The Strap On

By Chip Wingard


Roberta steps out of her office into the busy newsroom and two copy boys immediately are on her with questions. “Mondays at The Review”, Roberta thinks to her self. The editor motions from his desk for Roberta to come into his office. “Good morning Bill”, she says as she closes the office door behind her and walks over to her boss’s desk. Good morning Roberta. What do you know about this rash of rapes? What rapes are you talking about Roberta asked? Bill pauses then answers. Westerville has had four rapes. The odd thing about this is that the victims all claim different perpetrators raped them. So what’s so odd about that? Different transsexuals did all the rapes. “What”, Roberta says as she smiles. Bill smiles too as he says this is not a joke. Some sickies are out there hurting women. Now get out there, I want this story. The paper needs this story so go out there and get this story.

As Roberta steps out of her car and takes a good look at all the characters milling around the entrance. She wishes she had taken one of the many offers of a partner for this story she thinks to her self as she walks to the entryway. Roberta pushes past the stereotypical fairies gathered at the entrance of this gay bar as she enters the dimly light bar. Roberta smiles to her self as she sees what looks like a, “Village People’s reunion tour”. As she walks up to the bar this big bull dyke offers to buy her a beer. Normally she would send this girl packing but she is looking for transsexuals so she accepts the drink and sits down with this person to find out what she may know about this rash of rapes.

“They call me Bernie”, the bull dyke says then sticks out her hand. Roberta sticks out her hand and replies, “my name is Roberta” and tries to smile. The big dykes smile has exposed the nastiest mouthful of yellow snarled up teeth she has ever seen. All the while Roberta tries to collect the necessary information she has to fight off Bernie’s unwanted advances.

Whew, Roberta says to herself out loud as she closes the car door. She shudders when she remembers how that nasty dyke took her hand and tried to put it in her crotch to show her she really is a woman. She is feeling sorry for her self for getting such lousy assignments she remembers something that nasty dyke said while she was trying to seduce her. Oh well as soon as I can forget all about this the better she says out loud. Right now all I want is a hot bath.

The hot water from the tub has washed away all the nasty left over feelings from her little encounter at the gay bar. As Roberta relaxes she remembers something the dyke said about a new kind of strap on dildo that is supposed to transmit the sensations to the girl wearing it. What did she call it? Roberta’s mind snaps, “Damn”, those rapes may not be being done by transsexuals at all maybe they could be done by women wearing a strap on dildo. ”No way”, she says out loud as she flips on the whirlpool. The moving water makes her forget all the troubles of the day.

Bill, Roberta’s boss is pacing back and forth as he chews Roberta a new one for not making any headway on the rape story. On the way out of his office she has a flash. What was it that big bull dyke said about some new strap on dildo? But how could a dildo make one woman rape another she asks herself. Oh why do I get these assignments?

Roberta’s car pulls up outside this sleazy adult sex shop. Thank god no one is around to see her enter the store. She thanked god again because the place has no customers the parking lot was empty. Roberta walks up to the little man behind the counter and says,” hello”. “Yaw”, is all the little man says back. I was wondering if you knew anything about those rapes with transsexuals? “HUH”, is all he says. Roberta tries to hold her temper with this little rat-faced punk. Some he-she is raping innocent women. The man looks Roberta in the eyes then yells, “Sweet cheeks come out here”. A woman’s voice yells back,” coming”. The owners wife enters she is a small, pretty brunet with long black hair and a big smile on her face as she sticks out her hand, “Hi I am Suzy, what can I do for you.” I’m Roberta from The Review, you have probably read my column in the paper. Is there some place we can talk?

