Teacher's Pet

By Amanda Marais
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So far in my short life I have fallen in love with a teacher only once. It all happened in my last year of high school when I was 17 years old. The teacher I fell for was my gym teacher and this story is about how it all started.

Stef was my gym teacher and since the first day we met, I had these feelings for him. Even while I was in a relationship with another person, I still thought about him a lot. I was secretly infatuated with him.

Stef was a very young teacher, 23 years old and it was his first year of teaching. He was very cute and well built. I wasn’t the only one who had the hots for him cause many of my female friends had told me that they would love to do all kind of naughty things with him. But as far as I knew, nobody ever succeeded in that.

Months passed by and more and more I had this feeling that he was looking at me a lot. First, I thought it was a coincidence but after a while it started to become obvious. Did he have feelings for me too?

I really wanted to find out so I started to tease him several times by bending over in front of him while wearing a skirt and some of those naughty things that girls like to do. But it didn’t seem to have any effect on him. The naughty things started to get naughtier and naughtier but still he didn’t seem to pay much attention to it. At least it seemed that way.

I decided to pull one final trick out off my hat and I found a reason to be alone with him. I skipped one of his classes so I had to make up for the cooper test that the other students had to do that day. That meant I had to stay longer after school to make up for that test.

A week later, on Monday, right after the last lesson, I made my way to the gym room where Stef was waiting for me. He told me to change clothes so we could get this over with. I changed clothes and I started my test while all the other students, one by one, went home.

Twelve minutes (and many drops of sweat later) I finished my test and sat down on a bench near the track. Stef looked at me and sat down beside me. He told me that I did well and that he was proud of me. I was breathing heavy and smiled at him. He told me that he didn’t have a key for the girls’ locker rooms but he did have one to the boys’ locker rooms. He asked me if it was okay for me to take a shower in that locker room. I told him it was not a problem so he showed me the way and then let me in to the boys locker room. He said that he was going to wait outside until I finished showering.

I dropped my bag on a bench and looked around. The locker room was big and empty cause everybody was already home. Not that I should be here anyway on a normal time of the day. I started to undress myself and laid my sweaty clothes on the bench. After I grabbed my soap I walked into the shower area and turned on the water. I washed my body, in the meantime fantasizing about Stef and thinking about what would happen if he would be there with me.

I turned off the water and headed back to my bench. Not suspecting anything, I walked back into the dressing area to grab my towel. Drops of water dripping on the floor. As I reach for my towel, I see Stef sitting on the opposite bench. His eyes are focused on me, roaming from my wet hair to my feet and back up. For a few seconds his eyes stopped to watch my vagina.

With a slow voice I asked him what he was doing here. He told me with a smile that this was still the boys locker room. I used one hand to cover my vagina and my other arm to cover my breasts. He uttered a few words to tell me that I looked great. His gaze didn’t miss any spot of my wet naked body.

I reached for the towel that was laying in my bag, exposing my breasts to him again. Quickly I started to dry my body. While I was doing this, Stef kept watching me. The way his horny eyes were staring at my body turned me on and before I knew it I was getting very excited by all the attention.

Stef noticed that I enjoyed being watched and all he was doing was looking at me. As I turned my back towards him to get my clothes all I could think about was how this was turning me on and all kinds of sexual thoughts running through my head.

Suddenly Stef was there. Just as I started to turn around, I felt his hands sliding over my ass and he whispered how sexy I was. He placed some soft baby kisses on my bare-naked shoulders. His hands ran again over my tight ass. I really wanted Stef so much, but it wasn’t right - he was my teacher.

I tried to control myself but my feelings of lust were taking over and becoming stronger and stronger. I turned around as his hands slid off my ass and I looked at him. I realized that I was still standing here completely naked.

