Joining of Kingdoms

By Veronique
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My heart was leaping about my chest, ricocheting with such a clamor that I was certain everyone even beyond the doors of my chamber could hear. I was gripped by fear of my impending marriage to the young Prince Philip of Elwyre. To form an alliance between some of the tiny, non-descript kingdoms to the north, I, Princess Alessara of Molhin, had been traded in marriage to the heir to the thrown of Elwyre, as a treaty of peace and protection between our fathers and their allies.

I stood in my wedding vestments dreading the ceremony to come, but more than that, I was terrified of my duty as a new bride once night fell and the festivities subsided. I was no more knowledgeable at seventeen about the process of marital relations than I was at seven, and the enigma of it terrified me nearly as much as my impending nuptials to a man I'd never seen or spoken to. Would I please him? Could I love him? Would he think me an ignorant fool, unfit to be his bride? How could I knit my soul and my body to a stranger?

"My lady, you are expected." Mikhaerna, my lady in waiting, broke the heavy curtain of my reverie with the news that I was now to be wed. She lowered the wispy white veil over my face, which to me felt like a death shroud, for I truly believed that I couldn't know happiness after today; that all my dreams were eluded by this union. My new country was bleak and cold, and I feared as much for the landscape of my future. What joy could there be in this place?

I was led to the thrown room, where I knew my father and the parents of my husband to be would be gathered at the head, and before them, waiting beside the holy father, would be my groom. I feared the palpitations of my heart would betray my apprehension, but none among the throngs of guests seemed any the wiser as I began my long, solitary procession toward wedlock. I kept my gaze fixed on the floor. With each step bringing me closer to my bondage, I was acutely aware of the tension in the room, all eyes on me as if expecting me to turn and bolt back down the aisle, consequences be damned. Well, if nothing else I was dutiful, and this was my father's bidding. Squaring my shoulders in determination, I lifted my head just as I reached the altar, and caught a narrow glimpse of Philip as I took my place beside him. I could not suppress the sharp gasp the sight of him elicited, for I could not imagine a man more beautiful. His face was fair, still youthful in its appointments, but with a wisdom and gentility far beyond his humble years. His head was set with a mass of thick, dark curls, softly framing his quiet visage. Dressed in his finest garments, he wore his majesty with grace and gentle authority.

I was transfixed, and nearly missed my "I do," but I must have managed it, because Philip leaned toward me to seal our contract with the requisite wedding kiss. His lips were so full and soft, and though it was unorthodox for a royal wedding, he placed one hand on my waist until the kiss was finished. That kiss was, until that point, the most blissful moment of my life, and I began to believe that my apprehensions about marriage may prove unfounded.

The remainder of the festivities were a blur to me, as sitting beside my new husband set my head to reeling. I was still petrified of what was to come once we were behind closed doors, but I was nonetheless intrigued by my reaction to him. I would steal sidelong glances at him, taking in the details of his face - the way the corners of his eyes crinkled when he smiled, and his smile itself - it fairly glowed. He looked almost luminescent, happy and jovial, and he was generous with the appreciative look in my direction as well, served with a slightly shy smile. My heart fluttered each time, and I felt a peculiar warming inside me, as gradually my inhibitions faded.

At last the feast concluded, and my ladies in waiting brought me to the bridal chamber, where they bathed me and dressed me and turned down the bridal bed. Suddenly I was alone, just me, the bed, and the silence, bathed in firelight. I stood uncertainly in the center of the room, waiting, but for what, I couldn't be sure. At last the door pushed open, and Philip entered, still wearing his wedding whites. It was the first opportunity I had to see him from head to toe, and the peculiar warming sensation within me grew as he drew near. He was taller, almost a head taller than me, with strong limbs and a confident swagger. I felt that I should speak, say something alluring, or perhaps submissive, but when I opened my mouth he put a finger to my lips before I could utter a word. He nodded toward the shuttered window on the far side of the room, and taking my hand, he led me to it and unfastened the clasp, and to my surprise he hopped right through it, pulling me along with him. I found myself on a narrow walkway that ran around the perimeter of the castle's east wing.

Philip smiled at me devilishly. "I want you to see something," he whispered, and shuffled along the walkway with me in tow until was came to another window, this one paned with colored glass. Philip looked through a tiny piece that was almost clear, and with an impish grin, gestured for me to do the same. My mouth dropped open at the site within - a crowd of people - my father, Philips parents, and members of both courts - were gathered outside the door to the chamber in which we had just been, with ears pressed against the polished wood.

"Our marriage isn't binding until it's consummated," Philip explained, "So our fathers' treaty isn't binding until then either. They're a bit anxious to know that the arrangement has been… completed."

