A Late Bloomer

By Ron Chee
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This is not kiddie porn ... I lived it! To describe first orgasms one must begin at the beginning!

As guys go ... and 'cum' I was a late bloomer. Even though I had witnessed a young black boy (my age) jerking off and ejaculating at summer camp ... I hadn't a clue as to what it was that he was doing. We had been swimming in the lake ... nude swimming was required ... NO bathing suits! Buck naked in our cabin for a short nap before dinner the boy had one hell of an erection to deal with!

Him, leaning back on his bunk, masturbating and squirting all over his mahogany thighs and belly was alien to me. Mysteriously attractive and unsettling, yet nothing that I was familiar with. His moaning and groaning while he spurted air born gobs of pearl drops was mesmerizing to watch and hear! At that age my own erection was a nuisance as much as anything ... no matter how urgent and annoying its sensations were ... nothing 'came' of it!

After having observed how the boy satisfied his erection (in front of half of his cabin mates no less) I tried what he had shown us ... later at night under the covers. I stroked and massaged ... and got myself hard, quite easily! To no avail, a half hour or so of furtive jerking off on my bottom bunk, in the dark, resulted in raw spots and blisters on my hard-on!

For nearly another year ... my erection rose to the occasion all too often ... and at the most inopportune times!

Standing in front of the class to read and recite something and getting a good look between Suzy Q's creamy legs in the front row and seeing her pink panties was the worst! UP periscope for HER and all the world to see the insistent bulge in my trousers! 'Aww SHIT, not NOW, please go away!'

What she and others did not know was that my best tree climbing, snake and frog catching buddy was a GIRL! "Barb" and I had grown through puberty together. There were no others our age close by to play with after school and on weekends. We played with each other .. in more ways than one as time went on. Familiarity does breed ATTEMPT!

She had found some hard core sex magazines in her parent's bed side table. I got a frantic call from Barb to "Come see what I found ... hurry!" Her house was three doors away and I was there in a flash! She led me upstairs to her parents room and there we stretched out on their bed.

As young and as inexperienced as we were, she was having horny apoplexy while sharing the graphic porn photo magazines. At first we giggled at the sight of penises penetrating vaginas, penises in mouths and else where. She wanted to know if my "thing" could do that!! Barb found out that it could in a few more minutes! Stay tuned kiddo!

It wasn't long before we were breathing hard and not laughing. There was nothing funny about what we were feeling. We realized, 'She's female ... I'm male.' "He's male and I'm female ... " Just like the nude people in the photos! The simultaneous recognition of our "differences" hit home on the bed! We looked into each other's eyes and the light went on!

Barb recognized that WE could probably DO exactly what the people in the pictures were doing IF we had the nerve to get naked together. We could DO IT for each other. She said, "I'm HOT ... !" Barb knew that I was HOT because she could see the erection I was sporting through my thin shorts! New Jersey rural summers can be cause for running around with as few light weight garments as possible! Mine concealed nothing from her!

Barb looked at my noticeably swollen crotch and asked, "Wanna? Wanna, just like them?" All of the women photographed aggressively fucking and being fucked seemed to be in some sort of a state of ecstasy or euphoria. They seemed to be loving that "thing" between their legs and inside of them! THAT intrigued my friend. I was game if she was. I stood and tentatively slid my shorts to the knees and exposed my rigid digit to her. I felt my face go red ... I had never done this before!

"Ooh, no ... not here ... my Mom might come home and catch us ... lets go across the street and down in the woods. I'll bring a blanket!" She grinned almost knowingly when she saw my sexposed erection!

Hopping her front lawn hedge we did find a cozy place to strip and place the blanket on the woodland floor. No one could have found us ... ! I was amazed ... my Tom Boy girl pal was not the least bit hesitant about getting nude in half a heart beat! Not that she had much on to start with either. Good grief ... when had she become so cute and develop such an adorably sexy body? How had I missed that 'till now?

When she leaned over to place the blanket ... I saw the delicious "vertical smile" between her legs and fanny cheeks! I almost asked her if we could "do it" from that position ... her pussy was tempting! Neither of us had thought to try our first attempt with her playing "Ben Dover ... I think I love you!" We had seen plenty of pictures of people fucking that way in the magazines ... though it did not click in that we could do it that way too.

