Tease Get's Hers

By Mingo
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Randi looked into Mike’s eyes and sucked slowly on the straw of her vanilla milkshake. She let a little of the sweet, creamy drink spill out on her lips and licked it up with her wet, pink tongue.

They had been out to see a movie and stopped by McDonalds on the way back to his place. Now seated on the couch, Randi continued the teasing she had been so relentless at for the entire three weeks they had been dating.

Her eyes turned down in mock coyness then she looked up at him again and said “I just LOVE sucking the white liquid up out of it!”. Then turned her eyes down again, feigning shame.

Mike had been attracted to her beauty, her brains and, it’s true, her sexy banter. He had been patient, he didn’t expect her to fuck him on the first date, and he knew she didn’t have to fuck him at all. He wasn’t even opposed to teasing, as long as it led somewhere, but DAMN he was tired of having her wave the scent under his nose and then bouncing off home like nothing had happened.

She stuck her tongue out and licked the length of the straw. “Stop it Randi!” Mike said with a growl.

“Stop what?” she looked up at him with that little girl expression.

“I’ve had it with the tease thing, get out.” He said with finality.

She set the shake down and gave him her hurt puppy look. “You think I’m a tease?”

Mike snapped, he grabbed her wrist and drug her across his lap, bottom up. “I’m going to teach you a lesson you should have learned long ago!” he rumbled at her and flipped her skirt up to reveal the small red strap of a silk thong between her round ass cheeks. Mike didn’t even notice, he simply raised his hand and let a stinging smack fall on her.

Randi yelped as her cheeks reddened. “Oooo!” she said as Mike let another blow rain on her. Still another strike cracked loudly against her warm ass, now nearly as red as her thong.

Mike’s anger was cooling. He stopped and started to think, “What have I done? She could have me arrested!” His hand was poised in midair for another smack, as he thought better of it.

“Why did you stop? We were just getting to the good part.” Randi asked.

Mike looked down at her, lying across his lap. She wiggled her hips in his lap and giggled. He finally looked at her bottom as something other than the target of his anger, the bare cheeks, and the silky thong. He saw that the thong was becoming wet. He noticed the aroma of arousal in the air. He realised Randi needed the punishment and domination to get started.

Mike let one harder smack come down on her and snarled at her “Now I’m going to punish you properly.”

“Oh no!” Randi begged, “Don’t spank my bare ass and make me do dirty things!” She wiggled harder against Mike’s lap and his cock began to harden and poke into her.

“Shut up, and lift your ass!” Mike demanded. Randi instantly complied and Mike slid the thong down and off. Her pussy lips were slick and glistening with juice between her legs. She had apparently shaved recently and was completely bare.

Mike stroked his palm over her hot skin. Randi was now nearly dry humping his lap.
He smacked her one more time for good measure, and Randi shuddered. “Had she just come?” he wondered. He stroked her again and let two fingers slide between her legs.

Randi quivered and let her legs separate slightly. She was very wet. At the touch of his fingers, Randi’s pussy bloomed like a flower. She again begged in mock sincerity “No! Please don’t put your fingers in me!”

Mike now knew how the game was played and rubbed her vulva a little and slipped his index finger into her slowly. She was hot inside. Mike could hardly wait to slide his thick hard cock into that heat. She had teased him for a long time though, and he determined that he must repay her, at least in small measure. He moved his finger around in her and she squirmed. Mike leaned over and bit her right cheek and she squealed.

Randi was panting. Her face and chest were now flushed nearly as red as her butt. Her big nipples ached as they rubbed against the rough fabric of the couch, even through her silk blouse.

Mike decided she’d had enough warming up. It was his turn now. “Get on the floor and suck my cock!” he ordered.

Randi scrambled off his lap and onto her knees on the floor in front of him. She worked feverishly at his belt and pants to reach his dick. Mike slid his hips to the edge of the couch to assist her. When his stiff cock sprang free, Randi snatched in her hand and rubbed the head across her lips.

Mike looked at her face and saw her lips shining, glossed with his pre-cum. Her eyes shined also. She looked directly into his eyes and licked the underside of the head. “No more teasing bitch.” He told her. “I said SUCK it!” and he put his hand on the back of her head and guided her mouth over his cock.

Randi took him as deep as she could and sucked hard, swirling her tongue on the big vein on the bottom. He was pulsingly hard, and she moaned around him. Randi began to bob up and down on the stiff cock in her mouth. She gripped it with one hand and cupped his balls with the other. She emitted a constant stream of sounds, slurps, moans and squeals.

Mike knew he couldn’t last long with her sucking him like this. “Damn this girl can suck cock!” he thought. He pushed her back off of him, and she looked up at his face puzzled and hungry. “Take off your top.” Mike instructed.

