Richard, Judy & Jane
Part II

By IanMacL

Two months had passed since Richard had mistaken Jane for his wife and taken her from behind. Jane had secretly tried on her friend Judy’s amber silk satin blouse and got carried away with its sensuality, before being mistaken for Judy, by husband Richard. Since then the incident had not been mentioned by either and Jane had not ventured back into Judy’s extensive wardrobe for further samplings.

Today was Jane’s birthday; however, being a single mum and poor, she had nothing planned. She continued to do her job as Judy’s cleaner and housekeeper, as normal. It was nearly time to go home, when Judy unexpectedly returned from her high flying job early. “I am so pleased you are still here Jane. Happy birthday.” Judy slipped her a small present and when Jane opened it, she found a pearl necklace. “This is so beautiful Judy. Thank you. My only problem is that I do not have anything to wear with it, my clothes are so shabby – not to mention nowhere to go!”

Judy laughed and then told her best friend that she and husband Richard had a solution. “Richard and I thought that we could all go out tonight and live a little. You can choose anything you want from my wardrobe and we can go and eat and then perhaps go on to a club for some dancing. What do you think?”

Jane was very excited but suddenly stopped. “What about junior? I can’t leave the baby.” Judy smiled. “All sorted with the neighbours. They will look after junior for the night.” The two ladies went upstairs and Judy pushed back the wardrobe door. “It’s your birthday, you can have a free choice.” As Jane looked along the full wardrobe of luxury clothes, she caught sight of the amber satin silk blouse again. Blushing, she ran her fingers down the sleeve, to feel its sensuality once again. Before she could let go, Judy had stepped in and taken the hanger off the rail. “Great choice, I love this too. Very sexy indeed. This skirt goes really well with it – what do you think?” The chocolate coloured silk skirt did indeed set off the exquisite amber silk.

“It’s magnificent and feels great.” Judy smiled, if you are wearing this one, I will wear the same blouse in white with my tight charcoal silk skirt to set it off.” The two women stared and giggled at their choices, now hanging on the outside of the wardrobe. Judy spoke again. I think it would be fun to not wear any knickers or thong. With that amber blouse, you can get away without a bra too. That would be daring on your birthday, what do you think?” Jane was unsure but was soon overpowered by Judy’s enthusiasm and donned the blouse and skirt without any underwear. She enjoyed the feel of the silk satin against her bare breasts and demonstrated this by letting her nipples push at the silk. Not that she had a choice.

Judy donned a thin lace bra which just hid her dark nipples. The white satin blouse did little to hide the pattern of the bra. Both girls did their hair and make up in the same style and looked like twins, as their long black hair cascaded around their shoulders. Richard’s return home drew wolf whistles from him, before he went off to shower and change.

The meal went well and the waiter paid both ladies special attention. The wine flowed and when the time came for the threesome to leave for the club, the ladies were giggling and merry.

The two ladies went straight to the dance floor and stayed for a long time, while Richard drank at the bar. Richard could see how Jane’s breasts bounced up and down under her amber satin blouse and could feel himself go hard once again. Judy was also dancing with great gusto, although the bra did restrain her breast wobbles, somewhat.

Judy whispered to her friend that Richard was looking at them both. “I’ll bet he has a hard on just watching your boobs bounce!” Jane laughed. “It’s not fair, you have a bra on! Why don’t you take it off now and then Richard can have a really big hard on for you!”

Judy pondered and then giggled out loud. “I have an idea. Follow me.” The two friends entered the ladies room and Judy explained her idea to Jane. “Look Richard has had a few and from a distance, we look like twins, with our long dark hair. I am not brave enough to wear the white blouse without a bra – but you are. Let’s exchange outfits and go and dance again. We’ll set Richard’s pulse racing!”

Jane was up for the joke and the two swapped clothing, except for the bra, which Judy placed in her bag. When they returned to the dance floor, the two ladies danced hard for several minutes and attracted not only Richard’s attention. Jane’s breasts were clearly visible through Judy’s white satin blouse and lots of men were watching her bosoms bouncing. She told Judy to unbutton her amber blouse to below the cleavage, to redress the attention balance. Judy happily did that and soon her breasts were popping in and almost out of the sexy silk number. “Now you Jane. Let’s make Richard pop his trousers, when he sees his wife bare all!” Jane had nothing to lose and popped open her cleavage button and continued dancing. Richard nearly fell off his chair.

