The Dressing Room

By Amanda Marais
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It was a month after my first sexual encounter with Sarah - a lot has happened. We had the kingdom to ourselves cause we shared a dorm room, she was my roommate, my lover, my sex toy, my everything at that moment. We had sex almost every day, and today was not going to be any different. I don’t know why, but that day I was extremely horny. The kind of horniness I was experiencing was the kind you don’t experience often in your life. It’s the kind you just need to satisfy as soon as possible, no matter what!

Everything I heard or saw made me think about sex and cause my pussy to itch. But at last the moment I was waiting for arrived. Sarah and I agreed to meet around one pm at the local swimming centre to go for a refreshing dive. I was waiting at the entrance of the Swimming centre and I looked at my watch, still ten more minutes before my watch would show one. My bag, filled with my bikini and a towel and some other stuff, was laying between my legs as I sat on a bench, waiting for my sweetie to arrive.

What was taking her so long?! While I was sitting on this bench, a warm feeling was taking over my body. My pussy was itching again, I wanted to touch myself so badly, but there were too many people around me - I had to control myself, no matter how hard it would be!

I closed my eyes and leaned back, and started fantasizing about all the naughty things I would do to Sarah. A few moments later I could feel the dampness between my legs. Finally I noticed Sarah stepping off her bicycle. Quickly she put her bike away and walked towards me, with her bag on her back. I got up and started walking in her direction, opening my arms as I got closer to her. She opened her arms and we hugged each other. Quickly I looked around to see if somebody was watching before giving Sarah a quick kiss on her soft lips. I released her from my tight grip and we walked inside the Swimming centre.

After paying our entrance fee we made our way to the dressing rooms. Sarah was holding my hand and pulling me towards the dressing rooms. On our way, I couldn’t stop thinking about my hard nipples and my wet pussy. Normally each dressing room is made for one person, but two is possible, if you are comfortable with the lack of space. Sarah opened a free dressing room and pulled me inside. I placed my bag on the seat as Sarah locked the door. I kicked off my shoes.

Quickly Sarah started undressing and a few seconds later she was completely naked, bending over to search for her bikini in her bag. I grabbed the edges of my sweater and pulled it over my head. Sarah finally found her bikini. I slipped my pants down and was embarrassed enough to feel my cheeks burn red when the wet spot which had formed inside my thong, became visible to Sarah’s eyes. My hard nipples were poking through my bra. Sarah noticed all this but didn’t say a thing; she only smiled as she noticed how I was blushing.

As quick as I could I pulled my wet thong down to throw it in my bag. By the time I slipped my thong down, an even wetter pussy was revealed to my girlfriend’s eyes. I was still wearing my socks and bra. The sexual tension in that little dressing room was to die for - two naked girls (at least one of us, extremely horny)!

I reached behind my back and unhooked my bra. My hard nipples were pointing forward as I threw my bra with the rest in my bag. I noticed how Sarah was staring at my body, her eyes moving from my breasts to my pussy and back up to my breasts. She was holding her bikini and first put her bikini top on. She tied the knot behind her back and slipped her bikini panties on, pulling them tight. That bikini looked perfect around her body. She was made for that bikini, her long blonde hair waving on her shoulders. I grabbed my bikini and put it on. Quickly we grabbed our bags and put them away in a locker, together with our clothes and shoes.

We made our way to the pool and we headed for the showers that we had to use first before we could enter the swimming pool. But right before we arrived at the showers and as we passed by the last dressing rooms, Sarah pulled me inside a free dressing room and locked the door. Sarah pushed me against the wall and pulled my bikini panties down. Immediately she pushed a finger inside my sopping cunt and with her other hand, pulled my bikini top down. I started moaning as her mouth enclosed around my hard nipple and started sucking while her finger was moving around in my pussy. I was wet enough so not much later a second finger followed and she started to give my pussy a nice workout.

The wall of the dressing room was feeling cold against my back but my body was hot. Sarah’s fingers were hot. I’d been horny so long and she started to finger me in a way, so familiar with my needs and reactions, that my knees went week and an intense orgasm exploded inside my body. The combination of wanting her so much, the loving art of Sarah’s fantastic fingers, and the excitement of the chance to get caught caused me to cum so quickly.

