Going Like 60

By Ron Chee
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After leaving New York City for warmer climes, I continued with my nudie photo career for a few more years in south Florida. Great year ‘round picture locations abounded there. Superb beachfront penthouse locations to use were mine for the asking.

Geriatric widowers and bachelors jumped at the chance to ogle attractive naked young nubile women parading around their expensive digs. No charge to use the places in return for the chance to peek and relive old horny memories of their own was ever made.For the old boys involved, the photo sessions with the nude ladies at hand jump started their pace makers every time! A few of the naked young women even elected to fire up something else the boys had not used in years. There were no complaints from those that got royally laid after I had packed up and gone!“I may be old but I’m NOT DEAD” seemed to be the universal sentiments expressed by the old gents. (The movie “Deep Throat” was filmed at just such a location!)

My photo business continued to include just about anything that had to do with nude or nearly nude women. I photographed strippers and titty dancers for their personal promo and marquee displays. Within that group, I found new models for my ongoing jerk-off magazine layouts.

During the course of events, I received a call from a woman looking for risqué promotional pictures to advertise her wares. She owned an Escort Service south of town in "The Grove".

The woman (I’ll call her Ms. Madam … Ms., ‘M’ for short.) contracted with me to have her stable of girls photographed over a period of weeks. As new women ‘came’ on board, I had a standing order to commemorate each of them as well.

Ms ‘M’ ran her business from her Dade pine bungalow a few blocks from my apartment. To say that the woman ‘was a hoot’ doesn’t do her justice. She also wasn’t what one would expect from a purveyor of naughty feminine pulchritude!

Ms. ‘M’s figure was FLUFFY to use kindness in describing it. Not pretty either by any stretch of imagination. In her domain, she wore sexy sheer negligees day and night that barely concealed her generous body. She dressed that way even though she never entertained the first client at home. There were men that adored her … she made house calls!

Ms. ‘M’s crowning glory was her luxurious long brunette hair. Beyond that, she had a ribald sense of humor that wouldn’t quit. She would do things for the sheer erotic shock value of it! The woman loved to keep her personal male “friends” on edge … never knowing what ‘came’ next with her!

In a heartbeat or two, we became pals. I gave her a jingle and then stopped by to deliver the latest batch of photos. “I’m not DECENT at the moment … so HURRY over!” She, always with the double entendre wise cracks …I hurried!

Day or night, there were always a couple of girls lounging around her house for immediate dispatch. No taxi company was as efficient!

During the cooler months, her front door stood open. No need to knock, just go on in. I did just that.I could see the sexily clad Ms., ‘M’ at her desk on the rear enclosed sun porch. She waved me in.

Crossing the living room towards her, she grinned and silently pointed to something on my left. My glance in the indicated direction became a double and then a triple take. My stride screeched to a halt in mid step! I could have been a character in an old Tom and Jerry Cartoon for the way that must have appeared to anyone watching.

On a couch in subdued ambient light were two girls. (Two VERY NAKED, very attractive girls seriously making out with each other!) One of them lifted her head and said, “Oh hi Ron!” and then ducked down and resumed muff diving. She had her pussy squarely in the other girl’s face as well.I have seen and done many things in my lifetime, sexual and otherwise. I am rather unflappable … or so I thought until that moment of whiplash! For all of the raw sex that I had ever seen and filmed I still felt a large twinge of embarrassment. Staging and filming erotic happenings was one thing … walking in on it without warning was another ball of wax altogether.I stood transfixed longer than was polite – my erection growing until Ms. ‘M’ said, “C’mere Ron … lemme FIX THAT for you!”

Some how I managed to make my way to her desk and put the envelope of photos on her desk. Still stupefied I asked, ‘Fix what?’The lump in my pants was more than obvious (don’tcha just hate it when that happens in public?). I didn’t equate my boner with what she had referred to!

Ms. ‘M’ swiveled her desk chair to face me. Nonchalantly in an almost business like way shrugged her negligee open and off her shoulders. Sitting and displaying her generous naked body, she spread her knees and scooted more forward until they were on either side of my legs.

OH MY … this lady didn’t need a bra for her humongous Ta-Ta’s she needed a WHEEL BARROW!

With skill born of practice Ms., ‘M’ undid my belt, zipper and zipped my pants to the floor seemingly in one swift movement.I started to croak, ‘What are you doing in front of THEM?’ The best I could muster was, ‘WHA…?’

