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It was a mild spring day in 1898. David Myer M.D. had just opened his new office. He had recently completed his medical school and internship at the University of Michigan and had come here to Grand Rapids to start his practice. Grand Rapids was a bustling town that was becoming to much for the one physician already established in town to handle. David had spoken to Dr. Vandenberg and he was thrilled that the young physician was going to be lightening his load.

The bell on his door rang. He came to the front of the office to meet an attractive young woman. “Hello, I’m Dr. David Myer.” he said. “Hello, my name is Mrs. Edith Jones.” David looked at Mrs. Jones, she appeared in no evident distress, on the contrary she was the picture of health. Mrs. Jones was about 5' 2', had well kempt brown hair under her fashionable spring hat. Her skin glowed with health, and her blue eyes were clear and bright. David also noticed that her dress was a shade of blue that complimented her eyes a was cut just low enough to show a little of her collar bones, quite daring in these times. Allowing his eyes to flick lower for just a second, he saw the lady was possessed of a full bosom.

“How can I help you.” the doctor asked. “May we discuss it in your examining room?” she said. David replied “Oh course.” and gestured toward a door in the back of the room. Once in the room Mrs. Jones seated herself on the examining table. David sat down on the rolling stool in the corner. “Now Mrs. Jones what seems to be the problem?” he asked. “Well to start with, please call me Edith.” she smiled. “Certainly Edith, what brings you in today?” David probed again. “I had been seeing Dr. Vandenberg,“ she paused for a long moment...”for the treatment of female hysteria.” David began to feel nervous, not because he hadn’t been trained in the treatment of “female hysteria” he had. In 1898 “female hysteria” was treated by a method called “pelvic massage”. In later years this technique would be called masturbation, and women did not expect their doctors to do it for them. But young and shy as he was, David was a well trained doctor of the day, dedicated to the proper treatment of his patients, even if he felt uncomfortable with the treatment.
“Was Dr. Vandenberg’s treatment effective?” he asked. “It was,” she replied “until he got this new electric machine that he insists on using, it just doesn’t provide relief like the manual massage does.” David was just starting out and couldn’t afford the new vibrator she was referring to. Frankly he wished he could, a level of separation between himself and the attractive woman would help him maintain his professional demeanour. It didn’t strike him as wise to turn away the first patient through his door, though. “I don’t have a machine.” he informed her. “Marvelous. You see my husband, Commodore Jones, is away fighting the Spanish in the Philippine Islands, and I’m just beside myself. Since Dr. Vandenberg has gotten that infernal machine, it’s only become worse. If I don’t get some relief I feel as if I may explode!” Edith’s voice rose and David began to she that she was, in fact. suffering.

He stood up and took a clean sheet out of the cabinet on the wall, and lay it across Edith’s lap. “I shall step out for a moment if you could undress and cover yourself with this sheet, I’ll be back in a few minutes.” With that David left the examining room.

In the hallway outside, David leaned against the wall. He closed his eyes and tried to calm himself. “Remember your training” he thought, “This woman is hysterical, she is suffering from a medical condition”. David took a deep breath and let it out, “What did we learn in school about the pelvic massage?” he quizzed himself, “Start slowly, use mineral oil to reduce friction, stroke the vulva in a circular pattern, speak in a soothing tone.” He took another deep breath opened his eyes and walked to the door of the examining room.

David knocked lightly on the door and heard Edith tell him to come in. He opened the door, turned back to close it and noticed all of the lady’s clothing hang from the hook on the door. David had expected to have remove only her under garments and pull up her skirts. Instead he realized that he was alone in a room with a naked woman covered by only a thin cotton sheet.

David turn to the basin on the table, rolled up his sleeves and washed his hands. After drying his hands he took a bottle of mineral oil from the medicine cabinet and turned to face his patient. Edith’s earlier distress seemed gone and she appear much calmer than her Dr. felt. “Shall we begin?” David asked “Yes, please.” Edith said with a smile. He set the oil on the table and folded the sheet up to her waist. He folded the gynaecological stirrups out and assisted her in placing her feet in them. David was a single man, he was a trained doctor and he had studied diagrams of the female organs of generation. He had dissected female cadavers, he had even assisted women giving birth. He had never, however found himself face to face with quite so appealing an example of female genitalia. He let his training take over. He placed both hands on her inner thighs and lightly stroked up and down. “It’s nice that the warm weather has returned, isn’t it?” he said in a soft tone. “Yes, it nice.” she answered, sounding somewhat distracted. “I’m going to apply some oil now to reduce irritation” David told her. “Lovely.” Edith replied. David found that an odd response but said nothing. He poured a small measure of oil onto his right hand and rubbed both hands together briskly to warm it. David sat down on the stool, and rolled up between her legs. “Now just relax” he told her. He placed two well lubricated fingers on her vulva David found her startlingly warm. He began to move his fingers in a slow, gentle, circular manner. “Are you comfortable?” he asked. “Oh yes...I’m am... quite.” Edith replied in a breathy tone. David felt beads of sweat break out on his forehead. He looked at her labia, they were shining with the oil and very pink. “Ah...Your husband is a Naval Officer?” he asked struggling for something to say. “Yes...he’s...away ..often” Edith said. It seemed she was sort of breath.

