Teacher's Pet

By Amanda Marais
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Since I met my current partner, Edwin, I stopped going to dance clubs. Before I met Edwin I used to go to clubs every weekend to dance and have fun. I always ended up with guys I hardly knew and those days I drank too much and I had other bad habits I’d rather not talk about right now. People who know me, know what I am talking about. So since I met Edwin, I found another way to party and make fun: private parties. Edwin has many friends, and most of his friends are married or having relationships and they are more adult than my previous boyfriends. Maybe because Edwin is 32 and my other boyfriend were always around my age, I don’t know. And these friends organise private parties once in a while. Those parties are always themed, we had a few disco themed parties before but also stone-aged themed or jungle themed parties, anything goes, the only thing you need to do is dress to the theme. Not everybody is welcome at those parties, only friends are welcome, no strangers. This stories is about a party that turned out a little different than I expected.

Edwin had warned me that one of his friends, John and his wife, were giving a party soon at their house. But it would not be a traditional party. This would be a swinging party. I never met John before so I did not know him or his wife, so I was a little scared about this party. But Edwin comforted me and told me that if I did not want to go, we weren’t going. Of course, I did not want to be the chicken and ruin the party for Edwin so I told him I did want to go, but under certain conditions. I didn’t want to have sex with somebody I did not know. Edwin told me that could be arranged and that everything would be just fine. Edwin grabbed the phone and told John we were also going to come to the party.

A week later a letter in a plain white envelope arrived in our mailbox. There was a logo on the back of the envelope. The logo was encrypted with the names John and Lilian. My fingers were shaking while I opened the envelope because I already knew what it was about. I pulled a card out of the envelope and read it quickly. It was titled: ‘Swinging carnaval’ and all it gave was a time and the date and the address, followed by ‘costume required’. I placed the card in the envelope and I called for Edwin: “ Its here!“

“What’s here?”, he called from the bathroom. “The invitation for that party.” I replied, “you know, the one your friend John his having.” I heard Edwin’s footsteps and soon he was standing beside me looking over my shoulder, looking at the envelope. I showed him the card again. He looked at me: “ Are you excited?” I nodded: “ Yes, I am, and also very nervous. And we only got four days and I don’t have any idea what I am going to wear !” Edwin places his hand on my ass and said everything would be just fine and that I did not have to worry so much.

Edwin walked back to the bathroom as I walked to our bedroom, opening the closet. I was looking through my clothes. Nothing really nice to wear at a costumed party. I was thinking about what to wear all day and night. The next day I decided that I wanted to go as a bride, I have always wanted to wear white. And this was my chance to wear something like that cause marriage is something Edwin doesn’t want to do so that same day I went to a costume shop and rented myself a nice bride’s costume.

I did not know all of Edwin’s friends yet, but I did know a few. Steve I already told you about in another story. I knew him very well now. There was also Gregory, a graphic designer, 26 years old, single but with a steady girlfriend. The word was going round that he was well-endowed. Not that I knew that for sure, just telling you what was going around. There were also Anne and Nancy, both very attractive. They were nieces, both 31 years old at that time and both married. Edwin liked Nancy a lot because she usually wore some nice little skirts in the summer. And Edwin is a sucker for a pretty ass covered in a skirt.

At last, Friday evening arrived. Edwin decided to go as a doctor, complete with the white coat, stethoscope and rubber gloves, all borrowed from a friend of his who is a doctor. I stuck to my first though of going as a bride. As I stepped from the shower, I looked in the mirror beside the tub, admiring my body. Did I gain some weight? I hope I can fit in that dress. All kinds of thoughts were running through my mind. My breasts were firm, not too big, not too small, average breasts. My stomach flat and my ass tight, nicely rounded, not a trace of sag. The result of swimming every week and fitness. After I dried my body off, I brushed my dirty blonde hair. Tonight I was going to go funky, with a wild look, but not over the top, not slutty. I wanted a look that offset the virgin innocence of my white lace wedding dress. It was a sleeveless wedding dress with a low cut neckline with a delicate lace insert that accentuated my cleavage nicely. It was a tight dress but I figured I would be able to hold my breath if I needed to. The dress was floor length, with no train so it would be easy for me to get around at the party.

After finishing my hair I added makeup, not much but enough to accentuate my high cheekbones and soft skin. Lastly, I applied some deep lusty red lipstick, as a way of letting the guys at the party know what my sexual interests were. I pulled on a pair of white lacy, fingerless gloves. I held my hands out, admiring them, picturing a big cock, slippery with my own spit, sliding back and forth in my tight fist.

