Dungeon of Denial - Chapter 1
The Lamb

By Dangermouse
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The morning began like so many others as Anne sipped her morning coffee and watched the throngs of students file through the cafeteria. It was a conglomeration of individual routines that had gone unchanged at the university for more years than could be remembered.

Anne's divorce had been rough, but she knew that going back to college and completing her degree would be just the ticket to get her life back on track. Financially it was hard, But Anne worked long hours and was adjusting nicely.
Still there was a monotonous air to her life. School in the mornings, waitressing in the afternoons, gym in the evening. A hectic schedule to be sure, but worth the effort nonetheless.

While Anne was pushing 35, her body was just as firm and beautiful as it had been ten years ago. Occasionally a grey hair would make its appearance in her deep red tresses, but that was shrugged off as part of life, and nothing that a little hair color couldn't fix once a month.

She leaned back in her chair, and stifled a yawn as she noticed the two well dressed ladies approaching through the crowd. "Greetings Anne, I'm Marta and this is my assistant Leslie. We were sent over by the medical research department, mind if we have a seat?"

Anne had never seen the two ladies before but they seemed friendly enough. She could only assume they knew her from a class or something. However the thought of a little company was very pleasing and she bade them to join her.

"The university is sponsoring a research program centering around human sexuality traits in the new millennium. We are recruiting test subjects to take part in opinion polls, and psychological exams over the next few weeks. Each subject accepted will receive $5000 for their efforts and cooperation. Are you interested?"

Ann eyes grew wide. A few weeks work, if you could call it that, and she would have enough to catch up on all her bills. Perhaps even a little left over to splurge on something wild and impulsive. Maybe enough to spend a lazy week lying on a beach in México. Of course she was very interested and not shy about showing her

"Excellent" Marta said, as Leslie pulled out a clipboard. "First we need to gather some basic information about you and then we'll take a drive to the clinic to complete the rest of the paperwork. You know how these things work right?, Nothing gets done without a mountain of forms" Marta joked.

Anne agreed with a laugh, as the trio spent the next half hour chatting and collecting numerous bits of trivia about herself, her life, and her innermost thoughts. All in the name of research. Little did Anne know, that the research that Marta and Leslie were involved in had nothing to do with the university. But ironically very much to do with human sexuality. A dark side of sexuality that
Anne would come to know all too well; and curse the day these two women sat down at her table.

The plain blue sedan pulled into the parking lot of the clinic later that afternoon. The trip had lasted over an hour, but it seemed shorter as Leslie kept Anne busy with question after question. Anne was amazed how detailed the information about her had to be for such a simple research project.

The architecture of the building was very sterile. Nothing remarkable about it at all, other than the fact it was set in the middle of an unoccupied industrial park. This fact didn't worry Anne much and she chocked it up to a poor economy. The outside was well manicured, and she could see several women working at desks inside.
She figured the university had to rent where it could. The three women entered through the large glass doors. A secretary seated at the reception desk smiled at Marta and buzzed the group through a second larger door, revelling a long hallway bordered by several small offices.

Marta and Leslie led Anne into one of the rooms. There seated at a desk smoking a cigarette was a pleasant looking woman with short hair.

"Have a seat hun, I'll be with you in a moment". She smiled as she indicated toward the two assistants, "Thank you Marta, You both have done well. Make sure all the information gets to the moving department. I'll be finished with this one in a little while and then we can go out for drinks".

Anne sat watching the woman collect papers as the door shut behind her. The woman slid form after form in front of Anne. "Sign here, initial here" repeated over and over. Each completed document was placed in a file and labelled accordingly.

At length all the paperwork was done, the lady offered Anne a cigarette and smiled. "Welcome to the project my dear, I'm sure you'll find this a most rewarding experience."

"Thank you ma'am, I'm happy to be part of the team." replied Anne. She watched as the ladies hand slipped under her desk and pushed a button.

The door flew open. It was Marta and Leslie. They grabbed Anne roughly and slammed her up against the wall. Before she knew it, they had placed her in handcuffs. A smooth rubber ball gag was slipped between her teeth. Anne tried to fight but to no avail, the attack had been too quick and well coordinated. The two pushed Anne back into her seat and held her firmly. She starred in horror as a wry smile greeted her from the woman behind the desk.

"Yes Anne, you're most defiantly part of the team. Weather or not you'll be happy will be entirely up to the mistress." The woman continued undaunted by Anne's struggles. "My dear, as we speak, your apartment is being cleaned out, everything you own is being placed in storage. By tomorrow there will be no trace of you
to the outside world. All your mail will be collected and your relatives will receive post cards from you every month, postmarked from various locations indicating that you have fallen in love with a traveling salesman, and will be quite out of touch for awhile."

Leslie produced a pair of scissors and proceeded to cut off Anne's dress while the woman revelled more of the diabolical plan. "Oddly enough my dear, you have given us permission to do whatever we wish to do. You should have read the documents you were signing. They cover all aspects of your life, giving us access to pin numbers, any accounts or personal business you may have. We will now control you. I suggest you cooperate fully. To be difficult will result in serious punishment."

Leslie finished working on Anne's dress, leaving her clad only in thin underwear, weak from fear, and sweating from the worry of the unknown.

"I can see in your eyes you are wondering what this is all innate of. Unfortunately your curiosity will have to be patient. The Mistress herself will explain everything to you in due time." The woman nodded; Marta and Leslie pulled Anne from her seat and lead her out of the room. They turned down the hall, Anne struggled vainly against her bonds. Her feet dragging across the soft carpet, eyes pleading with her captors to let her go. Confused and terrified by what lay in store for her at the hands of these brutal women. An iron door stood tall before the trio. Marta pounded loudly three times. The echo of each knock would remain imbedded in Anne's memory for the rest of her life.

Her mind was racing on the ramifications of her actions as she watched the heavy iron door slam shut. She stood transfixed at the top of the staircase leading down to the deep recesses of the dungeon that was to be her new home.

Cuffed, gagged and dressed only in her bra and panties, the sweet stale air that caressed Anne's skin was quite cool and her nipples responded in kind. They swelled slightly under the soft silken material of the last clothing she would wear for many months to come. She knew she was helpless, and even more horrifying was the
knowledge that it was born of her own free will. She once again tested the restraints that bound her hands. They held firm to her struggles.

A petite young blonde girl took Anne by the elbow and led her down the stone steps. The girl was dressed in a leather harness outfit. High heels, leather bra and panties and a studded collar. The bra was cut to allow the girls nipples to stand firm and open to all who wished to view them. Her leather panties fit so tight as to leave very little to the imagination. Anne noticed immediately that the girls pussy was shaved.

The girl was very pretty, and smelled of a delicious perfume. The sweet aroma enticed Anne's mind and caused her to be aroused in a way she never had experienced. Anne's nipples stiffened even more, and she felt herself starting to lubricate.

These feelings worried Anne. She had never been turned on by another female before. What was it about the perfume this girl was wearing that would make Anne's mind explore such erotic dreams. The touch of another woman? The taste of regions that were once taboo? Thoughts she had never known, thoughts that only moments before would have filled her with revulsion and tension, yet now sent
electric shocks of sexual desire to every one of her erogenous zones. Anne's mind was telling her body that she had to have this girl more than anything else in the world, and to deny those feelings would be sheer agony.

