My Big Daddy

By ruby lips
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We met at my sister Jane’s house. Max was a friend of my brother-in-law John.
When Max came to help John put a new alternator in my car, there was an instant attraction. I was staying at Jane’s for a few months until school started up again in the fall.

Max was older than me…at least 25 years older. You could tell when he was a younger man, he was extremely handsome and strong. He still was. Strong and handsome.

While he was talking to me after putting in the alternator, I felt a strong sexual attraction. He was looking at me in the eyes with an intensity which made me very warm…so warm I felt flush and an unusual warmth went through my body. I was usually attracted to men much younger than him. It was hot that day and when Max’s eyes traveled from my eyes to my breasts, my nipples belied the calm exterior I as trying to hold on to. I was so turned on to Max, I didn’t know what to do with myself. Max felt it too, because he started to come around to the house more often. Very often. We spent many nights all dining together and sitting around the firepit talking and laughing at night, drinking wine or beer and I began to want Max in a way I wanted no other man before. My brother in law used to tease me that Max never used to come around that often before my stay.

One night, my sister Jane and her husband John had gone to Kentucky for a horse event. I had just gotten out of the shower when I heard a knock. I hurriedly threw on a pair of shorts and a light tank top with no time to put on undies. Yes, it was Max. He was baling hay on his friends farm down the road and stopped by on his way home to say hello to John, or so he said.

I told him John and Jane were gone until Monday, which was three days away.
Max, who was working in the field all day was hot, sweaty and thirsty. I could tell he was all of the above, so I asked him to come in and offered him some water or lemonade. He wanted lemonade, which I told him I needed to make. He followed me into the kitchen and was watching me…watching me so closely I began to feel that warmth again. Squeezing lemons into the pitcher, I looked up at him to ask if he liked sugar in his lemonade and his eyes had a look of smoldering passion. He reached across me, just brushing my breast, to take the half of lemon I just squeezed into the pitcher. Max put the lemon to his mouth and sucked in the remaining juices. He told me he loved it natural, then reached for my hands which were still full of the dripping lemon juices and began a slow seductive display of licking the juice from between my fingers with his tongue. I couldn’t breathe…watching him…watching his tongue…watching his lips sucking my fingers free of the lemon. His lips began moving down my wrist, licking…sucking…kissing, mumbling something about sugar. My heart was pounding out of my chest, feeling a hot sensation between my legs. He began kissing me, holding my head while he ravaged my mouth over and over with his lips and his tongue. With his head bent and his lips nearing my shoulder, his large strong hands reached for my nipples…and with an exquisite pressure…began to pinch them until I whimpered.

Max gruffly asked, “do you like that?”
I could only shake my head yes.
Max said, “I asked you a question., I want an answer”
I was shaking from a fear of feeling so out of control and wanting him to ravage me at the same time, but I managed to get out an answer. I said “yes Max, I like it”
He pinched harder.
“Do you like it like this?”
I felt dizzy from the reaction of such strong desire.
I said, “please, Max”
“Please what, do you want me to stop?” He made a move to push me away.
“No!”, I said…please don’t stop”

With his strong hands he began to perform magic on my breasts. I moved in to his body with mine and he roughly took me into his arms and began to kiss me. He was kissing me, biting my lips, holding my face in his hands…moving down to my full breasts…kissing, licking, nipping with his teeth…driving me wild. I gave as good as I got…he lifted me up as I wrapped my legs around his waist. I took his beautiful weathered face in my soft hands and began kissing him with a wildness I’ve never experienced before. He was hot…salty…and all man. I was moving my body against his and could feel his power. I was excited and was a bit frightened by the size of his manhood I could feel through his pants…it was larger than I had ever experienced.

Suddenly Max went still. He set me down and moved me away from him. He had a wild look about him and said “take your top off. Now.”
I was so overcome, I said, “Max, you do it”.
Max grabbed me by my hair roughly and said, “I told you to do something, do it”
I was confused by someone ordering me around like this, but strangely, I liked it.
A lot.
I slowly began to take my top off and saw the power I had over him when he looked at my naked body.
As he reached for me, Max said “sweet Jesus” as he picked me up and sat me on the kitchen table…He squeezed my breasts together with his large strong hands and took my nipples into his mouth and began to lick, suck and kiss me from head to toe. Max spread my legs and put two of his large fingers inside of me while he licked my clit. He had magic fingers and a magic mouth. He simultaneously worked my g-spot roughly and firmly with his fingers and expertly suckled my clit until I felt my body beginning to respond to this magic. No one had ever done this to me before. My climax was building and I could feel Max getting stronger and faster and more excited. I began to climax with such an incredible feeling of wonder. I was telling Max that I was coming…I could barely get my breath to tell him…but I kept saying…
”Max, oh my god, I’m coming…coming, Max…oh god, I’m coming…coming”.
Max kept licking me until he could tell I was spent. He took me in his arms as though I weighed nothing and asked “Baby girl, where is your bedroom?” He took the steps two at a time and found it, first door on the right.

He laid me on the bed and he never took his eyes off of me as I watched him take his clothes off. I could not believe how huge he was and the girth of his cock. I think he could see the alarm in my eyes. “Relax, my baby girl, I won’t hurt you…and you will be begging me to fill you with this.” “Now I want you to come here and get on your knees in front of me and see exactly what your big daddy has for you”
I did as I was told and then Max said, “Now I want you to show me how you will take care of me”. I softly reached out to take his throbbing cock in my hands.
I began to stroke him lightly and began licking him lightly from his balls up to the head of his cock. I looked up at him and asked, "big daddy, do you like it this way?"
He just moaned roughly and told me not to stop. He told me I was his perfect baby girl. His cock was huge and getting bigger, the more I licked. I got his cock slippery wet with my mouth and began to stroke him firmer. I loved the feel of him deep in my mouth and explored him with my tongue…from his tight firm balls, up to the tip of his engorged cock. I began a rhythm of stroking him firmly with my hand, following with my mouth, as far down into my throat as I could go. I was sucking him more firmly while I guided my hand and mouth up and down…getting him wetter with my mouth, building up speed and sucking a little more each time I moved my mouth up his shaft. I could tell he was about to come soon…he began to get rigid and began pumping his cock faster and faster in my mouth.