I could hear Edwin in the other room getting ready. He asked if I was ready yet but I told him that I was almost ready. I reached down and lifted up a new white lace underwire bra, scooped out towards the middle, it made me look at least two sizes bigger than I really am. I liked that look, if I could change anything about my body, I would make my breasts bigger. I slipped the satin straps over my shoulders and adjusted my breasts in the cups. Next I slipped on a tiny white lace matching thong. I pulled the sides high on my hips, the thin thread of fabric slipping deep into the crack of my ass. I turned and admired my look in the mirror. Lastly I topped off my lingerie with a pair of white sheer, thigh high nylon stockings, ones with a narrow lacy band at the top. I completed my look with a pair of 3 inch white satin pumps. I was proud of myself, white from top to bottom, with the exception of my pouting voluptuous red lips. I took the wedding dress off the hanger and stepped into it. I didn’t have to modify it in any way and it slipped easily and softly over my lingerie covered body. I reached behind and tried to do up the zipper but my hands couldn’t reach.

“ Edwin “ I called, “ can you come here and zip me up?” He called back: “ Yes sweetie, I am done myself.” Edwin walked into the room: “ Wow “, he said, eyeing me from head to toe. “You look stunning “. I smiled. He smiled: “ You are giving me a hard-on right now, just looking at you, maybe we shouldn’t go to the party and have sex right now, right here? I giggled: “ No sweetie, you wanted to go to that party, and we are going, if you like it or not. “ He laughed: “ okay baby, lets go, its almost time. “ And we walked to the door.

Right on time our car pulled up into the driveway of John’s house. The house was large with beautiful landscaped gardens, clearly owned by somebody who must have lots of money. A few other cars were already in the driveway. Just as Edwin wanted to knock on the door, it opened and there stood the Tin Man from Wizard of Oz. “ Good evening “ he said, “ May I see your card?” Edwin handed over the invitation card. “ Thank you“: the Tin Man said reaching into his pocket and handing Edwin over a key. I watched with interest. I didn’t receive anything. “Hold onto this, ‘why’ will be explained later, now make yourself at tome”, he turned with a bow and was gone after closing the door behind us. We entered the living room and looked around. Nicely furnished, there was a large oak fireplace mantle, directly opposite the stairs leading to the upstairs. There was a rope across the bottom of the stairs.

“ Hello “ I head a voice from behind me , I turned around and came face to face with a police officer and what looked like a cheap hooker. I instantly recognized Brenda and Billy, some friends of ours. Edwin liked the look Brenda had , only wearing a thin, see through black sheer top, black lace bra, a short leather miniskirt and leather pumps. “ Any idea what the keys are for? “ Billy asked me. “ No “, I replied. Billy nodded. “ Hey everybody “, we heard from behind. It was a fireman, complete with a long coat, hat and rubber boots. I put my hand to my mouth and laughed when I recognized Steve, Edwin’s best friend. As you could read in one of my previous stories. “ What’s so funny? “ Steve asked. “ You “ I replied, “ you look funny dressed up in all that stuff, its weird to see you without a suit for once.” Steve answered: “ Hey “ leaning close to my ear, “ wait until you see my hose. “ and he winked at me as he pulled back. My eyes locked with his for a few seconds.

In the meantime, Edwin was talking with some other people in the room who just came in. For the next ten minutes or so, the guests mingled around, talking. I was talking with Stefan, he was a friend of me and Edwin for quite a while now. Stefan is gay, he never had a relationship with a female before. He was very good looking, many females wanting him, could not get him, and he was 28 years old, living together with his gay partner. He is one of my best friends, I can tell him anything, he always understands. Too bad he is gay, else I would love to seduce him but I knew that wasn’t going to happen anyway.

At precisely 9 pm, a distinguished looking gentleman removed the rope and stood up on the second step. He was tall and dressed in a 1800’s suit, tie and bowler hat. That must be John. “ My name is John, and this is my house. You have all been invited here because you are all my friends and we wanted to have a special themed party tonight. Our rules tonight are simple. Each man has a key, that key has a number on it. If you meet up with a woman whose company you would like, you simply present her with the key. Within five minutes, she must go to that room, upstairs. The rooms are clearly marked, and prepare for the arrival of her man. Addressing the women, you then are obligated to do as the man requests. Within reason of course. Now to the men, please use good taste, if there are complaints about boorish behaviour, you won’t be asked to return for the next party. “ The people were laughing. That John was one funny guy. Edwin had told me before that he owned his own company that employs hundreds of people. That must explain this huge house.