If we had, the results of our efforts would have been different! She was just tall enough that I could have walked up behind her behind, held her hips and stuck my flaming erection IN! Who knew? We didn't! Oh well, at least I got to admire how her pretty legs went all the way to her inviting, shapely fanny!

Barb stretched out on the blanket and assumed a pose similar to some that we had perused in the fuck magazines. It wasn't until then that I clearly saw how attractive she was. Small very firm budding breasts, a flat tummy, long sexy legs ending in a V at her crotch ... a faint patch of dark blonde hair adorned the area at that all important juncture. I did not know then that the "V" stands for Vulva!! (Today my sexy wife jokingly calls it her "VOLVO!" Now and then she asks if I want to drive her Volvo ... "Drive it crazy please??" I'm more than happy to oblige!)

The nipples on Barb's cup cake shaped breasts were increasing in size while I slid my shorts down and over my erection. She was watching it like a horny hawk! Her pretty blonde hair swirled about her head on the blanket. Barb moved her legs apart just like the women in the magazines. Planting her feet on the blanket, toes down, heels slightly elevated, she held her arms up to me. "Ready? I am!" She was a picture to see and remember. A pretty picture!

She had me so ready that the bit of male tissue swelling between my legs hurt like hell! Until that very moment I had never experienced preorgasmic agony like that. I had not yet experienced an orgasm either!

I knelt between her legs and eased down into a push up position over her. We wriggled and postured until the engorged head of my erection was touching her "slit". Now what? We both assumed that I would go IN to her just as we had seen in the XXX photos!

I pushed when she told me too! "Ooh yeh, that's it, ... right there ... push it IN!"

My hard on followed her slippery slit and popped UP and OUT of it. Huh? Try it again and again and again ... and even again! The same undignified exiting occurred each time! She had me slowly, purposefully stab at her soft beaver about twenty times, maybe more.

What we did not know is that I was forcing myself, with her blessings, between her labia against her pubic bone ... not at her vaginal vestibule, less than an inch below it! Had we known to study and memorize what was in the close up sex photos we would have succeeded! Had she held her labia OPEN for me to observe the lay of her inner landscape there on the blanket, we would have succeeded too!

My thrusting and slithering up and out of the cleft between her vulva mounds at least felt good ... for both of us. I was fucking and teasing my best pal's clit and didn't know it ... she didn't either! Her nipples were getting more aroused as we tried to "DO IT!" Her breasts and arms were becoming covered in goose bumps! Something was happening ... we just didn't know what ... or how to take her to the next levels of arousal, plateau and more.

When it was clear that nothing beyond my pushing and slithering UP and OUT was going to occur we had to admit defeat. What seemed to be so easy and alluring in the porn pix was in fact very hard (small pun intended). Reluctantly we dressed and headed back up the hill for home.

On the way, Barb told me that I probably should have "Kissed" her all over first, just like the people in the pictures. I.e., "Kissed" her legs, tits, tummy, pussy, fanny and mouth! "I'm so HOT! HOTTER than before!" she said rather wistfully ... and it wasn't because of the summer day's heat! Perhaps I should have licked her 'slit'? We might have learned what was behind her silky curtains? What did we know?

Just before we left the secluded confines of the woodland, Barb gave me what I still believe was a consolation, "nice try" kiss on the cheek. She had never done that before. She never had a reason to kiss me.

Barb went back to her room, revisited the porn magazines and masturbated alone to her first ever orgasm that afternoon. (We had at least awakened her clitoris!) I on the other hand, had to walk down the street hoping that the nosey neighbors would not see my erection leading the way. My masturbation that day resulted in nothing more than blisters on my cock again! I pulled that rascal to perdition ... zilch! I was beyond erotic frustration!!

For weeks afterward I could not get Barb's almost wanton nudity and persistent sexuality out of my mind. The remembered sensations of our genitals touching, frantically seeking something, not knowing what about drove me bat shit crazy!

Some time later Barb told me about her first orgasm after our inept woodland tryst. She had gone to her room ... no one else was home. She stretched out on her bed .. her genitals inflamed, sore and needy. My pal thought intently about what we had just tried. Visions of her and I nude and lewd together made her arousal even more egregious!

Barb told me that she placed her hand firmly on her crotch and tried to make the flaming soreness go away! After holding herself for awhile she found the touching to be making her condition almost unbearable ... not better. Finally she retrieved a sex magazine and studied it.

