Lesbian Encounters

By Amanda Marais
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Eline and me know each other since kindergarten . We are best friends since those days and in our youth we had many sleepovers . The next story happened when I was 18 years old and in my last year of school . At that moment we were both in the same swimming club . We had always preferred to shower afterwards at her or mine place after training instead of showering with the group at the club . And that day wasn’t different . We had seen each other naked bodies many times so we weren’t ashamed anymore . This time we went to Eline’s house to shower . Her parents were not at home . We walked into the bathroom and Eline locked the door as always . Eline didn’t swim that day cause she had an injury so I was the only one who had to shower that day . I pulled my tight shirt off and dropped it on the floor . I was not wearing a bra underneath . “Amanda , you have nice breasts” : Eline said . I started to blush cause I never heard her say anything like that before . “Sorry” , she quickly said when she noticed me blushing . “Its okay” : I replied . I pulled off my pants and my thong and dropped them with my other clothes together with my socks . Eline was looking at my naked body , her head moved up and down . “Well , I guess I go shower no” : I smiled . “Uhm yes “ : Eline replied a little confused . “I’ll already go to my room “ : she said when I stepped into the shower . Eline closed the door behind her as she left to her bedroom .

I turned on the water . My nipples turned hard instantly when the cold water ran over my body . I waited to turn on the warm water cause I enjoyed the cold water run all over my body cooling me down after an intense training . Slowly I turned on the warm water and started to wash myself . The foam was covering my breasts while I was washing them , rubbing them good . This felt so good that it even turned me on . My pussy started to tingle . My hand moved down between my legs and I slowly rubbed over my pussy causing a warm sensation shiver through my spine . I realized I was not at my own home so I stopped playing with myself I washed off the soap . I grabbed a large bathrobe which was hanging next to the door and put it on after drying my body with a towel . I walked into Eline’s bedroom . She was laying on her bed , only wearing a thong and a bra and watching TV on her back .

“My parents are going to be till at least 11pm so we can watch TV all evening without being disturbed “ : Eline smiled . I was still super horny and walked towards the bed . I was standing in front of her and I dropped my bathrobe on the floor , standing completely naked in front of Eline . I was eager to know what her reaction was going to be to this . She smiled : “You are blocking my sight Amanda” . Not what I expected so I laid down on the bed on my back next to her . We watched TV for a while till she suddenly asked my something I didn’t expected anymore : “ Ever wondered how sex with another female is like , Amanda ? “ I was surprised by this question and stuttered : “ Yes , I have been thinking about it sometimes , and you ? She turned her head towards me : “ I have been fantasizing about it a lot lately .” While she said this she laid her hand on my thigh and slowly started caressing me . I trembled a bit , not sure how to react to this . Eline smiled as she slowly moved her hand closer towards my vagina . While her hand was rubbing , her eyes were focussed on my smooth shaven pussy . I don’t know why I did it but instinctively I opened my legs for her . Eline moves a finger up my slit and brought the with juice covered finger to her lips . Her mouth opened and she licked off my juices . “Mmh tastes good” : she smiled . Eline took place on her knees between my legs and lowered herself so that her face was very close to my pussy . You could just feel the tension that was in the room This was the first time for both of us . She looked carefully at my pussy , investigating it , admiring it maybe ? I trembled when she touched me again , with her fingers she parted my pussy lips very carefully . With her other hand she placed a finger against the opening of my vagina . Slowly she pushed her finger inside me , moving about an inch inside me . A slight moan escaped from my mouth . I heard how Eline giggled , she was enjoying this .

She slowly started moving her finger in and out , making me so wet . Another finger she placed on my clitoris , slowly rubbing it around in circles . This made me even moan harder . It felt so intense to feel another girl’s hand on my pussy . I looked down at her and saw how she lowered her head , her tongue sticking out of her mouth as she touched my clit with the tip of her tongue . Another moan escaped from my longs as I closed my eyes for a while . With soft strokes she moved her tongue over my clit , my body was trembling from pleasure . In the meantime she kept on fingering my pussy . I laid one hand on her head and caressed her hair while she was lapping my wet pussy . Eline spread my pussy lips and placed the tip of her tongue against my entry . Gently she pushed her tongue inside me . I moaned . “Open the drawer next to you “ : she commanded . I opened the drawer . A purple dildo was laying in the drawer , that same dildo me and some other girls bought her for her 18th birthday . I grabbed the dildo and showed it to her : “ This what you wanted?” She smiled and accepted the dildo from me as I laid my head back down on the pillow .

Eline sucked on the dildo , making it wet enough . She placed the head of the dildo against the entry of my fuck hole . Slowly she started to push it inside me and at the same time I started moaning louder and louder . With gentle strokes she started moving the dildo inside my pussy , each stroke moving it a little deeper . It wasn’t a big dildo so it went in easily . My hips were shaking on the bed , dildo moving inside me , controlled by the hand of my best friend and her tongue flicking over my clitoris . I felt an orgasm building up inside me , ready to burst out soon . I was on the edge of cumming when Eline pulled the dildo completely out of my soaking wet pussy . In one stroke she pushed it back inside me , all the way in , deep in my pussy . I was shaking and screaming it out , hips bucking on the bed . My orgasm exploded inside me , moaning loud , fluids running over the dildo and Eline having a big smile on her face as my arms fell exhausted on the bed . It took me a few minutes to recover and realise again where I was

In the meantime Eline laid down next to me and smiled : “Did you like it ? “ I nodded cause it was one of the most erotic and sensual things I had ever experienced so far and the orgasm was fantastic too . She kissed me on my cheek and slid off the bed , standing up and she took off her panties and unhooked her bra , revealing her breasts to me . She crawled onto the bed and moved on top of me , our breasts touching each other . Her face was inches away from mine , her warm skin rubbing against my skin . Eline kissed me on the nose and moved up and took place right above my face , her in moist covered pussy in front of me . I never licked another pussy before . I slid my tongue up and down between her tasty pussy lips , hearing her moaning softly . I placed my hands on her hips , pulling her closer towards me . Softly I blew over her aching clit . I felt her wetness running down my face as I flicked my tongue over her clitoris . Eline’s soft moans encouraged me to go on . I slipped a finger inside her pussy , moving it around as my tongue worked on her clit . She had a pretty pink clit which was sticking out so I could easily flick it around with the tip of my tongue . I felt her legs shaking a little . My index finger was still fucking her pussy , juices running over my finger She wrapped her legs tight around my head , keeping me close at her clit . I sucked and sucked and fingered till Eline’s juices squirted all over my face as I tried to lick it all up .

After that we talked for a while and cuddled against each other all night till we fell asleep in each others arms .


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