John continued: “ Keep it to about 30-40 minutes, the leave the room. Now the woman has the key, and now she can present it to any man she chooses. Again, he is obligated to do as she commands. This can continue as long as possible. By they way, some hints to make it more exciting:
1. Don’t tell your partner what you are up to, we have a surprise for you later
2. You can go back with the same person you were just up with, only this time you are the master
3. Be and feel sexy, after all the most excitement is in the build up of the actual sex
4. Lastly, have fun!
With that he came down the steps, leaving the rope down and began to mingle with the guests. I was looking around, searching for Edwin cause I was a little scared to end up with a stranger cause this was a kind of party I haven’t experienced yet.

My eyes had found Edwin, he was on the opposite side of the room were he was talking with Brenda, while he was fondling with his key. As I wanted to walk towards him, I felt an arm slip around my shoulder and edge my over to the side of the room. “ And who have we here, the pretty bride “: said the voice I could quickly recognize as John. I smiled at him, a little scared. He was quite handsome for his age. Edwin told me he was 42. He had a strong chin, slightly greying hair, around the edges. Clearly a man used to getting his way and one with a great deal of influence. He spoke authoritatively. “ Amanda, I assume? “ as he gently took my hand and shaking it gently. I nodded. “ John “, he smiled. “ I hope you enjoy yourself, see you shortly “: as he spoke the last few words he took my other hand in his huge hands and pressed a key into my palm. He smiled at my as he turned and walked away.

I whirled my head around looking for Edwin. This was not what I expected. I expected that Steve or Edwin would be the one handing over a key to me, now I ended up with a guy I did not know at all. I looked at the small silver key in my palm. The number was 1. That must be because he was the owner of the house and organizer of the party. I noticed a few other people heading upstarts as I scanned the room I realized that Edwin was nowhere to be seen. He must have gone upstairs with Brenda. No doubt about that. Well, I have no choice now. I walked up the stairs and found the door with number one on the panelling. I unlocked the door and entered the room. The room was small but very nice furnished. A large oak dresser sat against one wall, a huge mirror taking up almost the entire width of the wall. Wherever I walked in the room I could see my reflection. I was admiring a small porcelain basket when I heard the doorknob turn and a man entered the room. My heart was beating in my throat. I was afraid to turn around.

I heard his steps come up slowly behind me until I could feel his hot, warm breath on my neck. I felt his hands, large and strong, slide around my waist and reaching up to cup my breasts. I sighed and leaned back against him. As I did I could feel his hardness pressing against my back. I turned around to face him. Despite his age, he was a very nice and handsome man. I had to admit that. He reached up and drew his face to mine and kissed me, his tongue entering deep into my mouth. Soon our tongues were dancing around, swirling and teasing. John took my hand and placed it on his crotch. I could feel his hard cock, wanting to get out. I drew back slightly and smiled at him: “ Do you want me to take it out? “ He said: “ Not yet, I just want you to know how excited you get me. “

“ I can feel that “ I answered, then fondling his cock some more. I stared into his eyes, reaching down, tracing my fingers down the length of his zipper. I could feel the heat from his pulsing cock. I drew my fingers up and down the length of his shaft while gazing into his deep blue eyes: “ This is a nice house you have here. “ John nodded: “ Yes, thank you. “ Maintaining the slow stroking motion I asked: “ Does your wife give good head? “ Again John nodded: “In fact she gives the best deep throat you can imagine.” I looked up submissively: “Is that what you’d like me to do, suck your cock? “ John nodded again: “ Yes, that’s what I would like you to do but, not yet, I like what you are doing now. “ I smiled, licking my red lips: “ You mean this …” And again I started a slow stroking motion along his shaft.