As the two women walk, Roberta wonders what in the world could that weasel could give Suzy. This sexy little beauty is way to gorgeous for Weasel boy. Suzy has taken Roberta into the living quarters. The tastefully furnished room was spotlessly clean although sex toys were in plane view everywhere. Roberta chooses to sit at the end of the couch and must move a dildo off the cushion. As she picks up the toy she has a short fantasy about Suzy masturbating with this dildo. As the two make the normal pleasant small talk Roberta wonders if Suzy’s eyes are actually brown because they look so sparkly, and shiny black from here. Roberta tells Suzy about the story she is working on and asks Suzy what she knows about the transsexual crowd in town. All the wile Suzy is talking Roberta is looking at Suzy’s legs. “Runner, She must be a runner by the looks those long sinewy muscles on the top and bottom of her smooth tanned skin of her thighs. The chitchat continues about sex and sex related subjects when Suzy brings up the subject of a new strap on dildo. The advertisements say that it is the hottest new wave of the future for the dykes. It will actually transmit sensations through it to the woman who wears it. It has some bad side affects that need to be worked out though. “What’s that”, asks Roberta? I have heard that when a woman wears it regularly she will OD on testosterone. Yep, the women that have abused this thing have grown facial hair and bulked up to were they really begin to look and act like men. “And the funny thing about it is there are women out there that can only satisfy themselves when they use this new fake dick”. It’s always about cock, both women start to giggle and now even gay women need a big juicy cock. She sits there holding the rubber dick that she forgot to put down and has been fiddling with all this time. The sexual tension Roberta is feeling toward sexy little Suzy has always been reserved for men and she is not quite sure how to feel about these new feelings. Roberta hands Suzy her business card as Suzy walks her to the door. Roberta falls behind so she can take one more look at Suzy’s statuesque body and one more whiff of her scent before she has to part the company of this exotic and erotic young beauty.

The next morning Roberta’s phone rings it’s Suzy. “Hi Roberta”, the voice on the line says. I found Erin, the girl that has one of those strap-on and will be glad to talk to you about it. Meet me at my place tonight at 9:00 PM for drinks Ok I’ll be there she answers and hangs up. This could be interesting!