With my legs wide open, my bikini panties around my ankles and both my breasts hanging out off my bikini top I was leaning against the wall fully exposed and panting. Sarah took her bikini panties off and sat down on the bench with her legs wide open. I got on my knees and started kissing all over her body while my fingers were exploring the area between her thighs. I slipped a finger inside her while I lowered my lips and started sucking on her clitoris. Sarah’s hips were bucking around on the bench while I sucked and licked on that delicious pussy of hers. I guess the same mixture of excitements took over her body and made her cum even quicker than I had. I tasted the juices that ran out of her pussy. With my tongue I tried to lap it all up. I loved her taste.

We got dressed again and in our bikini’s we continued our way to the swimming pool. I realised it was a miracle that nobody caught us. Because the walls of those dressing rooms were very thin and they were open at the bottom and at the top so everybody who would listen carefully could have heard our soft moans and our fingers slopping about in each other’s wet pussies. I was amazed about how horny I still was. Maybe the water would cool me down a little bit.

After we took a quick shower we headed to the bubble bath. I stepped into the hot water, the bubbles already swirling around in the water. The bubbles made the water very unclear. You couldn’t see anything. For now, the bath was empty so we were all by ourselves, but there were lots of people were in that area.

Sarah sat down besides me, very close against me as I felt how she laid her hand on the inside of my thigh, moving slowly in the direction of my pussy. I looked at her, frowning cause there were people walking around everywhere. She giggled and slowly slipped her hand inside my bikini panties. She immediately found my clitoris with her finger and made short circles with the tip of her finger. Slowly, her finger trailed downwards and slipped in my pussy. I closed my eyes and tried to control the moans escaping my lips, pretending just to be enjoying the bubble bath.

Each time when somebody walked by, Sarah increased the tempo and with a few short but high moans I almost came again and again each time. I really wanted to undress us both and sit her up on the sides of the bubble bath and continue the oral exam I was giving her earlier in the dressing room. Sarah leaned towards me and whispered into my ear, “Come on sweetie, let’s go to our room.“

Twenty minutes later we were riding our bicycles as hard as we could to get to our room as quickly as possible. We ran up the stairs to our room. While I was trying to unlock the door, Sarah couldn’t keep her hands off me and was kissing me on my neck. Her hand had already slipped into my pants and, while I tried to get the key into the keyhole, her fingers were rubbing all over my cunt. We were lucky that nobody was walking down the hallway. Cause so far, nobody knew about our sexual relationship.

With one finger exploring inside my pussy I managed to open the door. We stumbled inside and locked the door behind us. We quickly undressed and hugged our naked, wet, sticky bodies tight together. I loved this feeling and we made our way to be bed, and did nothing besides kissing and rubbing against each other for a few minutes. But suddenly Sarah decided to take another approach and without saying a thing she pushed me on my back. Slowly, she gave me one more very long tongue kiss. The mood was getting very intense. Our moaning and heavy breathing were the only sounds that were filling the room. Very slowly Sarah started sucking on one of my nipples harder and harder with every second that passed.

Sarah looked into my eyes. “I have something special for you sweetie.“ I frowned, wondering what that would be. Sarah got up and walked to a drawer and opened it. She grabbed a black double-ended dildo and a bottle containing a clear liquid inside from the drawer and walked back to me.

My mind started to think about when she might have bought this cause we have spent almost every day together since the first time we had sex. She laid the dildo beside me and opened the bottle, telling me it was some kind of massage oil. Slowly she let the cold liquid run over my nipples. She closed the bottle again, and slowly started to rub the liquid all over my breasts. Soon my breasts were shining in the light.

Sarah moved closer, placing her breasts on mine and slowly started to rub her tits all over mine. It was a fantastic feeling to have her nipples rubbing over my breasts and my nipples running all over hers while the oil made it all so easy so slide those hard nipples around.

Sarah got back up and had me roll over so I was lying down on my stomach. Again, she poured a huge amount of oil over my back and on my ass. I could feel it slowly spread down my back and between my ass cheeks. A cold shiver ran through my body as the cold liquid found it’s way across my sensitive skin and into every crack and crevice. With loving care, Sarah rubbed the oil all over my ass and my shaven pussy lips. Between my juices and the oil, I was completely smooth and slick between my legs.

The small tip of Sarah’s finger slipped into my asshole, back out and then slid easily into my pussy. Very slowly she pulled it most of the way out and then traced up and down my slit. Again, she slipped her finger inside my pussy. I looked back up over my shoulder and deeply into her eyes.

Sarah continued her naughty teasing game while with the other hand she picked up the thick black dildo. She placed it inside her mouth, slowly licking all over it while I was watching her, her finger still moving up and down inside my pussy. Her finger popped out of my pussy and then moved towards my asshole. Sarah slowly slipped her oiled up finger back into my anus, a little deeper than the first time.