She tried to think of something else. Anything to make the feelings dissipate, but it was useless; that smell, that sweet smell, kept filling her senses and driving her wild with desire. It was as if a magic spell was cast upon her.

If only Anne knew the whole story. If only she knew how big a role she would play in the manufacture of the sweet nectar that was worth more than gold.

In the worldwide aphrodisiac market, the secret to riches lay hidden in the very linings of Anne's vagina.

If only she had known the sweet tortures that awaited her beautiful body in this dungeon; she never would have signed the papers that condemned her to join the ranks of so many other women that had walked naked and bound, down these same cold steps.

The girl took no notice of Anne or her struggles as they both descended ever deeper into the abyss. The only sounds being the soft click of the girls heels and the muffled protests of her victim through the firm rubber ball gag.

The Captive and her handler arrived at the main dungeon door. With the push of a button it opened and Anne was led inside. She stood meekly as the door was secured behind them, shuddering slightly as she listened to the mechanisms clack loudly from several automatic locking bolts.

Completely removed from the outside world, a slave to the whims of her handlers. No longer an individual, but simply one of many other women who lived on the brink of orgasmic ecstasy for months at a time. One of many other women who dreamed of nothing more than being allowed to cum. One of many other women who would nonetheless be denied that most simple of pleasures.

The plan was sinister, yet necessary for the business at hand. A business worth millions for its creator. But also a product that required the sometimes unwilling participation of many females. Anne would soon discover how important her body was to be in the creation of a ground breaking discovery.

All captives were there to be teased. To allow any captive to orgasm was a crime that was punished severely by the mistress. Anne would come to learn that rule well. But first she would have to be prepared.

The room was well lit from many fluorescent lights. The walls were adorned with fine erotic paintings and full length mirrors. Soft classical music played through several speakers in the ceiling. Before her was a padded table where two women stood wearing lab coats.

One of the women was brunette, at least 6 foot tall, very large breasts and obviously in charge from the way she ordered the others about. The other one was oriental, petite and very pretty. Anne could see that under their lab coats they wore the  same leather harness outfits as the young girl who brought her down the stairs wore.

Against the wall was a large steel table covered by a cloth. To conceal what, Anne knew not.

The brunette snapped out an order and the young girl led Anne to the center of the room. The women took Anne's legs and secured each ankle to two large eyebolts in the floor with soft cord, forcing them apart by a good four feet. Anne had to concentrate hard to keep her balance as the brunette released the handcuffs. She deftly retied her wrists to a large spreader bar suspended from the ceiling.

Anne closed her eyes and tried not to think of what was in store for her next.

The three women then proceeded to work on their new captive in earnest. Anne helplessly watched her reflection in the mirrors while the women cut off her thin bra and panties. It was as if the poor victim in the reflection was not Anne at all, but some other girl that was being reduced further and further into nothing more than a
play toy to be used and teased for the pleasure of others. The women worked quickly. The brunette strolled to the cloth covered table. Pulling back the sheet Anne's eyes grew wide from the array of instruments and items that she beheld.

Light reflected off several steel shackles that were padded on the inside. The outside of each were affixed with sturdy rings at various angles.

The restraints were very strong; they had to be. It was common knowledge in the dungeon that the struggles of a well stimulated victim could be almost superhuman.

A pop rivet gun lay next to the restraints, accompanied by assorted shaving instruments and several coils of fine rope. A large mahogany box served as a centerpiece for the erotic buffet. A collection that for many victims was their first step into the world of orgasm denial and sexual slavery.

Anne could do nothing more than close her eyes and listen to the soft melody of the music while the trio worked.

As each shackle was attached, she would struggle within her bonds. The snap of the rivets ringing in her ears. It became painfully obvious that these steel bindings were not intended to be only temporary. The brunette grabbed Anne roughly by the cheek. "I suggest you remain still my dear. We have a rather delicate task to perform now, and we wouldn't want any accidents would we?"

The blond girl smiled and held a razor before Anne's face. "Don't worry hun, I'll be gentle".

Anne hung motionless while her pussy was shaved smooth. Each scrape of the razor sending erotic shivers up Anne's spine.

The scent of that sweet perfume permeated the air. Anne's pussy reacted accordingly, encouraged by the stimulations of her ordeal. Vaginal juices mixed with the cool lather. Her clit rose from its protective hood as if begging for further attention. "How cute" the young girl remarked. "Look who has come out to play?"
Giggling with delight the girl tried to lick the little wet bud, however this move resulted in a strong rebuke by the brunette. "You know the rules! Do you want to be returned to the lambs?" A look of fear crossed the young girls face and she emphatically shook her head.

"I'm sorry, it wont happen again, please don't tell the mistress!!" "I won't this time, but you've been warned before, get back to your work" snapped the brunette.

Anne actually found herself almost enjoying the trance as each flick of the razor brought her closer and closer to orgasmic bliss. Her breath came soft as the young girl toyed the shaven area with a fine coating of baby oil. Both captive and her tormenter found it very sensual. The young girl made it last as long as possible. Each digit working the oil in and about Anne's most sensitive regions. Occasionally a fingertip brushed against her clitoris. Sending waves of pleasure over the bound slave.

This moment would be all too brief, as she was rocketed back to reality by the touch of a cold metallic band under her chin. The steel collar was placed around Anne's neck, as sounds of the last two rivets echoed through the room like firecrackers. She looked at herself in the mirror. Hanging naked and helpless, light
reflecting from the highly polished metal of her bindings. "No, that cant be me!" she thought. "This cant be happening!!" The reality of her plight hit hard.

Anne struggled in panic and tried to scream but her gag only allowed a muffled squeal to be heard. The trio erupted in laughter at the predicament of their captive.

The brunette made some notes on a clipboard, looked at her partners and said "proceed".

The blond walked to the table and took two small coils of the fine rope and headed back to their squirming victim. With expertise born of many captives before, the young girl wrapped the rope around each of Anne's breasts. Every rotation pulling her tits tighter and tighter. Her nipples swelling and becoming rock hard as the blood inside was forced against each bud. Anne's back arched as she struggled furiously to no avail. Within moments both her breasts were securely bound.

The brunette and the young blonde walked back to the table, leaving the Asian watching Anne's body undulate from the bindings. Her dark eyes hypnotized by the view of their captives bound tits. Each flex causing them to jiggle ever so slightly, begging silently for release.

The Asian girl sighed and touched herself. Her fingertips dancing over perky brown nipples, each touch mocking Anne over the fact that her own breasts desired the same attention.

The tool cart with the large box was wheeled into position at the padded table. The brunette produced a small stun gun and addressed Anne as she hung limp and exhausted.

"Now my dear, we are going to release you, and you are to follow my orders without question. Any attempt to fight or struggle will be met with stern punishment. Do you understand?"

Anne weakly nodded her head. Each movement reminding her of the collar around her neck.

"Very good, I think you will learn quickly" She smiled. The young blond and the Asian proceeded to remove Anne from the spreader bars that bound her. They steadied their victim as the brunette snapped out the next task at hand.

