The Naked Cup of Coffee

By Ron Chee
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The boss stopped by with a new employee in tow. "Hey guys, listen up and meet Tina, she's our new finishing artist. She starts today, be nice to her O.K.? You had better be... she will be doing the finishing on your projects, 'nuff said?"

I must say that for a monogamous, strict Roman Catholic with a stern old world German demeanor, the old boy still had a good eye for the ladies. In addition, all EYES were on this woman!

HOLY SHEEIT... Tina was a head turning stunner! Among other attributes, she had sumptuous cleavage on display and strikingly perfect legs, beneath her mini... all the way up to her ass! (Which was almost visible!)

Tina smiled and said, "Hi nice ta meetcha", to the three grubby, motley guys before her. She extended her hand to each in turn, as introductions were made. I just gaped and like a blithering idiot said something like, "Likewise Ma am I'm sure"... aw cripes did I really just say THAT? Did her middle finger just tickle my palm? Nah, couldn't be!

The other fellows were older and more self-assured... they put on their best behavior. I felt like a chrome-plated doofus by comparison. Yet, the attractive woman smiled back at me and said something comforting to my embarrassed self-image. I don't remember her exact words... only her foxy, knowing and reassuring smile that went with it.

I had been married and divorced by then at about age twenty-two. I had been alone and terribly lonely for nearly a year before Tina showed up. Day by day, bit-by-bit we became buddies on the job. Each succeeding day made me want to get up and off to work just to spend time around her.

Tina was older than I... perhaps twenty-eight or so? (In fact, the boss later told me that she was THIRTY-EIGHT!) Quite a bit my senior... damned fine to look at and nice to talk with... but too OLD for me to be openly lusting after! Or so I thought, one just doesn't mess with someone nearly your mother's age!

I kept LOOKING, day after day, scanning her alabaster skin set off by her raven black lion's mane of hair for starters. I was ashamed of myself for gawking.Tina's cleavage was awe-inspiring. The puppies on her chest were cantilevered and seemed to defy gravity. Often as not they seemed to have 'no visible means of support' she appeared not to wear a bra to hold 'em up. GOD, what kept those enticing things in place??

Her gorgeous fishnet clad legs were usually perched atop a pair of spaghetti strap "fuck me" high heels.Tina's wore wrap around minis most of the time. (Oh geez, if her skirts contained any more fabric there would have been just enough to fashion good sized handkerchiefs!) She was captivating to see and have illicit horny daydreams about.

Tina was no fool, she saw me scope her low cleavage, minis and the sexy legs she exhibited as the workdays went on. She accepted my ogling with aplomb. At her venerable AGE, I assumed that she had gotten used to it and responded accordingly. She always smiled back at my awkwardness; in fact, she gave the impression of encouraging all the gawking I could muster.

Among her winning attributes was a soft sultry and soothing voice. Her laughter had a bell like tinkle to it. What the delicate sound masked however was a bawdy sense of humor. She could more than hold her own in risqué repartee with any of us. Not long after coming on board with us, one of the more brazen fellows said to her, "Hey Tina... you were late this morning. What happened, get WAY LAID?"

To which she responded without hesitation, "If it's any of your business, I GOT LAID ON THE WAY!!" That shut him up PRONTO, gales of laughter at his expense all around!I LIKE THIS WOMAN!!

Shortly thereafter, some wag made a snide comment over lunch. "You getting' any on the side Tina?" To that bit of provocative crudity, she responded with, "Mmmm, no... I prefer it in the front and back!" And kept on eating.DAMN I REALLY LIKE THIS WOMAN!!

My personal scruples prevented me from openly hitting on her. She was indeed nearly my mother's age. Yet, for Tina I might make an exception. She could give a hard-on to a dead man!

As time sped by, she singled me out to be her work place friend and confidant. That led to the other guys becoming jealous. Some went so far as to warn me that, '... she must be a whore... dressing like a streetwalker in a business like ours'. They criticized her tits on display and her abbreviated attire. (Methinks they protesteth too much... to paraphrase Willie Shakespeare's apt comment.) They'd have loved a glimpse of her knickers and garter belt as much as they drooled over her knockers... I sure as Hell would!

I defended my new friend as best I could with retorts like, 'Hey, she's an artsy craftsy type, and dresses accordingly... besides, you'd throw your wife outta bed to make room for her and you know you would!' I had to work with those clowns and did my best to keep an equilibrium we could all live with.

Just the same, I overheard comments like, "Obviously the slutty cunt wants to FUCK HIM!" More obviously, they wanted to FUCK HER and couldn't get to first base let alone a home run! Tina did not screw around with married men.

I kept a lid on it and tried to ignore their crudities and not get into a fight. (Trust me ladies, MEN suffering unrequited lust can be more viciously catty that women ever dreamed of!)Tina was not stupid... she knew what was being said about us. Perhaps because of it, our friendship grew. To me it was unbelievable that the attractive woman was becoming my best ally on the job. How could a bashful rube like me get so lucky? I wasn't a bad looking guy then, no Adonis but not Quasimodo either. A silver tongue and the ability to con women out of their panties with it was never my forte, still isn't!

Now and then, out of earshot of the others Tina would overtly flirt and tease with me and seemed to enjoy my unsophisticated self-consciousness when she did it. It was never given in a hurtful way. In fact, when Tina was in a major teasing mood she would generously FLASH me! Tina had her own private workroom. When I would come in for one reason or another I'd find her on her tall work stool, "Fuck me" heels hooked over the middle rung, knees primly together. If no one were around to witness, Tina would move her knees apart... just long enough and WIDE enough to make damned sure that I got an eyeful!She let me see creamy thighs above her stocking tops and NO underpants obscuring her fur-lined beaver!

When her mini slid up as the knees spread... I SAW what she intended for me to SEE! One thing about working in and art room, the lighting is GOOD!

Tina's emerald eyes never wavered from mine when she gave me those instant erections! When my face went scarlet, Tina broke a faint devilish smile and slowly closed her legs as though nothing had ever happened. We developed a secret bond... just the two of us.In time, I could walk by and simply nod towards her knees and she would flash me on request! By then, panties seldom graced her pussy... she'd slip them off in the ladies room shortly after arriving at work if it was to be a day to make Ron BLUSH!!!

I didn't know what the teasing represented other than the ample reason it gave me to provide myself hand made orgasms alone after work at home. I'd masturbate with images of Tina's mysterious pussy floating before my eyes! GAWD it felt good when my fist be"came" her pussy by proxy!!!If only she KNEW how often I 'fucked her'... in truth she had a good idea how often she told me later... and that she hoped that I "fucked her every night".

The foxy woman had plans to put my 'needs' to work before long, to satisfy her considerable lusty NEEDS!

Tina took a bus to and from work and never asked any of us for a ride. Not until a chill autumn rainstorm presented a miserable, six block walk to the bus stop. That afternoon Tina did ask for a ride. No matter what the guys might think, I agreed to be her chauffer. At the bus stop, it was clear that she'd be soaked by the time the conveyance showed up. I drove her home from there.Tina knew that I had no place to go after dropping her off but to my own dingy apartment (and probably a hand full of my horny dick for dessert after supper). "Hey, come on in and I'll make us some coffee... take the chill off... O.K.?" The offer was as tempting as she was, but my strict upbringing made me feel awkward about going into an older woman's home... unchaperoned!

Yet, my well-ingrained sensibilities told me that, 'one does not disappoint one's elders' either! Dilemma more or less resolved I said, 'O.K., sounds good' and followed her like an obedient puppy.