One of ‘THEM’ called across the room, “Hey, Ms. ‘M’ he’s got CUTE BUNS!!” To which she called back, “I know and you oughta see his CUTE DICK!”Both naked girls hopped up to get a closer look … what they arrived in time to see was Ms. ‘M’ playing my mouth organ … going IN and OUT!

One of the girls, Tammy, was an appealing dark eyed doll transplanted from Mexico. She said, “Damn Cunningham … us Meeces love THAT THING to peeces! Hey, when’s MY TURN?”(In a following essay I will outline how Tammy ‘The Hot Tamale’ “Loved that THING to peeces …” hundreds of times!)

Ms. ‘M’ kept on playing my musical instrument … when I warned her that, ‘I’m gonna COME’ she just murmured, “Mm, mm hmm!” without stopping.When Tammy suggestively tickled and squeezed my ass, I let it rip. I had no choice. Ms. ‘M’ kept up the oral fucking and swallowing until I was ready to scream, ‘STOP ALREADY’!

Talk about unbearable sensitivity … HOLEE SHEEIT … that was a blowjob to REMEMBER!!Ms. ‘M’ had only reinforced what I had learned years earlier from my ‘older mentor’ Tina. “A woman’s sexuality and desirability has Jack Shit to do with her external beauty or lack of it! Find and arouse the sex organ between her ears and you will have a superb FUCK on your hands!”

Despite her size and rather common facial features, industrial sized Ms., ‘M’ had more sex appeal in her pinky finger than some self centered beauties have throughout their entire bodies. (Ol’ Red Foxx had it right regarding those … “Beauty is only skin deep but ugly goes all the way through!”) I’d follow Ms. ‘M’ anywhere for a repeat of THAT performance! No wonder she had a fan club! (Male and FEMALE it turned out!)

We lived in the same neighborhood. A month or so later around 1:30 a.m. in the deep canyons of sleep I dreamed that someone was pounding on my front door. She was calling, “Ron, RON WAKE UP” … more banging and calling in my dream.I don’t know how many neighbors fully awoke before I did. I sat bolt upright … ‘Who in Hell … at this hour?’ I pulled my pants on and stumbled for the door.

‘SHH!’ I tried to convey to the other side of the jalousie glass. My heart pounded … visits at this hour only meant that someone was in trouble. ‘Hang on I’m coming!’ quieted the incessant racket.On opening the door, I was confronted by a large figure silhouetted by the parking lot lights. The person was wearing a trench coat … or a bathrobe!

Before she stepped inside Ms., ‘M’ pulled her garment open not a stitch under it. Revealing herself she said, “Hi Ron … I’m as horny as Hell … WANNA FUCK?”

I may have been half asleep but my bleary eyes alerted my dick … ‘Hey fella time to get UP you have work to do!’She slipped in and locked the door saying, “You don’t hafta if you don’t wanna” and let the robe fall to the floor!Looking at her sumptuously naked, horny body in the half-light from the street … suddenly “hafta” and “wanna” were synonymous! The rest of her inquiry went out the window. “If you don’t” fell on deaf ears! I definitely did ‘WANNA’!I slipped my arms around and hugged her wagonload of breasts against my bare chest.

Even her rotund belly felt infinitely warm and sensuous against me.Her large ass was amazingly firm when I used it for leverage to pull her naked crotch against the boner in my pants that she had provided.If this was the beginning of a wet dream, it was going to be a humdinger!“

I take it that fucking me tonight is up your alley?” Ms. ‘M’ asked. To which I answered ‘And UP YOUR ALLEY too!’

I stepped back and surveyed the woman’s bold nakedness in the amber glow from the streetlights. She had the kind of pussy hair that gets to me … a dark thick triangular sign that points down and say’s in effect, “PARK YOUR DICK IN HERE!” (In her case, there was additional ‘parking’ to be had in the rear and elsewhere!)

Everything about her was getting to me. I dropped my drawers and kicked them aside. My burgeoning lust for her was more than visible!

With remarkable gentleness for a ‘professional woman’, she took hold of what she had wrought and kissed me the way a lover in heat might do. First the upper lip and then the lower, sucking on each separately and then inserted her tongue between them.“Tonight I am sooo horny … anything you want, DO IT … I’m CLEAN, haven’t had a dick in a month of Sundays … no condom needed … even my ASS is clean and lubricated if you can think of SOMETHING to DO with THAT if you like!”