"Captive!, You are to lay upon the padded table and present your arms and legs for further restraint!"

The two girls helped Anne, who with trepidation made her way toward the sinister looking desk. The leather padding was soft and warm to the touch as her naked flesh made contact. Like a good girl she lay back, outstretching her arms and legs in resigned submission. She could hear the gentle clicks of the latches as the women clipped short chains to her shackles. Leaving Anne spread wide and

There was a mirror on the ceiling directly over the table. Anne studied herself with mute fascination. She stared, mesmerized by her freshly shaved pussy, still glistening from the baby oil. The cart with the box was at the top of the table and in the reflection Anne was able to see it's contents quite clearly as the brunette lifted the thin lid.

The interior was lined in fine red velvet. There were three small bottles containing a milky liquid, and a fourth bottle containing a clear liquid. Recessed in the middle of the box were two syringes. Cold fear gripped Anne when she saw them, but by now she was too weak to struggle.

The young girl and the Asian stood by Anne's feet watching the brunette prepare the injections. Her back turned to the writhing captive as she quietly talked to herself, listing the foreboding inventory.

"lets see; One bottle for right nipple, one bottle for left nipple. Check." She took a pen and made a mark on the clipboard. "One bottle for the clit. Check" Another mark. "And one bottle of blocking fluid. Check" She made a final notation and turned to Anne. Her hands held high as she filled a syringe with the milky fluid.

Without being asked the Asian girl held Anne's left breast firm as the brunette gently placed the syringe at the very edge of the areola. The needle was very thin and surprisingly she felt almost no pain.

The woman slowly injected the fluid into the nipple area. It burned a little at first but as the seconds passed the region began to tingle.

The brunette wasted no time and prepared the syringe again. This time the procedure was repeated on the right nipple, with the same results.

The three women then took a break and smoked cigarettes. Sipping from bottles of spring water and discussing the days events. They made no notice of Anne or her squeals as the tingling in each nipple increased minute by minute.

Finally the Asian girl approached, looked closely at Anne's breasts, untied the ropes surrounding them and said, "They're done!" Anne looked at her tits and was amazed. While there was no change to the breasts themselves, her nipples had swelled to twice their size. Nipples that had moments before been the size of a garden pea were now the size of small olives. Her large pink areolas had become
puffy and stood out a good half inch from the rest of the breast, defining them as a single entity. They reminded Anne of the nipples you would find on a baby bottle.

They felt strange too. Anne always had somewhat sensitive nipples. She enjoyed having her boyfriend play with them every time they were intimate, but this time she could tell there was something odd. No one was touching them and yet she felt stimulations. It was like the very air itself was teasing each nipple ever so slightly.
Even worse was the fact that the feeling was not going away. The brunette stood at the table, her fingers reaching for Anne's breasts. "Lets see how they work?" she quipped.

Anne watched her tormenters hands as they came closer and closer to the swollen nipples. Like a slow motion scene in a movie, her fingertips made contact; gently flicking the puffed nubs. It was only a quick touch, but it sent the captives mind reeling with pleasure. Anne's back arched off of the table, her arms and legs straining at the bonds that held firm. Her breath quickened. It was horrific bliss. Wonderful feelings rocketed directly to her clit. It seemed as if her nipples and clit had become one.

She had never known that such pleasure could come from one simple caress. Her pussy began to lubricate. Begging for release. The wet lips of her vagina swelled and peeked from their protective folds. Her breath came in short gasps as the sensations abated. Leaving the soft laughter of her tormenters dancing in her ears.
Anne thought it impossible that her body could experience any greater ecstasy beyond that touch; But her captors knew a dark secret. A slaves body could be pushed much further. "I can tell by your eyes that you found that pleasing" the brunette said.

"I'll let you in on the little secret. The properties of this milky serum bond to the pleasure sensitive nerves in any area injected. This heightens their sensation and creates a more direct path for the electrical impulses of your body to travel to your brain. Sadly though, the process is irreversible. I'm afraid you'll have to get
used to this feeling for quite awhile." The brunette continued as she prepared the syringe again. The Asian girl spread Anne's pussy wide, pushing the protective hood of her clit back.

She chirped, "Now hun, if you think it felt good on your tits, imagine how wonderful it will be when injected into a far more delicate spot." The young blonde held their captives hips steady, as the needle induced the magic fluid inside and directly behind Anne's small clit.

Once more ignoring their slaves protests, the trio took a break while the elixir went to work. Clit tingling, swelling, puffing and growing. The wet covering hood transformed into mute flesh. Serving no purpose anymore.

A hood that now protected nothing, pushed away as her most sensitive nub grew to three times its normal size. No more would Anne's clit hide within the folds of her pussy. Forever would it remain accessible and open to whatever, and whoever wished to explore it's limits.

With the third injection complete. Anne could see in her reflection what looked like a tiny pink grape protruding from her shaved pussy. Much like the feeling in her nipples, the very air itself was teasing her clit. The sensations would keep the area constantly lubricated forever.

"We'll test you in a minute hun, but first there is one crucial thing we must do." The brunette said "As the mistress will explain to you shortly; Captives are not allowed to orgasm. You must therefore undergo one final injection." She continued, held up the bottle with the clear liquid and prepared the last syringe.

"This one may sting a bit, but not for long. What it does is block your ability to cum." She sternly looked Anne directly in the eyes. "Oh you'll feel like cumming.
You'll be pushed right to the very edge of orgasm. But unfortunately no matter what you do, or for that matter what WE do, you'll never be able to cross over that line." The woman smiled, eyes crinkling with amusement. "Isn't that deliciously evil?"

A cold shiver of fear and confusion swept over Anne's naked body as her tormenter explained further. "There is however an antidote to this serum. If you behave and are a good slave, the mistress may find it in her heart to allow you to cum once or twice a week. But I wouldn't count on it happening very often. We have some girls here who haven't had an orgasm in months. Maybe you'll be one of the lucky ones eh?" Anne could hear the other two girls laughing.

"Of course you could aspire to become a handler. In which case you are allowed to cum whenever you wish. But you have to meet your quota of juice. Not too many of our guests stay sane long enough to graduate to that position though." The syringe entered at the base of Anne's neck. A strange numbness rushed over her body. Her vision blurred slightly, and just as quickly returned to normal.

"There you go my dear! Now that wasn't so bad was it? Shall we see if our efforts have been in vain?" This time it would be the Asian girls turn to test their victim.
Anne could only take a deep breath in preparation for the feelings that would follow. She starred into the mirror, watching the very tip of the girls tongue as it came into contact with her enlarged hyper sensitive clit.

Unearthly moans of pleasure erupted from the helpless bound captive. Anne emitted sounds she had never known as her body was immediately wracked by sensual ecstasy.