I was eager to please and keen to learn more about this fascinating woman. (I tried NOT to stare up her skirt as we mounted the stairs to her second floor apartment. I failed miserably and kept my eyes glued on her nearly naked ass. I wouldn't have minded having THAT swing on my porch... cripes what a naturally erotic wiggle her butt had.

Tina's apartment was the cozy upper half of an old two family home. Her artistic bent showed in the feminine décor. Soft pinks, whites and lavender predominated. Even the scent of lavender filled the air. The woman's delicate skin and coal black hair made her look like a living jewel within her environment. It suited her.

Almost immediately, I felt comfortable and very welcome there.She hung our damp jackets in the vestibule and had me sit at the kitchen table while she slipped into an alcove and put on the promised pot of coffee. "Wont be a minute" she said, just out of sight around the corner. We chatted amiably like long time friends while she puttered and the pot gurgled.

Despite the cold nastiness outside, Tina's kitchen was warm and cheery; the coffee aroma seemed the best I'd ever smelled. The kitchen was soon to go from WARM to exceedingly HOT!!Tina called from the alcove; "O.K. all set here "comes" hope you LIKE IT!"

She stepped back into view and my heart STOPPED!That beautiful woman had a steaming mug in her hand, a wickedly sultry smile on her face... those "FUCK ME" heels on her feet and NOTHING ELSE!!

Her clothes were in a pile on the alcove floor!I didn't know where to look first... or if perhaps to shit or wind my watch!!OHMIGOD SHE WAS GORGEOUS!

Her splendid bare breasts were more alluring than I had envisioned they could be, with their dark rose nipples! They did defy gravity and challenged me to look away! I couldn't!

Faint blue lines traced an erotic road map to heaven beneath the delicate skin of her magnificent orbs. They were perfect for her five foot two inch figure, large enough but not pendulous! Her chest ornaments spanned the entire width of her chest. (To paraphrase the old song from South pacific, she was "BROAD where a BROAD needs to be BROAD")

Sans bra, she still had ample amazing cleavage. Her tits appeared to be mounds of vanilla ice cream, with edible pink toppings! I'll have a double scoop of THOSE please!

Tina's waist was hourglass narrow and led my eyes down to lushly curved hips and the stunning legs perched atop those shoes with their inviting sexual connotations!Her lower belly was attractively, delicately poochy, an erotic love pillow. To me that was her formerly pregnant badge of femininity. It was a left over reminder of one of the ultimate events in her womanhood.

(And a reminder for me as to what she had done with someone's ecstatic erection "coming" in her young pussy to get her pregnant in the first place!)

Just below that was a dense thatch of glossy black, pussy fur. The attractive hair on and around her mons was so luxurious that at a glance it gave the image of witnessing her giving birth to a bear cub. Mounds of thick, silky pubic hair have turned me on ever since!

I had seen a few naked women before, including my tall ex with her stupendous; size forty-eight double "D", knockers and her naturally blond pussy. Tina knew the value of a man's voyeuristic libido... she stood stock still long enough for my mushy brains and stiffening dick to get coordinated while I gawked at her!

When the mirage moved towards me, I was too mesmerized to say a word.

Standing before me proffering the hot mug, Tina asked in a strangely husky voice, "WANT SOME?"... OH DID I EVER!!!Placing the mug in my hands, she eased forward until she stood astride my knee.

Running her fingers through my hair she said, "Drink some, go ahead." The coffee was good and nicely hot. "More" she said, and then with my mouth and lips hot from the coffee, Tina leaned closer lifting a breast, adding, "Here, now taste THIS!"The fingers in my hair gently but forcibly drew me to her edible mammary. She knew that the extra heat of my mouth would feel good on her tit as I suckled it!I drank more and tasted her breast repeatedly. Her complete areole and the nipple were be"coming" erect. The color showed more intensely pink and very aroused. Little nodules appeared around her nipple for my tongue and lips to explore.

By the time, the coffee was half gone so was she! Her knees clamped my leg like a vise. I felt her shiver briefly, sexcitedly! My erection was trying to unzip my trousers from the inside... in an attempt to get at her! OH, WOW! This was one delightfully BOLD and foxy woman!

"C'mere" she whispered and drew me up from my seat. At her lead we kissed, embraced and fondled... within a few more moments, she had me as naked as she was.

Gently using my erection as a leash, she led me down the hall to her bedroom. "C'mon... I don't bite... well, not hard anyway!" was all she said.

I thought that I would keel over in a dead faint!!Standing next to her bed, we groped, explored and touched intimately... in earnest!

The harder she made my erection, the stiffer her nipples be"came". I caressed them nervously, reveling in the way they responded to my touch.Tina's nakedness pressed against mine was more appealing than I can put into words. Her mouth and demanding tongue tasted like lewd candy!

She could have had any man she wanted... yet; I had been selected and allowed to be here with her marvelous breasts in hand and delicious body in my care!The gorgeous, mysterious WOMAN was in no rush. She urged me to take my time and get to KNOW her without saying as much!

Tina was returning the favor with her hands sexploring every bit of me that she desired. She squeezed my ass and pulled me closer.Tina knew from our conversations at work, that my divorce had been partially due to my being an inept, inexperienced lover. (The original BUM FUCK!) She had no illusions that I was about to provide her with a masterful LAY! For her, at this amazingly horny moment, Tina's orgasmic thrills would "come" from being able to blatantly seduce me and ultimately provide some erotic "on the job training"!

Tina's, surprise off the wall and off the chart, nude seduction would be an added aphrodisiac for her. (It sure as Hell was for me!)Tina pulled me down on top of her onto the bed. Spreading her legs by way of added invitation, she held onto my love muscle for a little longer. She rubbed it around her clit masturbating herself with my erection. THEN, she guided it directly INTO her pussy. OHMIGOD her insides were aflame... so damned HOT in there!What I lacked in skill, I made up for with enthusiasm and staying power!

While she let me fuck her she asked of me, "Don't "COME" yet... can you wait for me?"She was tickling her clit while we danced a wonderful horizontal Pas de dux.Tina's fingers bumped and teased my hard-on while they worked her pussy towards ecstasy! Her erotic activities between her own legs had a hypnotic, addictive effect on me.

I distinctly felt her vaginal muscles clamping and relaxing with each IN and OUT stroke that my erection made. OH MY, she was jerking me off with her velvet glove!I tried to follow her bidding and exercise self-control... fuck but not "COME" until my erotic mentor "wanted" it! That was just one of many lessons she taught me... "Try to give unselfish intercourse!" I was trying... "Very trying" my ex-wife might have said!

Tina's breathing began to arrive in hitches and gasps as her legs flexed and tightened around my thrusting ass. She slid her sexy legs down mine, slowly, in a manner designed to add to my arousal. Then she pushed them straight out, her toes pointing and straining.When her toes began to curl... Tina's BIG "O" followed! She was only the second desirable female I had ever SEXperienced having a full-blown orgasm with my erection imbedded between her legs! (Not a good track record for me.)

I felt the force of Tina's vaginal walls ripple and spasm up and down the length of my hard on! Then she moaned, "Oooh, ooh,... ooooooh, NOW... DO IT NOW... FUCK ME... DON'T STOP!!!"The moans be"came" a disembodied wordless siren song. She lifted her ass off the bed and met me thrust for thrust... forcing my erection as deep into her as she could get it! Her fingers never stopped their busy work between our pubic bones, not even for a second! At the last, she was masturbating furiously!

My toes began curling, too late, I was spurting my hot fluids in her marvelous pussy. I hoped that I wasn't too soon for her. I gave a whole (hole?) new meaning to the gas pump expression, "FILL 'ER UP!" The amount of "come" that lady had caused me to spill into her sweet slit seemed prodigious, even for a youthful me!At the apex of Tina's "coming", my pubic hair seemed to be getting wet with something warm. She was squirting a fluid from within herself... it wasn't my "come" in back flow either. I thought that maybe she had inadvertently, during uncontrolled passion, pee'd on me.