Now I ask YOU, ‘How does even the most beauty possessed, finicky, shallow man turn down such an offer?’ I hope that I am none of those less than complimentary male adjectives … (I had no intention of turning her down!) Uh Uhn, nope, no way Jose! (If what was to ‘come’ was a fraction as good as her prior cock sucking … this was going to be one Hell of a treat!)

As the seconds ticked away with my erection being kneaded … Ms., ‘M’ was becoming ravishingly beautiful!In the bedroom, she had me turn on a nightlight to facilitate the touching, tasting and exploration of every inch of her.

Commensurate with her size she had had a large but very attractive set of genitalia. It made me all the hornier to imagine how many times and in what ways other men had lost their minds fucking that thing! (Women too as mentioned.)

SEXperienced pussies are far more arousing to love and lust IN than are virginal twats. I popped one Cherry in my life that I know of … never again, too much Sturm und Drang for the likes of me!

We fingered, sucked, ate and fucked every opening and cleft in each other’s bodies until nearly sunrise. Ms., ‘M’s size belied her erotic athleticism and sexual agility. That she was HORNY to the point of depravity wasn’t the half of it!That lovely plain looking woman had several orgasms with which to titillate. One of those was a solo teaser just to keep my motor running by exercising my voyeurism! She was a ‘pro’ and knew damned well what it took to keep a man’s interest ‘INFLATED’.

Our last orgasmic tryst that morning had my INFLATED INTEREST fucking her IN the ass!She leaned over my dresser for us to watch the spectacle in the mirror. She spread her legs and I noted to myself, ‘Why is it that plus size women have extraordinarily shapely legs?’ Hers were the next thing to spectacular in that pose!

To compound the felonious assault about to occur I noted how her large breasts splayed across the dresser top providing sexy cushions for her to lean on. She pushed a finger into her pussy, slipped it out and then touched her other lubricated ‘hole’. “Either or” was her lusty invitation, “Take your pick!”

Alternately pulling her hips to me and caressing her sumptuous ass was surplus invigoration for me. She had long since reloaded my erection by masturbating and climaxing for me to watch.

Snippets of dirty talk between us while I humped her backside were more gravy for me and IN her! “Oh YESSS … DO IT … I LOVE IT BACK THERE … OOH SHIT where did you learn to FUCK ASS LIKE THAT??” (‘Thank you Tina!!’)

Her pre-orgasmic chatter and the sensations within her behind did a yeoman’s job of keeping my fuse lit! (That she was again finger-fucking her-self bent over like that didn’t let the cat piss on my matches either. Damn she was HOT!)

No matter the breadth of her ass, it was classically attractive!! Master figure painter Peter Paul Rubens would have loved to immortalize Ms., ‘M’s figure, curvy legs and derriere on canvas in oils. (Then he would no doubt succumb as I had and fucked his model in the same hole I was gratefully occupying!) I have no idea if the venerable artist was straight or gay … no matter … he would have banged Ms., ‘M’ on general principles alone!When the pair of us began ‘coming’ I had a fleeting image of old Peter dropping his brushes and palette in mid stroke and lustily jumping this sexy woman’s well-upholstered bones! What was squirting into her ass from me was due largely to what was between her ears! Tina was correct as always!

After we were well satisfied with and because of each other, we fell asleep on my bed. Nestled spoon fashion Ms., ‘M’ pulled my arm across her and planted it on her breast for a comforting bit of petting. My half awake erection within her ass cleft must have twitched noticeably. She said, “If IT wakes up later go ahead and let IT fuck me again!”

I awoke with a start. It was broad daylight … I was late. Dashing to pull on some clothes, I must have reeked of horny pussy aroma from top to bottom. I had time enough to dash off a note to Ms., ‘M’ and leave the spare key for her on the kitchen table.

I had missed my first studio appointment and lurched through the day like Frankenstein’s monster in a daze. I swilled a gallon of coffee to no avail. I doubt it would have helped to hook it up intravenously! Man, that woman had truly ‘pussy whipped’ me with her twat and other parts!