I loved the feeling of his hard cock through the fabric of his pants. But now I wanted to feel its hot flesh in my hand. John spoke: “ I would like to see you naked. “ “ Take off your dress. “ As I was obligated to do what the man wanted I said: “ Ok. “ I turned away from John: “ I’ll need some help here. “ as I motioned to the back of my dress. John slowly slid the zipper down. The soft satin straps of my bra came into view as did the top of my thong. John moaned with delight. My dress dropped to the floor. I bent down to pick up the gown, the thong moving deeper into my ass, the side straps high on my hips. I stood up, placing my gown on a chair and looking over my shoulder asking John: “ Like what you see? “

“ You are amazing, “ he answered while his eyes were scanning my body, “ I saw you when you first came in and I felt my cock already start to twitch just by looking at you. You are strikingly sexy, innocent, yet slutty ….a bride, soon to be married, but wantonly sucking on another man’s cock. “ Still facing away from John, I asked: “ What makes you think I’ll suck your cock? “ John smiled: “ Remember you have to do everything I ask. “ I smiled and motioned him to disrobe. John slipped his zipper down and undid his belt. You could hear nothing but the sound of John’s deep heavy breathing. I watched as he lowered his pants and gasped as the huge mushroom, the head of his cock, was already sticking out the leg of his boxer shorts. “ Its huge “, I whispered. John pulled down his boxers and immediately his hard cock sprang into full view. My heartbeat increased just at the sight of his manhood, beckoning to come closer, drawing my soft red lips to the head of his cock. As I turned to face John, I noticed his eyes grow wider as the full vision of my lingerie covered body came into the light. Locking eyes with him, I stepped forward and bended down. Gently I took one of his heavy balls in the palm of my lacy gloved hand. With my bare fingers I softly stroked his balls.

I placed my other hand firmly around the shaft of his cock. The white fabric contrasted with the flaming red of his pulsing cock. I squeezed gently, then harder and harder. The head of his cock began to swell as the blood was now trapped by my tight first. I made eye contact with him again. As I did, I reached up to the base of his balls and pinched gently. As I did I tightened the grip around his shaft and began a slow rhythmic stroking back and forth along its length. I could hear how John’s breathing was getting faster. I smiled up at him, continuing to lead him closer and closer to his orgasm. He groaned loudly: “ Oh yeah baby. “ I kept on stroking him and said: “ You love it when I slide my hands along your hard cock, don’t you, mmh? “ I stroked him faster and harder: “ watch me in the mirror John, see how fast my hand is sliding along your cock, John, oh fuck, what a nice cock you have and such big balls. “ I looked back down, admiring his huge equipment. John looked down as I continued to pound away at his cock.

I leaned up and forward and nibbled along the edge of his ear, slowing my motion: “ Want me to suck it? “ John moaned louder, and louder and nodded yes. And with that I bent down and with my bright red soft lips, just inches away from his cock head, I let a big drop of wet spit fall onto the head. I held his cock upright and watched as the thick fluid moved over the rim of his cock head and ran down the shaft. I watched John’s face. His mouth gaped as he was watching my saliva slowly run down the length of his cock. My hand drew ever so slowly and tightly up and down the length of his now shining wet cock. John threw his head back and moaned: “ Aaaarghhh, I am going to cum. “ Johns cock started to pulse wildly. Quickly, I smiled and pinched my fingers firmly at the very base of his shaft. “ Not yet “, I said: “ We need to play a bit longer. “

John was now lost in lust. I had been teasing him to the edge. “ Suck me off “, he pleaded: “ Put my cock in your mouth, please ! “ I smiled: “ Well, okay, but you have to promise not to cum in my mouth, okay? “ John nodded approval. I dropped to my knees, I was about to suck off a man I barely knew. I snaked out my tongue and gently touched his huge cock head. I traced my tongue around the sides, searching, on hand still firmly around the base of his steel hard shaft. Finally I pressed my red lips against the throbbing knob of his cock. John groaned wildly, forcing his hips forward in an attempt to get my to take all of him deep into my mouth. I pulled back quickly: “ John !, please don’t do that ! “ I smiled, and started to stroke him again, pulling faster and harder on his shaft. I lowered my eyes back to his cock, watching his head pop from my fist as I stroked him towards ecstasy. I lowered my lips once again and laid them on his cock head. Slowly I swirled my tongue over and over his slick know. Slowly I began to slip more and more of his shaft into my warm mouth. John moaned in obvious delight. I felt my pussy dripping with lust as I took his length faster and deeper, bringing him closer and closer that that moment of release when the first shot of hot cum would explode from his balls, along the length of his shaft, to explode from his cock head, spraying my face with sticky, wet cum. I slid my lips up and down his shaft and took his cock back in my mouth, deeper and deeper, the head now pounding again and again against the back of my throat as I took every inch of him into my mouth. My lips tightly around his shaft, pulling on the skin. My nose pressed against his pubic hair, my chin, dripping with spit, banged hard against his balls.