Eventually the two girls decided it was time to call it a night. “I am so horny Jane, I want a good seeing to.” “Me too Judy but no such opportunity for me, I am afraid!”
They took Richard by the arm and led him to the exit, where a row of taxis waited. Judy whispered to her friend to “mess about with Richard” as he still thought she was his wife in the white blouse. Sat in the taxi Richard put his arm around both girls and this gave Jane the opportunity to open his fly and stroke his hard cock, with Judy’s permission. “You were both very hot ladies tonight girls. No one could take their eyes off you both. He shuddered as his hard cock was stroked by Jane, still thinking it was Judy, his wife. He whispered in her ear “I’m going to fill you up tonight darling. You look sensational in that white blouse. I can see right down the front from here.”

He let his arm drop over Jane’s shoulder and began to feel her breast through the satin. Jane groaned, she wanted him so much. If only he was her husband and not Judy’s.

As they stepped out of the taxi both girls let their blouse gape open as a tip for the taxi driver. He swallowed hard and wished them all a very good night!

Richard was first in and marched through to the lounge/dining room where he kept his alcohol stash. “I’ll pour a nightcap for us all.” Judy grabbed Jane’s arm and held her back. “Let’s continue the game with Richard. He has not spotted that we have changed clothes yet. I’ll call out and you go through to our bedroom and pull down the cover. I will hide in the guest room for a minute.” Before Jane could answer, Judy had pushed her forward and at the same time shouted to Richard. “No nightcaps for us Rich. Jane is off to bed and I am going that way too. I’ll just pull back he bed – if you know what I mean! Goodnight Jane.” Jane could only answer her friend as she walked towards Judy’s bedroom. “Goodnight Judy. Goodnight Richard. Thanks for a lovely evening.”

Judy closed the guest bedroom door behind her and Jane was soon pulling the bedclothes back, to fulfil her part of the game. The next she knew was that Richard had crept in and had grabbed her from behind, as she leant over the bed. “Your breasts are a fantastic feel under that gorgeous white blouse. Your nipples are so hard tonight and you were so sexy and slutty when you let yourself go in the club. I want you and I am having you now.” Jane felt her silk skirt ride up above her bottom and in a flash, felt the hard cock she longed for, resting against her anus. She had never had anal sex and was gripped with fear in that moment – but also a longing to feel what a hard cock could do for her arsehole. Her vagina was already leaking juices with her immediate thoughts and those hands around her breasts had made them ache for more.

Despite the fact that it was her friend’s husband, Jane could not stop herself from pushing against the hard cock. A sudden pop and the stiffness entered her anus. She grimaced momentarily but then felt the rod slide up further and it felt good. “You are a real slut tonight my darling. I can feel you pushing against me. You want it all don’t you?”

Without speaking, Jane pushed her own hands inside her oozing vagina and simultaneously pushed herself against the lance inside her arsehole, until she was completely impaled. Richard drove hard and soon the couple had mounted a frenzied rhythm as they sought to climax.

It was then that Judy came in, still wearing her amber blouse but no skirt. Her pussy was glowing with her own wetness as she watched her husband take her best friend. “Fuck her hard Rich. Show the slut what you can do to make her arse explode.” Jane panicked and tried to free herself from Dick the Impaler, but to no avail. In any case, she was close to orgasm. Judy moved closer and pushed her own hand into Jane’s gaping sex cave. “My you have a big cunt. Richard said you did, when he had you last time.” Judy plunged her fingers in and out of her friend and Jane, now shocked that Judy knew of her previous session with Richard, could only whimper as she was fingered from the front and impaled from the rear.

Her breasts heaved through the white silk satin blouse and fell out one at a time, as she writhed left and right in ecstasy. Richard gasped. “That’s it, I am coming.” Judy shouted at him. “Fill the bitch up”. Jane just screamed out loud as her own orgasm shook through every part of her body. She felt her arsehole explode and at the same time, her vagina burst forth copious amounts of juice as the electric shocks waved over her.
Judy, who has been masturbating herself with her free hand, came too, as she was totally turned on by the sights she was witnessing. The three rested on the bed together before Jane started to cry. “I did not mean this to happen Judy. I just could not stop. Please don’t sack me.” Judy and Richard both laughed. “Jane, we have not finished the night yet! You may not have meant it, but we did! We are both going to have you all night and then, in the morning, we can all decide what to do with you from now on. One thing is certain – you are coming to live with us! You will never go short of cock or pussy again!”


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