Six o’clock seemed to take a month to arrive! I don’t remember driving home. My intent was to lock the door and sleep forever. I had to look twice when I entered the flat. Was I in the wrong place? Clean as a whistle, it had been tidied from floor to ceiling. On the table was a note from Ms., ‘M’ written in pretty feminine script.

She had asked Tammy to come help her rejuvenate my bachelor pad. The note concluded with some rather juicy obscenities by way of “thanks” regarding our multi-orgasmic night before. That woman had written some rather dirty shit for my entertainment. I have heard my share of orgasmic women spewing delicious obscenities during passionate moments but had never seen the same things in feminine script on paper before. One of the things towards the end of the note was to say that she had taken the bed sheet with the wet spot(s) on it to sniff while she masturbated. The odor of her own naughty pussy was aromatherapy. Tammy would borrow the sheet to take a whiff or two for the same reason. She’d wash it and bring it back later or send it when Tammy came over for her publicity photos!

In the fridge was real food … the women had tossed the green hairy stuff and gone shopping for me!I was suddenly wide-awake after seeing my apartment in such a tolerable state and from reading and re-reading Ms. ‘M’s unashamed porn. (SHE should be writing this essay … rather than me!)Her words had me hard as a rock again!

The phone call placed to her almost immediately after stepping out of the shower was even more arousing. I called to thank her and Tammy for their largess, ‘You didn’t have to go through all of that trouble on my account’ I told her. She said that she did and hoped that I LIKED her note!

I had barely toweled off before picking up the phone, ‘You DO know how to give a guy one Hell of a hard-on Darlin’!’ She asked if I had one NOW? ‘That aint a swizzle stick poking through my pubic hair … wanna ‘come’ over and see for yourself?’

I was hoping for an instant replay of the night before.Ms. ‘M’ laughed and said, “How’s about we FIX IT from here … on the phone.” She suggestively asked, “What’re you doing with that thing right now … playing with it? I’m fingering and joy buzzing mine.”She did have the same breathless quality to her voice as I had heard it when she was here and wanting to be laid.

‘Are you really?’ to which she said, “OH HELL YES, I really am … can’t you tell? Listen.” She held the phone near her crotch and I heard the tell tale buzzing of a plastic cock emitting good vibes. The sound went from loud to muffled … she WAS pushing it IN and OUT of herself while I listened with rapt attention!

We spent the next few minutes talking about and describing our long distance masturbation. “Reach out and touch someone” meant just what the phone company ads implied!Another female voice announced its presence on Ms., ‘M’s end of the line. Tammy was there and about to assist her employer. The big horny woman illustrated in words and moans SEXactly what Tammy was now doing for her!‘Hey, no fair doll … that’s two against one!’ To which the nearly orgasmic Ms., ‘M’ replied, “Aw shut up and jerk off … I wanna HEAR YOU ‘COMING’ too! Pretend you’re UP MY ASS or eating me like Tammy is, or something!!”

I could picture sexy little Tammy licking the big snatch and maybe finger fucking herself! I was right on he money with that bit of imagery … Tammy told me about it a short time later.I slowed my masturbating not wanting the floodgates to open before Ms.; ‘M’ began her orgasm!

I continued to pass what I was doing and what IT felt like down the phone lines. “Ooh she’s so GOOD … OOH, here COMES, OHHH SHIT I’m gonna … DO IT! OHGODI’MCOMINGGGG!!” from her end. I couldn’t hold back the tide with her rather vocal erotic orgasm ringing my ears.I let her know that I was right with her … ‘coming’ all over my hand and her nice clean kitchen floor!

We engaged in phone sex a few times after that.

(Not as much fun as actually being fucked senseless by that beautifully sexy woman … but not bad either.)

A short time after our naked rendezvous in the wee hours Ms., ‘M’ phoned to ask a BIG favor. She usually did not have female clients and when she did those were mostly requests from a woman to send a girl to engage in a threesome. (Two women and a husband or boyfriend attempting to satisfy the male desire for the most common fantasy going.) Tammy handled most of those requests because she did enjoy fucking either gender.This time the escort service had a wealthy “old lady” that wanted a “male companion” to squire her to dinner.