The table creaked loudly. The limits of its construction tested by the furious thrashing of its bound victim. Her beautiful naked body being teased and tickled to the breaking point. Anne pulled at her restraints wildly, her clit sending wave after
wave of desire to the very core and fiber of her being. Never in her life had she known such pleasure. The greatest orgasm she could ever dream of was building within her. Faster and faster. Her breath coming in short gasps, her hands clinching, toes curling. The brunette looked deep into Anne's eyes as they dilated. Her tormenter knew the sweet torture was working as planned. "Oh my God!!!" thought Anne "Almost there!!!, Almost!!!!!" But the feeling continued. Going no further yet not receding. Keeping her on that razor sharp edge at the moment of nirvana. The Asian girls tongue swirled around and around her victims clit.
Anne could feel the table getting wet with pussy juices. Each flick of oral delight sending cascading waves of erotic joy between her legs.

She had never been so wet or so aroused. This was exactly the moment the women were waiting for. "Enough!" barked the brunette.

The sweet torture stopped as fast as it had begun. Leaving the captive visibly shaking.

"Noooo! I was so close!!!! Please!!!!!" thought Anne. But it was not to be. Not today. Not for many days. The brunette looked at her two assistants. The Asian girl was wiping Anne's juices from her mouth with a towel. "Oh this one will do VERY
well!" she giggled.

A final notation was made on the ominous clipboard. The young blonde girl released their victim from the table and helped Anne sit up. In an almost motherly way the brunette took Anne by the shoulder. "You did fine hun. Since the injections are recent, the reactions are extreme. The effects will taper off a little bit with time. Your nipples and clit will always be hyper sensitive, but in a few hours they will be able to withstand much more activity. The effects won't be quite as violent. Remember hun, We don't wish to torture you. Only to tease you."

"You shall be meeting the mistress soon. Don't worry, she will only explain your situation. But I beg you not to make her angry. Just listen and do whatever she tells you." The two assistants nodded in agreement. "You will be introduced to your handler too. Her role will be very important in your future here. You will get to know her better than anyone you have known in your life. She will know more about you as well. You have nothing to fear from your handler as long as you obey her and submit to your juicing's without question." Anne wondered what they meant by "juicing's". The phrase worried her. She wanted so badly to ask, but was still under the domination of the ball gag. The red rubber dripping with saliva. Each drop
slowly snaking its way down her chin. The Asian girl took her towel and offered it to their new slave. "I know it's uncomfortable hun. It will be removed very soon, I

Anne stood up, assisted by the women. She looked again at her reflection in the mirror. Her naked body shimmered with sweat from the brief ordeal. Her nipples engorged and hard. Her clit protruding obscenely from within the shaven folds of her tender pussy. Shackles gleaming. Anne's transformation was complete.

Once more the young blond girl took their captive by the arm and led her away. Anne plaintively looking back at the two women, who smiled at her as if to say "Nothing personal, just doing our job". The brunette and Asian; their task done for the day, went straight to work cleaning the preparation room in expectation of their next victim. Another set of shackles was laid out on the table and the box was replenished with more serum. Anne could hear their small talk as the blonde opened a door and led her into the plush office of the mistress.

Velvet cloth covered the walls. The carpet was very deep and soft under the captives toes. Before her stood a very large finely upholstered high backed chair. A black satin cushion lay on the floor.

"Kneel Lamb!" Commanded the blond. Anne meekly submitted and knelt on the satin pillow. Her clit was so sensitive she found it impossible keep her thighs together, forcing her to kneel with her legs slightly spread. Her wrist shackles were snapped to her ankle cuffs thus further immobilizing any thought of escape.

The captive felt a tug at her collar as the young girl snapped a gold leash in place. "The mistress will be with you shortly." Anne bowed her head and listened to the door close. The slave was left alone contemplating her fate. Tears ran down her face. muted whimpers from the gag.

Hearing muffled voices, her attention was drawn once again to the door. It opened slowly and a very pretty lady entered, followed by another blonde girl dressed in the traditional harness outfit of her previous tormentors.

Unlike the other women the mistress was clad in an exotic red leather outfit. Well fitted, obviously taylor made for her body. To the captive it was as if this woman had red leather skin. Only bare breasts and crotchless panties giving away the secret of her milky white perfect complexion.

Jet black hair coordinated nicely with the ebony fishnets and stiletto heels to match. Anne noticed tattoos of two roses on each side of the woman's shaved pussy. Her posture belying an air of confidence and authority.

From the demeanour of the young girl who followed her into the room Anne
could tell this was a woman not to be trifled with. With motherly tenderness the mistress stroked Anne's red hair as she passed. The Blonde stood off to one side, hiding in the shadows. "Such a pretty lamb to add to my flock, don't you think?" The mistress indicated as the other girl nodded. Her voice calm and sure. Anne looked up with pleading eyes.

The mistress took her seat at the throne like chair. Lighting a long cigarette, she smiled at Anne, leaned back and crossed her shapely legs.

A fine wisp of smoke snaked upwards as she spoke. "Consider this an orientation and formal introduction to your situation. I'm sure you have many questions and concerns. However before proceeding I find it important to explain every lambs role in my dungeon."

The mistress took another long drag, as the blonde removed the confining ball gag from the captives lips. Anne started to speak but was met with a firm slap from the girl. "No Talking without permission!" she barked.

The sting of the blow warmed her cheek as the mistress continued. "Since the beginning of recorded history, mankind has been searching for the perfect aphrodisiac. This search has led to the destruction of many species, false hopes and malpractice on an alarming scale. The illusion of Spanish Fly, the mild effects of modern perfumes, all still have not given us the results humans crave"

The blond helped Anne sip some water. Tenderly massaging her shoulders as
she listened attentively.

"I have spend most of my life trying to find out where every scientist and
doctor have gone wrong. At last I have found it. Using a blend of chemicals known only to myself and a few others, I have created the perfect aphrodisiac perfume. It has never failed a single test. I know of no other formula with a 100% success rate. The secret lay within the female body.

I have found that when a woman is stimulated and reaches a certain point of
arousal; specifically the exact moment before achieving orgasm; she will
secrete through her vaginal walls a lubricating fluid containing an isolated
and adjusted PH factor never before studied.

This fluid, combined with other ingredients and oils, blends into a perfume
that will drive anyone who smells it into a sexual high. Male or Female, the
results are the same. It has an effect that crosses all bounds of whatever
upbringing or trends the person has come to believe and makes the wearer of
the perfume completely desirable to the intended mate. This perfume is sold on the black market all over the world and thus far has a return rivalling that of cocaine. I have made millions and will continue to do such"

Anne started to speak but the blond girls grip tightened on her shoulder. She looked at the girl and was given a glare that indicated it would be best if she remained silent.

"Which brings us to your fate my lamb" The mistress smiled "You see; The amounts of the vaginal fluid required are such that it takes several donors, many days just to create a gallon of the liquid. Also factor in that it is hard to keep a woman stimulated to the point of secreting the type of lubrication we need. Hence the injections you have received. Now with minimal um...encouragement, your body will be right at the point necessary for juicing."

Anne now knew the horror that awaited her and it stung. She started to squirm. "Nooooo!!, Please!!!!" The girl held the captive firm. "If you speak again you will be whipped and gagged for a week! Do you understand?" Anne submitted to the threat and sat deeper into the soft satin of the cushion. "May I continue now?" the mistress said sarcastically. "You will be taken to join the my flock of lambs. You will be under the constant care of your handler." The mistress indicated towards the blond girl.

