The Massage

By Rebel


It's Monday, time for your weekly appointment. I always look forward to you coming in and today I have something special planned for you.

You come in the door as I prepare the table for your massage. I smile politely and ask you to step into the changing room to undress. You return wearing only a towel and climb up onto the massage table. I ask you to lay down on your stomach as I turn away to get my oils. I bend over to turn on the music and I can feel you looking at my ass in my short skirt. I know you are wondering if I am wearing panties and if I am shaved or not. I smile to myself thinking that you will soon find out.

I start at your feet, warming the oil in my hand before massaging each foot. I knead the ball of each foot and the heels and the arch. Then I slowly work my fingers between your toes and work each one of them. I see you starting to relax so I work my way up one leg then the other, paying special attention to your calves. When I get to your thighs, I inch the towel up a bit so I can massage them all the way up. I see you start to squirm and I know you are affected by my touch. I do a deep massage on each of your thighs, from one side of the table, then the other. I deliberately walk in front of you and brush against your arms as they lay folded under your head. I rub all the way up to your ass cheeks but never quite touch them, there will be time enough for that later.

I then move the towel down so I can massage your lower back. I use my thumbs to work out all the kinks. As I work, I can feel you loosening up and relaxing even more. I work my hands up and down your spine, kneading and rubbing. I move to the top of the table by your head and start to work on your shoulders and neck. The tightness starts to ease in your upper back and neck as I rub. I hear you sigh and I know you are enjoying this. I move closer and spread my legs a bit as I rub your neck. I know the exact minute you smell my arousal because your body tenses up again.

Moving away from the table, I ask you to roll over onto your back. You hesitate, but after a moment you do as I asked. Again I start at your feet and I hide a smile as you try to hide your erection under the towel. Finally you give up and lay your hands at your side. I move back up your legs and you start to relax again. I move from one side of the table to the other, making sure I touch each part of your body. I take one hand and massage your fingers and palms and your wrist. Then I work my way up your arm to your shoulder. I do the same to the other arm. Your eyes are closed and you are very relaxed now.

I move away from the table and undo a few buttons of my blouse and take off my white jacket. My professional image is gone and I slowly move back to the table by your head. I warm more oil in my hands and start massaging your shoulders and chest. You open your eyes to find my breasts practically in your face. You notice that my jacket is gone and with my blouse unbuttoned, I am not wearing a bra. I move to the side of the table and lightly rub your stomach, moving the towel lower as I go. I remove the towel saying, "This isn't hiding anything".

I ask you if that part of you needs to be massaged and you can barely get the word yes out. I take your hard cock in my hand and slowly stroke it up and down. You spread your legs a bit so I can massage your balls as well. I stroke you slowly with one hand and run my fingers up and down your thighs with the the other.

Then I stroke you a bit more vigorously with one hand while massaging your balls with the other. Your eyes are closed again and you are moaning softly, your hands clenched at your sides. I lean over and flick the tip of your cock with my tongue and your body jerks. I smile and do it again. You arch your hips up off the table and I tease you a bit with my tongue. When you have had enough you say "please............".

"Tell me what you want, what do you want me to do?", I ask.

"Put your mouth on me..........suck my cock", you whisper.

I lean over and take just the head of your cock in my mouth sucking gently, swirling my tongue around the tip. You moan and arch up, trying to make me take more of you. I look up at you until you open your eyes. I want you to watch me take all of you in my mouth. I slowly move my mouth down until I have deep throated you and you squeeze your eyes shut on a loud moan. I use my hand to stroke you as I work my mouth up and down your hard cock, swirling my tongue around as i go. You bring both your knees up so I wet a finger and rub under your balls down to your ass. I slowly rub my finger around your asshole and I feel your cock twitch in my mouth. Your breathing is audible now and you are moaning and moving your hips. I work my finger into your ass slowly as I increase the tempo of my mouth. I suck harder and faster as I work my finger in and out of your ass slowly. I slide my free hand up your chest to play with your nipples.

I feel your hand on the back of my thigh and I spread my legs to give you better access. Your hand strokes my thigh and moves under my skirt to my ass. You feel my bare skin and realize I have no panties on. You move your hand between my legs and feel my wetness. You grab my head to stop me and say, "Climb up on the table on top of me, I want to taste you..........NOW"
I back away from the table and remove my blouse, watching you the whole time. Then I hike up my skirt, climb onto the table and straddle your hips, rubbing myself along the length of you. I lean down and run my tongue along your lips then kiss you.............hard. You kiss me back and I suck your tongue in my mouth while I rub my pussy against your cock. You grab my hips and grind yourself against me. I pull back and sit up a bit so you can play with my tits. You pinch and roll my nipples then take them into your mouth. You suck them and bite them gently and I close my eyes and whimper. I reach between my legs and run my finger along my wet slit and bring it to my mouth. You watch me as I suck my juices off my finger and you pull me up and tell me to turn around. "I want to lick those juices....right from your pussy."