‘Aw shit Hon, anything that I have suitable to wear to dinner is in the laundry hamper.’ Ms. ‘M’ asked if I had a clean pair of jeans and a shirt. ‘If so that’s all you need.’That much I could muster on short notice, she provided the time and address. I had misgivings about taking some old bat out for din-din … yet the aspect of being paid for a couple hours of my time and a free meal was not an anathema either. Jeans and a clean shirt … where did this gal wish to go? Burger King? (Certainly not to Joe’s Stone Crab emporium on the beach.)

I was to escort a “RACHEL” for the evening and then report back to Ms., ‘M’s house afterwards to divvy up the loot.

A few minutes early to the Belle Isle location, a small blonde woman in a pale blue pants suit opened the door. She appeared to be what? Maybe 60 and very well preserved. Either that or she had a damned good taxidermist!

In any event, she was cute for her age and must have been a knock out in her youth.Figuring that this was NOT my ‘date’, I asked if Rachel was there. This woman was too young from the heads up that Ms., ‘M’ had provided.

“Hi, come on in … I’m Rachel and you must be Ron.”Hmm, not bad … I wouldn’t be embarrassed to be seen with HER! After exchanging the usual pleasantries I asked where she wanted to go and what, did she have in mind? I’m thinking what’s in mind for dinner. She wasn’t!

Rachel averted her eyes downward and said, “I don’t quite know how to put this but … if I’m not to old for you I don’t really want to go out … I WANT to GO to BED and I have SEX in MIND!” Her face flushed slightly waiting for a reply.

Oh well, I’m here, she’s not hard to look at … ‘Sure why not!’ I figured this would take a few minutes. Except for the time it would take, to get her withered snatch well oiled for a fast fuck I suspected one hefty pussy poke and it would be all done.

Rachel was almost elated that I hadn’t turned her down. Saying, “I want to undress you when I get back … wont be but a minute.” She headed into the bath- room and closed the door. I stood near her bed and waited while she ‘did her thing’ behind the door.

When the door reopened, I half expected to see a pair of sagging spent tits and more cellulite and stretch marks than I cared to ogle.

I couldn’t have been more wrong!

Gloriously naked, Rachel presented a female face and body women half her age would kill for! She stood briefly for my appraisal, a pair of heeled open slippers with pink ostrich trim on her feet and nothing else … other than a smile. “Not too shabby for an old broad am I?”

She was nothing short of stunning. Her breasts had the nice slope and fullness that some mature tits achieve. She had a wasp waist and dyn-o-mite legs to go with her sexy figure. No wrinkles, NO sags … NO kidding!

Rachel also had NO pussy fur either … she kept it whisked clean with her Lady Remington I presumed! The woman’s beaver slit looked to be almost illegally too young without its natural adornment!

‘SHABBY? You’ve given me a stiff dick … nothing shabby about you!’ Rachel seemed relieved and turned around and slipped off her wedding band and the rock of Gibraltar that went with it and place them on a crystal tray! Jeeziz what a rear view … her diminutive size added to the illegally youthful image. She had the ass of a 20 year old or younger!

Turning back Rachel said, “Yes, I AM married.” She went on to explain while skillfully undoing my buttons and zipper that her husband was seventy five (she was sixty two) and that the old goat preferred clipping coupons on Wall Street rather than clipping her “cunt” at home. “Cunt” was her terminology … not mine.

He had made it clear some years prior that it was time, “To get over it woman … we’re too old for THAT!” The geezer would not even acquiesce to the fact that she still NEEDED orgasms. Because he was impotent and content with that, he would not take time to give her a ‘helping hand’ or a toy fuck now and then.

With the pair of us, jointly naked Rachel began making out like a teenybopper. She could kiss … wow could she ever! I’m glad that she didn’t want to turn the lights off either … she was too damned fine to hide that body in darkness.

She led me in groping and feeling her up. It was not difficult to get into the spirit of things with her. Rachel began grinding her pubic area against my erection and asked me to hold her ass while she did it! Not only did her tail look sexy it was sexy! (And firmer than one might SEXpect.) This lady obviously had the Do-Re-Me to keep herself very fit at one spa or another.

Good for you girl … and good for me as well. This was not gonna be a wham, bam, thank you ma’am fuck if either of us could help it … that much was be’coming’ obvious. This “old lady” was hot to trot!

While Rachel sucked the air out of my lungs, she placed my hand onto her naked honey hole. The invitation was clear to finger her clit and diddle a little IN her vagina.