She commanded me to get on my knees and to stick my ass high up in the air. I did as she said and a few seconds later my butt was sticking up and my face down on the bed. Sarah grabbed my hips and the next thing I felt was her tongue running over my asshole. She ran her tongue up and down my ass crack. Each time she passed my anus she pushed slowly with the tip of her tongue into that soft spot.

Sarah released my hips and a shiver ran up my spine as I felt her finger making circles around my anus. I was completely relaxed and very well lubricated by the massage oil. She removed her finger and continued to lick my asshole, making it all wet and tingly with her tongue. All I wanted at that moment was to feel Sarah’s fingers go deep in my asshole but all she did was tease me with her tongue. With her hands on my hips, she pulled my ass even closer so she could push the tip of her tongue deeper into my asshole. I loved the feeling. It had been only a month since we had sex for the first time and already I was more comfortable with her than anybody during sex.

I closed my eyes, trying to focus all my senses on my lover’s touch and kiss and enjoy what I was feeling. I had totally forgotten about that double-headed dildo until I heard her pick it up. A shiver ran up my spine as I was wondering if Sarah would put that big thing in my tight asshole.

Another jet of massage oil was poured on my ass and Sarah started to rub it all over my ass, my asshole, and my already soaking pussy. I felt the tip of the double-headed dildo pushing against my asshole. I parted my knees a little more. I felt safe and very relaxed with Sarah and I trembled as she slowly pushed the dildo into my asshole - very slowly, so very gently. To my surprise it went in very easily, maybe because of the oil, and I did not even try to stop the moans of pleasure that escaped from between my lips.

This was without a doubt one of the most intense, exciting things I had ever felt in my life! Slowly the dildo was guided in deeper and when it was deep enough, Sarah released it. My moaning and groaning was filling the room as I sucked at the dildo with my inner ass muscles.

The tender, loving mood that filled the room at first, was being replaced by the absolute, raw lust. Sarah watched as I reached behind me and grabbed the dildo and slowly started to fuck my own asshole with it. I was completely drenched between my legs, because of my own horny juices and all the massage oil that had run down over my ass and been lathered onto my pussy.

The dildo moved smoothly in and out of my tight ass. Sarah whispered in my ear that I shouldn’t be moving so quickly with that dildo, and she pushed my hand away and took over. She started to fuck me slowly up my ass, taking it almost all the way out, and very slowly sliding it back inside my ass, so very deeply. This was making me even hornier than I was before.

With the dildo locked deep inside my ass, Sarah turned me around and placed me on top of a pillow so I was lying on my back with my ass raised up. With one hand she kept the dildo in place as she slowly started to lick my clitoris. I was really ready to explode at that very moment. If only Sarah would move her tongue a little bit faster up and down my clitoris, I would enjoy a wonderful orgasm.

But Sarah kept licking me very slowly, dragging out the tease! Now, my hips were raising up and down with every move she made with her tongue.

Sarah whispered, “I have something else for you.“

I saw her reaching between her legs to remove another dildo from her pussy. It was a small pink one. I had been so focused on all the feelings she was causing my body that I had no idea when she had begun using that on herself! She removed it from her pussy and placed it against mine. Now she was working on me with two dildo’s!

By now I was moaning and groaning hysterically. Sarah pushed the dildo slowly into my cunt as deep as possible and was soon fucking me with both those dildo’s while her mouth was lapping at and sucking on my clitoris! It was incredible. I began screaming and moaning and groaning and bucking as I had one of the most incredible and intense orgasms ever!

When Sarah removed the dildo from my soaking pussy I was still going through my orgasm. Her face was completely smeared with my juices and all the oil and she kept on licking. Rapidly she ran stroked up and down my clit. The orgasm seemed to last forever.

All this time, the only thing I was doing, was enjoying it all. I had lost total control of my body as it rode out the orgasm. After a while, the intensity started to fade away and it left me exhausted, still moaning lying there on the bed.

Sarah removed the black dildo from my ass sending a few more tremors through me and moved on top of me with a big smile on her face. As we kissed I could taste the sex and feel my own juices on her face. Our bodies were sliding all over each other, the oil between us. Our kisses were always very gently and tender, filled with love.

The silence returned in our room. We were kissing with our eyes closed. Once in a while a soft moan escaped to softly caress the mood throughout the room.

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