasp my lips at one of the sides, grasping lustily as he moans. he is rendering too. his hands caress my hair with such tenderness ... i shape my lips to an "o" and lay them gently at the hot tip, sucking just the very tip as he moans asking for more. dont worry, my love, i shall delight you even more.

still holding it in my hand, i slide the head into my waiting mouth, pressing the shaft firmly between my lips while my tongue caresses it slowly inside my mouth. delicious. then i take it out and run slowly my tongue over all of it, stopping at the head for running it real slow, moisting it with my saliva and sucking it lustily. i can feel him trembling. his hands grasp my shoulders and lift me up, making me face him, looking him in the eyes.

he lays me down on my back again and pulls me against him, strongly, almost forcing me to take the position i was before. i draw up my thighs , holding them wide open with my hands to offer him my paradise. i can feel him trying to enter me. i take his hot member in hand , guiding him into paradise. i am so wet, he slides easily, but i make him enter me slowly . my inside is very tight, virgin almost. very slowly he enters me, making me moan in pleasure as he touches inside my ventral wall. in this position he can watch everything. i feel his fingers sliding on my wet clit, making me feel waves of delight running through my body, along to what i am feeling while he enters me. he can fill me all, inside now. we fit perfectly, like made on efor eachother. i tremble while i feel him throbbing inside of me, trembling, as pleasure ripples run through his skin too. i have him all inside as he moves slowly, then faster, alternating. i start contracting inside, gripping his throbbing member as his face turns into a martyr facies. i can feel him hammering on me, each time more sunken in delight. his eyes have all the passion of a demon that's dreaming.

i grip him inside, spasming too as his fingers caress my clit , feeling different kinds of pleasure at the same time. i can feel him pounding inside more and more,. i relax my grip and then attack him again, spasming around him desperatedly. i can feel ecstasy very close. he's going all the way again. he wants me again and i want him.

i feel i cant take it much longer. he spreads my legs even more, entering me the deepest he can reach, pounding agaist my very depths while his wet fingers go very slow now on my burning pearl. i tremble and sweat by every pore. it seems like my soul wants to come out by every pore. im about to ecstasy again, but he's delaying it by moving deeper and slide his fingers real slow. i look at him,begging him to deliver me, asking for mercy. his eyes meet me and he smiles devilishly again. i feel his fingers sliding on the red tip of my clit so slow and endlessly, and my spasms growing so intense around his hardness everything turns red again and i burst in a shattering orgasm, while i hear his voice "...oh, my love, your soul is mine, so mine now... all mine, youre giving it all to me...". i pulsate and spasm strongly inside, my inner walls almost crushing against his rock hard member as i feel him bursting real hot inside of me, moaning and trembling.

he pulls me to him and makes me lay down by his side. still having him inside, he embraces me and kisses me so tenderly i almost cry. it seems to me i never felt something so intense. i kiss his lips, his eyebrows, his forehead.

i run my fingers on his hair while he lays his head over my breast, resting. he is so beautiful. he is the Devil!

his skin and body are still very hot, like burning with fever. no man could be like him. i take a good look at him, and there is a real devilish grin in his lips. his eyes are closed. he opens his eyes now and looks at me, staring.he takes my hand and slides a ring on my heart finger.

softly he says "i knew you would render my soul to me...now that white thing over there on the floor...is it a wedding dress...? im so sure it will suit you so well...dont you think my darling...?"