“Wet IN THRE isn’t it? Surprised at my age to find my cunt is so slippery?” I had to admit that I was. “I take pills and stuff for that … I have a good Gynecologist. He knows that I’m not done just yet!” She wasn’t and neither was I. Finger fucking a wet pussy is one of my favorite sports … hers was wet and HOT! Another degree or two and I would have blistered my finger in there.

Rachel let me explore her INNER being until she couldn’t STAND there and take it any longer. She pushed me back onto her bed where I landed … dick side UP! Now laughing and having a high old time she made like Hopalong Cassidy. Rachel hopped onto me and straddled my hips sitting straight down onto my saddle horn in one swift motion. (Whatever it was she was taking worked like a charm. It kept her pussy well and naturally lubed to the point of leaking.) No tentative easing and testing to get my erection inside was required on her part.

There is no such thing as the inside of one twat feeling like the next … I’ll remember hers as long as I live!

She bounced up and down using me as a pogo stick; … she was fucking us to beat the band. Rachel leaned forward until the juncture of my erection and pubic bone was tight against her clit and kept pumping. Her full breasts swaying back and forth bushing my chest was an awesome sight and sensation. “C’mon FUCK me!” she demanded. I had been too absorbed in the phenomenon of her arousal to remember to do my part.

The woman was becoming an awakened Jeckyll and Hyde. Her mouth went from proper to gutter. She was laying out some superb bedroom filth. “Grab my tits, pull ‘em, and squeeze ‘em hard NO HARDER!” FUCK ME, MORE, FUCK ME PLEASE!” I knew enough NOT to ever bruise a woman’s breasts no matter what she wanted.

I milked her chest like milking a horny cow! Not as easy, as it sounds … her pretty boobs were more than a handful! I pulled each in turn to my mouth and sucked ‘til her nipples were hard. I nipped them with my teeth and that got her into a higher state of frenzy. She was delightfully tit sensitive.

Not only was she horny as Hell, she was a quick draw as well! We probably had not had our genitals entangled for more than three or four minutes when her clit rubbing my pubic bone and hair set her off! It isn’t terribly often that a female can ‘come’ without fucking a cock in HER and fingering herself at the same time. She did it by using her body angle and clit contact while she screwed us to oblivion.

“Ahh, you fucking bastard, you son of a bitch … you’re making ME COME … get IT IN THERE, fuck me … deeper … make me feel like a WHORE! Oh MORE, oh shit DON’T STOP! … Faster ... Here COMES!!!”

Rachel stretched her legs out, pounded herself against me furiously, and wailed.

How old did she say she was? (Old enough to know better yet young enough not to give a shit?) It took her longer to get through an orgasm than it did to achieve one!

She was now completely prone on top of me, slowed her erotic exclamations, and began sucking my mouth while our hips collided. She seemed to be trying to cannibalize me … damn if she didn’t bite my lower lip and make it slightly swell.

Her husband had no interest in fucking her at least once a day and twice on Sunday? He was off his rocker … I’d take her in a heartbeat!

If only her Rabbi and the ladies at temple knew the REAL Rachel … scandalous! (If the men in her congregation knew this woman, … she’d be laid as often as her horny pussy could stand it!)

Even at her age, if I looked as good as her, had what she had … with my low moral standards … I’d be the wealthiest piece of ass in town!

‘Coming’ in for a three-point landing (Her tits and pussy using me as their runway) Rachel coasted to a stop. “Could you feel that? I just had a VAGINAL orgasm … I don’t believe it, whoa Nellie that was GOOD!” she said and rested her head on my shoulder. I could feel it clamping, squeezing and rippling almost violently … and told her so. She couldn’t quite describe what the difference was between clitoral and vaginal climaxes, though the latter was like eating a salted peanut.

One taste required that you eat the entire can full! That night she spent four hours polishing off and emptying the can and my prostate! If there was a way for me to ‘come’ IN on and for her she tried it! I did likewise in return … I should have paid her!

Eventually my erection could only get UP to half-mast … she had fucked me magnificently. I lost track of how many times she had orgasms while being eaten, fingered and poked.

She wasn’t quite ready to let me go or call it quits for the night. Rachel paraded her sweet body to the kitchen and warmed up some take out from Wolfie’s on the Beach. We ate on her bed as voraciously as I had eaten her there!