"Her name is Tina. She has been trained well for her job. She knows more ways to tease a lamb for maximum juice output than you could ever imagine. But on second thought I will assume you will come to learn all her methods in due time."

The laughter of Tina assaulted Anne's ears. "The stimulation you will endure is such that you will have to be sedated to sleep. You will remain naked. The only thing you are to wear are your shackles.

The hours are not bad and you can expect to be juiced for no more than eight
hours a day. Week ends off. There are many ways to be juiced and for almost
all of them, you will have to be bound in some fashion. You will get used to it ironically. We have many variations of restraints at our disposal. You will experience them all.

You will be fed well and when not being juiced you will be confined to a cell. You will be made very comfortable, and want for very little. Some of my lambs have even come to enjoy their work. I have several lambs who have even become handlers."

The mistress nodded to Tina and Anne was forced to stand. The girl took hold
of the leash and the two approached the throne. The mistress ended Anne's orientation with a gentle benediction. "I'm sorry it has to be this way my dear. All I can say is be happy in your work. You really have no other choice I'm afraid."
With a wave of her hand Tina led the new lamb beyond the throne to the the
door of the main chamber.

The hallway was long and dark. She could see the light of the main chamber
but nothing else as Tina held the leash firm to her struggles. The sounds coming from the far end of the hallway filled Anne with a fear she had never known. A cacophony of moans and whimpers. The occasional erotic wail of a victim pushed to orgasmic limits. The strange creaking of wood meshed with the soft metallic sounds of chains straining under the protests of their captives.

There was another sound too. Almost imperceptible. Like the soft notes of a
lone oboe in a symphony. A buzzing sound that filled the very air, and teased Anne's senses.

A familiar noise, but never before on such a grand scale. Then it hit her. It was the subtle sound of vibrators. Many of them. Tones changing but still a constant din as they cruelly performed their ominous tasks. The hallway opened into the main chamber. The sight that Anne beheld made her blood run cold. A vast warehouse sized dungeon lay before her. Its very essence reminding her of a huge gym.

However; she would find that the workout equipment installed in this arena
held more promise for the perverse.

Tina whispered in her captives ear as Anne's eyes took in the foreboding
scenes before her.

"You have had a busy day today hun, so we wont start your juicing until
tomorrow. I can see you're anxious though, so I will give you the grand
tour. It will give you some things to think about tonight."

There was a sinister joy to her tone as she pulled Anne along behind her.
The huge room was filled with every bondage and restraining device that
could be imagined. Wooden crosses, Tables spread with chains. Pulleys and ropes dangled from the ceiling in macabre fashion. The walls adorned with every conceivable spreader bar and cuff. Ball gags in assorted sizes and attachments. Fully encompassing leather masks stared at Anne from all angles. The room resonated with sadistic eroticism.

Next to each station stood tables filled with an array of vibrators and sexual toys designed to reduce the victim to a quivering mass of ecstatic bliss. Also on the tables were small sponges and pint sized collection bottles. Some filled, some in the process of being filled with the erotic elixir craved by the mistress.

Worse yet was the sight that most of the teasing stations were filled with a naked squirming captive. All women, and all being toyed and stimulated by their female handlers.

There was a symmetry to their methods, yet it appeared that no two handlers teased in quite the same fashion. Anne could see some using their tongues. Others preferred the use of toys. All seemed to be enjoying their work far too much.

Tina stopped Anne at a wooden horse. Upon it was a captive girl, chained tightly with her legs on either side. Arms behind her bound securely at the elbows, forcing her tender breasts to be thrust obscenely forward. An inviting target for the handler as she ran a small vibrator over the prisoners nipples.

The pace was agonizingly slow and methodical. Anne could see the slaves hips
buck and sway. Anything to create movement that would grant the captive some
relief from the erotic torture.

The poor girl was not gagged. Her pleading moans were loud, but that only seemed to delight the handler even more, encouraging the fiendish procedure to continue.

Her captor taunted the slave continuously, each moan bringing a laugh, and further light vibrations to the victims ever sensitive nipples. Tina explained; "This lamb has been at the point of orgasm for approximately two hours. There is a special sponge inserted in her vagina that is gathering all of the precious juice. In a few moments her ordeal will be over and the sponge will be drained into the bottle you see on the table. Once that is done she will be taken to another station. Generally, most lambs visit three stations a day. We find we can get about a quarter cup of the best juice from each captive per station.

We have close to thirty lambs now, and odds are you wont visit the same station twice in one day. Unless I'm having too much fun with you" The other handler overheard Tina's comment and giggled. "Oh yeah hun, you better watch out for Tina! Around here she's known as the feather queen! Once she got a whole cup of juice at a single station!" Anne's jaw dropped as the handler turned her attention back to the squirming captive's nipples. Tina continued "Don't worry about anything right now though. After some food and a good nights rest, we'll see how good a provider you will be." A tug at Anne's leash and she was led down another hallway to her cell. A sanctuary from the horrors of the chamber. A plush retreat where sedated slaves could sleep and dream of the happier days before their abductions.
Anne stood silently as the key turned in the lock. She prepared herself for what surly would be another chapter of the living nightmare. The leash grew taunt as Tina let the naked captive into her cell.

A finely furnished boudoir greeted the slave. Soft carpet lead to a comfortable satin covered bed with many pillows. A petite but luxurious vanity, shower and toilet would be at her disposal as well. Mirrors adorned the walls, and off to one side magnificent shelves held reading material, stereo, television and VCR. It was as if they had transported a five star hotel suite bit by bit three floors underground.
A large silver platter overflowing with bits of the finest fruits and vegetables lay on a small table. Completing the feast were bottles of mineral water and a carafe of blush zinfandel wine. Tina noted Anne's surprise.

"Well what did you expect hun?" The handler beamed. "An exhausted unhealthy
lamb won't produce quality juice. It's kind of an ironic give and take don't you think?"

Anne had to admit to herself the whole twisted concept made sense, but it was a small consolation. She was still a prisoner. Tina unhooked the leash and from the closet produced two strange looking items. Gently she lay them on the bed and turned to her captive. "Lets get you ready for the night".

The first adornment was a supple leather bra. Expertly tailored and designed for the comfort of the wearer. Shiny metal cups had been attached to the strange lingerie, protruding several inches from the tips. Anne could see they were placed directly over where her nipples would rest. The captives arms slipped easily through. Leather cold at first but warming gradually. Tina deftly guided Anne's nipples into each cup and cinched the straps. Tight enough to confine, but not so uncomfortable as to prevent normal movement. The click of a padlock concluded the procedure. Tina turned to retrieve the next item. Anne took this opportunity to touch her breasts. The encased metal over her nipples prevented any sensation
whatsoever. They tingled under the thin protective shields, begging in vain for more stimulation.

Nonchalantly Tina held a chastity belt before her prisoner. The strange contraption appeared reminiscent of the middle ages. Mostly leather with a metal plate covering the whole pubic regions of the wearers hips. Much like the bra, the plate had been modified with a raised cup to confine Anne's swollen clit. Entombing the nub from any and all unauthorized contact. Anne wondered if her moist regions would experience the touch of her own fingers ever again.

