A Thorough Loving


        I have been waiting for you to kiss me.  I raise my lips eagerly to yours, and when your tongue prods my lips open I am happy to oblige.  I meet the thrust of your tongue boldly, and the kiss deepens and becomes more erotic than anything I've ever experienced.  You sample the textures of my mouth, sliding your tongue across my teeth and dipping into the dark nooks and crannies as though seeking a hidden treasure. You take my bottom lip between your teeth and tug it gently, then raise your palms to my face and turn my head just so, giving you free access to my mouth.  I have never been so thoroughly kissed in my life.

The kiss goes on, pausing only briefly so we can gulp air into our lungs.  Our lips cling together hungrily, melding as one.  Your body is on fire, your muscles rigid in an attempt to hold yourself in check.  You are so hard for me you hurt.  When you finally raise your head, we are both gasping.  My lips are damp and swollen, and you have a sudden brief picture of those same lips on your body.  When you speak, your voice is raw with need.  "If you're going to stop me, do it now. Because in another three seconds you won't be able to."

I slip my arms around your neck and pull you close, so close your lips brush mine lightly.   "I want you," I whisper against your mouth.  You gaze at me for several seconds as the full measure of my words sink in.  My eyes are soft with invitation, my slight smile beguiling and sexy as all get-out.  You lean your head forward, touching my nose playfully with your own, the look in your eyes saying more than you possibly could at the moment.  You reach for the candle you'd placed
in the room earlier and hand it to me, surprised to find yourself trembling.  Then, without wasting any more time, you stand and scoop me up high into your arms.

You almost groan out load when the tops of your arms make contact with my bare thighs and hips.  Lord, you think to yourself, if you had known I wasn't wearing anything under my robe, you'd have lost control a long time ago.  You kiss me lightly on the tip of my nose and carry me  up the stairs to the bedroom, the candle lighting the way.   I cup the flame with my palm to keep it from going out.  Once we enter the room, you set me down gently and take the candle from me.  You hold the candle, staring at me.  "Take off the robe," you say gently.  "I want to see you, and I can't stand
it any longer."  When I hesitate, you add, "Please." I reach for the tie on my  robe and pull the knot free, fixing my gaze on your Adam's apple as I do so.  Slowly, I pull the garment open and let it trail down my arms.  I catch it in my hands and hold it briefly, then let it drop with a whisper at my feet.  You hear your own quick intake of breath as the robe falls
away.  Your gaze greedily devours the woman before you--the gentle sloping shoulders, the high full breasts with dark pink nipples, the sight of which steel your rational thought.  My waist dips at the navel, then flares into generous but well-proportioned hips.  You raise your eyes to my face.  Something tugging at your gut, I look so vulnerable at the
moment.  You set the candle on the nightstand and regarded my nakedness once   again.  You don't want to rush me, even though your body cries out for me with every breath you take.  Then you draw me into your arms.  I go willingly.

Your mouth is warm and soft, giving way to a kiss that is gentle and caring and blessedly unhurried.  I lean into the embrace, drawing strength from your body and confidence with each loving caress.  I can feel you holding back, taking your time with me, and I appreciate it.   Your hands stroke my back and knead my thighs.

Soon, our kisses turn hot and frantic, your tonguemore insistent.  You brake contact and move your mouth to the hollow of my throat, where my pulse beats wildly.  You move to an earlobe, nipping it gently, then dipping your tongue inside.  I shiver. You slowly raise your hands and cover each breast with an open palm.  You stroke my nipples.  Finally, because you can't stand it any longer, you lower yourhead and take one nipple into your mouth.  You kiss and suckle and tug it gently between your lips, and smile when the nipple buds.

I raise my hands to your head and slip my fingers through your hair, holding your face close as your lips pay homage to each breast.  For a moment, I merely hold you there, stroking your head as feelings wash over me.  This feeling is slowly replaced with something more intense and erotic, warming my lower belly and spiraling upward and outward until my limbs literally tingle.  The feeling in my stomach turns hot and congregates at the juncture of my thighs, making me feel incredible pleasure and anticipation all atonce.  And then you shrug out of your own clothes..