His cock started to spasm and semen raged deep in his balls. I felt the first throes of his orgasm. I kept on sucking him, harder and faster, the closer he came, the more intense I was sucking. Finally he came, jet after jet of cum blasted from his cock. I pulled off him and threw my head back, opened my mouth and pointed his cock head at my face. I felt the first blast full across my lips and teeth, I opened my mouth wider , and the second blast went into my mouth. It touched the roof of my mouth, there is slowly trickled down to the back of my throat. His scrotum pumped every ounce of their contents onto my face. His cock raged, his head throbbing with each spurt. My saliva dripped from his cock. I continued to pump him with my fist, faster and harder. I wanted to milk him of every drop of his sweet juice. “ That’s it John, shoot your hot cum all over my face, oh yeah. “: I shouted: “ Cum on my face baby, shoot more of it down my throat. “ And spurt after spurt shot from his huge cock across my face. I kept pumping him, not wanting to stop and let him rest. I was amazed how much cum was spurting from his cock. I looked up at him, my face pasted with his juice. Teasingly I continued to draw my fist over his sensitive cock head. “ How was that? “: I purred while looking up at him. “ Amazing, “ he answered with a big smile on his face: “ absolutely amazing. “ I smiled back at him as I gently released his now softening cock.

I looked in the mirror to look at my cum covered face. “ You can refresh yourself in the bathroom down the hallway, “ John smiled. We both got dressed and as John mingled downstairs with the guests I was refreshing myself in the bathroom, holding the key of the room I just had fun in, in my hand and thinking: mmmh now its my turn. I had just removed all the cum from my face and was getting my hair decent again. What a mess I was. I admired my wedding gown. I straightened my dress and grabbed the key and headed for the door of the bathroom to find myself a nice victim downstairs. I grabbed the doorknob and suddenly the door opened and two men came inside, grabbing my arms and pushing me back into the bathroom. The two guys were dressed as a police offer and a fireman. I recognized Billy and Steve.

“ What are you doing here Steve? “ I asked. He laid his finger on my lips and said: “ I told you I was going to show you my hose baby. Now be a nice girl and turn around. “ I did as he said and I turned around, standing against a wall. The wall was just an inches away from my nose. “ What are you going to do, Steve? “ I wondered. “ You will see Amanda, now open your mouth. “ he replied. I opened my mouth and I felt how a ball gag was placed into my mouth and tied behind my head. My mouth was spread apart and the corners of my lips pulled back. Instantly I could not speak anymore. The only thing I could do was utter some words and that was it. Suddenly my eyes were covered by a blindfold. Speechless and not able to see anymore. “ Give me your hands sweetie “, Steve whispered. I moved my hands behind my back as somebody grabbed them and tied my hands together at my wrists by something soft but not giving. I couldn’t move my hands anymore.

I was standing there in the bathroom, gagged, blindfolded and my hands tied behind my back, with 2 guys whose hormones probably were jumping against the ceiling right now. Their fingers began to explore me, sliding over my gown, over my skin. I uttered into the gag stretched across my mouth. “ Oh baby, you are beautiful. Just feel these melons. “ I head Steve say. Hands left the exploring of my legs and ass to join at my breasts, pinching my nipples through the fabric and weighing my tits. “ Oh yeah, I want to cum all over those ! “: Billy laughed. Fingers began to unzip my gown. “ Sit down sweetie. “ someone commanded me. I was pushed down into a sitting position on the floor, my hands painfully pinned behind me, the top of my gown now falling down around my waist. Fingers unhooked my bra and slipped them off my breasts. Not much later my nipples were being pinched and rolled and I gasped when one of the guys put their mouth on my right nipple, sucking and licking on it. I moaned softly. Strong hands parted my legs. I totally lost it about who was who. Was it Steve, or Billy? I was not sure anymore. A hand moved under my gown and started to rub my crotch, molding the fabric to my cunt. “ Oh, you like it baby, don’t you? “: a voice said. Was it Steve? He sounded like Steve, but I wasn’t sure anymore.