She hadn't, Tina was my first ever FEMALE EJACULATOR! Later, slightly embarrassed for not forewarning me, she explained what it was. If well enough aroused or deprived of intercourse (or even masturbation) for a while, she would squirt her own brand of orgasmic fluids from her urethra while she was "coming". Daylong fantasies about being laid that night seemed to build her supply and storage of ejaculate.(Sexologists agree that some women achieve that phenomenon, yet almost nothing is known about the psychogenesis of it or the precise mechanics of it either. It has been clinically observed, even filmed and recorded. You can find actual study results on the inter-net. Look outside the porn networks, those show faux ejaculations consisting of urine... not "the real thing" as the Coca Cola ads tout!)There were other times later, when I was eating Tina that she'd let loose and I'd get a dose of her ejaculate in my mouth when she "came"!

Nothing nasty about, it in fact, I found that it tasted good like any of her natural pussy fluids. (Slightly salty, sweetly musky and very arousing!) What she produced was not as sticky as what I squirted for her... and she could eject hers a foot or more when she had a "GOOD ONE"!

When that happened her little "come" hole fired like an adorable pink water pistol. Her "come" fluids forcefully anointing my mouth only added to my desperate desire to FUCK that sexy pussy as soon as she would allow me! There are few things more like a true aphrodisiac than SEEING, feeling or TASTING her "come" juices in action! (Ladies, if you are lucky enough to sexperience that phenomenon for yourself... bless you. FUN to do isn't it?) Mind if I watch next time? Hee Hee!

After our first FUCK, lying next to her basking in the afterglow, I groped for words. We petted and nuzzled. I finally blurted, 'MIGOD you are beautiful!!'Tina smiled and snuggled closer, "... and you keep a GOOD hard-on... is THAT FOR ME?" She replied with a tinkling giggle.She already had her hand on my stiff cock and added, "Nice to see that IT hasn't wilted. Ever fuck your ex-wife or a girl friend from behind? NOT IN THE ASS just doggy style?"

Tina promptly rolled over at that, sunny side down... spreading her legs wide she pulled her pretty ass cheeks apart, exposing her twat and asked, "Wanna FUCK ME again? Back here? Think you have enough ammo to "come" twice?"

She lifted her tempting tail to get my motor humming at top speed for what she was offering.

I did what she asked while she gave herself another "helping hand". In my wildest young masturbating dreams, I had NO CLUE that such a sexy, sexual OLDER woman existed! (Never mind getting to have the good fortune to be sharing orgasms with her ... momentarily to be"come" multiple orgasms!)

This was THE PERSON I had fantasized about for years with my spurting cock in hand! She was just not as young as the naughty girls in my fantasies were. Now, here she was with her pretty ass urging me to stick my dick between her cheeks and fuck her a second time!!!

We did have many horny adventures together that gave us two, three and even four orgasms daily after our initial naked introductions to each other's libidos! Damn but she was GOOD!

We pillow talked after she had let me push her cushions until we both "came again! "Oh God that was good, I haven't been laid in a LONG TIME!" she whispered while my "come" dripped out of her saucy pussy!

I found that Tina was not promiscuous. She would finger or toy fuck herself to a lonely orgasm before she would consider banging someone indiscriminately. Both of us had been masturbating for quite a while... until now. I could see the sincerity within her deep emerald green eyes... she'd like a steady, friendly fuck... if we could arrange it! I was no one-night stand for her... that is, IF I was a good enough person to feel the same way! (Fuck 'em and forget 'em was not her style.)

Tina hoped that it would not hurt my feelings BUT... she wanted our next sexual liaison to be the beginning of a "naughty learning experience" for me! We would begin tomorrow night... she could tell that I was teachable. She would SHOW me what the "big girls like"!

That she wanted to teach me "things" did not bruise my ego. My masculine "pride" did not get in the way... there was nothing with which it could object to anyway. The promise of MORE SEX with her overrode any embarrassment I had at being less than a great lay! Shit, I knew that! (Just ask my ex... never mind, don't do that!) I'd learn if Tina would have me!

The following night began eighteen months of uninhibited, learning, lusting and LOVING with that beautiful, outrageously SEXY, older woman! She had me everyway you can imagine!

As promised, the following evening we stood naked and lusting in each other's arms next to Tina's bed. There she explained that she was going to SHOW ME what a female's erotic plumbing was all about and how it worked. I was to observe and not touch anything except for my own ERECTION, unless she told me otherwise.

IF I couldn't control myself and just HAD to jump her delectable bones before the lesson was done... she'd let me. (Though I'd get an "F" for the class and have to repeat it! Hmm, THAT didn't sound so bad! At least I wouldn't have to write on the chalkboard one hundred times, 'I will not interrupt the teacher's masturbation!' Bart Simpson... eat your heart out!)

Without further foreplay, Tina stretched out on her bed and assumed a deliciously lewd pose... her legs WIDE apart. Much wider than a woman needs to spread 'em to get laid. Patting her pussy fur invitingly, she said, "C'mere, lie down for awhile... get close!"

Ensconced prone between her legs I watched her spread her labia open with her fingers and begin a satisfying but factual dissertation about the scenery she was displaying. To this day, I easily salivate at both ends remembering THAT!

Tina matter-of-factly explained the INs and OUTs of her pussy. "This is my pussy hole, my vagina... delicious to feel you IN there... but that isn't what makes me "come". Her alluring vestibule twitched slightly while she touched her self there with practiced fingers. She went on to show her labia, inner and outer and explained how they feel and fit into foreplay, oral sex and ultimately intercourse.

Then she pointed out her pee hole. (An opening that I learned had naughty surprises in store as mentioned previously.) I had to look closely to see that tiny bit of puckered tissue. I'll be damned; it was as cute as the rest of her genitalia. SO, that's where girls pee from? Hmm, cool!

Tina concluded the tour of her genitals with her clit and a beautifully arousing demonstration (for both of us) of how she masturbates that all-important part of her anatomy.

She told me to watch the pink, hooded nub swell and be"come" vividly rose colored while her fingers delicately rubbed and teased it. She knew exactly what it would look like while she excited it to an orgasm. This wonderful woman admitted to having observed her clit in action since girlhood... she used mirrors to watch herself whenever the mood to snoop overtook her libido!

Observing her own clit growing and straining while she "did" herself was as naturally arousing as anything she could fantasize about. In short order, I had to agree as to how moving it was to watch it myself! (It had my erection moving and throbbing that's for sure!)

She was right; her clit did as she had promised that it would. It awoke to her touching and went from a shrouded nubbin to a small penis like erection before my eyes. For Tina it was a major addition to her turn on to know that she was making me hornier than I had ever been!

"Watch how I do this", she said with a dreamy smoky voice, "I WANT YOU to do this for me, maybe next time or very soon..." her voice trailed off. I watched her fingers rubbing and teasing, delicately then with firm pressure and back to lightly again. She increased the tempo, butterfly wings flitting. I noted that there was a special rhythm to her masturbation.

There would be a smooth, intermittent sliding of her middle fuck finger down her valley into her inner sanctum for a second or two. That maneuver tugged at her clit as it WET her finger with more internal lubricant to masturbate with. She'd shiver from head to toes as she quickly finger fucked the opening and then withdrew. She was WHETTING my appetite for her as well!