“Are you sure you’re alright?” David said with concern, “I could stop.” “Don’t you dare stop!” she gasped. “But, you seem.....distressed.” he said. “You’re doing very well,... please continue.” she assured him. David massaged her in silence for a few seconds. Edith’s face became very flushed and her hips began to rock back and forth on the table. A warm, very alluring odor rose from her and seem to overwhelm the earnest but inexperienced doctor. “Mrs. Jones..” he began, “Edith!” she panted back at him. “Yes of course,.... Edith?” he said with a rising inflection. “You’ve ..Never...done this before,...have you?” she asked him. “Well, truthfully, No.” he admitted.“Well,’re doing very well,..and I’m... just fine, ...just don’t stop!” she insisted between deep, gasping breaths. David noticed that her skin seemed wetter than just the oil he had applied could account for. He looked at her vulva closely and noticed that her labia minora were redder and appeared to have separated.
“Doctor?” she said. “Yes?” “May you..David?”. “I suppose.” he replied. He was leaving the realm of his training. He knew he should maintain his emotional distance, but she was a beautiful woman and he was touching her in a most intimate fashion. It seemed disrespectful to insist on a formal title.

“David, it would... be helpful to my..treatment...if you’d insert a finger.” He was shocked, he hadn’t been trained to do that. “I...” he searched for an answer. “Please!,’s very effective” she implored. “Well, if you’re sure.” he relented. “Very” Edith said. David stood up and inserted his left index finger slowly. He found that it slid in with no resistance. He also found that she was so warm inside that he was sure she must have a fever and vowed to take her temperature as soon as this treatment was done.

“Oh yes David!” she encouraged “Now,..move it.. in and out”. The young doctor did as he was told. As he did his mind was overcome by lustful thoughts. The motion of his fingers in her depths was too much, he felt himself become painfully erect. Edith’s hips began to move even more rapidly. He looked up and saw that she had pulled the sheet down off her chest and was caressing her own breasts. She plucked at her nipples which were more prominent than any he had ever seen.

David began to understand that there was no such thing as hysteria, this woman was seeking sexual pleasure. He felt as if he had made a significant scientific discovery, he had never been told that women enjoyed sex. Upon this revelation and his own ravening sexual hunger he wondered what he could do to bring her to a higher pitch. He looked again at his hands working diligently on her excited flesh. He noticed that her clitoris poked up like a pink pearl between his fingers. “Edith, I think I can improve this treatment” “How?” she gasped. David left his finger inserted in her but moved his other hand sat back down on his stool. He ducked his head and licked at the pearl. She tasted tart and warm. He felt her hands clamp him an place and she screamed. “Oh God!". David tried to pull away but she held him firm and bucked her hips frantically against him. Edith thrust against his face once more, holding his head tight between her thighs and let out an enormous sigh. She released him and lay still, panting rapidly. “Yes David...” she panted out “that was...a fantastic improvement!”. “Well, I’ glad.” he said after he stood.
Edith sat up, making no attempt to cover herself. He saw that she was flushed down over her firm breasts. She looked directly at David’s crotch. “Oh my, You poor thing!” she exclaimed. “You are in desperate need of treatment yourself.” “But I don’t know what you mean.” he insisted. “Oh sure you do David” she said as she lay back down “Just put that poor painful organ inside me as you did your finger, Edith will make it all better”

David knew this was no longer a scientific discovery, it was a seduction and he was the quarry. He knew he should order her out of his office and move to another state, but he was merely human. He unbuttoned his trousers and stepped between her legs. “Oh yes David, put it in” she instructed. He guided his penis into her, this time her heat seemed perfectly natural. She groaned loudly. “Now move like you did before.” she told him. David began to thrust into the wonderful warmth and slickness. He gripped her pelvis and began to ram her. “Yes David!” she howled “Harder!”

He was lost. He could only rush onward. Edith began to make incoherent noises. It didn’t even occur to him that something might be wrong, he couldn’t have stopped if there were. David felt her womb clutch at him he knew that soon he would ejaculate. “Oh no!” he thought “I could make a married woman pregnant while her husband is at sea!” He looked frantically about, and spotted the metal, kidney shaped basin on the table. He reached out to grab it while still hammering into the babbling woman beneath him. David stepped back just far enough to remove his glistening shaft from her. He grasped his penis firmly and holding the basin in front of him began to stroke it rapidly. He was still slick with her juices and he knew he would explode soon. Edith looked down at him. She sat up quickly and flipped over on her belly. “Oh no you don’t. I told you I’d take care of it.” she scolded him as she took the basin and put it on the table where it came from. Edith grasped his shining penis an put it in her mouth. David was dumfounded, he couldn’t imagine that she meant for him to come in her mouth. He started to warn her, “I’m going to..” “Um-hm” she nodded and David lost all control, spasming wetly into her mouth with a groan. He quivered as she drained him of semen. He heard her gulp it down with relish.

David reached back to find his stool and sat down heavily. He lay his head on Edith’s shoulder and they both caught their breath. “That was by far the most fabulous treatment I’ve ever had!” she told him. “Edith, I have to leave town, I can’t, not after......” he gestured about helplessly. “Nonsense, darling. Why, you’re a fine doctor and a very companionate man. I’m sure I’ll be very calm all day now.” she assured him. “Yes, but we...” David began. “Hush, I’ll come back tomorrow with my neighbour Mrs. Herbert. Her husband serves with mine. I’m certain she’ll be just as impressed as I am with your new approach to hysteria treatment. Perhaps you can give us a discount for coming in together.” she grinned at him. “Two of you? Together?” David looked at her in disbelief. “Yes, since Dr. Vandenberg got that evil machine, we’ve had to treat each other. We could show you how, in the interest of science.”

David was helpless. He knew she would have her way with him, as would any of her friends that she chose. He was not sure he had blundered into heaven or hell, but he knew that the church going Midwestern town was not what it seemed. “That will be 25 cents.” he told her, and with that he knew neither was he.


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