Dark Theatre

By Amanda Marais
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A few months before I met my current partner Edwin , this story occurred . So it must have been about 3 years ago now . It was an ugly , windy and very hot day . I was in a rotten mood to begin with cause me and my boyfriend had just broken up the night before cause he cheated on me . I was getting ready to meet my best girlfriend Eline at the theatre for a movie and some men-bashing afterwards at our favourite bar . I threw on a pink strappy sundress and didn’t even bother with a bra cause it was too hot and too uncomfortable on a day like that day . I pulled my hair back with a big clippy and I was ready to go .

When I pulled into the parking lot of the theatre my cell phone rang . It was Eline , to inform me that couldn’t make it today cause her sister needed a babysitter and she really had to help her out . Well seems it wasn’t my lucky day , my second bad day in a row . Well , screw it , I thought . I will go to see a movie by myself . To make matters worse , the lines were long , and when I finally got into the theatre , the light were already low . I looked around , with my coke in my hand and it seemed like there weren’t many people watching this movie , so there was enough place for me to sit down . I fumbled around in the dark till I found a seat in the very back row . Luckily it was an end seat , but there was a person sitting in the seat directly beside me . I sat down and placed my coke in the holder . Nobody was sitting in the seat in front of my which was my first lucky break of the day .

Once I sat down , I propped my feet up on the seat in front of me . I was wearing pink flipflops with little flowers on the strappy part . My toes were a metallic blue colour and I was wearing a few toe rings .

Half way though the movie , that sucked big time , the gentleman beside me got up to exit the row . I seriously thought of asking him to grab me a diet coke and a snickers bar . It was the first time that I had actually looked at him and I was surprised with myself for not having noticed sooner that he was actually pretty cute . He was tall and had some really nice arms on him . Even in the dark , I could see that he had a sexy black arm band tattoo around his bicep . I decided not to ask him to bring me something cause what would he think of me . I moved my feet for him to pass and noticed how he watched my legs and feet while I moved them out of his way . He did stare pretty hard at my little feet . But with 2 toe rings on , it sometimes draws a bit of attention .

He came back shortly with a big drink . He smelled a little smoky and it made me crave a cigarette really bad . I hadn’t smoked in years but after what happened last evening , I wanted to start smoking again . When he entered the row , he tripped on my purse and I apologized to him . “ No problem . I am glad I didn’t trip over one of your pretty feet . “ he whispered to me . I giggled and smiled at him . Dark theatre , back row , maybe this would turn out interesting . I put my feet back up on the chair in front of me and my next door neighbour deliberately took a long look at my toes . It delighted me to know that he was probably getting aroused just gazing at my feet . I do have some pretty feet , I guess . I take painstaking care to make them look nice . Freshly polished always , and adorned with toe rings and an anklet is habitual for me .

Its not that I am a shy girl , but sometimes I can be shy , but once in awhile , when I am in a frisky mood , I surprise myself . Today I felt frisky . Partly pissed at my rotten weekend and partly just plain old horny . I surprised myself when I leaned over to the tattoo guy to ask him for his name . His name was Dominic . I told him my name , which he seemed to like . We sat there whispering for about 5 more minutes to each other , trying to be absorbed in the movie , but , not able to take our minds off the sexual tension between us . I remembered and old saying a friend always said to me : ‘ Expect nothing , that way you’ll never be disappointed . ‘ I decided to keep that in mind .

“ You have lovely legs Amanda “ he whispered . I smiled and replied trying to act a bit taken back and reluctant : “ well , sure , I guess . “ I don’t know why I did it but something inside me made me do it . I turned a bit sideways in my chair and raised my legs and my feet up to his lap . I felt like I was in a movie myself , and it wouldn’t be a kids movie , if I could have it my way !

He laid his hand on my little foot and took it firmly in his hands and began pushing his thumbs ever so softly into my arch . He applied more pressure and I felt my whole body relax and my libido began to act up . His hands felt warm and rough and sent shivers straight up my legs . I tried to keep my eyes on the screen , but I couldn’t help but watch his face as he concentrated so seriously on my foot . It turned me on so much to see him so engaged in what he was doing to me .

He lightly ran his index finger over the tops of my toes . My toes go straight down in size and he bumped his finger down them and back up again . He slid his fingers between my toes and put his whole hand around my ankle . He twisted and twirled my toe rings around and around . He slid them on and off . He even bent down once and teasingly kissed the top of my big toe . My heart skipped a beat ! What a weirdo this guy was and I was giving in to him !