That evening all three ladies are enjoying each other’s company as they chat pleasantly together. The talk turns to the strap-on. Erin has the girls’ full attention as she removes from her handbag this monstrosity with things hanging from it. Erin gives us way more details than I really wanted to know as she explains how this freaky toy works. “First you need to be freshly shaven”, Erin explains. Then you use this special lube that helps transfer the pulses of the Millie volt current to the wearer’s clit, vagina, and rectum. It’s the current traveling through your belly that causes the spectacular orgasms. What makes this rig so addicting is you can have multiple girl orgasms and you get the sex drive of a horny man. That’s one addicting combination remarks Roberta. Suzy points to the toy and says,” I know what this end is used for but what are these things for”? Well, once you have yourself shaved and lubed up you insert this end in your vagina making sure this part is against your clitty and this probe goes in your rectum then you adjust the probes by squeezing the testicals. They are actually little pumps used to control how effectively the probes transmit the few milivolts of current that goes through to your body. The voltages are what makes it possible for this strap-on dildo to give multiple male like orgasm’s and rumors have it that each orgasm gets stronger and stronger. Then this strap needs to be pulled securely against your Venus mound so it makes good contact with your clit. The electrical impulses will stimulate your clit also. “Would you like to see it on me”, Erin asks? Roberta starts to fantasize about the beautiful woman’s nude body and how much she wants to feel her soft skin against her. Sure both women answer in unison. Suzy volunteers to be Erin’s Ginny-pig,” for demonstration purposes only” of course. With that Erin and Suzy begin to disrobe. Soon it becomes a competition to see who can strip the sexiest to the music. Erin must have been an exotic dancer because she has all the moves. Sexy little Suzy’s beautiful body easily makes up for what she lacks as a dancer. Erin wore a tight little black dress with no bra and a thong. Her hard little nipples are standing at full attention as she pulls her top down showing the cleavage between her magnificent breasts. Her smooth tan skin is having quite an affect on Roberta. Suzy gets her top off exposing her “C cup” breasts but is stopped cold because she is wearing tight pants and she has a hard time getting them off. Erin is moving to the song on the radio as she grabs the hem of her skirt turns and sensually moves it up showing just enough to see she is wearing a thong. She flirts with her eyes to Roberta and Roberta seams to be mesmerized by this young beauty. She feels her pussy getting wet like she did for that big muscleman she picked up that time down in Cancun a few years ago. Roberta wonders about this attraction she feels towards the beautiful woman. What ever could be coming over me, she thinks to her self; I know I’m not gay. Now Erin has the hem up to her breasts showing her long tapered legs, her gently curved hips and her tight young belly. She must work out to have such a defined body like that. With one motion the dress came off and mussed up her long silky hair. She flipped her hair forward as she bent over as her long silky hair tries to hide her hard nipples but they peeked out as she moved to the music. The sight of her hanging tits, the curves of her hips was getting to be to much for Suzy and when Erin straightened up Suzy slid down between her long tapered thighs and buried her face right up to her eye balls into the gorgeous woman’s smoothly shaved pussy. Erin pulled Suzy’s face tighter to her and starter to wither all the wile making eye contact with Roberta. Without thinking Roberta got up off her chair and went to Erin and gave her a long soulful kiss. When she realized she was kissing another woman for the first time. She wondered again what was coming over her. The sexual stimulation she was receiving from these two women is more than she ever had from any man. Erin pushed her away and said, “We need to get back to the demonstration” and with that Suzy pulled away from Erin’s pussy her face wet with Erin’s pussy juice. The girls all made comments on how turned on they were, as they got ready for the demonstration. Erin told the two women she had shaved just before she had left the house. Being a smart ass Suzy answered,” yes I know” and the group all giggled. So it’s time to start what we came her for as she picked up the strap-on. Erin asked Suzy to please help her get