I watched as his eyes roamed from my breasts to my vagina and back up. He made a step forward and placed a few kisses on my chest, moving downwards as he kissed my stomach. “I want you Amanda.” : he whispered. I giggled :” Stef, you want me to have sex with you? Now? Here?” He nodded yes and made a step backwards and started to undress. Piece by piece, his clothes dropped on the floor till he was completely naked, like me. His body was tanned, muscled, just perfect. But that was not a surprise because after all, he was a gym teacher.

We moved towards each other. Hesitating a little bit, I grabbed his hard shaft and moved even closer against him. With my fingers wrapped around his pole I pressed my head against his muscled chest. It seemed like he shaved his chest cause there was not a single hair on it. Very slowly I moved my hand up and down his shaft, enjoying the hard and stiff feeling between my fingers. Stef reached behind my back and touched my ass again. He moaned :” Oooh Amanda.” , as I slowly moved his foreskin back and forth over the head of his penis.

His hands gently grabbed my breasts as he started to caress them. This was turning me on much more than even in my wildest fantasy. My nipples were pointing forward as he ran his fingers over them. Every touch of his fingers made my body tingle with pleasure. My wet blonde hair was covering my shoulders, drops of water running down my tits.

He bent forward and kissed me on my lips. I closed my eyes and gave myself over into what turned into a very passionate kiss. While we were kissing, we sat down on the bench, his hands running through my wet hair.

The smell of his body was exciting me, his kisses indescribable. The way he moved his tongue in a very tender motion made me shiver in lust. This guy could kiss like no other, completely surrendering himself to me. We kept kissing for a long time and both lost any notion of time as we just wandered in our passion.

With the outsides of his strong hands he slid through my hair towards my breasts. He straddled along my young breasts, his growing erection asking for more, way more.

He took my hand that way resting on the bench and guided it to his hard rod. My soft hand enclosed his shaft and I slowly started to move it up and down. My thin fingers were wrapped around his shaft, feeling his heartbeat. Meantime he was sliding his tongue down my neck as I tilted my head backwards, giving him all the freedom he needed. His caressing tongue ran down to my shoulders towards my pointing nipples. Filled to bursting with lust, each was taken into his mouth and he sucked on them.

“Easy Amanda, if you are going to keep going this fast, I am going to cum.” : Stef smiled as I slowed down the pace of my hand. I could feel a few drips of precum running over my fingers. His hand slid down over my thighs and almost reached my vagina. Inches away from my pussy he stopped and moved his fingers back up and slid them over my tummy as we kept kissing. Stef asked me to stand up and so I did as he stayed on the bench. I was standing in front of him as he laid his hands on my hips to pull me a little closer towards him.

His lips touched my stomach. The feeling of his lips made me think about silk. He started to place little kisses and licks all over my tummy while his hands slid down my hips along my legs. Stef moved a hand up the inside of my thigh, going back to where he stopped a minute ago.

Then, finally his fingers touched my wet pussy. It was soaking wet and his fingers ran up between my soft pussy lips. His touch felt like heaven. I made some short horny moans as I licked my lips. “Mmmh Stef, this feels good, I want you.” : I moaned. He pulled his fingers back and I looked down. I was afraid that he didn’t want to go on with what he had started. “Stef? “ : I whispered. “Yes Amanda? “ : he answered me on a sweet tone. “I want to feel you inside me. Do you want to have sex with me please?” I blushed at the thought of my own forwardness..

Stef continued to caress my vagina and started to finger me slowly with one finger to make sure that I was wet enough for what he had in mind. But before he could answer my question I sat down on his lap, my breasts pressed against his body. My pussy barely touched his hard penis, my legs along his thighs. I wrapped my arms around him and we started to kiss again, his hands grabbing my breasts while mine caressed his back.

With my soaking wet pussy I slowly rubbed on his shaft, harder and closer every time. Our kisses started to get wilder and more passionate. Slowly I felt his penis sliding inside me. I pulled his body close against mine and pushed myself deeper on his shaft. “Oooh Stef !” I moaned.

