Master of The House

By Jeannie
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London 1898

I was tied up in a little room in London, the Lord Master tied me up before leaving the house a few minutes ago. I am afraid that he that is going to leave me here tied up again, like the last time. I have to wonder how long it will be this time and what I did wrong to be tied up, then when he walks back in the room. I look at him with big blue eyes unsure what to do or to say.

He just stares at me like he doesn’t really know what to do or why he has come back this time. “Master what would you have me do?” I ask softly.

“I would have you suck my rod since it is hard from having to tie you up, come over here now wench. I struggled, not able to get up.” He came over and smacked my round firm ass over and over, “now in the future you will do as I say.”

“Yes Master,” I whimper I can see that he has gotten even harder. The punishment turned him on even more than before. He untied me and told me to drop to my knees.

As I dropped he pulled out his stiff rod and waited for me to take it into my mouth. I hesitated and he pulled his belt from his pants. “You will take me in your mouth or you will receive this on your backside.” I lean toward him but not fast enough; he grabs my hair and jerks me to his rod. It is poking me in the mouth and is squashing my lips between it and my teeth. He swung the belt across my back and I gasped from the pain.

He shoves his thick hard rod in my mouth as I open it from the pain. I gag on it. But he doesn’t care. He grabs my head and works it back and forth. I have tears running down my cheeks from the pain and from fighting to breathe. I pass out and go limp from not getting enough to breath. He pulls out right before he cums in my mouth. He gets a wet cloth and washes my face with it to get me to wake up.

I wake up to him leaning over me, I try to move away from him and realize he has me tied again, only this time with my feet tied apart and my arms over my head. “I am going to plow your belly now and then if I am not satisfied then I am going to stick my rod in your ass.”

“Please Master no I am just a maids servant, whatever I did I wont do it again” I begged.

“You will, because I will want your soft lips on my rod again and again. So it doesn’t matter what you do I will find fault in it. And then I will plow your belly or anything else that I wish to do.”

He stretched out beside me and started massaging my nipples and I try to squirm away but being tied I cannot go anywhere. I realize I am playing this wrong. Maybe if I go along with him it won’t be so erotic and he will turn me loose. I stop squirming and just sit there. He runs his fingers down my belly to my shaved pubic area. I try not to wince but I am a virgin and don’t have any experience in sex. He thinks that, that might be the case and it turns him on more.

I can feel his hard rod pressed against the side of my leg and it makes me shudder, I know that he is going to rape me and that there is nothing I do about it.

He crawls in between my legs and puts his stiff rod against my quivering flesh and again I jerk away. He chuckles I am sure that it is because I am so scared. He starts to shove in and it is so dry that he cannot breach me without also hurting himself.

“I will give you a little bit of pleasure before I have you my dear.” He leans down and starts licking my pussy with his hot mouth, licking and probing my clit with his experienced tongue. I found myself moaning from the pleasure of it. “I told you that I would give you some please and I have, but I don’t want you to have too much or you will think that, that is what this is all about. It is about my pleasure not yours!”

He turned around so that I could suck his rod while he fingered my throbbing hole. “I will stretch you a bit first my dear.” He said so softly that I almost missed it.

I willingly took him in my mouth I figured if I did that I would be wet enough to take him without the pain. I sucked and sucked while he stretched and licked and I became very wet and started to throb and feel that warm feeling in my gut. He was about to cum in my mouth but pulled out.

“You wont get off that easily, another time perhaps but tonight I want to feel your tight cunt around my thick rod.” He growled for he was almost out of his mind with wanting her.

I groaned, “Please My Lord Master please.”

He turned around and laid between my legs, he positioned himself and shoved inside of me.

The pain was so terrible that I screamed and when I did he slammed his mouth down on mine and swallowed the rest of my screams. His pace never slowed his breaths were coming hard and fast. I felt like I was being torn in two by him, and that it was just getting worse. He slammed into me over and over and there was nothing to do but lay there. The tears were streaming down my face from crying it was hurting so bad and my lip was cut and swollen from where he brutally kissed me before.

Finally he through back his head and hollered his release. His cum shooting into me stung from the rips and tears in my vagina.

As he lay still on top of me, I thought he was asleep for his breathing had slowed and his eyes were closed.

I was thanking the lord that it was over when he started moving again this time slowly, but with every thrust a pain shot through me and I whimpered. It seemed to only turn him on more and he started thrusting harder and harder. Until once again he was sated.

He rolled off me and got up to clean himself off. He brought back the wet cloth that he wiped my face with earlier and cleaned the wet blood and seamen that was between my legs.

I was so exhausted that I fell asleep and didn’t wake up until it was dark outside and the Master was gone. But I was still tied and that scared me for I figured that he was not finished with me.