            I gaze at you with sheer feminine appreciation.  I touch your chest lightly, running my hands through the springy curls that grasp my fingers like silken rings.  I trail one hand over your stomach, feeling the muscles flex beneath my touch.  "Touch me," you say simply.  I comply, lowering my hand to where the hair grows dense. You squeeze your eyes shut as I gently close my palm around you.  Your blood roars in your ears as I began a gentle lover's caress that in just a matter of seconds has you hard and ready for me.  Stilling my hand with yours, you raise it to your face and kiss my
open palm.

Taking me into your arms once more, you ease me onto the bed and lay me down gently, following as I go, the
mattress dipping under our weight.  Once again, you  move your mouth to my breasts, then inch your way to my navel, swirling your tongue around my belly button. Then you kiss your way to my stomach.  Your hands never quiet, stroking and tantalizing my flesh.  Finally, you probe between my thighs and dip your fingers inside.  You grin when you find what you want.I am moist.

"Oh, baby," you moan.  Your eyes glittering in the candlelight.  I sigh with ultimate pleasure as your fingers make contact with the very root of my desire.   I arch against your hand, letting my thighs fall to the side as you work your magic.  You whisper words of encouragement ...some sweet and tender, others erotic enough to bring a blush to my cheeks and send me over the edge.  I shudder as a feeling of absolute delight shimmies up my body.

Your mouth follows the same route, your breath hot on my thighs, your tongue so light, I think I am imagining it.  I pull you closer.   You grin and raise your head, and I whimper my objections.  "Throw your legs over my shoulders, darlin'," you say....I do as I am told.  Your mouth returns, urgent, allowing your tongue to alternately probe deeply inside me and flick
lightly across my sensitive bud.  Your hands never still, stroking and kneading my body, lifting me so you can partake of all my offerings.  I am both shocked and delighted.  Nothing is off-limits to you.  There are no out-of-bounds, sacred areas.  All is yours for the taking, and to hell with propriety. I writhe and squirm under your masterful ministrations.  There is no escaping. You breathe the  very essence of me and know that you will live to be an old man and never forget its erotic sent.  It will follow you through eternity, just as my green eyes will, and the sound of my voice.

Finally heat surges through me, down my thighs and loins, and explodes like thunder in a white-hot flash that holds me in its grip for several wonderful, maddening seconds.   You match my tempo, my frenzied movement, welcoming the tumult that quakes my body and leaves me trembling.

Through heavy-lidded eyes, I watch you move over me, thinking you have never looked more desirable and sexy.  You pause briefly at the base of my thighs, then you enter me with one fluid thrust that lifts my hips from the bed.

For a moment, you merely lay there, your body propped on your elbows.  You gaze at me.  You kiss me lightly on the lips and very slowly begin to move inside me.  I am hot and tight, my flesh gripping you so sensuously you can't think straight.   There isn't a hair on your body that isn't totally sensitized to the woman beneath you, and you wonder if a man could feel so good and live to tell about it.  You kiss me again, deeply, and my tongue meets yours eagerly, just as my
hips meet your steady thrusts.  We move in unison, as though in time to the same dance tune, hard lines complimenting soft curves.  You hear my breath quicken, and you know your control is slipping with each heartbeat.  I cry out your name and arch against you, just as I had only moments before when you'd sipped from my body.   Control was lost.  You give on finale thrust, hovering on the brink, then your body shudders.

When you finally raise your head from my shoulder, you are smiling.  Actually, you are grinning from ear to ear.  You roll aside and gather me into your arms. You sigh, and the sound is one of pure male satisfaction.  "I was just thinking about how damn good we are together," you say.  I raise my hand to your chest, "So I'm a distraction to you, huh?" I tease.  You laugh, "You might say that.   And it's annoying as hell sometimes. Its sorta like having an itch you can't reach."

You shoot me a devilish grin and capture my hand in yours.  You squeeze it once and raise it to your face then kiss my open palm.  You move my hand over you.   "But somebody has to put up with you, Kat, so it might as well be me."

Our love making is slow and leisurely, and when you pull me on top of you, you fill me completely, loving the way I fit around you so tightly.  You move against me slowly, torturing me.....every time I come close to climax, you go completely still.   Finally, I cry out, "Please don't  stop!"  And you give me what I want, thrusting into me with a vengeance that surprises even you.  By the time your groan of pleasure drifts upward, I am totally spent. Afterward, you kiss me deeply, unable to tear your lips away from mine.  You think it odd because you have never been much for kissing.  In fact, you enjoy it immensely.  We talk late into the night and fall asleep in each other's arms.

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