Gently his cock slid deeper still inside, filling my pussy. While I was sitting on his lap, facing him and his penis deep inside my vagina, I started to move up and down which made all this so incredibly sexy. Everything that had happened so far had turned me on so much that I didn’t need much to reach my first orgasm. “Oooh, I am going to cum Stef. “ I moaned. My body shivered and trembled and rocked up and down on his lap as I moaned hard and uncontrolled. A fire of pleasure ran through my body. A powerful orgasm arrived, my whole body shaking as I clenched my legs together which made my pussy even tighter around his shaft.

Stef began to moan too, pearls of sweat covering his back. With a thrust and a loud moan I felt his throbbing shaft exploding his fluids inside my vagina. I could feel it run back out off my pussy after a few seconds because all the time I kept moving up and down slowly.

“ Oooh Amanda, this was great, you are fantastic.” Stef smiled and spontaneously he kissed me on my mouth. I gave him a big smile back : “This was delicious.” We kept looking into each others eyes while his cock became limp inside my pussy. We got up and went back into the shower area and took a shower together. We soaped and washed each other and after a while we left the boys locker room together and made our way home. I was in love with Stef, but I didn’t know if he felt the same about it.

The next day I was eagerly waiting for Stef but he didn’t show up. Was he sick or didn’t he have to give any classes today? Another one of my teachers passed by and I asked him if Stef was here. She told me that Stef called in sick and wasn’t going to be back soon because whatever the problem was, he would be out at least four weeks.

I started to worry about Stef. I hoped that nothing bad had happened to him. And I didn’t have his phone number or address so I couldn’t reach him. A few days later I opened my locker and found a note hanging on the inside of my locker. I grabbed it and read: “ Good morning darling. Are you horny again and in for another adventure? After school, at 4.45pm, I want you to come to classroom 14. You better be there!” Was this a note from Stef? Probably because he was the only one who knew what happened between us. This note got me so excited and I couldn’t wait till I could see him again. So was he back? I hoped so because I had missed him a lot.

Finally the clock reached 4.45pm I made my way to classroom 14. Like everyday around that time it was very quiet because everybody went home as fast as they could when the last class was over. I knocked on the door and heard a voice telling to enter. I walked inside and noticed a different person waiting for me in the classroom, he was sitting on one of the benches in the middle of the classroom.

It was not Stef, I had seen this teacher before but never had any classes from him. He told me to lock the door and so I did. He commanded me to stand in front of the classroom where the teacher normally stands. I walked to the board and turned towards him, not knowing what to expect. I placed my schoolbag besides the desk.

He grinned :”Welcome to my class Amanda. I know you expected Stef to be here but he wont be here for a long time. I know what happened between you and him in the boys locker room. Its all on video tape. Since some things had been stolen during classes in the locker room, the school installed a cam to find out who did those robberies. And I am the one who controls those videos. So you can imagine my reaction when I found out what really happened after school. Now you are going to do what I am telling you to do or I will make sure your parents will find out what you do after school.”

This was disgusting and I felt trapped, there was no way out off this. The only option I had was listen to him and obey to him and hoping that this would be over soon. He told me to get naked. Hesitating a little I took my shoes off, second I pushed my jeans down and laid it on the chair that was at the front desk. I grabbed the edges of my blouse and pulled it over my head, placing it with my jeans. While I was doing this he kept looking at me without making any motion. I did the same with the halter top that I was wearing underneath my blouse. It didn’t seem to go fast enough for him and he told me to go faster. I was afraid to look at him and kept staring to the floor in front of my feet as I unhooked my bra behind my back and laid it with the rest of my clothes. I covered my breasts with one arm while I slowly pulled my string down and stepped out off it. With my free hand I covered my vagina, waiting for what he had in mind.