I turn myself around and position my pussy right over your face. You grab my hips and pull me down so you can stick your tongue right inside my pussy. You run your tongue up and down my slit and then concentrate on my clit. You say, "I see you shaved for me, baby.....I like it". I lean over and take your cock in my mouth again. I stroke you while sucking the head of your cock and I feel you sucking on my clit. You are slick from the oil and we slide against each other, making sucking noises. I slide my finger down to your ass again, then jump when I feel your finger against my own ass. You tease my asshole with your finger until I relax, then you slide it in slowly. I moan around your cock and suck harder. You pull me back a little and pull your finger out of my ass, then run your tongue up. You flick your tongue around my ass then stick it inside. I stop sucking your cock and sit up a little more, moving my ass back and forth on your face. You rub my clit with your finger while licking my ass, as I stroke your cock. You stick 2 fingers in my pussy and fuck me slowly telling me you want me to come. I tell you I'm close and I want you to come my mouth. You feel my inner muscles contract, and you fuck me hard with your fingers, while rubbing my clit and tonguing my ass. I start bucking and moaning, calling your name, and you take your fingers out and stick your mouth right on my pussy, licking and sucking all my juices. I lean over and take your cock in my mouth again sucking hard and fast while massaging your balls. I feel your balls tighten and I suck harder and faster. You yell my name as your load hits the back of my throat. I swallow and keep sucking, milking you.

We lay there and recover for a few minutes, just stroking and touching each other. Then I get off the table and remove the rest of my clothes. I bend over to change the cd in the stereo and you come up behind me rubbing against me. You position me so that I am bending over the table and you tell me you want to lick me from behind. I say, "Only if you let me lick you from behind first". You hesitate only for a second then bend over the table. I run my hands all over your ass and then I use my tongue, licking and biting your ass cheeks. "Spread your legs for me, lover", I growl. I run my tongue up and down your ass crack while I run my hands up and down your inner thighs. I lean down to lick your balls and tease the skin between your balls and your ass. Then I spread your cheeks and lightly flick my tongue across your asshole. You lean back towards me and I lick it a little harder. I start tonguing you and I hear you whisper, "yeah thats it, lick my ass, tongue my asshole, yesssssss". I slide my finger in your ass and suck your balls into my mouth gently. Then I lick your ass again and alternate back and forth. When you say you are close to cumming again, you tell me to stop.

I stand up and you turn me around and bend me over the table. You get on your knees and spread my legs wide. You tell me what a nice ass I have and how much you want to put your mouth and tongue all over it. I lay my upper body flat on the table and tell you to go ahead. You start nipping and then licking my ass cheeks, lightly slapping them. Then you run your tongue down my ass crack to my pussy and back up to my ass. I shudder and push my ass back towards you. You tease me for a moment then spread my cheeks and lick my hole. I reach down and rub my clit, whimpering softly. You run your tongue down to my pussy and back up again, squeezing my cheeks. I am rocking back and forth, close to cumming.

You wait until I am almost ready, then you stop and tell me to suck your cock before you fuck me. I kneel down and suck your cock for a few minutes until you are nice and hard again then you jerk me to my feet and push me down bent over the table. A minute goes by and you haven't done or said anything so I look over my shoulder at you.

I ask, "What are you waiting for?"

You say, "Tell me what you want".

"I want you."

"You want me to do what to you?" you say and you have a smirk on your face. You want me to tell you what I want, you need to hear me say it.

I reach between my legs and spread my lips wide giving you a good view of my totally shaven pussy. Then I look straight at you and say, "I want you to fuck me, Tom".

You waste no time after that, you rub your cock up and down my slit then slam into me, making me gasp. Your hands grip my hips hard as you fuck me furiously. You smack my ass cheeks until they are red while telling me how hard you are going to fuck me. My knuckles are white from clenching the sheet on the table and I am moaning and whimpering loud enough the neighbours probably hear me. You reach down and grab my hair, lifting my head off the table and ask me, "Do you like this, do you like me fucking you?".

I say, "Yes, fuck me harder".

Just as I am about to come, you stop and lean over me. "I want to fuck you in the ass. Right here bent over this table, I'm going to fuck you in the ass" you whisper near my ear. I almost come from hearing you say that.

You stand back up and rub your cock against my ass, lubricating it with my juices. Then you slowly slide your cock in my ass, just a little bit then back. A little farther next time and back. I start rocking back and forth against you and you start fucking me harder. I can feel your balls slapping against my pussy and I know it won't be long for me. I reach down again to rub my clit and stick my fingers inside my pussy. You are fucking me so hard the table is moving. Your grip on my hips is painful and I will have bruises but I don't care.
"Take my cock, take all of it............I want to come deep inside your ass", I hear you say.

"Yes, I want all of you, fuck me hard, come in my ass." I can hardly breathe.

You slam into me hard and I feel you come inside my ass. You keep slamming me and I come too, screaming your name and crying. You stop and lean over me again kissing my back and I feel your softening cock slip out of my ass.

We get cleaned up and you get dressed while I make another appointment for you.
Same time, next week?


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