A Little Light Control


I put on some music - something soft, sexy, maybe Sarah Mac or Sting. The candles give off a flickering light - enough to see by but elusive and tantalizing. I pull up your shirt, running my hands over your hairy belly, and pull the shirt off over your head. You try to kiss me, but I dodge your lips. "Just be patient, we’ll get to that." I unbuckle your belt and unbutton your jeans, stopping to squeeze the bulge that is growing between your legs. You reach for my crotch, but I push your hand away. "No touching!" I slide your pants off, just barely brushing your cock as I go. Even that feather touch has your attention, as your cock begins to rise.

Once you’re naked, I slowly walk around you, looking you up and down with both my eyes and my hands, from your toes up your muscular legs (that running is paying off!) I twirl my fingers thru the hair on your belly, give one of your nipples a little tweak. I playfully slap your firm ass, you jump just a little. My laugh is a little bit wicked as I push you into a chair then stand between your legs. You slide your hands from my waist to my hips and firmly squeeze my ass, pulling me close. I lean down and run my tongue over your lips. "I told you, no touching! Look all you want, but keep your hands to yourself!"

I begin to slowly unzip my dress, my upraised arms stretching the fabric across my breasts. I turn my back to you. "Can you help me with this?" You oblige, your fingers lingering on my back, but as they start to wander further I turn around. "Maybe you need some help with this no-touching rule." I walk around behind you; I run my tongue around your ear and nip at your earlobe and nibble the back of your neck, caressing your shoulders, your arms, then pull your hands behind you and tie them with a stocking. Returning to face you, I raise my skirt enough for you to see the tops of my stockings; the glimpse of curly hair tells you I've "forgotten" my panties (again.) I turn my back to you, pull my skirt up over my ass and sit on your knees, your cock pointing straight up the crack of my ass as I wriggle to the music in a mini-lap dance. Shrugging my shoulders, the dress slips off, my nipples already hardening thru the sheer fabric of my bra. I lean back against you so you can see me rub my nipple between my finger and thumb; you respond by kissing my neck. Turning around, I pull the bra down to expose my nipple and run a moistened finger over it, then offer my breast to your hungry mouth; you suck greedily until I pull away.

I step back, run my hands over my breasts and belly, down between my thighs. I dip a finger into my wet pussy, then put my finger into my mouth. "Wanna taste?" You can only nod, so I put my foot on your chair, spreading my legs wide and giving you a look at my wet lips while I finger my pussy. I offer you my finger and let you moisten it for me before I stick it into me. I use both hands, one spreading my pussy lips, the other plunging first one finger, then two, deep into my steamy hole. You can see the juices on my fingers and hear the wet sound they make as I pleasure myself. But instead of giving you a finger to suck, I rub my juices onto my nipple, offering it to you to lick off. As you do, I guide your rock-hard cock to my dripping pussy, using your pre-cum to lube me up even more. I lower myself down to just caress your head, your cock responds to my heat with a quiver. I flex my muscles to barely squeeze your cock head; that sensitive area feels my pussy lips fluttering against it. I play some more, torturing both of us by not letting your cock in more than an inch.

You try to grind your hips up, but I move up too, teasing you with that thing you want; it’s so close you can smell it! I turn around and bend over, giving you a perfect view of my ass with my glistening lips, my finger moistened in my juices rimming my hole. This is more than you can stand: you tear off the restraint (I don’t tie a very good knot!) and bury your nose in my ass, your tongue flicking my clit with increasing pressure until my nether lips convulse and suck at your seeking tongue. I cry out with my orgasm, and blindly reach for your cock. I turn around to kiss you, hungrily licking my juices off your mouth as my hand guides your cock into my steaming pussy …


To be continued…

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