It was so embarrassing to be standing in front of him, completely naked, only wearing my socks. I didn’t like the feeling at all and by the look on his face he didn’t seem to like the fact that I was covering my vagina and breasts with my arms and hands. The only comfort I had was that the windows were blinded so nobody could see what was going on inside this classroom. He told me to open the upper drawer of the desk in front of me. With the hand that was covering my breasts I quickly opened the drawer so I could cover my breasts again. There was a medium sized vibrator inside the drawer.

“Come on, take it and lay it on the desk! “ He commanded me. I took the vibrator out of the drawer and laid it on the desk and covered my breasts again. “Don’t act so shy cause I know you are not shy!” He seemed to be annoyed by me. He commanded me to get on the desk and to lay down on top of it and to stop covering myself with my hands. Afraid to make him even more angry I crawled on top of the desk and laid down on my back, my legs close together and hanging over the side. The wood was feeling cold on my back and caused my nipples to harden, even though I didn’t want them to.

He got up and walked towards me and came standing beside me, his eyes roaming over my naked body. I didn’t look at him. He laid a hand on my thigh and slowly ran up and down my flesh with the tips of his fingers. Slowly he ran his fingers over my kneecap and walked to the front of the desk and came standing in front of my legs. He laid one hand on my right kneecap and his other hand on my left kneecap. Gently he pushed my knees apart and opened my legs, exposing my vagina to him.
He commanded me to lift my legs. I lifted my legs and as I did he took me ankles and made me move a little backwards so he could place my feet on the desk, with my legs open wide. He released my ankles and wanted me to give him the vibrator. I handed it over to him. Still not looking at him, I heard how him turn it on. It made a soft buzzing sound. He placed the cold vibrator against my clitoris, causing me to let a soft moan escape from between my lips. I tried to keep my lips tight together but I couldn’t help it and soft moans kept escaping from my mouth each time he touched my clit again and again with the vibe. He was teasing me, placing it on my clit for a few seconds and removing it again, over and over. With my hands I was holding the edges of the desk. The longer he kept doing this, the wetter I got. After a while I felt some juice running down the inside of my thigh.

He laid his free hand on my thigh and ran his fingers down towards my vagina as he kept teasing my clitoris with the vibrator. Softly he ran his fingers along the sides of my vagina. I could feel my lower body tingle. He slid the top of the vibe slowly down my pussy lips to make it wet. He placed the tip against the entrance of my vagina and slowly started to push it inside me. It went in without much trouble and he moved it in about in inch and slid it back out. Again he moved it back inside, a little further this time and slid it back out. He kept doing it till it was almost all the way inside me.

I felt him turn the speed up a little as I felt the vibrator buzzing harder inside me. As he did this I pinched hard on the edges of the wooden desk, trying to prevent more moans escaping from my mouth. Despite all my efforts, as a jolt of pleasure rode up my body, a loud moan escaped from between my lips.

I heard him grin and he started moving the vibe again in and out of my wet pussy. After a while he said that I was ready. He slipped the vibrator out off my pussy and laid it beside me on the desk. I heard how he unzipped his jeans. I looked how he pulled his jeans and briefs down on the floor and placed himself between my legs.

I turned my head away again as I saw him take his hard penis in his hand. Slowly he ran the head of his penis up and down my slit, covering it with my juices. He placed it against the entrance of my vagina. There was a long pause and then I felt him slide his cock into my soaked vagina. I pinched the edges of the desk again as he started moving back and forth with long and deep strokes. He started groaning while his cock was pushing deeper inside me. I couldn’t help it and I was moaning myself as he was moving faster and faster, working himself to his orgasm.

He was groaning louder and louder, bucking faster into me while he was holding me by my ankles to pull me deep on his shaft. His orgasm was arriving and I could feel how his cock started to pulsate inside me.

