Angel, A Cat in Heat

By Ron Chee
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During the course of my porn photo and filming carreer I met and worked with numerous attractive nude women. Few were more so than the girl shown here.

For the most part I kept my dick in my pants and kept it to myself! Sage advice to any would be pornographer! One does not fuck around with one's profits and survive for long!

If the word gets out that "Mr. So and So photographer" is an overtly lecherous type, using a camera as a means to get laid, or try to ... the source of his income (including IN CUM) will dry up and blow away! End of subject and end of business. The models will begin to avoid him or her like the plague! Yes there are some very talented female pornographers in the industry ... straight, bi and lesbian, hence my mentioning 'Him OR Her".

The girls that populate the porn modelling industry have an underground network ... bad or unsavory news spreads quickly amongst their sorority! Conversly that a given lens man is SAFE to work with also gets around.

I had that good, safe reputation and as a result photographed and filmed hundreds if not thousands of nude women over the years. Many became good friends. The vast majority of those posed sans clothing as a means to an end. They were most interested in making money with a secondary objective of feeding an exhibitionistic ego.

Yet, no matter what their egos dictated they were seldom interested in SEX with the photographer other than knowing or assuming that they could turn him or her on sufficiently to result in the photog's masturbation after they left the studio. If that occurred the photo set would usually be very saleable. Symbiotic teasing and arousal was and is de riguer for creating the kind of eroticism needed to produce saleable pictures. The experienced models know that and behave in front of the camera accordingly.

For them the CAMERA not the photographer, is their lover, soul mate and sex partner for the duration of the sessions. That about covers the professional models. They generally went home or elsewhere to get laid!

The amateurs on the other hand were a whole other ball of wax! Most of those women had been photographed nude in deliciously compromising positions by husbands, boy friends or both as a means of erotic foreplay! For them, getting undressed in front of a camera was akin to preparing to get royally laid! It was all a part of their erotic routines and requirements.

To any women reading this that have posed nude for a lover ... you know what I am referring to here. Take your clothes off, pose however he or she wants (or in any manner that arouses you) until that person behind the lens is astoundingly horny due to your efforts ... as horny as you are, and then, excuse my crudity ... get fucked!

Before the advent of digital photography, Polaroid sex parties were a fun way to turn on and get your brains screwed out wasn't it ladies? No incriminating negatives to be passed around by the Walgreens photo clerks either!

If you thought that you felt or looked sexy enough to strip to the buff and pose graphically ... hey, why not? You're damned right it was fun! More than a few families were started and the act recorded on the old Polaroid! There were more than a few snaps of Daddy and Mommy conceiving junior or little sister floating around or hidden in bed side night stands!!

Even if you are not a classic beauty ... as long as it makes your partner horny to take nude and lewd pictures of you ... why not spread your legs and go for it. You'll be fucking and loving him or her soon enough anyway! That seemed to be the attitude of the amatuer models. Happy go lucky and frequently HORNY!

Because a girl's partner found her sexciting to take home porn snaps of her ... the logical progression for many seemed to be to DO IT in front of a professional, published photographer. She just might be as good and as arousing to him as to her in-house, pussy poking photographer finds her to be! She just might wind up between the pages of a jerk off magazine to satisfy her lusty ego and maybe enhance the contents of her wallet!

If she didn't make the mastubation magazine pages ... no harm in trying. Most of those approached me as a lark to start with. More than a few went on to fame and fortune!

The amatuers, bless 'em ... were also the ones to be wary of. Some arrived with posing for pictures and the subsequent fucking that they were accustomed to at home ... in mind! Some were UP for a stray fuck as well as the pictures that would preceed their debauchery. Some women enjoy a casual erotic screw as much or more than men do!

For many of them a camera is akin to an aphrodisiac, which is normally NOT the province of professional models.

Yet, the non-professionals were valuable simply because they had never been seen by the jerk off magazine publishers. Those individuals were always looking for new faces and figures to grace their pages and 'one up' the competition. Most nudie models had a shelf life ... published just so many times and in just so many poses and the novelty wore thin. Time to move on and print somebody new and fresh! The masturbating audiences were a fickle lot ... still are!

As beneficial as the amateur models were they also were a handful to work with. (In more ways than one!) Some genuinely did not know what to do or how to pose for the best display of their charms and ASSets. Often it took hands on manipulation of their body parts to get them placed to their best advantage for each and every picture ... that, times one hundred photos could be grueling work ... no matter what you think! Do it enough times and no matter how pretty or sexy she is ... it gets old and wearisome.

Sure it was arousing to have a warm leg, arm, ass or even a tit in hand while placing it where it looked best. That was also not the best way to remain relatively impassionate about the nude girl in front of your camera. She had to be seen in a somewhat objective manner or all could be lost! And, yes ... one also had to be sympatico with the girl ... just short of falling in love with her ... without getting too physically involved. Unrequited lust on both sides of the camera make for the best photos!