Her vagina was nattering at her ... it seemed to insist on more from her. She unzipped her shorts and touched herself through her panties. Pressing on her vulva did not help ... she finally slid her hand inside of her panties ... "OOH, that seemed to help!" Barb told me that her groin felt as though it had giant hives. Itching and swollen to the burtsing point, she massaged herself to relieve the discomfort the way one naturally does when hives occur.

She began scratching her ITCH and had to put the magazine down. Her fingers detected a strange wetness oozing from where? Her touching became more intimate ... she found the source of her liquefied angst. Her PUSSY was leaking. Barb lifted her hips and slid her shorts and under wear down her lithe legs and off! Her pretty figure was nude from the top of her belly to her toes.

She spent the next little while toying with the source of her pleasant discomfort. She did not yet understand the juxtaposition of discomfort and pleasure in that spot between her legs radiating up into her belly. It even seemed to be affecting her breasts, they were tender and pleasantly sensitive to her touch. Her nipples were responsive when she explored those as well. They sent electrical tingles down to her crotch when she manipulated her self under her tie top. All she knew was that she had to make it all go away if she could.

Her vaginal distress was becoming more than she could take. It required her to feel, finger, palpate and stroke faster. She did not know why ... she just needed to follow what her genitals prompted her to do! She had her finger between her labia by now and was sexploring from one end to the other.

The finger found her vaginal opening ... it was wet and slippery. Barb was a virgin in all senses of the word yet her finger found its way IN to her vestibule. She was one of those lucky girls that had a minimal amount of hymen tissue barring her entry way. Her finger entered. The fit was snug but not uncomfortable. It felt good according to her.

When she retrieved her finger ... it was soaking wet and slippery! She pictured my erection IN there instead of her finger.

The sensation of inserting her finger gave greater rise to sensations of what a BOY might feel like in there. This boy in fact .. she still wanted her best friend IN her. Barb resumed touching and actively teasing the other end of her genital cleft ... the end that I had been valiantly though ineptly, fucking and jousting with just an hour before!

She doesn't know how long that she had been giving herself a helping hand ... then, suddenly and unexpectedly IT began. Her sense of giant hives exploded alarmingly between her legs all the way through her belly to her breasts and back again. Her vagina felt as though it was about to rip apart, yet, she could not stop masturbating to save herself! (Neither of us even knew that pleasuring one's erection or pussy to orgasm was called masturbation at that time. We did not know what orgasms were either ... though my sexy friend learned about that far sooner than I did!! It didn't need a name ... other than astounding!)

Barb felt her inner pussy cramping and experiencing waves of delectable spasms! She said that her muscles from her neck to her toes tightened involuntarily ... her legs pushed straight out and her hips began thrusting at her "fuck finger". Her belly fluttered in rhythm with her inner waves of pleasure. Her pretty chest heaved with heavy breathing. She told me that she remembered that she was making a lot of noise through clenched teeth ... though she had no idea as to what she said or cried out! Barb felt as though she was becoming paralyzed from her neck to her toes ... the only part of her that she seemed to have a little control of was the hand and finger that she was creating her first ever orgasm with! She CUNTinued to play with her clit and pussy until her body finally relaxed. She could not stop that until IT stopped ... whatever IT was!

Technically she may have been a virgin ... but after that award winning event ... esthetically Barb was not a virgin! She knew more than I did at that time! In cumming months she'd learn even more ... ! When her first time was over .. there were the goose bumps on her arms and breasts again!

Now, fast forward to the following summer. Barb had a girl pal by then that was four years older than us. Judy was admittedly sexperienced! She was suspected of being a cock hound and rumor had it .. in fact, she was fucking older guys quite regularly. Judy was spectacular to look at and could have been Marylin Monroe's identical twin, if the vulnerable, seductive actress were still around! She was a blonde stunner and well built.

Judy had been educating Barb over the year since our inept woodland attempt at getting into each other's pants. She informed my friend about S-E-X since Barb's first successful orgasm! Both girls had discussed at length what had gone wrong on the blanket amid the soft, shaded ferns.

The girls conspired to correct our ineptitude! Barb was going to get laid! Without my knowledge I was elected to be the fucker to Barb's fuckee! Barb was going to fuck me with Judy's hands on help!