Randi rapidly stripped to the waist. Her large breasts were now open to his view at last. She pinched both nipples and looked at him.

“Finish undressing me.” He told her.

She took off his shoes and slid his pants off and tossed them out of the way. When she had finished she looked up at Mike, awaiting his next order.

Mike slipped his sweater and t-shirt off and looked at her, still on her knees at his feet.
“Play with those big tits of yours” he told her.

Randi lifted a heavy boob in each hand, letting him see the weight of them. Then as she held them elevated, she again pinched her nipples. She closed her eyes and hissed as she plucked at the hard buds. They became even darker red as she touched them.

“Now suck your nipples.” Mike told her. “I know you’ve done it before, you’ve sucked those horny nipples a lot I bet.”

Randi blushed and used both hands to lift her left breast to her lips. Mike was right she often sucked her nipples, dreaming of the time Mike would order her to bend over and take him. She closed her lips on the hard nub and sucked. She moaned as she did, nearly coming from the pleasure.

“That’s enough!” Mike stopped her. “Now suck me some more.” was his next command.

She continued to moan as she took his cock back into her mouth. Randi put her right hand under her skirt to play with her clit as she followed her mouth up and down with the other. Once again Randi slurped, squealed and moaned up and down the length of his dick. This time the sounds seemed more urgent and pleading.

Mike looked and saw that one of her hands was not visible. “Hold my balls with your other hand!” he said sharply.

Randi was engaged in the task of sucking him off while getting herself off. At the sound of his demand her eyes snapped open and she looked into his eyes and gave a startled, pleading sound. She was seconds from orgasm, she wanted to come, and he wanted her to stop!

“I didn’t say you could come yet!” he told her. “Now hold my balls like you did before!”

Reluctantly Randi stopped playing with her clit and cupped his balls.

“Good girl.” He praised her.

Randi felt like a violin string about to break as she bobbed on his cock. Mike saw his dick shine with her saliva and got an idea. “Fuck your tits with my cock.” He said.

She sat up slightly and wrapped her large bosom around his slick cock, and then she began to move up and down holding her tits together around him.

Mike began to thrust up at her mouth. He loved the soft, warm feeling of her tits.

She saw the tip of his cock poke out with each up thrust and Randi stuck out her tongue to lick it each time it came though. This added to the slipperiness of her cleavage.

Mike was getting close again, but he still wanted to draw it out and tease her some more. Now it’s time to really turn up the heat he decided. “Bend over the arm of the couch!” he growled.

Randi once again, nearly came. “Oh wonderful!” she gasped. She threw herself down, ass up, ready and VERY willing.

Mike stood and walked behind her. He lifted her skirt and looked at her.

She spread her legs so he could see her dripping pussy. Randi could feel his eyes on her. It was almost a caress, but not quite. She squirmed. “Please!” this time her begging was sincere.

He placed one hand on each buttock. Mike leaned forward and tasted her pussy lips.

A high-pitched, keening sound came from Randi lips. She panted for breath as if she had run 5 miles as Mike’s tongue left.

“Oh no!” she pouted.

“You want something?” Mike asked her.

“You know I do.” She answered.


“I want it ALL! I want your tongue, your fingers your cock, just GIVE IT TO ME!” she shouted.

Mike stepped forward and drove his dick into her to the hilt. He took hold of her hips and began pounding her.

Randi closed her eyes and hummed with pleasure, feeling his cock plunder her wonderfully. His balls slapped her clit with each stroke and Randi knew she was no more than a dozen strokes from coming.

Mike thrust into her hard twice more, and held himself in, grinding around against her.

Randi was gasping. If he thrust twice more, she would explode.

But Mike had other ideas. He pulled out and stepped back.

“Nooooo!” Randi screamed.

“Turn around.” He ordered.

Randi turned to face him. She was frantic. She had just had a fantastic sexual experience that ended 10 seconds too soon. She was sweating, glowing red, panting, her eyes wild, her pussy flowing down her legs. “What?!” she demanded.

Mike told her “For the last three weeks I’ve had to get myself off after every date with you. Tonight, I’m going to do it one more time, and you’re going to watch.” With that Mike began to jerk off, right in front of her face.

Randi wailed in frustration. She looked at his stiff cock, his hand stroked rapidly up and down on the shaft, slick and shining with her juice. She couldn’t help it; she began to rub her clit at a furious pace.

“That’s good, now you get the idea.” Mike gasped out. His breath caught and he pointed his cock at her chest. He grunted and blasted his hot, wet load out over her tits.

When she felt the white sticky semen splash on her tits, Randi twitched, shuddered and came so hard she fell off the arm of the couch to her knees. She rubbed the hot fluid over her nipples, gasping for breath.

When the panting had slowed a little Mike told her “Next time you talk dirty to me, expect to get fucked hard!”

“Yes sir.” Randi agreed.


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