It was a long day when Alexis returned home.  It was hot out and Alexis was very hot.

She began to change. First taking off her blouse, undoing each button very slowly. When the last button was undone she just let her hands explore her belly.  She began play with her belly ring.  It was hot out but Alexis was getting hot.  She began to think of her husband. Oh how he made her feel so special. She slipped off her blouse.   As it floated to the floor Alexis began to rub her breasts.  She had always enjoyed her breasts and got so turned on playing with them.  She was now all over them.  Both hands fondling them gently. Alexis moved so she was now standing in front of the dresser mirror. 

She smiled at herself as the passion began to build.  She quickly unhooked her bra just letting it fall off her shoulders and down to the floor.  Alexis was a well built woman. She began to fondle her breasts. She supported them from underneath as the index finger from each hand pressed her nipples back into her breasts.  Then she began to slowly move then nipples in a circular motion. WOW she was feeling so good.   One hand slipped down and began to press on her skirt.  Alexis reached back and unzipped her skirt and wiggled out of it.  As she took off her stockings she noticed her panties were wet.  She just smiled to herself and slipped off the panties to.  Now standing in front of the mirror she just began to pleasure herself.   She raised a nipple up and lowered her mouth to it.  Alexis began to nibble, suck, and lick her
nipple.  Oh how hot she was becoming.  She reached down to begin running her fingers over her cookie.  Her eyes looked into the mirror oh how she wished her husband was her.  She feel back on to the bed. Her finger quickly slipping in to her love cave.  Alexis knew her body and found that special spot so quickly.  Her other hand came down and began to play with her clit. 

She began to have a fantasy about making love with her husband.  As she was getting louder she was saying "Give it to me baby."  When she heard "Alexis what are you doing?"  It was her husband at the door.  He just chuckled at her.  He loved to tease her so he just turned to walk away.  Well, Alexis was so worked up, so full of passion he was hers, he just did not know it yet. 

Now Alexis was a very athletic gal, She sprang from the bed grabbed Jon and pulled him into the room,  Now Jon did not fight to hard. Alexis ripped his shirt from his body and tugged off his pants and briefs.  She dropped to her knees and quickly took Jon into her mouth.  Oh this made her even hotter.  She tasted her husband and loved the taste.  As she made mouth love to him she continued to finger herself.  Just enough to build more passion up in side.  Once she heard Jon moan she stopped and stood up.  They embraced, deep passionate kissing.  Then Alexis said to Jon, "I want you now honey and I want to be a cowgirl."  Jon laid back on the bed.  Only his shoulders and head were on the bed. His feet were flat on the floor.   So if you looked at him he looked like a table, that is a table with a stick shift. Alexis move over Jon and straddled him.  Taking hold of Jon's "Alexis pleasure rod" she quickly guided it into her cookie. She began
bending her knees, moving up and down.  Guiding herself on his love rod. Jon watch as Alexis breasts bounced with every move.  She slowed down, raising a breast to her mouth she began to kiss it. Jon reach down and pressed a finger
on her clit.  This almost made Alexis collapse.  She let go of her breast and place both hands on Jon's thighs. She began to ride him fast.  Oh how Alexis really loved her husband. The things he would do for her.  She loved the feeling of her totally shaved cooking pressing against he totally shaved jewels.  He did not want to shave them but one time did and saw the effect it had on her so he now always kept them shaved.

Just then Jon felt a rush of warmness as Alexis organism bathed him.  This caused Jon to explode deep within Alexis.  Alexis quickly moved off Jon and he slipped up on to the bed.  She moved right on top and slipped him back in. Then she just laid her head down on his chest.  He wrapped his arms around her tightly.  She love the feeling of him as he got soft and small.  Soon she knew he would just slip out.   Then she heard the words she always loved to hear  "Alexis honey, I love you.  Your my best friend."  With that she kissed Jon and then snuggled her face next to his.

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