Tina whispered, "... go stand at the foot of the bed now and WATCH the rest of this!" She was obviously feeling very good and wanted the added turn on of seeing me masturbating because of HER and what she was "doing"! We watched each other while I jerked the erection that she had so generously given to me for HER entertainment.

Now I fully understood why she had fingered herself the first time that we had fucked. She did it for the same reason that I masturbated. No matter what else was, going on IN or around her pussy... a self-administered hand fuck guarantees an orgasm. A girl named Linda had done that with me years before... VERY SEXciting once I suspected what she was "doing" down there!

The erotic body before me SEXploded in reaction to her self-administered handwork! Tina's pretty legs be"came" astoundingly beautiful as their muscles tightened, defining exceptional feminine line and design, Her belly fluttered and her nipples stiffened, rising like rose buds, just for me to enjoy. Even the breasts that held those nipples seemed to be"come" rigid, resisting movement as she writhed in ecstasy.

I gazed in awe as her head tilted back, eyes closed, her mouth open emitting a momentary soundless cry of soul searing pleasure. Tina gasped, then from deep within began a moaning erotic concert, her hips were thrusting and fucking her own finger!

Tina's climactic pussy contractions forced out rivulets of lubricating mucous. That was more vaginal stuff that I would soon find to be so sweet! It trickled down and disappeared between the crack of her fanny. (Yes ladies, you do leave your own wet spots on the bed now and then too!)

Her leaking provocative pussy gave the appearance of some unseen lover having just "come" in her! (Lucky bastard!)

OH sweet Jeeziz, what an inspiring display of true feminine sexuality Tina provided. I stood rooted to the spot, my cock twitching and dripping in my hand. I was be"coming" less of a novice in a hurry!

When Tina's breathing had returned to near normal she looked at my erection and asked, "Did you "come"? When I said, 'Almost' she replied with a sly smile and asked, "Waste not, want not... wanna SPILL YOUR SEED IN HERE?" She held her-self open. I didn't need a second INVITATION! I was over her, on her and IN her in less than a heart beat!

Lovely, loveable Tina was as hot and as slippery inside as she had been the first time she'd let me fuck her! Her vaginal walls were still twitching from her post orgasmic spasms.

She wrapped herself around me and bit into my shoulder imploring, "C'MON FUCK ME GOOD!" I don't think that I managed more than about thirty deep pokes into her tunnel of love before I began squirting in there! She had really uncorked my libido with her display of horny hand fueled antics. (No way that I could last any longer after what I just witnessed!)

What she had shown me was the final unleashing of my closet voyeurism. I was free at last! Keep tickling your whossis' dear ladies... hope you don't mind if I watch. Blame it on Darling Tina if you must. You DO turn me on when you are preoccupied with your own pleasuring!

That night our pillow talk was all about the mysteries of female orgasms. She dispelled the myths and years of locker room bullshit I'd ever heard about the "fair sex" having S-E-X!

Tina would give me several more 'finger IN pussy' demonstrations over subsequent nights. She also showed me how she used her vibrator. All with an eye towards having me add finger fucked orgasms to my lexicon with her! She figured that I would be a quick study. I should get an "A" or at least a gold star for my first efforts at manually diddling her love nest!

Tina wrapped up the first lewd demo after the naked tete-a-tete by getting up on all fours next to me, her delectable ass and pussy aimed in my face. "O.K., here's the REAL DOGGIE STYLE...fuck me from the back? Nice and slow... can you do it again?" She saw how hard my dick was... silly question!

I mounted Tina from behind and enjoyed the glimpses of her marvelous breasts swaying in the dressing mirror. They moved tantalizingly while we rocked each other in counter point. She was content to give me a reason to "come" IN her again even if she'd not likely have another BIG "O"!

Midway through my drive for another orgasm she announced, "One night I'm gonna teach you how to FUCK MY ASS... ever do THAT before?" I couldn't answer – the very thought of "coming" IN her other love hole gave me lockjaw and a near instant climax! I could feel her talented twat playfully squeezing my erection as it spurted wildly. The delightfully naughty woman giggled with each pussy grasp she gave my dick. I pushed as far INTO her sweet spot as I could, trying to get maximum effect from what she was doing to me!

Tina's delicate laughter did sound like the tinkling of a silver bell. Then she said, " I knew that the mention of YOU FUCKING MY ASS would get to you. I'm not kidding, I love IT in the ass BUT, NOT until you know how to DO ME right! I figured that you had never screwed a girl's behind before. Hey, first time for everything "COMING" up soon!"

She was overtly pleased with my enthusiastic desire to learn about THAT from HER!

Reluctantly easing out of the warm security of her elevated pussy, I had a sudden wild urge. With her shoulders still resting on the bed, swirls of sexy black hair surrounding her head on the pillow, I slid down under her. I was looking up at her dripping pussy.

'SIT ON MY FACE?' I asked.

Quizzically she replied, "... BUT, I'm full of "COME"...!" 'Yeh, I know. C'mon, squat, I wanna tidy up the mess I've made'. I had done a variation of this once before with another girl.

Tina was game for anything that did not cause pain. She giggled and lowered her fur pie onto my face saying, "You asked for it, don't say that I didn't warn you!"

I heard, "Blurp, blurp" and everything in her pussy, her own blended female sex lubricants along with my deposit drained out of her lovely, edible twat all over my mouth!

Tina announced, "BULLSEYE, gotcha!" We laughed at her vulgar humor. Astonishingly 'I' tasted pretty good with my gravy mixed with hers. What's the old saying about, "Sauce for the Gander is gravy for the goose?" Or should that have been, "Sauce FROM the Gander IS gravy IN the goose?" That was SEXciting table fare as leftovers too!

She let me lick, taste and suckle her beaver for about ten minutes. I held and petted her sexy thighs while I ate!

It didn't take long before I detected Tina's body beginning to quiver periodically. I felt goose bumps on her thighs. Then my tongue noticed Tina's "Little man in the boat" returning to life and swelling! About then, she began directing my oral manipulations. "Ooh, that's GOOD. Mmm, right THERE, OH YES, keep it up, DON'T STOP. YES, YOU'VE GO IT... GO,GO,GO...MORE... Mmmmmm!!"

I had long since licked and sucked the last of my "come" out of her... now there was more, new and flavorful liquids flowing. Tina began actively rubbing her sweet spot over my face, teasing the special area of hers that would best benefit.

She hadn't anticipated her own re-arousal!

When I slid my hands up over her ass and pulled her silky beaver tight against my lips, Tina stopped the vocal instructions and began a throaty purring. Hers was a contented pussy! With her slit mashed against my lips, I sucked her tiny erection AS IF IT WERE HER NIPPLES, until she asked me to lick it instead. The sensations were too intense.

I licked in and around her pussy, until my tongue was all but paralyzed. Delicate flicks of her clit were the best I could muster. And that was enough, something good was "coming"... she DID just that!

I managed one final thrust of my tongue into Tina's vaginal vestibule and kept it there. I felt and savored her luscious orgasm while my tongue resided at the opening to her hole! There was an arousing difference in taste and texture between her slippery pussy mucous and her urethral ejaculate. It wouldn't take long to relish both of those!

One thing to note about that lady, her vagina never smelled or tasted like the proverbial "FISH"... not even during her menses. Her intimate aromas and flavors were of aroused musk and pheromones! Yes, she COULD turn on a dead man! Lazarus all over again if she'd just sit on his face!

If Trina screamed any louder while "coming" with her twat against my face someone was bound to call the police! Her legs and hips pumped in unison with her orgasmic melody. She was singing a rather delightfully risqué tune!