The ploy began in Judy's aunt's swimming pool ... next door to Barb's house. The three of us were messing around in the four foot deep above ground pool. Now and then Judy's bikini top would slip off of one stupefying tit or the other .. accidentally on purpose! That display was strictly for my benefit and for that of my penis. She made a point of putting the errant tit back into the swimsuit top ... graphically and very slowly! No embarrassment what so ever at having flashed me! She seemed to be petting her exposed breasts while tucking them in!

I knew from having seen nude women in the porn magazines at Barb's house that a woman affectionately handling her own breast was a turn on for me. Seeing it live was even more so! She had me shivering in the ninety degree pool water!

I should have known that something was UP besides me! Most girls don't "flash" without a reason ... or a project in mind!!

After I had ogled the older girl's sumptuous breasts .. she would go under water and again, accidentally on purpose, bump or blatantly grab my crotch to see if she'd succeeded in making it hard enough to be "serviceable." Trust me boys and girls ... she HAD! The girl had outstanding mammaries! Her's were three or four times the size of Barb's pretty breasts. Judy's orbs were awe inspiring! As the old cigarette ad touted, "Round, firm and fully packed!"

Barb and Judy informed me that they had decided that I was to be the judge of their "kissing contest!" We would go across the street to my hot, dusty two car garage and there the girls would have me decide who was the better "kisser"! (Hoo boy, I had never kissed a girl aside from pecks on the cheek. Barb had the edge on me in that she had gone to boy / girl parties and had played kissing games.)

I was indeed a shy, late bloomer! Barb was bolder.

In the garage (we could not go in any one's house as a three some or the nosey neighbors would have blown the whistle on us! Not half naked from the pool at any rate!) Barb was first at bat. She wrapped her arms around my shirtless torso and began sucking face. Gawd it felt good having her damp, nearly naked body against me. I was too embarrassed, too shy to wrap my arms around her in exchange!

I returned her kiss ... rather poorly I must admit. For most horny girls there is nothing worse than a dry, lack luster kiss with little attention to details. Barb pulled her head back and said, "C'mon ... kiss me right!" I had no clue what that meant or how to make it better. As much as I liked and longed for her ... my kissing amounted to dryly bussing old aunt Sally! Before breaking off and turning me over to Judy ... Barb slipped her tongue to me! She could feel my erection pressing her bare tummy through my swim trunks. My best friend was also grinning wickedly over my shoulder at the older girl! She knew how to demonstrate passion ... I didn't.

Barb pressed her hips and belly against my hard-on and then used her body to push me away and spin me around.

HOLY SHIT ... Judy stood there ready to take over with the osculation contest ... her astounding breasts were completely naked! OHMIGOD, she had taken her bikini top off and reached for me and pulled my bare chest to hers and began not just kissing ... but making out! I had just enough time to see her pink tipped torpedoes 'coming' at me before the impact! The sexy girl was naked from her pubic bone to the top of her head! I thought that the head on my shoulders and the one in my swim trunks would explode right then and there!

Judy was grinding her lips and her crotch against me ... she was sucking the life out of me and infusing a new life sexperience at the same time! I was too startled to return her impassioned kisses. The older girl dug her nails into my bare back, she was eating my face and bumping and grinding her barely clad pussy against my erection! She told, no, she ORDERED me to put my arms around her!!

She provided a sensation in my groin that I had never felt before! Something was 'coming' ... I just didn't know what! Judy did!

Barb was busily up to something behind me. I was too flummoxed to turn and look. Judy kissed every inch of my face and ran her nails up and down my back. Her hands settled on my ass and pulled me closer yet! I felt her fingers slide beneath my waist band and begin massaging my ass under it! Then she began sliding my swim trunks down an inch at a time. Reflexively my trembling hands felt up her naked sensuous back! I stroked from her swan like neck to her butt cleft.

A few more tongue flicks between my lips and Judy turned me around. Holee crimminy ... Barb had pulled a large card board flat to the middle of the dusty floor, her swimsuit was off and she was stretched out lewd and nude on the card board!!! She had not a stitch on!! Her dinky bikini hung on a nail on the wall!

She was posed with her shapely slim legs wide apart ... wider than is needed to get laid. She was advertising! I had seen her in a similar pose the summer before ... the difference being, that now while I gazed down at her ... she was holding her pussy wide open. (The ubiqitous goose bumps showed on her aroused body as I had seen them once before.)