During the snack and respite, she informed me that in her entire sexual history she had never been ASS FUCKED! She had done it herself with toys and found that to provide wonderfully stimulating preludes to orgasmic masturbating.

“Do you think that before you go … could you stick it up me and ‘come’ in there ... while I play with myself?” There was evidence in her sexy blue eyes that the very idea of ‘getting it’ in her tail was making her horny enough for one last orgasm!

If I thought that I had enough ammunition left for one last fuck she would bend over the bed and finger herself to a walloping big “O” while her ass lost its true virginity!

We tried and as wonderfully arousing as she was for me … sorry but one cannot pass cooked spaghetti through the eye of a needle! My noodle was WELL cooked … Rachael had seen to that!

I offered the sexy woman a substitute … don’t ever say that I don’t aim to please. I eased a finger into her ass and gently fucked it from fingertip to knuckle and back again repeatedly!

The sensation met her approval. She was playing stinky finger with her pussy at the same time. “Ooooh good ... give me more!”

I asked ‘More fingers?’ “More anything!” she was beginning to pant. I added another finger and she showed no signs of discomfort, ditto a third digit. Her back door pussy was very pliant and easy to penetrate. Jeeziz why wouldn't my dick cooperate?

When I slipped the fourth finger into her tail Rachel cooed like a dove and pushed her ass aggressively towards me. “Ooooooh shit yesss, ooh FUCK ME!” her excited bedroom trash mouth had returned.

I have no idea how she tolerated the vigorous fisting she was receiving. She did and asked, “How many is that?” I told her and she said, “All, put all of them IN … hurry … almost … almost THERE!”

Four fingers and my thumb went in. Finger tip to tip wedged together. Her ass was still able to stretch further. I could feel almost no resistance! I spread my fingers slightly apart and could see down inside her rectum … all the way to China ... well almost to her gorgeous tits!

I pinched my fingers tightly to reduce the diameter and fucked her tail as if my hand was a giant cock! I went IN just over my knuckles and kept invading her ass. When that decidedly sexy and sexual woman began her orgasmic swan song for the night, I could feel her anal sphincters climaxing with my fingers inside her ass!

I was slightly pissed that my own sex organ hadn’t quite the gumption left to be IN this gorgeous ass and ‘coming’ now! Oh well, at least Rachel had surrendered her anal Cherry tonight. Nowhere is it written that the tool to use must be an erection! (Thank you once again Tina!!!)

Before I left, we made a pact for me to ‘come’ back the following evening and start the festivities with me fucking and off loading in her lovely ASS. After that, we would wash and sterilize my dick and re-fuck the rest of her.

An hour later after limping from my car with a sore prostate and pecker to Ms. ‘M’s office I turned over a wad of Rachel’s traveler’s checks to her. Ms., ‘M’ handed them back and said, “Naw, you keep ‘em … that must have been SOME four hour DINNER. You earned ‘em! Look at your lip did you bite it over dinner … OR did she bite you?”

Tammy and some other girls were there and crowded around teasing they knew that I blushed easily. “Dinner my ass, you FUCKED the shit outta the old bat didn’tcha?” plus a few other choice comments. I didn’t know just how much they knew or how much they assumed they knew. I tried playing my cards close to the vest and denied any impropriety.

Tammy again, “Bull shit Ron … the old lady just called and said how she had been fucked beyond belief! You even fisted her ass! She wants ya back tomorrow … but you know that huh? I took the call!” All of the girls were into ribbing me now when Tammy (always foxy Tammy) said, “Hey, listen up you guys … he’s one of US now! In addition, I saw him first keep your grubby mitts off he’s mine all mine! MY INADVERTANT HOOKER! O.K. Ronny boy, I’ll ask again, when is it MY TURN?”

Tammy’s turn was ‘coming’ UP soon though I didn’t know it yet. The next essay “THE HOT TAMALE” will divulge all. Don’t go away! She was one raunchy, goofy and delicious roommate!

As to Rachel, her husband arrived the next day having bailed out of New York just ahead of an early snowstorm. As much as I would have cared to bang Rachel again, for free or pay her, it wasn’t to be. I actually pined for the lovely older woman until TAMMY ‘CAME’ and more than made up for the loss!

Happy humping to all and to all, a GOOD night (or matinee whichever you prefer!)



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