I had never known Tina to use profanities before that moment... "Oh you sexy bastard... OHMIGOD, that's GOOD! Oooh, you RAT FUCK... what are you DOING TO ME???... OH SHIT I'm COMMMING... DON'T YOU DARE FUCKIN' STOP!" The rest of her vocalizing consisted of moaning as the volume subsided and she ground her pussy into my face. (Having a slightly large nose does have its advantages at times!)

At the apex of Tina's version of Nirvana, she added to her flowing lubricants by ejaculating! She flooded my face and mouth with a teaspoon or more of her own urethral "come" juice as the coup de grace! It tasted as I had anticipated... like PURE LUST!

Tina never quite knew when she would do that and had no more control over squirting her "stuff" than I had over mine! (NO, I did not spit it out! If she was good enough to anoint me with it, I could at least be gracious enough to swallow it! If nothing else, her "coming" and spewing in my mouth seemed a badge of accomplishment for yours truly! Proof positive that I had "DONE HER GOOD"?

She had not anticipated nor needed another orgasm that night. Just giving me a second of those IN her from behind was all she desired. That's the way she always was... a very giving, loving and delightfully HORNY woman. The pussy licking was a bonus, for both of us.

We fell asleep entwined after that. More than visions of sugarplums danced in our heads. We dreamed of many more shared orgasms to "come"! She was no one nighter for me either! I needed more of her!

I think that was when I began falling in love with the slightly tarnished OLDER sprite in my arms. How many young men have ever had the special opportunity to be tucked under the wings of a seraph like her let alone be lucky enough and invited... to mate with an angel? I thought THAT only transpired in fairy tales!

Fate was kind and there were indeed many more hormonal SEXplosions for us to share. (Including a MEMORABLE tryst in an old fashioned public phone booth!)

My "fairy tale" was "coming" true! Life, love and sex with Tina were an ethereal experience.

Now is where I MUST break away and fornicate with my own fist! IMAGES OF MY LUSTY MENTOR BECKON!! I can't type worth a damn with my erection in one hand.

And dear readers, from the 'for what its worth department'... my stiff organ is not HUGE... but large enough. Not the largest that you have ever seen or fucked, but it IS as aroused and insistent as any. "DO" what you will with YOURSELF while picturing me DOING ME, for your entertainment, just as Tina often enjoyed promoting and watching for hers!

Perhaps pretend that you have a 'hand' in my brief debauchery until I get back here? "COME" with me if you like!




There, I DID IT and am not ashamed to say so! I've found my way back here... my distracting erection wrought by memories of Tina satiated for now. I am no less horny from thoughts of her, and maybe even from what YOU may be DOING... but at least I am able to go on with this chronicle for a while longer!

Tina was my version of Dustin Hoffman's "Mrs. Robinson"; only Tina was far more attractive than the celluloid seductress!

My edition of the naughty OLDER woman was definitely my elder though she did not appear to be a day over twenty-eight or nine. The ravages of gravity had yet to catch up with her. As delectably sizable and full as her sumptuous breasts were she could not tuck and hold a pencil in place within the cleft below them!

AND, those chest ornaments were ALL HERS! (And mine to borrow!)

More important than her physical attributes was that she was a one-man woman. Uninhibited? YES! As horny as a minx? OH YES! A slut? NO, not on your life! Tina was "coming" into her sexual peak as many ladies do at her age. Tina was using hers to both of our maximum benefits! It's the old adage of "Use it or lose it!"

I'm sorry that I haven't any photos of her to submit along with this essay. She was a classic beauty. Tina was more than centerfold attractive.

Part of my attraction to her was her considerable artistic ability. She was a better than average commercial artist... her forte being the nude human figure. Formal training for her was had at one of New York's better-known art institutes.

She paid for part of her tuition by posing nude herself, as a life model for other students. I can attest as to why they wanted her... her body and face were classically perfect!

(Tina found it cute when she occasionally noted a new male student sporting an erection in his pants while she posed.)

In time she let me PAW through her personal collection of renderings, sketches and oils all depicting nude men and women. Some of those were very erotic... my browsing was often a prelude to me PAWING Tina. She knew of more ways to turn me on than I had ever considered while fantasizing my way towards manhood!

Some of her more erotic renderings "came" in the form of nude pictures of her ex-husband. Most of her work had a photographic reality to it. She showed him as a good-looking blonde, muscular man with an enormous piece of meat between his legs. Even in a flaccid state his fuck tool was far more impressive than mine is... even when its as hard as it can achieve!

She had some blatantly pornographic pictures of him squirreled away... definitely NOT for public consumption. In those depictions, he had his ERECTION IN HAND. The most outrageous of those showed a stylized masculine orgasm erupting onto his belly! OHGAWD, I was loving this woman's mindset more and more!

Tina had a near photographic memory for images. (So do I, though it just happens that I am "out of film" at the moment!) She could paint from memory though she preferred a live model at hand. Tina explained HOW she got her hubby to pose and stay HARD long enough for her to capture THAT on paper or canvas.

She would set up her easel and stool. She'd wear her paint stained smock, unbuttoned and NOTHING ELSE! From his vantage point, he could see her twat. If his erection began, flagging at any time Tina would tease it UP again with a finger IN what he loved to look at and fuck! Under dire circumstances, she'd masturbate with the clean handle of a large brush to tease him! The implied promise of getting to stick his knockwurst in the pussy she was poking right after, was all he needed. (All I needed too, as it turned out!)

"Wanna SEE how that works?" I thought that she was just teasing me. 'Sure" I said, always UP for any of her naughty antics. Oops, she had me strip and stretch out on her couch close to where her easel always stood. Me and my big mouth!

Tina went to her room for a minute and returned wearing just the smock. It hung open and concealed next to nothing. I thought that she was playing around to see how long it would take me to develop an erection. Silly girl, I was already HARD!

Tina sat at the easel, flashed me continuously, and picked up her charcoal. "I'm going to sketch you... don't wiggle around too much... comfy over there?"

I was comfy but my hard-on was in agony... I wanted to ravish her on the spot!

She doodled around getting perspectives on paper and then said, "Mmmm, looking good, now play with THAT THING! C'mon, turn ME ON with IT!"

I didn't want to "come" all over her nice couch and just stroked myself lightly. In thirty minutes, she had a sketch of me to look at. Before she announced that the project was done Tina inserted a thick brush handle into her pussy and blew my mind while I watched her fuck herself with it on the stool! Indeed, like her ex-husband, my cock couldn't have withered if the house was on fire! (Not at seeing what she was "doing" for me to observe!) 'FIRE IN THE HOLE, FIRE IN THE HOLE!" to use an old military expression. FIRE IN HER HOLE!!! She'd gleefully made us both HOT enough to set the sketchpad ablaze!

Then "came" the invitation to see myself through her eyes. Geez, if I were a girl, I'd fuck the guy on the paper too! I don't look THAT good, never have! I appreciated the kindness that she had done me! Then we went to the couch and put her FIRE out with the brush handle! That was a new kinky twist for me! I'd never been with a girl using a "toy" on herself before!

Tina's masterpiece in my estimation hung in her bedroom. It was a near life size oil on canvas, a nude self-portrait in photographic clarity. It was Tina as a sultry "Venus reclining".

Her VENUS exuded raw sexuality... I fell in love with the Goddess on the wall and with the mind that had created her. Tina even encouraged me to take advantage of the arousal the painting provided. She'd have me look at the image and absorb the "promise" it inferred and masturbate while doing so. Tina would stretch out stark naked nearby to observe my dick frolics and masturbate along with me!

I wish that I were a better wordsmith to be able to paint vivid pictures of Tina's physical beauty for you to fall in love or at least lust with as I had. Yet, as unrestrained as her libido was and as full of Joy de vivre; she'd be embarrassed by the accolades I pile on her here.