The device slipped on easily, and was likewise padlocked in place. Tina adjusted the belt precisely. Holes cut into the plates were set to allow for normal bodily functions.

"Although it's impossible for you to orgasm, we have learned that if we do not cover a lambs sensitive areas they will masturbate constantly. You wouldn't want to cheat them from the teasing my training can provide would you? All lambs must come to rely on us for every pleasure and every need." The handler guided Anne to the bed and sat with her on the soft comforter. "Feel free to partake of all that we offer. You will never be harmed as long as you obey the rules.

I promise I will take you to heights of passion you have never known before. You will learn patience. You will learn the true meaning of desire. You will learn ultimate submission. And I will teach you." Tina gave Anne a pill and watched her as she washed it down with the cool wine.

"it's only a sedative my dear, nothing more. Rest well tonight. Your shift will begin tomorrow after breakfast." Anne ate some of the fresh fruit as Tina locked the cell door behind her. The light dimmed.

Resigned to her fate, the new captive took one last drink of wine. She regarded her surroundings as the exhaustion of the days events overcame her. Anne nestled between the soft sheets and was soon lost in blissful slumber.

She awoke to the sight of a servant girl setting a tray of poached eggs and orange juice on the table. The girl paid no notice of Anne peeking from under the covers as she attended to her duties.

The servant girls took care of most of the lambs needs in the dungeon. They were in charge of feeding and general housekeeping duties. Many of them were former captives but had reached a point were their output of juice was inefficient for further teasing.

The servants wore the standard leather harness much like the handlers. The exception being they were not allowed to wear panties or any sort of covering for their breasts. Unlike the steel shackles of the lambs, the servants wore leather cuffs. They were also expected to remain barefoot. Anne could not help herself and stared at the servant with mute fascination. She was slender and young, probably no more than 22 by Anne's best guess. Her breasts framed by the black straps of her harness, her nipples hard, small areolas that puffed ever so slightly. A shaved pussy peeked from between her legs as she bent over to clean.

Anne found herself wondering what it would be like to know this girl on a more intimate level. Confusion ripped through her as she wondered why she was having such fantasies again.

"Oh My God!" Thought Anne. This girl was wearing the perfume! It was true. All the servant girls were ordered to wear the magical elixir at all times. It was a cruel joke of the mistress, who felt it would add to her lambs sexual frustration and make them better producers. Tina's smiling face poked in the cell door. "You have two hours. Get showered and make yourself presentable. There is no such thing as being fashionably late here."

The servant unlocked Anne's bra and chastity belt. The extreme sensations in
her nipples and clit had abated considerably from the day before. She touched them lightly in reassurance. The wave of pleasure instantly reminding her that they were still susceptible to any teasing applied. Anne made a mental note to be more gentle in the future. The young girl ran a shower for her charge as Anne ate silently. The rejuvenating factors of the meal brought her a new found sense of optimism. "Perhaps the mistress will realize this is wrong and let me go" she thought. It was a hope that many women before her had come to know as a futile
fantasy. Anne like the others was there to stay.

The hot shower water cascaded over her body. She revelled in its caresses as
it washed away the weariness of the morning. Her hands roamed over her naked
body, each touch massaging the lavender soap into her pores. Her fingers brushed against her shackles, reminding her that she was still helpless. The young girl waited patiently to dry the captive with a warm towel. The girl was gentle and softly patted Anne's breasts and pussy clean. Seating her charge at the vanity, she helped brush her red hair, and apply whatever makeup the captive wished. What Tina had said was true. Anne had never been so pampered. She was not fooled though. She knew that much like a thoroughbred; with pampering, much work was expected in exchange. Tina appeared at the cell door again. "Are we ready?" The servant girl bowed her head and walked out silently. She was familiar
with Tina's talents and knew that any deviation from her appointed tasks may
place her under the handlers torments again. That thought alone was enough
to keep any of the servants in line.

Anne hoped the leash would not be necessary. Nonetheless it was snapped in
place securely, and she was lead down the hall to the main chamber. Tina strolled oblivious to the heavy breathing of her captive. The dread of Anne's first day of teasing began to sink in.

The couple entered the chamber. It was still early and Anne could see other handlers leading their lambs to various stations. Some captives were already bound upon the equipment. A proverbial staking out of claims it would appear. Their teasing had yet to begin and many of the other handlers milled around a coffee pot and smoked cigarettes. It was almost comical to Anne and reminded her of any other workplace in the real world.

Here and there servant girls stocked the tables with fresh pint jars and sponges. All were silent to any pleas coming from the bound victims. Not out of indifference, but out of fear of retribution. It was clear that no girl here was safe from becoming another lamb. The servants knew from experience that periodically one of them would be pulled from the ranks, bound and teased unmercifully, for no other reason than to keep the others on their toes. It was a system that bred loyalty out of fear. And it worked. From the reactions of the other handlers, Anne could tell that Tina held some seniority in the dungeon. Tina always had first pick of the stations.
The other handlers were eager to assist her whenever she wished. They would
come to her if they had any questions or wanted advice on new methods to tease their lambs. Tina was an expert in erotic torture, and Anne belonged to her.

Tina led Anne to the center of the huge dungeon. Before her lay a thin wooden table. The table was fixed on an axis which allowed it to be tilted and turned to the whims of the handler.

Next to the morbid contraption lay a basket containing many long strips of white cloth, an empty bottle and a strange looking clear funnel device. Tina ordered Ann to lay upon the wooden table. She complied. The small funnel device was set against her shaven pussy and taped in place. It had a small tube that jutted out at an angle. Her ankles were locked together and her arms were strapped to her sides.

Tina took a long strip of the white cloth and began to wind it around and around Anne's legs, pulling tightly at each revolution. "You'll like this one hun. We call it the mummies revenge!" Her laughter echoing as more and more strips were applied to Anne's naked body. Tighter and tighter the long strips were wrapped. Encasing her body, holding it immobile. Anne was breathing very hard as Tina's efforts approached her breasts.

The wrapping continued undaunted. Tina's practiced methods swirling the cloth ever tighter, ever more confining. She made sure Anne's breasts were spared the bandaging leaving them open and vulnerable. The cloth was tight at the base of each tit and her nipples responded in kind. She could see them becoming rock hard. Her areolas puffing. The tingling coming back as strong as the day of her capture.

Save for her head, the captive lay completely encircled in white cloth. She starred up into the face of her handler which flushed from the exertion. "I think for your first time I'll gag you. I need to concentrate and your begging will only distract me."

The rubber of the gag slid easily between Anne's teeth. The thin straps of leather were buckled behind her head and the final wrappings commenced. Anne squirmed helplessly as the last few bandages encompassed her face. Tina normally covered the captives eyes for this torment. But for a first timer she found it more fun to let them witness their torment.

A foam pad was placed under Anne's head, raising it so that she could stare directly at her breasts. With the push of a button she heard a small motor hum. The table began to tilt upright.

As the table continued to rise Anne could see a full length mirror had been wheeled into position before her. She stared at the mummy in the reflection. Unrecognizable. Bare breasts open to all. So tight that even the slightest movement was prevented. She also noticed the small clear tube of the funnel protruding from her pussy.