He ran his hand up my calf to my knee . “ Feels good ? “ he whispered leaning closer to me . “ Mmmh mmm “ : I replied . He smiled and took it as permission to move up my leg a bit further . Talk about your frisky moods . His hand rubbed up and down my long leg and I felt like I was melted to my chair . Thank Go no one was directly beside him on the other side ! We were making quite a scene to anyone who could see . I didn’t really give a good goddamn at this point . I was so turned on by this guy , I did something I still to this day am quite in awe of . I gently took his roamin ghand , and slid it all the way up between my legs , under my skirt , to my thong . I felt something hard against my foot on his lap , and realized he was getting very , very excited also . He didn’t waste any time and pushed my thong to one side , sliding his fingers along my soft skin . His other hand was on my foot , which was , by now , rubbing against his hard cock , hidden under his jeans .

He teased my wet pussy with his fingers and I rubbed him harder with my foot . When he sunk a finger deep into my drenched cunt , I could hardly swallow the moan in the back of my throat . As he pushed his finger in and out of me he leaned over and kissed me on my lips . I parted my lips and let his tongue enter my mouth to play with my tongue I kept thinking how badly I wanted this man on his knees in front of me , with his head buried deep between my legs . I felt out of control , like a complete slut-for-a-day !

I was to the point of not being able to really control myself too well , so I lowered my foot from his lap and took hold of his forearm , pulling it out from its playground under my skirt . “ I am sorry , …. Its …I cant keep doing this here “ : I giggled . “ I know , its not very private , is it ? “ he asked . “ No “ , I replied . “ Well what do you want to do ? “ he asked . “ Follow me “ I replied . I got up and walked out of the dark room and he casually grabbed my hand and entwined his fingers with mind as we walked down the hall in silence . We rounded a corner near the restrooms and I saw what I was looking for .

I looked around before I gently jiggled the handle of the broom closet situated between the restrooms . When we got into the small closet , as he shut the door and moved a heavy bucket full of sand in front of it , I said to Dominic : “ Don’t be too nice . “ I could see his stiff cock under the denim jeans . I stared at it till he pushed me against the wall and grabbed my ass under my short skirt . He kissed me and roughly squeezed my ass with his hands . My hands went straight to his button and zipper at the front of his jeans . I couldn’t wait to get a hold of that deliciously hard cock of his . He pushed my thong aside and once again , his finger moved deep inside me , quickly followed by a second finger . This time , I didn’t hold back my moans and small cries . He grew harder when he heard how much I loved his fingers fucking my wet pussy .

By now , I had his jeans and boxers down to his ankles , and I was grabbing his cock and rubbing it up and down with my little hand . I was really wanting to get down on my knees and take a good taste of him , but before I could , it was him dropping to his knees . He grabbed my ass and pulled my pussy up to his mouth . He was some kind of lover , this one ! I felt his tongue flicking over my clitoris . My hips moved on their own and he gave my ass a hard smack . A couple more of those and I would cum all over this guys face !

When he could tell I was close to exploding , he came up and kissed me deep and hard on my mouth . His hands were immediately back on my ass and he hoisted my up as I wrapped my legs around him . He had my pinned up against the wall . I felt his hard dick on my pussy and told him to “ fuck me “ He obliged of course . When he sunk his hard cock into me , I had to cover my mouth with my hand so as not to cry out and be discovered ! He grabbed my hand away from my mouth and used his own to cover it . I could tell he liked that , and I was so excited and wet , I wanted to explode . I like feeling dominated , even a little forced . And being in this closet , fucking this hot stranger , with his hand clamped over my mouth was definitely one of the most erotic experiences I had yet encountered .

We slid to the floor and I straddled his lap as he sat against the wall . I think he must have been a bit psychic , cause at this point he reached around and gently nudged a finger into my ass . It was like he knew exactly what I wanted and needed . I fucked him harder and heard his breath become more shallow . He was close and so was I . When he pushed his finger deeper into my tight ass , I cried out as the orgasm flooded over my body . He came too and we were both covered with sweat . He kissed me and said : “ I owe you a movie , I believe . “

We got up and exchanged phone numbers as we both left the theatre separated . The rotten weekend ended up nice anyways . The only bad thing was that my thong was cum soaked when I got home . But I didn’t care about that cause Dominic made my day .


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