Space Case
Fire Eyes



Taylor had seen the change that went over Chal'rar...she knew what he was feeling...she had experienced the same thing.  The sudden onslaught of  power, the knowledge, suppressed desires....of all kinds. Taylor looked over at the tall handsome Orion..blood lust in his dark brooding eyes.  Taylor got up to go to her quarters; thinking that she could make it there alone..but she was wrong.  As soon as she stood up the world spun all around her, and her legs gave out from beneath her. But an arm shot out and caught her before she could fall more than a few inches.  She looked up to see who had caught her, and looked strait into a pair of beautiful black eyes framed by thick black hair. His eyes were full of lust...want.  She looked right back at him unfalteringly.  He put his arm around her waist, holding her close.  She could feel his strong arm surrounding her.  She leaned into him; she could feel his heart racing.

They made it out into the hall before her legs gave out again.  This time it wasn't from the drink.  It was from the rush of emotion that she felt.  He caught her again, but this time, instead of just supporting her, he picked her up gently and cradled her possessively in his arms. She rested there, content with just hearing his breathing, feeling his muscles ripple with every movement.

They reached her quarters, he asked what the code was to unlock the door.  She told him, and he punched it in.  He walked in, turned around and locked the door.  He then told the computer to turn on the lights and then to dim them to the point where they could each just make out the features on each other's face.  He made his way to the bed, and laid her down delicately, as if she were made of porcelain.

She couldn't stand it any longer.  She reached up, and brought his lips to hers.   He kissed her gently at first, and then more passionately, demandingly.  He went to his knees beside the bed.  She kissed him back fiercely with demands of her own.  She ran her tongue along the back of his teeth.  He looked up at her, his black eyes full of yearning.  He reached up and pulled her shirt up over her head to reveal two full, round breasts.  She looked down at him as he pulled his own shirt of, rather hurriedly, to reveal a well sculpted body.  He stood back up, picked her up, and set her back down in the middle of the bed.  Taylor, all the while watching the play of the muscles in his chest.

He slid off her pants to reveal lace panties that he also removed.  He took of the rest of his own clothes, and threw them in a pile on the floor.  He looked down at the beautiful, lithe creature laying on the bed.  She smiled at him.  Her cheeks slightly flushed, her lips the color of rose.  He bent down and kissed her as he laid himself down next to her.  She could feel his proud manhood against her thigh.   He gently ran a single finger from her lips down her neck, to her her right breast.   He cupped it with his hand, holding it for his tongue. She shivered.  Need, hungry and impatient, screamed through her.  She reached for his head, bringing his mouth against her own.  Then she let him go because she wanted his mouth on her body as well.  Her hands stroked him, urging him on.  His muscles flexed and tightened, and still she demanded, still she gave.  He was the wind, rushing over her skin, pausing long enough to lick and tease and taunt.  She wanted to fly with him, now, high enough to touch the clouds.  She wanted all of him, now.

A growling sound came from her throat.  It undid him.  He covered her body with his own, and dove into her warm, waiting flesh.  She wrapped her legs tight around him, drawing him in deeper.  She shuddered all the way down to
her soul.

He filled her until there was nothing left inside her but him.  Then he began moving, steadily and hard, making everything coil within her. Her soft eager cries filled his ears.  She held him, rocked with him, craved him, laughed aloud with him in great, gasping breaths until satisfaction crashed through her like the waves that crashed into the shoreline of a beach.

He left her body tingling and throbbing, depleted and brimming all at once.  His breath was hot on her neck, his arms hard around her, and she felt a last tremor move through him as well...