lubed up. It would be my pleasure Suzy answered. As Erin handed the tube of the special lube to her helper she told them that this is not the standard lubricating jelly but the kind doctors used for ultra sound testing because the current passes through it better. Suzy has the girl bend over and spread her legs. Suzy took a small dab of lube and rubbed it into Erin’s love hole. She repeated this again but this time she pushed one finger inside the girl. She did it once more but this time she moved two finger in and out causing Erin to let out a little groan. Next she dabbed the lube on her anus and rubbed it around and around causing her to moan again. She added more lube to her finger and this time she pressed her finger to her little rose bud until her finger started to go in. Erin let out an even louder moan as the finger went all the way in. With even more lube she pushed in again and started to move her finger around inside her ass hole causing Erin to let out a moan deep from her gut. With more lube she put two fingers up her forbidden hole and used her other hand to rub her clit at the same time. Now Erin was moaning even more as Suzy pushed two fingers inside her pussy. So with two fingers going in and out of her pussy and two in her ass hole Erin started to wither around some. It didn’t take long before Erin pleaded Suzy to let her cum. With that Suzy started to move her fingers in and out of both holes even faster until Erin started to come. Yes yes ohhhhhh-aaaahhhhhh.and her body began to shake uncontrollably. Roberta could not believe how turned on she had become watching the two women finger fuck. Her panties were soaked now and the girls didn’t even have the fake dick on yet. When Erin’s breathing became normal again she picked up the strap-on and asked Suzy to help her put it on. Suzy put lube on the two probes and helped Erin step in to the straps. First she put the virginal probe a little ways in Erin’s pussy then concentrated on lining up the anal probe with her butt. Slowly she pressed the tip to her hole then slowly it began to open up allowing the tip to go in. she pushed harder and about an inch more went in. Erin was playing with her clit all the wile and started to moan again. Roberta didn’t know if she was moaning from the anal invader or because she was being masturbated. Suzy pushed in a little to hard and she jumped trying to get away from the painful probing of her delicate ass hole. “Sorry”, Suzy said to her friend. Erin answered her back saying,” that’s OK but please be careful” that big bulb is a real ass stretcher. With steady pressure the probe stretched her little ass hole wide until it popped all the way in. So with both probes inside her Erin applied a little lube on her clit then pulled the straps on tight. After she adjusted everything and pumped up the fake dick’s balls she said,” there it’s finely on”. Roberta could not believe how natural it looked, why if it didn’t have those straps it would look like a big hard cock why it is even bobbing up and down like a real cock. Erin put her hand on the fake cock and replies,”damn I forgot how real this thing feels. When she started to stroke it like a real cock she gave a little shudder from just that simple little touch. Suzy asks,” can I touch it” then moves between Erin’s legs and takes the rubber cock between her lips. Erin groans as Suzy’s talented mouth works over the strap-on. Then Erin grabs Suzy’s head and starts to fuck her face then starts pushing the cock deeper and deeper down her throat until the girl starts to gag on the big rubber dick.”You are as bad as the old man,” Suzy said you need to give me some time to work up to it, OK. Suzy stuffed the fake cock back into her mouth and started pushing it deeper down her throat on each downward stroke. After about ten strokes her nose was bouncing off the strap and Erin was moaning, I’m gunna cummmmmm OOOHHHHHH GGGOOODDDDDDD I’m cummmming. Afterwards Erin saw the disappointed look on Suzy’s face and asked her,” What’s the matter dear”. Suzy answered,” I didn’t even get to taste any cum in my mouth”. Erin answered, “well dearie that’s because it’s a rubber dick”.