Max said, “Stop, I want you to get on top of me and ride me until I come, so we moved to the bed and I managed to put all of his huge cock inside of me while I began to ride him and grind him with my wet pussy. I was riding him faster and faster when I felt my body responding to a climax, yet again, saying "ooh daddy, my big daddy, I'm coming again...oooh my god...oh..oh..yessss, daddy, daddy, daddy, you...made... me come again" and then I felt his body getting ready to come as he took me roughly by my hair.
“oh…..yeah, my baby girl….oh yeah,oh it comes.... I’m gonna come too...take it...oh god…..oh my god……ooohhhh...
Max pumped me full with his juices and I moved to lay against him, overwhelmed with what we just experienced.

Needless to say, by the time Jane and John got home three days later, Max and I had done it more than a dozen and a half times and that is when I realized that Max liked to be in control of me sexually. I liked it even more. He was rough. He was forceful. He was powerful and imaginative. We spent every night together and I noticed that he would tell me what to do, how to do it, where to do it and when to do it.

But, two weeks after our first night together, I came to his place. I was sore and tired from helping my sister work all of her horses, which was grueling work. When Max told me to “Come here, my little girl, it’s your time to ride me,” I asked if we could wait until morning.

Max said, “When I want you, I will have you, do you understand?”
I said, “Daddy, I love to be with you that way, but I’m really tired tonight, can we wait?”

Max was sitting on the chair in the living room and told me “take your clothes off and get over here. I want you to put my cock in you and I want you to ride me. Get over here now and do it.”

I said, “Max, let’s do it in the morning, ok big daddy?”

Max got up from him chair, walked up to me and started taking my clothes off.
I am a strong girl and I was struggling to keep them on when he ripped my shirt apart by the buttons managed to pull my pants partially off of me. He was so strong and pushed me around and down on the bed, holding me down with his arms and legs. I could feel how hard his cock was and he was hurting me when he entered me from behind. I was starting to cry and was asking him to please wait until morning, when I realized that I was soaking wet and extremely excited from him forcing me against my will and roughly forcing his cock into my ass. I loved when he was rough with me. I was still squirming when he stopped and jerked me up over his lap and he began spanking my ass as hard as he could. He told me that when he wanted to have me, I was not to say no. Ever!
He kept spanking me and kept asking me if I understood that.
I could barely talk, I was so surprised at the force by which he was spanking me.
I finally cried out, “Yes,daddy, I understand,”
“Good” said Max. “now we understand each other. Max was rubbing my very red sore bottom and said, “Now, lay down and spread your legs for your big daddy, yeah, that's it, I want to lick that delicious honey of yours…yeah, there’s a good little girl…oh yeah…look at you and that ripe pussy, that's my baby, let me spread those beautiful ruby pussy lips. Mmmm, yummy. Big daddy loves your little pussy that you shaved clean just for him. My, my, my, you are really wet from that spanking, I'm going to have to discipline you more from now on, do you hear me?’
And he licked and sucked and worked my clit…..making noises and telling me to tell him how much I liked it. If I didn’t tell him fast enough, I would get another smack on my little round ass, only making my pussy wetter.
I would say, “You're such a good daddy, please stick your finger in my pussy” Yes daddy….ooooh, that feels good big daddy, please put your big cock in me...oh yes, I like how you slam it in me...will you suck my titties...yeah, pinch my nipples...oooh, good... “Harder, big daddy…yes, that’s the way.”
He had a way of working my pussy that kept me addicted to his lovemaking. I couldn't wait for him to get that look in his eye, knowing what was to come.
“Tell me you like this”, as he rubbed my g spot into heaven.
"Daddy has such strong hands to make my little pussy feel so good", I said.
“Tell me you like this” when he pinched my nipples so hard and I felt my pussy get wet.
"Daddy makes my titties feel good", I said.
“Tell me you like it when I put my finger in your asshole”
Then he would pump his giant cock in and out of me with so much power until we both came.
That began a relationship of being his sex slave. He went shopping with me and picked out all kinds of sexy little things and would call me before he got home to tell me what to wear for him when he got home, and I would, because I would get a reward of attention to my pussy by the end of the evening. Max loves when I wear my pleated mini skirt with my little cotton panties, short socks and heels and a short, tight little top which accentuates my perfect breasts.
There are times he will tell me to take everything off except my cotton panties,dance in front of him on the coffee table and then “come to big daddy” by straddling and bouncing all over him in the chair to do a lap dance. He gets really worked up when I do that, pushes my head down on his stiffy and I beg him to pump my mouth up with his special milky treat. For an older man, my big daddy has no problem keeping his huge cock hard and full for his baby girl…
Max lays on his stomach and loves when I wake him up from his nap by saying "wake up daddy" while I finger and then lick his asshole until he awakens, which makes his cock really hard and he likes to squirt his milky treat in my mouth and all over my face while I'm stroking him.
Max spanks me really hard when I forget to wake him up from his Saturday nap that way and sometimes I forget on purpose.

Like when I forgot on purpose that one hot weekend when my wild,beautiful, bi-sexual friend Lily was visiting us from England just before school started…


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