That was a fine and trecherous line to walk!

With a few of the amatuers it proved to be an impossible task. Tread were angels fear to go?

One such gorgeous young woman was in fact named "Angel". She meant well but required hands on assistance throughout our session(s). If truth be told I am sure that as bright and as intuitive as she was ... the 'hands on' she needed from me was on purpose. She had a plan.

From the moment she walked into the studio, Angel was warm puppy friendly and very touchy feely. She was too easy to like! She was also extremely attractive with a figure to die for! That observation from some one that has seen more nude women than your neighborhood Gynecologist ... you can take my opinion to the bank!

Angel was also married ... though I learned quickly that she was not a fanatic about it! For her photos she slipped off her wedding rings ... she figured that men looking at her and jerking off would not care or need to know her real status in life! Let 'em fantasize about her availability! Angel posed and strutted nude to get her hubby ... UP while he recorded her fabulously sexy image on their Polaroid.

During the first hour of shooting test pictures of Angel, I had my hands on her for nearly every shot. When I did touch her she seemed to purr and her eyes met mine and held the gaze intently until I moved away to trip the shutter. There was a definite, desirable sexual tension coming from her!

At one point she had assumed a reclining pose that made her upper arms mash her pretty breasts rather than exhibit them as they needed to be. I went to the setee and asked if she could rearrange her arms long enough to let her pretty tits out from their inadvertant confinement. She seemed not to know exactly how to accomplish that. "Show me ... you can touch 'em, I wont mind!"

I did touch them and eased them out from beneath her arms and into the open. No need to say that the girl had given me a flaming hard-on long before that point. She was as sexy as she was overtly sexual!

While my hands were still adjusting the position of her tits, Angel unexpectedly reached out and adjusted the erection staring her in the face through my trousers! She didn't say a word at first ... the girl simply got a better grip on my 'appendage' and looked up at me with big imploring, almost questioning Doe Eyes.

Still in silence she moved her legs apart and lightly masturbated the cock in her hand. It wasn't vigorous stroking ... rather she was sensuously and somewhat timidly working on me! Testing if you like. There was a subtle lifting of her pelvis while she looked into my soul! She saw my eyes drift from hers to her now elevated triangle of attractive pubic hair and back to her eyes again. I knew that I should carefully pull away ... but couldn't!

That was when she softly whispered, "Posing like this makes me as HORNY AS ... A CAT IN HEAT! It always does!" Her prior experience with nudity before a camera was like many other amateur models ... she had done it at home as a means to engage in SEX! "Would you ... ?" Her voice trailed off though the meaning of "Would you ... ?" came through loud and clear.

"Would" I spend time being intimately nice to her ... nice enough to go from handling her breasts to giving her an orgasm! "Would" I make her horny PUSSY CAT PURRRRR! She did not need to say it in so many syllables ... the implication and invitation was obvious!

Angel did not wait for my reply ... she let go of the thing she wanted to fuck and gripped my shirt and pulled my face to hers. Her kissing was one of longing ... and was so damned enticing! Impossible to avoid, ignore or not respond to!! I could no more say 'NO' to her than fly to the moon by flapping my arms. Yes, men are WEAK ... I know that.

To paraphrase the old ballad, "She had kisses sweeter than wine!" In spite of the fact that the girl was married ... that shit went out the window in less than a heart beat! I was single, foot loose and fancy free at the time and she had me fancying her ... BIG TIME!

Though we were about to embark on cuckolding her husband, Angel was too warm, too sweet and too insistant to stop at that point! (I know that her "sweetness" may seem contradictory under her married cirCUMstances ... yet for her it was not such a contradiction. Read on.)

I don't know for how long our kissing continued ... it was a while. She did not feel like a woman cheating ... she felt like an impossibly beautiful horny woman in need and maybe in lust if not love. Our universe at that moment consisted of only us and our aroused genitals and bodies!

Angel invited me to kiss every inch of her. I complied from her lips to her toes and back to her "other lips" where she had me linger while she let me between them! I don't remember my clothes coming off ... they just did. I do remember finding and servicing her aroused clitoris.

As cats go and 'cum' Angel was purring throughout ... I imagine that I was as well! The young woman's body reacted favorably to every thing we did for her .. trust me ... it was more than difficult not to just climb on top of her and fuck myself to oblivion. She was good! Yet too good and too ernest to give her a wham bam quickie for my own pleasure and release!! I stuck with her before sticking IT IN her!

She was desirable and desiring everything that we did! Angel made every inch of herself available for loving. She reciprocated by lifting her pussy to my face for licking, fingering and suckling. In time she rolled on her side and had me minister to her tail and the backs of her legs. The place behind her knees was one of her errogenous zones!

Her ass when she spread it apart for licking, had the aroma of "MY SIN" perfume! Obviously she had planned for this before she left home. SINning with her was more than much else that I had ever sexperienced with a woman! This Angel was indeed devine!