"I'll be right back hun" Tina grinned "I just have to get a few things and then we'll begin. Don't go anywhere now!" Anne was left alone with her thoughts and the reflection of the helpless victim in the mirror.

Observing the room Anne watched as other girls were bound in various fashions. She could see one station directly across from her, where a raven haired beauty was being suspended by chains. Spreader bars at her ankles and wrists. Fascination gripped Anne as she saw the handler apply tiny weighted clamps to the slaves nipples.

The bound girl squealed in ecstasy from the procedure. Her hands making fists in compensation for the pressure on her sensitive buds. Anne starred back at her reflection. She saw a pleading look in the eyes and wondered if the mummy in the mirror knew the answer.

Tina returned and placed a small bottle of baby oil on the table. Sliding a tall stool in front of Anne, she sat so that her shoulders were equal with her captives breasts. "I guess the only advice I can give you hun is to not fight the treatment.
However, that is almost impossible." Her words were direct as she poured some oil in her palms and worked them together.

"You'll find that I prefer simplicity in my style. It is far more rewarding, and my lambs can endure more teasing than the others." Tina began to slowly rub a fine layer of oil onto Anne's tits. At once she began to respond. The feelings were exquisite. A light tickling sensation. Deft fingers caressing every inch of her breasts, paying particular attention to the engorged nipples.

Her breathing increasing, Anne could only helplessly watch as the fingers swirled around and around. Barely touching, ever teasing. Tina could see the reaction it was having on her lamb. The table creaked from the mummies heavily restricted movements. Anne's eyes fixed on her shiny oil covered orbs, while practiced digits pinched and toyed each nipple.

She tried to struggle. Anything to compensate for the torture. But it was no use. Every stroke brought the most erotic pleasures. Every pinch sending wave after wave of electric bliss to her clit. The tormenters soft hands cupped her enlarged areolas making the tiniest of massaging circles. Every tiny shifting of muscle pushing the slave closer and closer to the brink of sexual madness.

Within moments Anne was at the point of climax. Her mind betraying her body.
Each nerve yearning in vain for release. Unable to cross over unable to relax.

Her moans, muffled by the gag, became louder and more forceful. Her squeals
blending as one with the other bound victims. A symphony of lust as all were
coaxed and teased to orgasmic frenzy.

She knew if the gag were not in place she would be begging. Offering anything and everything she owned for one brief moment of release. If she could only struggle. If she could only move. Even a few inches would be welcomed. Anne was so aware of the pleasure yet bound so tight that every synapse in her brain became transfixed on the teasing. She felt herself lubricating furiously. Her clit straining for attention.
The fluid collecting in the funnel. Drop by precious drop making its way from within the bindings down the tiny tube.

What seemed like an eternity of rapture was in actuality only a few minutes. Tina placed a collecting jar at the tip of the spout and promptly went back to her task. The captives nipples still as sensitive as when the ordeal began. Nonchalantly the tickling continued. Time was on the side of the handler, and her patience knew no bounds.

At the thirty minute mark Anne's head was spinning. The feelings never receding, never progressing. The jar now held enough of her lubrications, that she could hear the unique sound of each tiny drop as it fell. Anne tried to will herself into unconsciousness. She knew if she could only concentrate she might be able to pull it off. But the teasing caresses continued unabated. Each flick of Tina's fingers denied her victim any other thoughts but of pleasure. There would be no escape, physical or mental. She could only endure.

A thin line of saliva dripped through the gag and down Anne's jaw. Her head
in a fog as the teasing ceased. It had been an hour and a half. The jar held almost a quarter cup of the valuable fluid. Tina stretched before carefully removing the jar. She handed it to one of the servant girls and opened a bottle of water. Looking into Anne's eyes, she smiled. "Break time!"

The wrappings came off much faster than they were applied. The bandages were
moist and Anne's body was covered in sweat from the session. The gag was removed, still shiny from her passion filled moans. Slowly her body returned from the brink of climax to a state of normalcy. Tina sat her lamb on the stool. Anne drank deep from the bottle, her body screaming for hydration.

"Now that wasn't so bad was it? Take twenty and we'll get you ready for station two. Lets see if we get as good a result from your clit as we did from your nipples." Tina stroked Anne's hair gently. Anne could only whisper a faint plea.

What should have been twenty minutes of relaxation was in fact a torment unto itself. Anne's ears were assaulted by the constant cries and passion drenched wails coming from the other stations.

Each moan filled her with dread for what lay in store for her naked body. She had only undergone one treatment and her exhaustion was such that any replay would be hell. How on earth could she endure another two? Tina was aware of the feelings that filled her lamb. It was a story repeated often in the dungeon. After many months of training she knew the limits of extreme stimulation the female body could endure. She could bend it to her will and push it to the very brink. Every lamb she had inducted thought they couldn't take any more. This was natural after their first teasing. It was Tina's job to prove them wrong, and she had a perfect record to back her efforts.

Anne's head hung low as the leash was attached once again. Oh that she could
only have a few more moments of rest. Her body felt drained and weak. But it was not to be. Strong arms coaxed her from the stool. "Let's go hun. You still have a busy day ahead of you." Tina barked and pulled the captive along.

The lamb was lead across the chamber passing numerous stations. Eyes of victims beckoned from every angle. Eyes that begged for help. Eyes that looked at her with knowing sympathy of a common fate. From the mouths of these same victims came strange noises and laboured breaths. Their handlers paying no attention to the passing couple. The steady drone of vibrators engaged in teasing wet secreting pussies their only concern.

A long padded table lay before her with many rings and chains decorating the
edges. Affixed at the head of the macabre platform was a heavy metal winch.
Anne beheld the device and a chill ran over her. Tina indicated for her lamb to sit at the foot of the table and lay back. Anne was too weak not to comply.

The leather padding warmed to her naked flesh as she stared at the fluorescent lights above. It was an effort not to doze off. Were it not for Tina preparing her body for this session she might have.

Heavy leather straps were buckled around Anne's thighs. Another very thick strap was placed around her waist and cinched tight. Her body pressed deeper into the padding. Thus rendering the captives pelvis completely immobile. Anne's arms were still unfettered. She reached to adjust the strap to a more comfortable position before being rebuked by a sharp slap on her ass. "Do not move again!" Tina warned.

Anne put her arms back above her head instantly and lay motionless to the binding.

A chain coming from the winch was clipped to the manacles on Anne's wrists. She closed her eyes and listened to the clicking of the mechanism. Each turn of the crank pulling her arms tighter and higher towards the head of the table. The tension was great. Still another turn was made. She thought that any more revolutions would pull her arms out of her shoulders. Tina knew better.

Anne's legs were now the only part of her body able to move in any fashion and she kicked furiously in a vain effort to release the pressure. Tina greeted this false hope by clipping Anne's ankles to the thigh straps. The bondage was completed by chaining the thigh straps to her waist. Quickly Tina produced a three foot spreader bar and neatly pulled Anne's knees apart. Cool air exhilarated the wet lips of her vagina. The reactions from her clit were instantaneous.