Erin sat down next to Suzy and cuddled up to her. The two women then acted like a normal couple in post orgasmic bliss. They kissed and fondled each other’s bodies as if Roberta wasn’t even in the room. Roberta wished she were one of the lovers. She wanted to rip off her clothes and masturbate so she could feel a little of what the two girls had just had. Slowly the two women began touching each other’s erogenous zones. A touch to a breast here a touch to a leg there then Suzy’s hand went to Erin’s cock. It didn’t take long before both girls breathing had become ragged and Suzy began to beg Erin to fuck her. Suzy laid on her back with her legs spread and her fingers in her pussy. Erin moved between her splayed thighs then picked up one leg up to her face. She teased her by kissing her calf to her knee then started back towards her ankle. Suzy again asked her to put that cock in her but Erin just laughed at her and told her to wait until she was ready. Erin then laid down on her and gave her a long kiss. She moved down to Suzy’s breasts and took one nipple into her lips. Her other hand went to the other breast and started to massage it too. After just a few seconds of this stimulation Suzy again pleaded for her to fuck her. That was not Erin’s plan though and she switched sides and continued this torture. Suzy was pleading for her cock now but Erin just kissed her way lower down the girls heaving chest to her belly. Next she licked her flat hard belly to her navel. Her tongue went into her navel then started to tongue fuck her navel, which drove Suzy absolutely wild. Suzy pushed her head lower, she wanted Erin to make her cum with her tongue or her cock either way her little pussy screamed for attention. Erin kept teasing the desperate girl and avoided her pussy then licked the sensitive crease where her leg meets her body. First one side then the other, which drove Suzy absolutely wild and made Suzy plead to be fucked. Erin finally took pity and lifted her legs to her shoulders and moved the tip of the rubber dick to the entrance of Suzy’s little hairless pussy. Suzy wiggled around trying to work the cock into her needy pussy. Erin didn’t move but kept still, she enjoyed the power she had over this beautiful woman beneath her. Finally Erin took pity on the poor girl and pressed the tip of the cock to the entrance of her pussy. Suzy was crazy with lust and pulled Erin to her driving the cock deep into herself then she started moving her pelvis trying to fuck herself with Erin’s rubber cock. Now Erin started pumping into the wanton woman’s pussy with long deep strokes. Both girls were moaning then both girls came but instead of stopping like a man would they continued as only a woman can. They continued fucking and Cumming again and again. Roberta couldn’t watch any more without touching herself so she pulled up her dress and masturbated to orgasm. After more orgasms than they could count Erin couldn’t go any longer so she pulled out of Suzy and collapsed on her lover. Roberta came again and wasn’t satisfied yet and neither was Suzy. Suzy rolled out from under Erin’s limp body and went to Roberta. Before Roberta could say she isn’t gay the two women were into a sixty-nine and moaning loudly. This was the first time Roberta had ever tasted pussy and she was a natural at it. She had been taught that it was wrong to have another woman’s clit between her lips but that pussy juice tasted natural and better than anything she has ever tasted before. All of a sudden Roberta realized her tongue was deep inside another woman’s pussy and she started to feel a little guilty. Guilt was not enough though to make her stop the pleasure she was having from having Suzy’s fingers inside her pussy hole and her lips on her clit. When both women were too tired to go on any longer they stopped. Suzy faced Roberta and they kissed a long soulful kiss. Roberta could taste her own pussy juice on Suzy’s tongue. Erin has been asleep since they started this sex scene and both women were totally worn out and fell asleep in each other’s arms.
Four o’clock that morning the women woke up. Suzy said she had to get home to the old man before he woke up to give him his morning blowjob. Erin had to get home too in order to get to work on time. “Work,” Roberta said, I almost forgot, my story needs to be turned in tomorrow and I still have nothing. Erin asked,” did you ever think that the perps could be women wearing a strap-on. No, how could a simple sex toy cause women to commit a felony? Anyhow, I really wanted to try the strap-on for myself. There’s no better way to see if it is what is causing women to rape other women and not being done by transsexuals. Would you mind if I took it home and tried it on just to see what it’s like for myself? Sure Erin said but I doubt if you will get the damn thing on right. But I watched you put it on. Well didn’t you see I needed Suzy to help put it on me? I really need to try it if I am to report on it. Ok, we can put it on you but you must take it off first thing tomorrow morning we don’t want any funny business you know.