There it was! His first jet of sperm exploded inside me. I turned my head to the other side and groaned as I felt the second load of cum enter me. He kept pushing into me after each contraction of his cock, pulling me against him by my ankles, ensuring that his sperm was deep inside my vagina. He made a few more final bucks into me and let his penis soften inside me vagina. After it softened he pulled it out, pulling some sperm out with that which was being smeared against the inside of my thigh as he pulled it out. A few seconds later I felt the cum running out off my vagina.

After cleaning his penis with his handkerchief he pulled his briefs and jeans back up. He walked to the bench were he was sitting earlier and took his suitcase that was standing on the floor and walked towards the door and unlocked it. He opened the door and turned towards me and told me that I had to be ready for the next time he needed me. After saying those words he walked out and closed the door behind him.

After he closed the door I pushed myself up and got off the desk. As I made my way to the chair where all my clothes were laying, I could feel his sperm seeping out and run down along my thighs. I grabbed a tissue out off my schoolbag and whiped as much sperm as I could from my vagina. After throwing it in a trash can I got dressed again and made my way back home, thinking how long this was going to last till he would finally leave me alone.

The next day was Friday and I was hoping that he would leave me alone so that I wouldn’t have to ‘service him’ again till Monday at least. I didn’t see any sign of him all morning before it was lunchtime. Like everyday, some friends and I went to have our lunch outside the school. So we headed for our lockers to put our schoolbags away. As I opened my locker, I gasped as I saw a new note hanging in my locker. It said that I had to go to his house that evening at 8pm. He even wrote the address on the note. I quickly grabbed the note and tossed it inside my bag and locked my locker. I didn’t eat much during lunchtime and some of my friends asked me if something was wrong because I wasn’t myself lately. I said I was okay and that it was nothing.

What did he have on his mind this time? I was nervous all day, not knowing what to do or to expect. I was sitting on my bed, with his note in my hand and looking at the address. It wasn’t that far from our school so I could go there with my bicycle.

I felt like my heart was beating inside my throat as I rode on my way to his house. He was living in a big house with a very nice garden. I noticed his car in the driveway and placed my bicycle against a wall. Questioning if I should go on with this, I made my way to the porch. As I brought my finger to the doorbell I changed my mind and wanted to go back home. I turned around and stepped down the porch. But as I reached the steps, I froze as I heard the door open behind me and someone call my name. It was him.

I turned towards him and he grinned and commanded me to come inside. He closed the door behind us and led me into his living room and motioned me to sit down on the big leather couch. I did as he told me and took place in the middle of the couch. He sat down next to me, very close against me and smiled at me. He seemed to be in a gentle mood.

Well he wasn’t going to waste any time and laid his hand on my left breast. I let him do that and that was a sign for him to continue. Button by button he started to open my blouse. I asked him about his wife, that she could catch us. He comforted me and said that his wife was going to be gone all evening. So that was bad luck for me. After he had undone all the buttons he opened my blouse and exposed my bra to his eyes. I was wearing a bra with the lock in the front. He unhooked it and let my breasts free. He leant towards me and brought his lips to my breasts. With his tongue he started to make slow circles around one of my nipples.

He complimented me on my firm breasts. He said they were small, but firm. While he continued to lick on one of my breasts, he laid his other hand on my other breast to caress it. Obviously this was turning him on and his hand slid down my breast, running over my stomach, to end between my legs. He cupped my vagina and started to rub it up and down through the fabric of my jeans. I tilted my head backwards and let it rest on the couch. He stopped licking my breast and used both his hands to open my jeans, warning me that I have to wear skirts next time or else I would be in trouble.

After he opened my jeans he commanded me to slip them off. After taking my shoes off I stepped out off my jeans and sat back down. He laid his hand back on my vagina and started rubbing again. This time I could feel it more intense cause the fabric of my string wasn’t very thick. With his free hand he took mine and laid it on his crotch. I felt that his cock was already hard. Obviously he wanted me to rub it, so I did, slowly up and down his shaft. Suddenly he got up and started to undress in front of me. I turned my head away when he pulled his briefs down. He took my head and turned my face back towards him. A minute later he was standing naked in front of me, his hard penis pointing towards me.

