2 Men and  a Lady

By Amanda Marais
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For years I had been making Stefanís mind crazy with one single request, ďPlease, let me watch.ď For years, his answer was always ďNoĒ. But finally he broke and gave me the possibility to make a fantasy come true . It had been a fantasy of mine for quite some time to see how two men make love to each other.

It would have been a lot harder for me to realize this fantasy if I did not have a very close friend who was gay. I had the luck that I had such a friend for almost all my life. I was even the first person he ever told that he was gay. I must have been about 16 years old when he told me about it. At that time Stefan was 18. Since that moment, he has been one of my best male friends. He is like a brother to me.

I never understood why he turned out to be gay cause he was and still is one sexy guy. He just needs to snap his fingers and all the women want him. But no, Stefan wants all the guys. For six years now, he has been together with Andy, his boyfriend. Andy is also a very nice and caring person. But Stefan is different; he is my soulmate.

So they agreed for me to watch their loveplay on one condition. That was that I had to behave myself and I would not interfere with the action that was going on. I had to come over to their place Saturday at 8pm. I was really nervous cause I didnít know what to expect. I had never seen anything like this so I didnít know if it was going to turn me on, or maybe even turn me off.

I rang the doorbell of their loft, a beautiful large and luxurious apartment. It was not very long till Stefan opened the door and gave me a big kiss and an even bigger hug. He took my coat and guided me into the living room where Andy was waiting for us. I I greeted him the same way as I did Stefan. We had a small drink and they explained their rules again to me. I didnít have any problems with those rules and couldnít wait for the game to begin. Though I was very nervous and my fingers were shaking, I was looking forward to it.

I took my place in the chair that they had placed in the bedroom especially for me. It was placed in a dark corner so I had a clear view of everything in the bedroom . A few candles were burning on a small table and soft music was playing. While I crossed my legs and arms to watch the show, they both crawled onto the large bed. From that moment on, they totally seemed to forget about my presence in their bedroom.

Stefan removed Andyís bathrobe. And for the first time, I had a full clear view of Andyís naked body. He was in shape with an average sized penis. There was not a sign of one single body hair, completely waxed it seemed and that was a turn on for me because I like it smooth, for women and for men.

His body was shining and glistering in the candlelight. Andy removed Stefanís bathrobe and gave me a nice look at his naked body. I had seen him naked a few times in the sauna but still it was a nice sight to see those two sexy men lying naked on a king sized bed in front of me. Stefan was lying on his back as Andy placed himself beside him on his knees, bending over, his head moving towards Stefanís penis This was the first time in my life I was going to witness a guy giving another guy a blowjob. I didnít know yet if it was going to be a turn on or a total turn off.

The look of Andyís muscular butt was turning me on, thatís for sure. Stefanís penis seemed to be limp, but not for long. Andy pressed his lips against Stefanís balls and then continued with small kisses all over his cock. His lips moved back to his balls and slowly he licked them all over with his tongue. Andy laid his hand on Stefanís shaft and slowly started to jack him off, making his limp cock hard as rock. He gently sucked on his nuts, one at a time. He drenched his nuts with spit and Stefan seemed to be very horny. Andy was holding Stefanís penis and licked it up and down, top and bottom, pausing to give it wet kisses. Andy seemed totally natural doing this, like heíd been doing this all his life.

I shifted in my chair as I was enjoying what I was looking at. Andy made Stefanís penis glisten with his saliva; it was shining in the candlelight. Andy plunged his mouth down over and around Stefanís beautiful hard shaft causing him to moan instantly. While he started sucking the rigid dick in his mouth, he kneaded Stefanís soaked balls. He switched the sucking with masturbating Stefanís cock from time to time. Stefan seemed to be enjoying all this immensely because his head was arched back and one of his hands was placed on Andyís head.

Andy started licking Stefanís balls again and moved his tongue all over them, lowering the tip of his tongue to the underside of his sack, edging closer and closer to Stefanís asshole. Stefan lifted his legs and spread them wide, holding the undersides of his knees. Immediately, Andy began swabbing Stefanís asshole with his tongue.
For some reason, I was surprised to discover that this was turning me on and I shifted my legs acknowledging the pleasure that I was feeling.

Andy was making long licks from Stefanís ass to the tip of his cock, then back to his cute little hole again and back to the tip of his dick. Over and over he did this until finally, Andy seemed to decide that it was his turn to give some pleasure. Andy took a place on his back next to Stefan and Stefan moved onto his knees so he had nice access to Andyís penis.