Later His Lord brought in some cream that was to help the healing process. He said not to worry that my chores were being done and that I was given a new chore now. And grinned then looked at my swollen pussy and grinned. “You are to pleasure me until you no longer please me. But don’t have any worries I will take care of you until you are well enough to do your chore.

For the next few days I stayed in the room tied up unless his Lordship was in the chamber with me. I begged and pleaded with him to let me go, but it only seemed to arouse him once again, so I went to being a meek little mouse and that seemed to keep him away from me.

Or so I thought! I woke to the feel of something between my legs, “No!” I screamed but he put his hand on my mouth before I could get it clearly out.

He was naked and that meant that he was back for more and I just couldn’t take it. I was still sore from before and wasn’t completely healed.

He was reading my mind because he said “don’t worry little mouse I am just here for you to put your mouth on me again. That is all I have dreamed about I know that that is well. I am going to untie you and I am going to sit on the bed, you are going to turn around and place your face there and put your pussy to where I can examine you. Don’t worry little mouse it wont hurt this time.”

He untied me and I waited for him to position himself the way that he wanted then I jumped and ran for it.

He caught me and said, “I am glad that you tried to run, it shows that I haven’t broken your spirit, and I live that.” He pulled me back to the bed and said, “but you have to be punished or you will try to run again.” He pulled his belt out of his pants and told me to come across his lap.

I was so scared and didn’t move. I just stood there looking at him and at the same time trying not to.

“Come here!” he said louder and I knew that if I didn’t that it would be another rape if I didn’t.

And so I went to him, while quivering from fright, but still went to him for I knew that if I didn’t it would be worse.

He pulled me across his lap and lifted my shift to my bare buttocks. He put one leg over my feet and the other across my back, and then with his free hand he brought the belt across my bare buttocks. I cried out the first time but after that I just whimpered, for to cry out was letting him win.

He was finally done and I think he thought I had pass out again. He laid me down on my belly and I thought left the room, but was soon back and now he was caressing my bottom. I was unsure what to do so I just lay there.

“I know you are awake, Little Mouse.” He drawled as he slid his tongue between my ass cheeks. He grabbed my cheeks and separated them further and licked more until he was licking my very hole. It was so exotic and it turned me on so. That I started to squirm and then to moan, “Please My Lord.”

“Yes please indeed.” He responded. He stuck a finger in my tight hole and I heard him groan and that is when I know that I was going to get something that I hadn’t bargained for.

“Please my Lord if you are ready I will take you into my mouth now.” Trying to get his mind off my bottom. But how was I going to do it so that he wasn’t facing my ass cheeks?

He lay back down and to get ready for me to take his rod, which was quite big now into my mouth. I tried to come between his legs and take him that way but he stopped me and told me to get into the position that he wanted me it. I turned around and took his throbbing cock into my mouth. He groaned and I hoped that if I did a good enough job that he would forget, but he didn’t.

“Turn a little more, I am going to examine you while you pleasure me.” He stated.

I had to turn all the way and lift my leg over his body so that he had a clear view. He started probing and examining my vagina and stuck his finger into me to check for soreness. I was not sore any more and I would have preferred that he did me there than in the anus so I started to suck harder to get him to know how much I enjoyed it. He started to groan and I thought that he was going to cum into my mouth, but he started again pulling my ass cheeks apart and slipping his finger into me.

He wet my anus with his tongue and the push his finger into me farther. I cried out and he started moving his finger faster and faster and he was breathing hard so I started sucking him again and harder and faster, but he pushed me forward and he came in behind me and stuck his wet dick in my ass. I cried out when he rammed me with it and then he fell over the top of me with a groan. Thank the heavens, he was done because I was hurting so bad, so much worse than when he took my virginity. That I was weeping with pain. He pulled out of me and I shuddered. That turned him on again and he flipped me over on my back and stuck his rod into me once again only this time assaulting my vagina.

I just laid there and that wasn’t to his liking so he said that if I didn’t participate he would return to the backside and do it again there.

“What would you have me do Master?” I asked and he rolled over to where I was on top. He played with my small tits as I road him like a race horse, I ground my pussy against him which gave me the most pleasure, Then I moved up and down in hopes that he was getting pleasure, but he just laid there. Playing with my tits. I asked “My Lord is there anything that I can do differently to make it more pleasurable to you?”

“You can lean over my lap and let me spank you, I want you to cry out like I am hurting you then I will take you again.”

I leaned over his lap and as he spanked me I cried out and let the tears run down my face, I felt him getting harder and harder and he told be to climb back on. I got back in the same position only this time acting like I didn’t know what to do, that pleased him and he grabbed my hips and slammed me down on his stiff rod. I whimpered and cried the whole time even though it was quite pleasurable, so that he would get his release. When he came so did I and from then on I knew how to play the game and how to get as much pleasure as I gave.


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