Roberta didn’t know what to think when Suzy asked her to sit on the edge of a chair so she could shave her. She had bikini waxes by professionals before but to have the girl who she just had her tongue in her pussy shave her was intensively erotic. Ok she answered but no funny business. Suzy playfully licked her lips and said, “I would never do anything like that”. After a couple of snips with a scissors Roberta’s bush was trimmed and ready for the razor. That feels so good Roberta said as Suzy placed a wet hot towel on her pussy. Suzy shaved all the hair from her pussy and asshole then asked Roberta if she was ready to be turned into a man with a cock. Suzy then took the special lube and started to apply it to her pussy, which was still tingling from the shave. Next she applied the lube to her anus. Roberta jumped when the slippery finger started up her poop shoot. Just relax the muscles like when you have anal sex Suzy said. BaBaBut I’ve never had anal sex. Well then when you do have it you will be an expert because that bulb on the probe is harder to get in your asshole than a big hard cock. Erin brought the freshly cleaned rig over to the two women then had Roberta stand up. As the virginal probe was started inside Roberta’s pussy she got really excited and started shivering. Next came that feared anal probe. Suzy touched it tip to Roberta’s anus and she jumped. “Girl I didn’t even start to push it in yet”, you must relax your sphincter understand, other wise this will hurt so bad you won’t be able to put this on. Roberta nodded her head yes so Suzy tried again but this time just as her asshole started to open she jumped again. Look my job depends on getting this story so just get the damn thing in my ass and get this over with. Erin had Roberta get on all fours and held her. Suzy pressed the tip against her hole and applied steady pressure until the probe started in. Erin tried to calm her down and Suzy just kept the pressure on. It was going smooth until the bulb started in causing Roberta to cry out in pain. By the time it was all the way in Roberta was crying like a baby.
As soon as Roberta’s pain subsided the girls went their separate ways. Roberta couldn’t sit, her asshole still hurt from the big bulbous probe that had been jammed up her ass so she just went home to bed. She couldn’t sleep because she couldn’t keep her hands off the big rubber dick between her legs. Finely about 20 orgasms she masturbated herself to sleep. That next morning she awoke remembering the strange dreams she had during the night. It wasn’t long before she was jacking her new cock off again until she was almost going to be late for work.
Roberta arrived at the paper just in time to give her report to the proofreaders. The head of the department told her the deadline had been pushed back a day because of some special circumstances so her story had to wait until the next day for it to be proofread and printed.
Roberta had not taken the strap-on off yet but would have to do it soon because she had to poop. Back at the house Roberta was really sweating taking the probes out so she could shit. She pulled on the anal probe and all that did was cause her pain. What goes up must come down she thought to herself so she tried again. This time twisting and pulling a little easier and the probe started to come out. The pain was bad but not as bad as going in and when it finely popped out the biggest turd she could ever remember came with it. Ah that feels much better she thought and when she wiped her butt she noticed her asshole was still loose and open. Roberta didn’t notice but she was actually starting an addiction to the damn thing. She took the special lube out of her purse lubed up and was amazed at how easy the probe went back into her now gaping stretched asshole.
Roberta was becoming obsessed with sex. She sex fantasizes about every woman she saw. She even went out cruising for some pretty woman to have sex with. She found out that she couldn’t concentrate on anything because her head was filled with visions of tits and ass. She was rubbing her new cock every time she could get away with it and was almost caught several times that day. The next day she had a meeting with her boss and was almost late because she had been in the ladies room masturbating. Roberta just made it on time for the meeting and the boss congratulated her on her story. The boss looked at her a little funny as she told him about watching the two women screw their brains out the night before. He could not get over how she talked about it like one of the boys at the club. What had gotten into her he thought? He said her story was so good the top dogs at the paper said she would be nominated for the top investigative story awards in New York next week.
Roberta had not heeded the warning about wearing the strap-on for to long at a time so sex was the only thing she could think about, in fact she was totally obsessed with sex. Not the normal boy/girl sex she was used to but using her new cock to fuck the hell out of some woman. It never accrued to her she was thinking about women and not her normal man fantasies.
Roberta left work and hurried straight to the gay bar to celebrate being nominating for the,” top investigative award”. She immediately started hitting on all the pretty lesbians but didn’t have any luck. Roberta was getting despite when she walked over to the big bull dyke that had hit on her the last time she was there. Roberta walked right up to Bernie who was the biggest and badest in the bar and asked her, “Want to get lucky”. Bernie asked wussup with you? Roberta answered I must get me some pussy. Sure Bernie said as they walked to the ladies room. We are going to do this a little different this time. You are going to suck me and I am going to fuck the shit out of you. Bernie just gave a big disgusting smile. Roberta looked at her with a wicked grin and said;” I don’t think you believe me do you”.
The two women entered the rest room and saw two women doing a sixty-nine right there in plane view. Roberta Yelled at the two to get off the couch. The girls didn’t answer but just kept up giving and getting pleasure. Roberta told the dyke to,” take off those pants” now. The big dyke said to Roberta,” we can go in a stall, that would be more private anyhow”. Do what I told you to bitch was her answer. With that Roberta walked up to the fornicating couple and grabbed both girls by the hair and pulled them off the couch. Get the fuck outta here if you know what’s good for you. Both girls got up off the floor and started to dress. I said get outta here then kicked one girl in the ass with her boot. The two girls could see the crazy look in Roberta’s eyes and ran naked back into the bar.