ďPut your mouth around it,Ē Andy said. It was the first thing they had said since the show started. Stefan slammed his mouth around that cock as Andy took his head in his hands. Stefan started pumping his lips up and down that thick meat. Breath seemed to move forcefully in and out of Stefanís nose as his mouth was being fucked like it was a tight little asshole.

Andy pushed his hips up and down on the bed, fucking his cock into Stefanís mouth with deep hard strokes, shoving his cock deeply into the back of his throat. At one moment he held Stefanís head tight and slammed his hips upwards, jamming himself into him and holding very still! At that moment I was so turned on..so very excited . I felt like joining the show but I remembered what I promised them, not to interfere with their love play. I didnít need to touch with my hands to feel that I was very wet between my thighs. Controlling myself became harder and harder.

They both had had enough of foreplay and decided to continue to the next step, showing me how a guy takes another guy in his ass. I was really curious about all this and the last thing I expected was that it would be turning me on this much. Stefan laid down on his stomach and Andy laid down on top of him. I could sense the heat between their hot muscled bodies. Andy slid his shaft up and down between Stefanís cheeks.

I liked what I was looking at - a naked man laying on another manís naked body. They were lusting for one another, powerfully horny, needing each others body to get off. I was waiting for it to begin, waiting for a dick thrusting in and out of a little asshole. Andy got back off Stefan who didnít move. Andyís hands slid over his ass cheeks smoothly. He grabbed some lubricant from a drawer and poured it in to Stefanís crack. Fingers spread it around and teased his anus.

I could feel that Stefanís ass ached for a finger. Andy slid one in to his asshole like an expert. He twisted and slid it in and out of Stefanís backdoor. He finger-fucked him slowly. More pressure and another finger slid into Stefanís asshole, making sure he was well lubricated and stretching. A third finger slid it as Stefan seemed to be relaxed and let Andy have his way with him. Suddenly Andy removed his fingers and moved behind Stefan who rose to his knees. Stefan buried his face in a pillow and reached around, spreading his ass cheeks for his lover.

Andy mounted Stefan and pressed his penis against that anus. The head of his penis slipped inside and he waited for a few seconds to let Stefanís body adjust to his penetration. Once he was comfortable, Andy pushed again. Andy grabbed Stefanís waist and pushed all the way in.

At that moment I wanted to spread my own legs and fill my aching pussy with my fingers - but, I did manage to resist. I squirmed a lot around on that chair finding it hard to be comfortable with my pussy itching to be touched.

Andy started to get a nice rhythm going. The movement of the bed and his thrusts were like all one motion. Stefanís relaxed body rocked to Andyís motion. I couldnít see it myself from this angle but I pictured that cock sliding in and out of that asshole. Andyís body collided with Stefanís, his stiff manhood driving in and out of that anus. Andy gripped Stefanís waist tightly. I listened to their breathing and knew that Andy was getting close. His breathing became louder, raspier and his thrusts seemed more forceful. The bed was rocking violently, their bodies slapping together.

Andy pulled Stefan towards him while he thrust in to him and began to spank Stefanís plundered ass. While Andy was fucking him so hard, Stefan grabbed his own shaft and jacked off. Andy was going to cum. I imagined the semen traveling from his balls, through his thick shaft, to spurt out of his swollen cock head into Stefanís ass. Stefan seemed to orgasm at the exact same time as I noticed his semen being spilled on the satin sheets while Andy filled Stefan with his. They bodies shook and shivered while a rush of sensation ran though my own body.

Andy stopped pumping Stefanís ass once his orgasm died. He struggled to catch his breath. Without exciting Stefanís ass he laid on top of Andy to feel his softening cock resting in his love hole, knowing that his load was deep inside him. While I kept watching them, they were recovering. It was a strange moment cause I didnít know what to do next so I decided to leave. I grabbed my purse from the floor and left the room without saying a word. I left the two male lovers together alone to finish their lovemaking.

On my way home I saw the whole thing again in my mind, from the beginning to the end. It had excited me very much but still I didnít know how to guide my feelings. This was all very new to me and I didnít know how to respond to it. My body did respond to it all and my body told me that it was horny as hell. When I came home I decided to go to bed and muddle it over while I slept.

The next morning Stefan called me very early to ask if everything was okay because I left without saying anything. He and Andy were worried that they had shocked me or something by their play. I told him that everything was okay and I thanked him for the wonderful experience and explained to him that I left because I wanted to leave them alone at that wonderful moment of love and to put all my feelings straight. He understood and told me that they enjoyed the experience of being watched by a female and that I was always welcome to watch again. We are still best friends.


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