After Tina had seduced me with a startling nude offer of "Coffee and..." a red hot romp on her bed followed. That was the moment that she tucked me beneath her wings. She masturbated to climaxes in order to show me how to do THAT for her (and every other woman that she knew would "come" into my life someday.)

When she thought that I had enjoyed sufficient of those electrifying displays my turn to attempt it with her, was "at hand"!

As any SEXperienced woman reading this can attest to, a great fuck with her man (or woman) is best preceded by an orgasmic "helping hand"! There is much to be said for the old adage, "Ladies before gentlemen" isn't there? If he gives a loving GOOD one, his will soon "come" about as well... she'll see to that wont she?

Naked again on her bed and SEXploring each other found me trembling with anticipation. We petted while probing each other's tongues and upper orifices. She could go absolutely bonkers while getting it in her ears.

After what seemed an eternity Tina guided my hand down across her breasts and then onto her soft, sexy belly. She had an erogenous zone that ran from her belly button to her pussy... a light finger nail, tracing a path back and forth between those drove her up the wall!

A little attention to that spot, and she slid my hand down to the top of her slit and held it there. Her fuse had been lit!

Having done that she left me to my own devices, sink or swim, this was IT for me!

Tentatively I explored her wet pussy with a middle finger. She let me touch and probe, absorbing the mysterious textures within the framework of her labia. It felt like fragile flower petals. When I hesitated Tina said, "Don't be so timid... I wont break! Go ahead, PUSH IT IN!" She nuzzled my neck when my finger went in to the hilt, "Mmmm, good, my G-spot... nice!" I felt and explored the bit of rough tissue inside of the front of her vagina, behind the pubic bone... 'so that's what all the hoopla is all about?' I thought to myself.

The so-called "G-Spot" was just beginning to make erotic news in those days. In time I found that Tina's orgasms were ambidextrous... she could "come" by manipulating either her clit or her INTERAL start button. Either or, on demand!

(Hey guys, don't waste your money on French ticklers... use your finger on that!)

She was responsive to my inner probing, cooing softly while she let my fingers do the walking! (Bad cliché, sorry 'bout that!)

I couldn't see what my finger was doing while kissing her and sucking the nipple that she pushed into my face. I WAS LEARNING THE LAY OF HER LANDSCAPE IN BRAILLE! Before long she murmured, "Ooh, that's GOOD!... Right there, softly, rub me softly... I'm getting close. OH YES... that's're DOING GREAT!"

I began a circular teasing on and around her engorged clit;... I could "see" it through my fingertip. I did as she had shown me. An occasional foray deep INTO her pussy with just enough pressure to tug her clit downward brought more aroused enthusiasm from her. Like you and most women, she needed rhythmic movements and touching. There is a cadence that leads to feminine orgasms aren't there?

To say that I was tickled at the prospect of giving this sensuous woman a manual orgasm is putting it mildly! It was making me so horny to be finger-fucking Tina that my erection felt to have grown to three feet long in response to her reactions.

Tina's body telegraphed that she was almost over the top of her plateau... her nipples were in full bloom and she was leaking copious quantities of pussy lubricants around my finger.

Tina felt for and then grasped my erection... she needed a lifeline to hang onto. She squeezed my meat possessively... and then IT ARRIVED! Softly at first and then onto a crescendo! I didn't know whether to continue fingering her hole, my digit simulating a miniature cock fucking her, or what to do for her! I didn't want to fuck up the moment for her.

I needn't have worried... she told me what to do!

"Oh God, Oh shit... I'm COMING!!!... PUSH IT IN,... OH HURRY... FUCK ME, FASTER... DEEPER... OH GOD... FUCK MEEEE PLEEEEASE!!!" Tina squealed the last three words.

I worked my finger IN and OUT like a small horny cock, keeping time with the waves of erotic release I felt within her vagina. That seemed to make her orgasm more intense. I felt her grip on my erection tighten. She grasped harder with each internal spasm. 'My GOD, IVE DONE IT... WE'VE DONE IT!!' was all I could think while she flew to her horny Paradise. With her free hand, she squeezed one breast and then the other until I thought the nipples would pop off like Champagne corks! Amazing that she didn't bruise either of them!

"Oh my ovaries hurt! Oh cripes that was good!" she said panting breathlessly when it was finally over!


By the time Tina's astounding climax had subsided, her sexy body was glistening with perspiration and the apartment wasn't THAT warm! Still gripping my stiff dick (to a point where it was turning purple) she said, "WOW... you did me like a pro... go to the head of the class! You learned well... NOW, how would you like yours???" She had me SO TURNED ON and so pleased with myself that I wanted to "come" in every orifice in her beautiful body and told her as much.

Tina agreed... with one caveat. She'd try to get me off in her mouth, in her pussy and between her tits... but NOT UP HER ASS... at least not tonight anyway.

Over the next hour, Tina succeeded.

She stood and bent over the bed and had me "come" in her pussy from behind. After that, she sat on the edge of the bed and gave be a masterful blowjob all the way to my pubic hair. (Trust me, Linda Lovelace was an amateur cock pleaser by comparison!)

When I started "coming" Tina pulled my ass tightly to her. She never spat out my deposit either! She had a joke about "a little extra protein in her diet couldn't hurt!" Swallowing "cum" never bothered her; even from the first time, she had ever sucked a cock. She liked men and that was a part of a man... just like swapping spit with him and him sucking pussy juices.

After my years of masturbation, I knew that an immediate second orgasm was no big trick. A third one was possible, particularly when influenced by an arousing woman like Tina. I just didn't know how long it would take. Tina didn't give a rat's ass how long... as long as SHE could get me off! That was all that mattered to her.

According to her, we'd make a "joint" effort at making my "joint" fire another salvo! She stretched out and pushed her lovely knockers together. "C'mere and FUCK THESE why dontcha?"

I straddled her chest and eased my cock down between her breasts and she wrapped those sexy puppies around it! The sight of my erection popping up between her hemispheres and the friction from fucking them was enough stimulation.

Amazing, my body felt weak and buckled when I began spurting pearly goo onto her chest. That ejaculation took a few minutes longer... but what the Hell, we weren't going anywhere. Besides, good things do take longer. Tina had provided my second ever tit-fucked orgasm... and she wasn't to be the last of those either!

The lady was not a nymphomaniac in the traditional sense. (True nymphos fuck like demented rabbits in quest of orgasms that they cannot achieve... no matter what or whom they "DO"! Every time they get within a millimeter of having a climax and then lose it!) Tina's libido was simply enamored of daily sex and loved the bonus of having someone to tutor. She was addicted to the sensations of be"coming" aroused and the orgasms that naturally followed.

After my third penis geyser that evening, we cuddled and she brought UP the subject of "anal intercourse". She would begin my tutorial on that subject tomorrow night. Now there was a thought worthy of one more fuck to end the evening! However, my prostate was about as sore as her ovaries and caused me to let the thought alone!

The practical application of learning to fuck Tina's adorable "other" hole was not to be what I had expected. In order for me to fuck her ass and "come" in it I had to know what it was like to be on the RECEIVING END!... UH OH!!

The following night found us in the bathroom, me lying on a towel on the floor. Tina had my legs over her shoulders while she inserted an enema nozzle in, as she called it, my "Male pussy"! She flushed my temporary cunt with copious amounts of warm water and used a HOT soapy washcloth to cleanse the outside.

Despite myself, I was too aroused to let on how embarrassed I felt by her backside ministrations. If it had been anyone else, who knows? I mean, straight men don't get ass fucked... or do they.

