Travel Fun


The week before last My husband and I went up to our family camp in the Adirondacks with my sister Megan, her husband Bill and their two kids.  Their car had blown the transmission up ther and we all rode home together  in our car, 6 hours.  We had to leave some of our stuff ther.  I drove the first 3 hours home.  We swapped drivers at the half way point. My husband was asleep in the front seat, the kids asleep in the back.  Megan offered to drive the rest of the way.

I had to squeeze in the back seat with Bill.  I was just about sitting in his lap, it was that tight and I didn't want to wake the kids.  I was just about asleep myself when I felt Bills hand inside my shirt and moving towards my breasts.  I knew I shouldn't let him but it really felt good.  My nipples were rock hard as he carefully unhooked the front of my bra, releasing my 34a tits and enveloping them with his hand.   We shifted positions a little and I pulled the blanket over me for a little more cover and protection.  As I sat fully on his lap now my jean skirt had ridden up quite a ways.  I suddenly noticed that Bill's cock was sticking out of his shorts and poking against my panties.  I turned and looked at him startled,
mouthing silently "NO".  I knew what he was thinking.  Before I realized it Bill had pulled my panties aside with his fingers and his cock head was now poised at my pussy.  I attempted to move without causing too much of a scene but he grabbed me by the hips and with the slightest bump he was inside me.  Oh my god!!   My sisters husband was fucking me with my husband and his wife just inches away.   What was I to say at this point.  I looked around to be sure everyone was still asleep.  With every little bump in the road his cock jerked inside me.  I was fully impaled on his cock now.  I could feel him pulsing inside me.   Suddenly he erupted sending a stream of hot cum deep into my pussy.  I just about screamed, I don't know how I didn't.  He continued to blast load after load into my pusssy until I was more than full
of his seed.  The sheer thrill of getting caught made it feel that much more intense.