She was so delightful in her responses and her unihibited reactions that no matter how strongly I wanted to fuck and 'cum' in the woman ... I took my time with her. She was building to something very special!

The antique setee was not quite large enough for both of us to make love comfortably side by side or in any other position. Except from behind if she had knelt on it and aimed her butt and snatch at me. I helped her down to the soft carpeted floor. (You know the old saying, "I wouldn't throw her out of my bed unless there's more room on the floor!" The floor proved to be the best place for us. Though she did kneel on the settee for some rear entry action at other times.)

On the floor with a pillow beneath her head and another under her desirable ass I gave her an intimate helping hand ... Angel went from a horny cat to a raging Tiger!

She achieved a well fingered orgasm ... one that I wont soon forget! (One that the neighboring businesses wont forget either! The walls between my studio and the adjoining insurance office were thin! More about that in another essay ... hoo boy. An older woman on the other side named Gina took advantage a few days later! Stay tuned!)

Angel started her astounding, albeit somewhat illicit orgasm by moaning and squirming, and that engendered thrashing and eventually screaming! Her strikingly attractive orgasmic figure was the stuff that masturbatory dreams are made of for young boys and older experienced men!

Her climax went on for several minutes and she would not allow me to stop finger fucking her! Every time that I began to slack off, figuring that she must be nearly done ... she thrust her hips and pussy at my finger and told me, "Ooh NO DON'T STOP, KEEP ME CUMMING"!

All good things must 'cum' to an end and hers did ... thought it was only a short hiatus in Angel's case. When I thought it must be over she let my finger out and then lifted her long legs up and apart. "Fuck me ... PUT IT IN ME!"

Gladly Darling, gladly ... I thought you'd never ask!

When I was IN as far as I could go ... she had me stay still .. and began masturbating her clit between our pubes with her legs over my shoulders! The look in her eyes was one of absolute lust. Angel said, "Mmmm, feels soooo GOOD IN THERE ... I'm gonna DO IT again!"

The sexy wonderful girl masturbated to a fast second orgasm ... and then a third!

With both climaxes her legs pushed hard against my shoulders and she squealed each time that she 'came'!

Then breathlessly she said, "Okay, that's enough ... oooooh shit, oooh God .. your turn." She let me fuck her very hot and extremely wet pussy .. Angel was so wet that her pussy squished when we screwed.

Having remained as still IN her as I could to start, I had the marvelous advantage of feeling what she was experienced when her vagina began its journey to erotic release! If that doesn't add to her husband's or any man's erection nothing could! It certainly made me feel as though I had spontaneously grown several more inches inside of her ... just for her!

Angel raised up on her elbows, and began kissing me ... her nipples were as aroused and hard as any I had ever seen before that moment. Her vagina seemed to pull the ejaculate out of me. I let go uncontrollably ... flooding her with the liqiuds that I had been trying to hold back ... almost hurt. My sensitivity deep within the folds of her pussy was unbelievably sensuous and at once satisfying.

At the last moment she began thrusting her hips at mine ... making sure that she was giving me as good as she had received! We lay and held each other for quite a while savoring the after glow ...

Angel returned a few additional times for more photo sessions and one filmed "Beaver loop" and more sex.

Before the first round of sweetly raunchy misbehaviour with her I had to ask about her husband and how she could screw around behind his back? She showed me a snapshot of him in her wallet ... I wasn't sure that I wanted to see the face of the man that I was about to screw his attractive young wife. As much as I wanted her ... to see him would add to my guilt for having done him wrong!

She insisted and I looked. The face in the wallet photo was much older than she was ... older than I by quite a bit as well. He was 60 something to her twenty something! According to her they loved each other deeply yet he knew that he could not keep up with her libido.

She had carte blanche from him to satisfy her lust after he had done his best with her. They had what was then known as an "open marriage". The would make love, have intercourse and orghasms once or twice a week ... after that if she needed more ... he trusted her to find it with other men as long as she was discreet about it and had raging hormones left for him when he needed her! He did not want to know about her extra curricular liaisons ... as long as she did not big home a dose of some form of pussy disease to pass onto him!

For an all too brief period I was Angel's "discretion" not quite her "indescretion!" She figured because I was the All American clean cut guy next door type ... the part of me that would enter her vagina was "clean" as well. The girl eschewed condoms ... she preferred riding Bare Back! Fortunately for both of us and her husband ... we were both clean!

When we had sexually satisfied each other for as long as it cunt-inued and then tapered off naturally and by mutual agreement we did remain friends for a time afterwards. Angel was easy to talk with and she did make a small bundle of money from her superb photos!

She told me that she had decided that I was to be the last of her temptations for awhile. What her husband could not provide she would take care of by mutual masturbation! Viagra was not yet on the market!! She knew where the adult toy store was.

Then 'came' Gina in the office next door!

More about her next time ..

'Till then take care and take care of some one else! Take care of your CAT IN HEAT!

Ron Chee


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