Vacation Surprise

By Patty

The kids were small 2 & 4. Vacation was great, but also very tiring. My husband & I didn't have much time for each other. I got up extremely early, told him to listen for the kids & headed to the fitness room. One resort guest at a time (you leave you room key with the desk & trade for the fitness key).

I spent a few relaxing minutes in the hot tub in my swimsuit and then moved into the sauna, shedding the suit just for a towel.

Relaxed with the steam on low, I lay on a bench with eyes closed thinking about wanting to get my husband with his hard shaft alone on the beach. I was startled by the door opening & a strange man in what I guessed to be his early 20s stepping in. He apologized and offered to leave (the desk had made an error & given him a key also) It was 5:30AM & I told him not to bother, the sauna was definitely big enough for both of us. I again closed my eyes and went back to my fantasy, but began to feel like I was being watched.

I never knew his name - it didn't matter. He was beside me, telling me I was beautiful & caressing my thighs. His cock was standing erect under the thin white towel. With no questions asked his tongue was all over me. He sucked my nipples, flicking them with his tongue while he slid his fingers inside my wet clit. I removed his towel and licked a drop of hot juice from the tip of his 9" cock. As I sucked and licked that beautiful specimen of manhood I slid a finger gently into his ass as he moaned and started to spurt. I quickly straddled him and slid down on the hot hard shaft. We fucked wildly until 6:30, he made me come over & over.

I never saw him again


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