Judy had shown my best pal how to display her hidden charms in Barb's bedroom before they met me at the pool! The older girl had given my best pal a visual demonstration with her bikini bottoms off. Using her own pussy she showed Barb how to display and give acess to her inner self and told her why! Barb knew what to do after that! In theory at least, she knew how to get laid. Judy had shown her how and where I was to go! No more popping up and out!

Gawd my best friend was pretty in PINK!

Her breasts had grown since our last nude soiree together! They were still cup cakes but far more grown up looking. Her nipples were upstanding as well ... nicely so! (Barb had always admired her mother's quite substantial, very sexy breasts ... though all of her life hers never developed to the same size that her Mom's tits had!)

Barb looked up at me and asked, "Wanna try IT again ... I do if you do!" She wasn't nervous and had a rather serene, inviting expression on her face. I'm sure that I didn't! I felt second best to terrified!

When Judy finished sliding my trunks all the way off I guess there was no need to tell Barb that I was willing to "try" her again! The size of my twitching erection said volumes to both girls! I'm not hung like a horse .. but not bad either, even then.

Judy had me get down over Barb again, just as we had in the woods. Judy took hold of my erection and aimed it at Barb's pussy port! She told Barb, "Lift your legs Hon .. wrap 'em around his ass ... remember what I showed and told you?" Barb lifted her legs and Judy began rubbing my inflamed penis around Barb's labia and clitoris.

Barb replied, "Yeh pull and hold him IN me ... with my legs!" I looked down into Barb's eyes and knew that I was in love with her ... first loves, even puppy loves are amazing! Ooh, she was so lovably sexy, so sweetly bold!! The warmth and strength of her legs around me was both inspirational and comforting.

I felt my erection being enveloped in Barb's warm wetness. I was IN her about an inch ... or so it felt, Judy had me in hand and was helping us get laid for the very first time. In reality I had not penetrated my friend's inviting pussy beyond her hymen. I had been simply knocking on her door to heaven!

THEN, for seemingly no reason Judy pulled me away!! She had me stand between Barb's ankles and look down at Barb's pussy and all of the rest of her! Barb was as confused as I was!

Judy asked Barb if she, " ... would you like to see the STUFF that makes BABIES ... ?" Barb nodded "Yes" dumbly. That's when Judy with her amazing chest ornaments brushing my side and thighs began licking and sucking my erection briefly and then stood and masturbated me by hand for Barb to watch! She had also just seen her first, albeit brief ... blow job!

Judy knew something that I didn't! She had been fucked plenty of times and even had a baby of her own to put up for adoption before this ... she wasn't about to allow Barb to get knocked up! Judy knew what was 'coming' out of the end of my swollen twitching erection very soon! She had seen it leaking all over her hand and Barb's pussy lips. Long sticky tendrils of it spanned between her hand, Barb's outer snatch and my stiff dick! Rightfully so, the "stuff" made Judy wary!

She was also afraid that her younger friend might "bleed like a stuck pig" when I penetrated the girl's cherry or even tore it! She did not want that to happen ... and have Barb run screaming and crying for home. How in hell would she have explained that away?

Instead, with Barb's and Judy's help I was about to do something ... wonderful ... for the very first time! Judy asked, " ... Ever 'cum' before?" I thought she meant 'come' ... if I hadn't, she knew that I was about to!!

A few minutes of her sucking and stroking me and the close association of her too erotic breasts against my skin and ... I spurted a massive amount of fluid all over Barb's supine body. Thick pearly white sticky fluids 'came' out of me, just like the boy at camp ... ! Barb's erotic nude visage and Judy's 'hands on' had finally done it for me! Just then to compound the felony, I got a glimpse down the front of Judy's bikini bottom. She had a mass of attractive, appealing pubic hair!

That did it! Both girls saw me 'cumming' and coming!

Barb was stunned ... she had heard from her older girl friend about how men squirted "stuff" into pussies and that's how women got pregnant. Barb thought that it might even be urine ... she hadn't a clue! What could possibly come out of a boy's pee pee but pee? Yet, having heard about it and having actually seen it were worlds apart. I had deposited substantial spurts of 'cum' from Barb's aroused nipples to her outstretched thighs.

My knees buckled when I let fly that first time! The sensation of a first ever ejaculation frightened and delighted me!

Barb ran a finger through one of the puddles with which I had showered her ... "Ooh, way cool ... sticky and warm!"