“ You want more? “ I nodded. “ Sure baby ! “ and the fingers pushed harder, nearly penetrating my pussy with my own thong. My gown was being hiked around my waist. A pair of hands pulled my thong off. “ Oh look at this ! The girl keeps her pussy nicely shaved “: somebody said surprised. That must have been Billy ! Now two hands were exploring the same area. I whimpered as one massaged my tiny clit. “ Ah, you are wet ! You little girl, you like this, don’t you? “ I moaned when I realized they were right. I was damp, I was wet. Slowly two fingers found their way into my pussy and strong muscles pushed them deep. I groaned. I was finger fucked while the other person played with my breasts. I heard a zipper. I felt the warm head of a cock sliding across my face. It felt soft. “ Lets get this party started ! “ they said as they turned me on my chest, shoulder and my head gently laid down on the floor. My legs were forced apart and another sound of a zipper followed. A body laid down on top of me. I felt a hard cock against the inside of my thighs. There was no delay. I was entered immediately, the air catching in my lungs. He began pounding into my pussy, a finger was rubbing my asshole. “ Yeah give it to her ! Fuck her Steve ! “ Now I knew it was Steve who was fucking me. One hand slid off my ass and around between my legs. He stopped his thrusting for a minute and gently massaged my clit as my pussy muscles spasmed around his shaft. He let go again and hammered even faster than before, grunting and pounding into me. I felt his balls slapping against me as he grabbed my hair and pulled my head back. It felt so good. My legs spread wide open and Steve laying between my legs, fucking me from behind as his cock moved deep inside me on each stroke. He started grunting and moaning harder and harder, I felt his cock starting to shiver inside me, spasms running through his shaft as I felt his hot seed exploding into my soaking cunt. “ Oooh yeah baby “: he moaned. After a few more strokes, making sure he spurted all his cum inside me, he pulled his cock out.

I felt how Steve got off my body and Billy took his place. “ Fuck man, what a mess ! I don’t wanne fuck that ! “ Billy said. “ Well, don’t. There is another option, “ Steven laughed. I began to struggle, uttering words nobody could understand through the gag. Slam ! Slam ! Two hands hit my bare ass,hard, and it started to sting. I felt a finger inserted inside my tight asshole, followed by a second finger probing me from behind, stretching my anus. The fingers were being released from my ass and I felt how a cock head was being pushed against my anus. I puckered up. Slam ! Another hand smacked my ass. I tried to relax. Slowly he began pushing his cock inside me. In and out in short bursts, deeper each time as I was trying to bite on the ball gag and trying to scream. Which was useless off course. “ Don’t worry Billy, she isn’t no ass virgin. Edwin told me. “ Steve laughed. I was getting aroused. I pushed my ass upwards a bit. “ Oh fuck, she pushed back ! You want me deep don’t you? “ He was right. I had pushed back and I pushed again, a small wiggle. “ Oh shit, she likes it ! “ Billy laughed. Steve said: “ If you promise to be a good girl, I’ll take the gag off. “ I nodded yes. Steve removed the gag and I gulped in some air, my spit running down my mouth and letting out a moan.

“ Tell us you like it Amanda. “ Steve asked me. “ I like it ! “: I replied. “ More “, he demanded. “ I like it, fuck me please, fuck me ! I moaned. “ You heard her Billy. “ And Billy increased his rhythm coming up onto his feet, knees bent around my side and used his weight to bury deeper into my ass. I let him know that I loved it ! “ Turn her around, turn her around ! “ Billy slid his cock out off my ass. Oooh it felt so good, finally I could relax and recover from these intense moments. Together they helped me onto my knees and my shoulders and my face on the cold floor as my hands were still behind my back. Billy took place behind me and slid his cock back into my asshole. I arched my head backwards, biting on my lips.

I felt a cock against my lips, gently pushing. I parted my lips and Steve slipped his cock inside my mouth. I could taste myself still on it. He was bulging again and I figured it would take some effort to get him to cum again after emptying himself into my pussy. Billy announced that he was going to blow. I heard how Steve was jerking his cock in front of my face, fast and hard. I felt how Billy spurted his cum inside my ass, a few jets exploding inside me. He pulled his cock out off my asshole and I gasped for air, my mouth wide open and Steve took my by surprise and blew a fresh wad into my mouth. It went straight down my throat. I closed my mouth and swallowed his semen before more cum would enter my mouth. Another wad ended on my cheek. Steve was grunting. I felt Billy’s cum running out of my asshole, running down my thighs as I collapsed on the floor.

They untied my wrists. That was a nice feeling cause they started to hurt. I was still laying on the floor, trying to recover from what just happened. I was exhausted. I heard the bathroom door go open and close again. I grabbed the edges of the blindfold and removed it from my face. The light of the bathroom was hurting my eyes. I could hardly see. I crawled towards the sink, cum running down my thighs from both my holes and I got up and looked in the mirror and said to myself: what a mess !


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