After the ablutions were finished, we retired to her bed and we again assumed the legs over her shoulders position. This time she inserted a gloved finger in my butt with lots of Jergen's lotion and soon had my butt hole as slippery as her twat!

To quote old Gomer Pyle, "Surprise, surprise!" What she was doing back there felt GOOD! Really good, when she began tickling and stroking my prostate! OH WOW Tina... I had NO IDEA! She was giving me a "hole" new appreciation as to why gay men engage in anal fucking! I felt an urge to splurge each time she made pressure on my internal ignition switch, not to forget how erotically sensitive the anal nerve endings are as well!

She had me harder than hard and leaking dick sauce like a worn out faucet!

Tina's hands were small boned and delicate. She inserted a second finger and then another. Soon she had five digits spreading my "pussy". I could only moan with delight. "O.K., hang on... if this hurts I'll stop" she said and then I felt a THRUST and nearly went ballistic... HOLY WHATCHAMACALLIT... she told me that she was UP my ASS TO HER WRIST!

To prove it she wriggled her hand around in there... the whole fuckin' thing was fuckin' ME! With her fist acting like a giant cock, she leaned forward and began sucking mine!

Tina knew damned well that I wouldn't last long with what she was doing to me and slowly eased her hand out again. What she had done was to relax and temporarily stretch my tail for the main event!

She had me roll over, dick down and ass UP. She spread my legs and then began playing with my tail, tickling, licking and massaging my horny "testimonials"... you get the picture. Her tongue soon concentrated on my "hole" rimming it and then she forced it IN like a mini-animated cock.

I have goose bumps just recalling that. (This was another first for me courtesy of my teacher.) Silky black hair flowed across my butt and teased me while she played around back there. Whoa, now that's a hornifying memory if ever there was one! 'Scuse me if I take another jerk-off break sitting right here!

Confucious always say, "Man with horny problem soon have 'solution' IN HAND!"

Keep "watching" please keep reading and stay tuned! Mmmm, feels good!


The next part of my anal tutelage from Tina was her LARGE vibrator. I felt the hard plastic diddling around my sensitive sphincters. She was prone between my legs and lightly circling and probing my backdoor with it.

She explained that a man's erection needs to treat a lover's ass just the way she intended to skewer mine. I was to pay attention and learn how to "do" this with her for real.

There would be a couple of things that she would do to make damned sure that I did not duplicate those, IN HER ASS! Those things would HURT. After that, she would give me "INCREDIBLE PLEASURE" as a reward!

Tina made a hard unexpected thrust with the plastic cock... THAT HURT! Next, she fucked my tail IN and OUT violently... that hurt too. The simulated erection gave negative reinforcement... I was NOT TO DO her ASS that way!! Never, EVER!

That part of the anatomy lesson over with Tina added more lubricant and reinserted the faux erection UP me an inch at a time. "Slow and easy does it. Gently push IN and withdraw", she intoned. (Now THAT felt GOOD boys 'n girls!)

By the time Tina had all twelve inches IN as far as it would go (lucky me... no cervix to get in the way!) she explained further, "From here on the FUCKEE can give the FUCKER two options. O.K. to push IN and fuck until he "comes" OR... push IN and hold it there while SHE masturbates and "comes".

"When I start "coming" you'll know it and THEN you may begin to fuck and get your rocks off while I'm doing the same! If I say STOP... I mean it!"

She kept the toy busily fucking me while she explained a few other ass sex tid- bits. By the time, she had me at peak arousal Tina asked, "O.K., how do you want to "come" now?" I had hoped for another masterful blowjob, while she ass fucked me.

Tina was more in tune with watching me jerk off while she diddled her clit with one hand and poked my tail with the other. That was an acceptable compromise to me.

At the last minute, Tina turned the vibrator on and blew my ass-fucked mind! That worked for her and for me! I thought I would not stop squirting until my brains liquefied and "came" out of the end of my dick.

Tina was the first woman that I had ever known with a minor male ass sex fetish. (Fortunately, she was NOT the last of those!)

Ladies, if you have similar urges but are afraid to try them out on your man (or woman) be diplomatically BOLD. Try it the way Tina did with me.

Moreover, for you men, if she inserts a surprise-gloved finger IN your ass for God's sake, drop the macho façade. Don't fight it, go with the flow. If I learned anything from Tina I discovered, WHATEVER makes your woman horny and orgasmic should equally SEXcite YOU! Her orgasms should be the most powerful aphrodisiac that you can ever share!

(The late Ann Landers had it right... for sensible men; there is NOTHING more arousing than an ORGASMIC WOMAN!)

Don't be selfish, wham, bam, thank you ma am fucking wont cut it if you really care about her. Let her sexual kinks be"come" your erotic ally. In addition, if you MUST be a hit and run artist, pay a "professional woman" for the rental of her pussy. She wont give a shit about your sexual prowess and everyone will walk away happy as long as you pay cash!

The following night after work and dinner true to her word, Tina laid out the ass fuck accoutrements again.

She offered her tempting tail to me. Tina talked me through the procedure while I began the same things that she had done with me the previous evening. My hand is much larger than hers is, so I opted to keep the initial insertion limited to three fingers. I did not take a chance on painfully shoving my fist up her cute but tiny rump hole.

She was more than able and willing to accept the large toy in her ass as soon as the finger teasing was done. She had been ass fucked with that thing many times by her ex and she used it now and then for solo sex while masturbating. Tina did like her anal stimulation... on her own or with a good friend!

After sufficient butt fucking and teasing with it, she told me when to slide the plastic cock out. From there, she rolled over sunny side down and had me straddle her legs. She held her cheeks apart while I mounted her. She reached back and held my erection, circling her hole with it and reminding me to penetrate slowly and not too deeply at first!

I could see that her sphincters were slightly stretched from the anal foreplay. Where there had once been a tightly closed flower blossom... it had now bloomed ever so slightly. I could see down the throat of it like a humming bird seeking nectar!

When she was ready, Tina said, "Push, nice and easy."

Sure enough, my meat went into her oven an inch at a time. OH man, what a sensation. Though it is not a good idea to ass fuck anyone without a condom... she enjoyed the awareness of a hard-on "coming" and flooding her ass with warm fluids.

(We always used plenty of warm water... as hot as we could stand it... to cleanse and clear anal canals first. That was successful for us but is NOT recommended. A coli-form penis, prostate and subsequent bladder infection or epididimitis is nothing to take chances with.)

Tina had me push well into her cushions and then hold still while she reached under and played with her clit. I felt her sphincters twitching in cadence with her own finger fucking! Oh Jeeziz girl... what do you "DO" for an encore??

"NOW... DO IT NOW... DO IT... FUCK ME"! came out nearly as a whimper just as her orgasm began. Talk about 'riding the wild pony', she lifted me up with her skewered ass and did most of the fucking! Her back door pussy flexed and spasmed around my erection just as her vagina always did.

I hung on just to keep my balance. Her ass was jerking me off and Tina felt me spurting because of her wild gyrations. "Ooh good, I can feel you "coming"... so HOT, so nice... OH THAT'S SEXY... oh God that's GOOD!"

We "came" together. After that we ass fucked about once a week. Sometimes she simply bent over the bed with few preliminaries... and other times I bent over the bed for her.

I'm not sure just where the expression, "A piece of ass" COMES from or why it is used almost exclusively in context with fucking a woman. It shouldn't be that way... considering that Tina liked a "piece of MY ass now and then! Hey, fair is fair!

Tina's all time favorite ass sex position had me lying dick UP on the bed and she would be on TOP, tits UP with her head on my shoulder. Her ass would be positioned on my lap and her breasts available for me to play with.

