Car Troubles

By Ivy
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It was a hot day; I was moving house in the midst of a heat wave. I’d just picked up the keys from the agent and gone to check out the apartment. My boyfriend had bought the apartment several months ago and we had been waiting impatiently for the tenants to leave, needless to say, waiting all this time to be together had put a strain on our relationship. My boyfriend was at work, and was unable to help me to move to the new place, so I was taking it on alone, not without some resentment. As I was taking car loads of boxes to and from my old place I noticed the car was making a strange noise, a groaning labouring noise. ‘You’re horny too old girl’ I said worriedly to the car. Maybe it’s just the heat; it gets me all horny too.

I made a few phone calls to male relatives about the noise. Apparently it sounds like I’d run out of power steering fluid, it was not, after all, the sounds of sexual frustration. I called my boyfriend to ask him to finish work early and help me deal with the car (and the moving). Of course he was too busy curing cancer (my boyfriend is a medical researcher), he is always too busy for most things, even sex these days. I hated the thought of looking under the hood and making a mistake, touching things I shouldn’t, so I slowly drove around the block to the local garage. By this time the heat was really beating down, the steering wheel felt like it was on fire, and sweat had pooled between my breasts, I wasn’t wearing a bra, made more obvious by the humidity clinging in my singlet top.

At the garage I approached shop. I cursed the heat and the whole situation, I’m not usually one of those girls that act dumbly to get male assistance, but I didn’t even know how to open the hood let alone what to do when I had it opened... so I guess I wasn’t acting. The automatic doors opened sending heavenly air conditioned relief over my body, my nipples responded to the cool contrast to outside and poked against my top proudly, again I cursed the heat and the sweat. Behind the counter sat a pimply teenager, reading a playboy magazine. He blushed and quickly put it behind the counter as soon as he noted my presence.
‘Err... hi…’ I said, smiling knowingly
‘I need some assistance with my car… you don’t have any mechanics on duty?’
‘No ma’am… not on Friday afternoons’ he replied, still blushing, not meeting my eyes which conveniently for him had him staring at my sweat beaded cleavage.
‘Umm... maybe you can help me. I think I need power steering fluid, could you show me where it is and help me put it in?’ I blushed at my own innuendo. I wasn’t sure if he noticed, it was probably just my over active libido.

As he hopped out from behind the counter I noticed he had a raging hard on. Perhaps it was from the porno he was reading or perhaps it was my braless damsel and distress presence, whichever it was, it was making me wet.

He said ‘I don’t know much about cars, but I’ll try and help, just don’t hold me accountable if anything goes wrong’

‘Really, you would do a better job than me, your better equipped right?’ again I blushed and giggled at my own innuendo. We both looked down at his erection, straining hard against his trousers. I had a boyfriend, and we were about to move into our very own apartment! What was I doing?

He averted his eyes, opening the hood with a ‘getting down to business’ type of purposefulness.

‘Yep, I’d say that’s your problem, it’s almost empty, all evaporated and congealed’. He topped up the fluid, and turned to me ‘is there anything else I can do for you ma’am’

‘Hmmm… you could let me repay you for all your help…’ he looked at me a little confused. I stood closer to him so that his stiff cock brushed against my thigh, to clear up any confusion he may have.

‘ummm…err… ummm..’ he stammered. ‘Come inside, and I’ll fix up your bill for the fluid then’

I followed him inside, through the automatic doors, only noticing when the air-conditioning hit me how wet I was, both from the sweat and from the heat inside me. He turned around to face me, blushing, I looked down and he had blown his load! His trousers were wet, down his leg. He gestured an apology, but I put my fingers to his lips before he could try to explain. ‘It’s ok… you young virgins are all the same. You never last long, you’re too used to getting off looking at pictures of beautiful women like me, that you don’t know what to do when one touches you in the flesh, even if it is just through your pants. He gulped. I felt amazing, like a seductress. I knew it was wrong but I couldn’t stop my ego from continuing, I’d never felt so sexy in all my life, and he was cute in a geeky innocent way that drove me wild.

‘Get behind the counter and undo your pants’ I commanded. ‘I’ll have you hard again in no time.’ He obeyed me swiftly and I followed him behind the counter, taking my place on my knees to repay him. Oral sex is not a selfless act for me; I’m one of those hard women to find who adores it. It is not a chore. It is a teaser for my pussy. When I was about 10 I saw my first porn magazine, and it featured several women sucking dicks, wearing red lipstick. It shocked me, and I assumed it was something that only prostitutes did. So now when I suck a man’s dick I get to be a porn star in my own mind, it turns me on immensely. It doesn’t take me long to get him hard again, because I love giving head I’ve had a lot of practice, and I’m very talented in giving a man what he wants, not that it takes much with this 16 year old boy. His size is quite impressive for a boy, and I push it right back into my throat, sucking hard and squeezing his balls rhythmically. He pushes my head off his cock, stopping me before it is too late again.

‘Will you fuck me’ he says breathlessly, his face is more flushed than before! It is quite endearing, the effect I am having on this boy.

‘Only if you try really hard to hold on until after I’ve come.’

He nods, and lies down on his back. I pull my skirt up and pull my underwear to one side. I slide on easily, swallowing his shaft to the hilt. He grabs my butt and pulls me urgently against him.

‘Slow down tiger’ I hiss ‘you aren’t wanking over your magazine now, you are making love to a woman… or at least, you are making lust.’
He slows down and follows my lead to get into a mutual rhythm; in fact he is not too bad. We move quicker together and I push my mound into him, loving the sensation of his bony pelvis against my clitoris.
‘Oh god’ I gush, as he mouths and nips at my air-conditioning hardened nipples.
He groans with anticipation just as I go over the edge.
‘Thankyou thankyou thankyou’ I feel him coming, pulsating inside my pussy as he holds me tight against him.

He lies back with his eyes closed, lost in his own post climax. I get up, leaving him lying in our juices. ‘I have to go now, have a nice afternoon’ I say as a put $10 on the counter for the steering fluid. I smile as I skip to the car, half guilty, and half relieved. Later that night I joke with my boyfriend how the pimply boy at the garage was hot for me, and that I could have fucked him in a second, he laughs at my quip, as we settle down to enjoy our first fuck in our new apartment.



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