“Take it in your hand, Amanda.” : he commanded. With slow force he lead my hand to his penis. A shiver runs up my spine as I feel the heath of his cock in the palm of my hand. He laid a hand on the back of my head and slowly pulled me towards his penis, without words telling me that he wants me to give him a blowjob. I could smell a smell of pee as I came closer to his penis. Obviously hygiene wasn’t on the top of his priorities.

I tried to ignore the smell and opened my mouth and let his penis slide into my mouth. It tasted gross when I swallowed the taste that was coming from his penis. I let his cock slide back out off my mouth and slid my tongue up and down the total length of his shaft, making it wet.

All I wanted was to get this over as soon as possible so I could go home. I figured all I had to do was to make him cum as quickly as I could. To make sure that this wouldn’t last too long I wrapped my lips tight around his cock and started moving my head back and forth while my hand, which was wrapped around his shaft performed the same motion.

He started groaning while his hand was still on the back of my head. With my lips sealed tight around his shaft and my hand moving along his shaft, I could feel his penis throb inside my mouth. He started moaning louder and louder, pulling me by my hair closer towards his stomach each time I move my head forward sucking him insided me.

“Don’t be scared if I am going to cum, just swallow it.” He grins as he pushed his penis even deeper in my mouth, almost making me gag. While the muscles of his body are all pulling together, and with a loud moan, his cum explodes into my mouth. I try to pull my head back cause I hate the taste of his cum but he wont let me and keeps my head in place and my lips around his shaft while jet by jet streams against the back of my throat. Because it was getting to be too much, I had no choice but swallowing it all. It was disgusting to taste the salty thick cum inside my mouth.

His cock inside my mouth made it even harder for me to swallow. But on the other hand I was glad that it was over and I could go home now. Or at least, that was what I was thinking. After he made sure that every drop of cum was gone down my throat, he pulled his penis back out. I started to button my blouse again after he took place in the couch.

“What do you think you are doing? Its not over yet, Amanda. “ He grinned. With a questioning look on my face I turned towards him. All he did was smile and telling me to get completely naked. My heart started beating faster as I got up from the couch and started to strip in front of him.

After I dropped my last piece of clothing on the floor he commanded me to get on my knees on the carpet. I noticed that while I undressed myself, he was stroking his cock again. It had the desired effect - he was getting hard again. So it wasn’t over yet for me, what more was he going to use me for? He told me to get on all fours and so I did. He positioned himself behind me. With a loud moan he shoved his dick full depth into my cunt. I moaned as he shoved it deep inside. Despite my mind’s revulsion at this man using me this way, my body had been responding to the physical-ness of the sex and was moist enough to take him without too much discomfort.

He started pounding away at my pussy as I began moaning. I couldn’t believe it but I felt an orgasm building up inside me. He grabbed me by my shoulders so he could fuck me harder and faster. I felt his balls slapping against my clit as he bucked hard into me. I was going to cum soon if he kept fucking me like this. I was groaning and grunting and pushing back against him harder and harder. The louder I moaned, the faster he pounded into me.

Then it began, my orgasm. I screamed it out and it felt good. But he didn’t stop, he kept bucking into me. Suddenly he stopped and got up fast and shouted at me “Get up and get dressed and get the fuck out off here, now !”

I quickly grabbed my clothes from the floor as he pulled me by my arm and lead me to the backdoor and locked me outside, naked. I dressed myself as quick as I could and suddenly I saw his wife walking into the living room after she came in by the front door. She was shouting at him and obviously she knew what had happened. I decided to make my way back home.

On the next school day I found that he had quit his job for no reason and I never heard from him again. And I also never heard anything from Stef again but learned that he also quit his job, probably under pressure from the school. I sometimes miss Stef, and do wonder from time to time...whatever became of that video!


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