She didn't get laid that day but she (we) did have a sexciting learning experience! Thank you Judy ... were ever you are! I was annoyed when you made me withdraw ... in retrospect I am glad of it! Thank you for having the good sense and SEXperience that Barb and I did not have. (Even so ... Barb waited and worried along with you until she got her next period! I wasn't made privy to your concerns until much later! My leaking erection just touching her adorable labia and surrounding CUNRTry side could have sent my tadpoles swimming upstream, where they didn't belong!)

After my sticky eruption both girls got dressed and left me standing ALONE with my cock still hard and totally dumfounded! Judy had other fish to fry beyond this inept man child! As they left, Barb turned and winked at me saying, "See ya tomorrow!"

Both girls went to Barb's house and to her room. There Judy explained why she had cut off the FUCKING in mid stream and had me shoot a stream instead. It was the "Knocked Up Syndrome" and we didn't have rubbers to prevent Barb from getting in a family way! Judy did not use those very often for her own sexcapades ... as such she forgot to bring one or two for Barb's safety and wll being!

According to Barb, one thing led to another in her room and both girls ended up even hornier, steamy and masturbating in front of each other with fingers inside their swim suits for the orgasmic relief it would provide! When it became unbearably intense they stripped their bottoms off and finished themselves while the other watched and did like wise! (Yes, girs do perform their own version of "Circle Jerks" now and then when there is a NEED! They did!)

Both girls were turned on from seeing and handling a male sex organ and what it could do! Judy made it clear during their masturbatory excursion that had I been more experienced and fun to make out with ... SHE would have fucked me on the garage floor!!! The older girl tried to describe the sensations that a woman has during making out, finger fucking, pussy eating and intercourse. That was all they needed to conclude their masturbation ... with shared orgasms!

Barb did see me the following day. She came to my house and wanted to talk about what had happened. Had I ever done that before? 'Nope ... but I did it again twice, after you left ... !'

She was getting a clit buzz from hearing that and telling me what she and Judy had done in her room and why! By the time we were done revisiting and describing our joint and separate events ... I had another raging boner that Barb could see through my shorts. Barb's nipples were rising while we talked. I could see those poking through her tie top middy shirt. She did have amazingly erectile nipples, cute bare belly button too! Sexy!

Gazing at the phenomenon between my legs Barb asked, "Ooh, are you gonna do it again after I leave?" When I admitted to her that I would, with some embarrassment ... she asked me to, " ... do it again now so I can watch? Would you?" There was no embarrassment on her part.

Barb sat on a kitchen chair and waited ... she played cheerleader, watching intently when I had myself in hand for her! That was my fourth orgasm ever, and it spurted about four feet with drops landing on her bare knees, the chair and another on her lightly clad tit!

We became "Jerk Off Buddies" after that. Barb was smitten with male masturbation and ejaculation, instigating me to whacking off in front of her and then go home, stretch out and play with herself! Even after she had eliminated her own hymen with her Mom's purloined vibrator we never did get to fuck each other. She managed to stretch her own cherry without any pain or blood! (She also used it to stretch a new girl friend's hymen as well. Maybe more about that another time.)

She was kind (and curious) enough to take hold of my flaming boner one time. She wanted to see if it really was as hard as it looked. It was! She then held her hand out, palm up and had me 'cum' in her hand. Barb wanted to see what it felt like. "Ooh it really IS warm and sticky ... cool, wish I could do that!"

My best pal would have agreed to masturbate me the way Judy had, when I begged her to do it more than a few times, but she was afraid that she'd cave in and allow us to get nude and laid at my house or hers! Judy was pregnant again and we both knew we could not risk it! (Buying condoms for us, in our small town of blabber mouths was out of the question!)

I loved Barb for a long time but could never bring myself to openly tell her. SHAME on me ... who knows what would have 'cum' of it if I'd had the nerve to speak my mind! I could not bring my self to show her how special she was or how much I cared! Being shy is a curse!

My Tom Boy pal went on to marry a much older man. She confided in me that he had taught her some amazing stuff ... he was great in bed! Now thinking back on it ... apparently and not surprisingly ... Barb was too! She also admitted that she was still almost jail bait when she seduced him! My Barbara was a sexual adventurer.

She is gone now, much too young ... perhaps where ever her soul rests, she knows how I felt! I hope so, I owe her that much!

(I will respond to those that write ... )
(C) 2005 ... Ron Chee


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