Bernie had just stepped out of her pants when she asked; did you have to be so rough? Roberta just glared at her then grabbed the woman by her shirt and pulled her toward the couch. Then she pushed her onto the couch then started to strip. Roberta told the girl to turn around and get on her knees, which she did quickly. Roberta didn’t even bother taking her pants off she just pulled them down then moved behind her, spit in her hand and rubbed the wetness over her rubber cock. Bernie also had a strap-on. Roberta just pulled the strap over and started to penetrate the dyke. Bernie was not wet yet and the fake dick would not go in her smoothly. She asked Roberta to put more spit on her dildo but that just made Roberta push in harder. When she gave one big push the rubber cock went in all the way causing Bernie to scream. Stopping had never even entered Roberta’s mind as she pulled half way out them slammed it home again. This time Bernie groaned and so did Roberta although Roberta’s groan was from the pleasure the strap-on was giving her. After a few strokes of the big cock Bernie’s love hole had wetted up enough to stop causing any friction so Roberta started to really stroke in and out of her causing both women to groan again. Bernie said that she is never on the receiving side and now understand why her women like it so much. With a loud crack Roberta slapped her ass then told her to shut the fuck up and started long stroking this pussy. She pulled the head of the fake cock out till just the head was inside the bitch then slammed it back in so hard she almost knocked the wind out of her big fuck buddy. Roberta started to cum which just made her stroke even harder. The tip of her cock was coming just out of the womans pussy then being slammed back in as hard as she could which caused her orgasm to become even stronger. Both women were moaning so loud the bar patrons could hear what they were up to. Soon neither girl cared who could hear because both women were experiencing the best, strongest orgasms they ever had. Bernie asked Roberta to stop which made Roberta mad so she started fuckin wildly. The rubber cock had come out of the dykes pussy a couple of times and hurt her when Roberta slammed the head into the hairy outer lips of her pussy. Roberta would just put her cock back in and fuck harder and wilder. Bernie tried to get away from this crazy woman but with Roberta towering over her all she could do is struggle. Roberta thought to herself that if she had to fight for sex she might as well make it anal sex. Hold still Roberta screamed then started hitting Bernie in the back of the head with one hand and used the other to aim her big rubber dick at the woman’s tinny little asshole. Bernie stopped wiggling then realized she was about to get it up the ass so she started fighting as hard as she could in her exposed position. Roberta got lined up on the woman’s asshole and fell on her with all her weight driving the cock deep in the dykes’ rectum. Bernie let out a shriek of pain as the whole world started to go black and she fainted. Damn, your asshole is tight Roberta said and started to fuck her ass as hard as she had done to her pussy. Bernie started to come to after a couple dozen strokes and screamed again. Bernie was fighting for her life now, but she was just too weak to fight this rapist off. Roberta had cum almost continually wile in her ass and was amazed that the girl’s asshole was feeling better with each stroke. By now Bernie had almost stopped struggling and was just lying there crying. Roberta started long stroking her asshole then looked down and saw what looked like blood all over her legs and belly. As the reality of what she had just done to the big dyke started to sink in, her strokes slowed then stopped. Roberta pulled out of the woman’s ass pulled up her pants and ran out of the bathroom. As she exited the rest room she found about half the bar patrons were standing outside the door listening to what had happened in the rest room. That will teach her yelled one woman. Then the whole crowd began cheering Roberta for paying back the big bully for all the times she had forced herself on innocent women. Roberta just ran out of the building jumped into her car and sped off into the night.
Roberta was so ashamed of herself for what she had just done she decided she had to take the strap-on off and never wear it again. Each time she saw a woman on the street she wanted to pick up the unsuspecting girl and do the same thing all over again. “That’s it”, she said out loud. Those rapes were not done by transsexuals but by women wearing this new strap-on. Now this all makes sense.
As she pulled into her garage she started to wonder about how much trouble she was in for. I raped that woman! Will I go to jail? Will I lose my job at the paper? She entered the bathroom and decided to soak in the tub so she started the water. The tub was full of nice hot water when she took off her clothes and saw Bernie’s dried blood all over her belly and thighs. As she was about to take the strap-on off for the last time she thought how she deserved to be punished. Roberta pulled at the straps ripping the anal probe out of her tender ass. Pain shot through her body like a hot poker had been jammed into her ass. The pain made Roberta think about the pain she inflicted on her poor victim? “How could I have done that to another person”, she said out loud. I am a rapist she thought to herself I have become one of the people I despise. I am an abuser of women.
After a nice long bath Roberta went to bed but could not stop worrying about being in trouble with the law for what she had done. On the drive to work the radio reported another rape happening at the gay bar she was at. Surprisingly in a crowed bar no one could identify the perpetrator.
At work Roberta finished her story and was waiting for Bill the editor to proof read it. “Now you’ve done it”, Bill said. Roberta’s heart jumped a beat. You just wrote the best investigating report in the last ten years. I knew you had it in you, I’m proud of you. Everyone in the office wanted to know how she got her information. “Good reporting, besides that’s personal”, is all she told them.


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