Being bound in this fashion left the victim in a strange predicament. The only act of defiance possible would be the curling of toes and fingers. Tina chirped "No gag this time my dear. Every lamb has her own sweet song and I'm dying to hear yours."

Two servant girls came by to admire Tina's handiwork. Anne could see the lust in their eyes as they gazed upon her naked bound body. Thighs pulled up and apart. Breasts vulnerable and helpless. Her shiny wet pussy accessible to whatever devious torture Tina had in mind. She would not have long to wait.

Fresh batteries were placed in a long vibrating wand. Its thin tip made from the softest rubber. A device designed to entice the clit to exquisite heights of rapture. Anne shuddered and listened to her tormenter adjust the speeds from a loud uncontrollable throbbing to a soft gentle hum. Winking playfully at the servant girls, Tina knelt between her victims thighs. Anne braced, each breath increasing in anticipation. The tip of the wand lightly danced over the swollen clit. The servant girls took a step back from the shock of Anne's passionate scream. Her body
strained at the leather straps. Her ankles testing the strength of the thigh bindings to breaking point as wave after wave of exhilaration washed over her pussy.

Even though little movement was possible, Tina noted with amusement the slight bucking of her victims hips.

Tina was warmed by each loud moan and squeal as she swirled the tiny tip of the wand around the ever moistening lips of Anne's vagina; Occasionally letting it glide towards her ass, keeping the vibrations soft as it tickled and teased her most private regions. She had to be very careful with this ordeal. She didn't want her captive to cheat the wand by passing out. Pulling at her bindings like a mad woman, Anne was rocketed instantly to the point of climax. Once again to her horror, the feeling would not progress or recede.

Tina laughed at each frenzied orgasmic cry that escaped Anne's lips. The wand acting as a conductors baton to the erotic concerto that echoed through the chamber. Her clit pulsating and throbbing for more and more pleasure. An insatiable starving bud begging to be sated. The wand buzzed on, ever eager to satisfy its appetite.

Lubrications trickled freely from her sensitive petals. The aroma sweet, the vibrations churning them into a delicate cream. Every nerve in her pussy sending messages over and over that it was time to cum. Still the orgasm came not.

Tina held the wand firmly against her lambs clit with one hand while she deftly inserted the sponge. It swelled almost immediately, causing Tina to repeat the process over and over as the stream continued unabated. The servant girls stood ready. Taking turns as the handler tossed the sponges aside. Each sponge was squeezed into a collecting jar. The level rising steadily in proportion to the captives moans of ecstasy. With agonizing patience the minutes clicked by. The wand acting as an evil metronome to the naked struggling girl bound helplessly to the table.
Within forty five minutes the jar had reached the required amount of fluid and the two girls silently carried it away for processing. Tina knew she could stop the torment at any time but the temptation to push the envelope was too strong. There was a mischievous streak to Tina, and it was time to exercise it.

Taking a strip of duct tape, she placed the tip of the wand directly over Anne's clit and secured it in place. Her victim struggled and begged furiously as Tina lit a cigarette and walked away. The soft hum of the wand becoming more distant with each step.

Anne's eyes opened to the familiar surroundings of her cell. She lay clad in the chastity belt and bra once again. The servant girl  gingerly soothed her head with a cool wet washcloth as Tina stood in the doorway. "I don't know what came over me!" she joked "I must have lost all track of time. I couldn't have been gone for more than an hour but when I came back, you were unconscious!" An evil grin crossed Tina's lips. "Consider it an exercise in domination hun. Just a lesson on who is really in control. But consider the plus side; you only had to endure two stations today. We'll go for the whole three tomorrow."

She coldly looked at the servant girl. "Make her comfortable. Feed her well. I'm relying on you to make sure she is fit for a full session in the morning!"  The girl nodded as Tina walked away. The sounds of her stiletto heels echoing down the corridor.

Anne looked plaintively into the face of her servant. She could see in her eyes the common thread of a shared sense of fate. It bound the two together like nothing ever could. Her hand reached for the girls cheek, neatly manicured nails tracing minute patterns against the soft tanned skin. The girls hand cupped over Anne's with romantic tenderness, her delicate fingers coaxing the erotic moment further. They both knew in their hearts that this time, their desires would not remain unanswered.

Their bodies met in loving embrace. The aroma of the delicate perfume enticing their senses, driving the frenzied hunger of the moment higher and higher. Anne surrendered completely to the delectations as their lips touched. A euphoria of uncontrollable passion. They both needed each other, if only to feel whole for the briefest of moments.

Anne's hands roamed over the girls body. It felt good to be able to give pleasure again. Not just as the meaningless toy of another, but an equal participant sharing in the erotic delights of a lovers caress.

The kiss was long. Two tongues swirling together in a dance of sensuality. Fingers clasped in mutual devotion. The tenderness and beauty of female skin pressed to another's was enchantment unto itself.

Anne's fingers roamed between the girls legs. She could feel the exquisite wetness of her pussy. With loving patience she delicately slipped two fingers inside, palm pressed firmly against her lovers tender clit. The reaction was immediate, their breath coming faster and faster, yet neither making any movements to terminate the erotic kiss.

With the chastity belt and bra denying any sensations to Anne from her lovers caresses; the girl had to resign herself to eager playful touches on the rest of her body. Even such trepid sensations were nirvana to the captive. She could feel the young girls hardened nipples press into her shoulders; The effects generating sweet moans of unhindered pleasure deep into Anne's mouth.

Their lips parted. The young girl was unable to hide her desires as she lay her lover back upon the pillows. Their sweat covered bodies lustfully yearning for more. Their thoughts were as one. Words no longer required or wished for. The beauty of their motions were enough to satisfy any longings or passions.

Anne enjoyed the warmth of the bedding as the girl straddled her face. The delicate wet flower of her beloved pussy brought within tongue reach. Ecstasy such as this Anne had never known. Her tongue swirled over the ever moistening petals. Her lips parting, gently sucking on the tiny throbbing clit. Rhythmic gyrations of her lovers pleasure cascaded through the girl with each tender lick.

Anne had never tasted of pussy, and any negative feelings she may have harboured evaporated at once. The girls hips bucked as she climaxed, her head thrown back in sensual exhilaration from the orgasm that ripped through her young body.

The two lovers lay entwined on the soft sheets. Anne already asleep, breathing soft and contented, her head upon the girls shoulder. The servant wished she were able to give her lover an orgasm as well. But she knew that even if the belt and bra were removed it would still not be possible.

Such injustice could not be. The most tender lover she had known lay next to
her. A beautiful woman who had fully offered herself for no other reason than to please, yet powerless to enjoy the same. The servant knew what she had to do, even at the cost of her own peril. It would be dangerous, but whatever penalties awaited would be worth the cost of granting her lover one exquisite moment of relief. Thankfully the young girl was on good terms with the keeper of the antidote.
She closed her eyes and listened to Anne's gentle breathing, whispering a silent promise to the Gods that she would use every means at her disposal to acquire some.

The servant concocted a plan as the night wore on. She held her new lover tight and let the warmth of their bodies sooth away all their fears. The minutes ticked by, the stroking of her fingers on Anne's hair becoming slower and slower. Then in her turn, she too fell fast asleep.

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