My brow furrowed in confusion, as I still had no real idea what "consummation" was. Philip again took my hand, and I followed him along the footpath to the flat roof atop a tower on the farthest east end of the castle.

"I often come here to think," he said, as he and I settled on the roof against the wall. He turned and looked into my eyes. "Of late, my thoughts have all been of you. I tried to imagine how you would look, what you would be like… if we would care for each other."

I sighed, relieved at this confession. "My thoughts have been much the same."

"Ah, the lady does speak!" Philip exclaimed, as I blushed. He held my small hand between his, large and light. "Alessara, there's a reason I brought you up here," he paused, taking a deep breath to fuel his nerve. "I know how strange this is. I know that what's expected of us tonight if awkward, and I want you to understand that I won't force you tonight. I just think it will be better when we both want to do it." He bit his lip pensively, and continued. "It might be hopeless to wish for, but I hope that, in time, you can love me. I… I suspect that I may already love you."

I fairly melted into a puddle of astonishment right there, on the roof of the East tower. I was speechless, shocked at how his sentiments mirrored my own. The only discrepancy was that he clearly understood what was to occur between us, what everyone was waiting outside the door to hear. "My Lord," I began, "My only wish is to please you, to be a good wife and make you happy. Your satisfaction will be my reward." I responded dutifully, and I was quite happy with the sound of it. I was certain it was just what was required of me.

"Oh, Lady, that just will not do," Philip scorned with a laugh. "No, not at all. Do you not wish to be happy as well? Do you not wish to be satisfied?" My silence must have affirmed his suspicion. "It is my wish that the satisfaction will be entirely mutual." He looked at me quizzically, as if evaluating something off-balance in my expression. "Do you know what we are supposed to be doing right now? What consummation is?" I shook my head, so he continued, his fingers tracing the contours of my hand. "In short, it means that you share my bed, we lie together. You open your legs to me, and I fit inside you. I would not be so indelicate as to say more than that."

"You fit inside me?" I replied, with a gasp. "How is that accomplished?"

Philip laughed uproariously. "Not all of me, of course. Just a part - an organ designed for the purpose." He was holding both of my hands now, stroking them in turn, and that feeling of warmth spread under my skin again.

I blushed, unsure if I should be so bold, but nonetheless I said, "It is our duty, is it not?" I was growing intensely curious, and assumed that this experience must be pleasurable.

"Our duty… yes…" Philip stammered. "We are not legally wed until was have done so. But I had no wish to rush you. We can let the kings believe we spent the night in bed together. How are they to know otherwise?"

Boldness overcame me, as I had been entranced by his lips throughout this exchange, and wanted only to feel them on my mouth again. I snaked my arms around his neck and pressed my lips to his. He was surprised, but not displeased, as he wrapped his arms around me and pulled me close, returning my kiss passionately and parting my lips with his tongue. There was so many new sensations coursing through me, and the heat of his body assured me that duty was something I was ready for. "Perhaps we should retire, My Lord."

Philip raised his head and stood, pulling me up next to him. Suddenly he couldn't move fast enough, racing down the tower steps and back along the footpath, lifting me through the window and carrying me to the bed. He kissed me heavily, and then grinned broadly, clearly happy that I had elected for the call of duty. Laces and straps were untied, garments tossed aside, and in moments we were naked before each other. He was stunning, muscular, lean, and the organ nestled at his groin stood hard and erect, and I guessed that was the part intended for me.

I was lying on my back, and as he said I should, I opened my legs and took a deep breath. Philip mounted me, his breathing ragged, his swollen member poised against my virgin sex, pressing into the wetness accumulating there. He kissed me, intensely and with purpose, his tongue probed deeply into my mouth, and I spread my legs as wide as I could, my body suddenly yearning for him, knowing better than my mind what was to come. I took in a sharp, choking breath when I felt a sudden pop between my legs, and realized that he was indeed inside me. The pain was immense, but the pleasure promised beyond the pain was just as real. Philip began to pull out of me, and I couldn't understand why, until pushed himself back in, and then repeated the motion. The friction he generated within me was delicious, and I began to understand what this was all about. He kept thrusting, in and out, over and over again, and my body writhed in sweet delirium beneath him. He was grinding my body against him, and he quickened his pace, his breath coming in short, irregular bursts as the size of his manhood within me seemed to expand, and then without warning, he exploded, filling my womb with a hot fluid, and while I had not known this would happen, it delighted me, and as Philip slowed and came to rest his head on my breast, waves of pleasure washed through me, leaving me hungry for more.

Being wed to the Crown Prince of Elwyre may not be so bleak and hopeless as I had first believed. As I laid on my back, my husband satisfied, our bodies still joined, my duty fulfilled, I found that my dreams were all still within my grasp, and I just might love this man.


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