In that pose, she would take my cock in hand and work it into her fanny. I couldn't do much fucking pinioned that way but she would get us both off with her largest vibrator.

When she would insert that damnedably delightful device into her raging twat, I could feel it through her vaginal and anal walls while she engaged in some terrifically arousing self-fucking!

Those were awesome joint orgasms. Tina taught me that "coming" in tandem with your partner went way beyond special. It was as close to a 'religious epiphany' as I would ever SEXperience! If there was anything, that Tina did not know how to do to please her and her partner... well it just hasn't been invented yet. (And people have been fucking for millennia... that says a lot for her!)

She was not a shrinking violet, when it "came" to lusty, loving sex!

A quick side note regarding Tina's delectable nipples as sexual teasers and pleasers. (And female nipples in general.) Hers were moderately erotically sensitive and provided her with some direct clit stimulation whenever she or I tinkered with them. (I learned about that the very first time I suckled them while drinking HOT coffee!)

Hers were partially hard wired to her clitoris. She claimed that she felt something akin to electrical tingles "down there" whenever I sucked and slobbered her nipples to the point of being rose pink "upstanding citizens"! On a horny Richter scale of one to ten,... she felt that hers rated about five (up or down a notch) depending on the degree of her erotic need.

She told me about a gal pal that had nipple ratings of ten and higher. That woman could have orgasms just from manipulating her own breasts or if someone else did it for her. NO vaginal or clit ministrations required.

I wasn't sure the woman wasn't pulling Tina's pretty legs... until I married such a woman myself! My wife could play with her own petite breasts while I watched and held her when she "came" as a result!

For proof positive, I inserted my middle finger deep into her pussy and used it as a naughty seismograph. I didn't masturbate her pussy; I just left my finger quietly IN there to detect the vaginal earthquake that accompanies a female's orgasm!

Damned if she wasn't really "coming" just from diddling, twiddling and petting her own chest decorations and nipples... UP to nearly three quarters of an inch high. YES, boys n' girls... for fun we did measure them a few times! And YES, that is a lot of sail for such a small ship!

It seems from my lifetime of SEXperiences that small-breasted women are more apt to have the gift of breast-induced orgasms. May I ask you ladies with nifty little hood ornaments... am I right? Can you or someone else get you off just by stimulating your anatomy above the waist?

For me that is just another arousing way to get laid. I am NOT a so-called "Tit, leg or ass" man. I LOVE whatever it is that ladies have that PLEASES them! Big or small, short or tall, leggy or not... it should all be the same to any right thinking man that you encounter, if you are happy to share yourself with us.

During the time that Tina and I spent together, we were into each other's pants every day... hot as two-dollar pistols! Often enough we screwed more than once a day. (On weekends, it was usually more than that!) Even during her menses, Tina desired and invited lower invasions. She called me her, "Well trained BLOOD hound!"

We were so randy for each other that our naughtiness spilled over to the work place... and not just twat flashing either. The first time that we let it get out of hand Tina had asked me to help her move a large box in the supply room. She followed me in and LOCKED the door behind us... UH OH!

Tina bent over a large carton on the floor. Grasping it, she instructed me NOT to help lift the box but "Lift my skirt" instead! She was grinning like a bawdy Cheshire cat!

Thinking that she was just being a playful tease, I did it. OH MY... she had removed her panties in the ladies room again! Her gorgeous "BOX" was temptingly available. Tina whispered, "Hurry up and fuck me before we get caught!" What a sight she was, bent over, her "fuck me" heels delineating her beautiful legs and her fur pie surrounded by ass cushions of indescribable attractiveness. That was a short but sweet FUCK!

Later at home, she had allowed her horniness to simmer all day preparatory to what was to "COME" on her bed! She had as memorable an orgasm as I could give her! Actually, she gave herself a second one just for the entertainment value!

That illicit orgasm IN her twat from behind in the closet wasn't our only dangerous liaison. Not by a long shot! Another time, we had gone to a street concert way downtown near "The village". The music fest was put on by latter day flower children. We had a good time listening and copping feels. Everyone there seemed to be making out... free love was "coming" into vogue again.

Around midnight the skies opened up and everyone in the vest pocket park scattered for shelter. It began pouring like the hammers of Hell. Tina helped me find a snug old-fashioned walk in phone booth in which to keep dry. It was the type of glass booth with bi-fold doors. Close them and the overhead light went on. Open the doors a crack and the light turned off.

From inside we could barely tell that everyone had beaten it out of there and were long gone. No one here but us chickens boss! The rain was becoming torrential and soon we could hardly see across the darkened street. As the lightning flashed, there was no sense in trying to reach my car, parked five long blocks north.

We were marooned... NOW WHAT??

Tina KNEW WHAT! Above the din of the storm she snuggled and asked, "WANNA FUCK?"

She had the prettiest and lewdest smile on her face. Her braless erect nipples showed like beacons through her damp blouse. She moved the door ajar and placed my hand onto one of her breasts in the near darkness.

While I massaged her chest, she reached for and petted my crotch. We kissed and smothered every inch of each other's faces.

There wasn't a soul or a car to be seen anywhere. At that revelation, Tina bared her breasts totally. What the Hell, why not, who'd see us? In another twinkling, Tina had unlimbered my love snake and began its evening exercises! She had it out for a stroll and a breath of fresh air!

Okay Darlin'... tit for tat! I slid my hand under her mini and down into her panties! I'd exercise her "kitty" in sexchange for the favor she was doing for me!

Good grief Charlie Brown... her knickers and pussy were SOAKED and not from the rain either! Tina had promoted many wild orgasms in my company... but the one to "come" for her was as untamed as any! I slid her undies down and off.

With her tongue fucking my tongue and her hand in possession of my erection, I fingered her delectable twat to a massive SEXplosion. Her public, curbside climax was impressive!

Tina's crescendo was nearly as loud as the storm. WHENEVER she "came"... that beautiful woman put her entire being into it. She climaxed as though it would be her last... or had to last until the next one!!

Before she stopped her orgasmic quivering (Yes ladies I am aware that it is difficult to "come" standing up and that knees do buckle and shake when you are "coming" vertically! But then so do mine.) Tina moaned, "Stick IT IN... hurry, put IT IN!!" With that, she stood on her tiptoes pulling my erection to her slit. She helped me fuck what was STILL a most feverish pussy, prior orgasm not withstanding!

Gawd she was HOT inside!!

She wouldn't let me pull out after my "come" began running down her legs. "Keep it IN while you're still hard... let me feel it for awhile," she said. Then with mock childlike petulance she added, "ITS MINE, ALL MINE! I WANT IT! I'm never giving it back! SO THERE!!"

Oh, how she could tickle and endear herself to me at the damnedest and most wonderful times!

With our pelvises joined like Siamese twins Tina pulled my shirt up and pressed her warm breasts against my bare chest. In turn, I slid my hands down and gripped her warm firm ass, and clung to her, keeping myself where we both wanted me to be. If there ever was a desire for my cock to be two inches longer,... this was IT!

She refused to let my erection become wilted and flaccid while we clung to each other. The deliciously erotic woman was giving me the "urge to splurge" all over again. She was flexing her pussy muscles and jerking me off with her inner velvet glove!

She nibbled my ear and stuck her tongue in it, and probed around like a small horny snake seeking a place to hibernate. My first batch of "come" had not all leaked out of her when I began more pussy stroking with my rejuvenated hard-on! Short deliberate strokes inside of her. I could feel the flexing and folding of her pretty pussy lips while we fucked. Better yet, in my mind's eye I could see it happening.

Tina carefully stepped up onto a large, vandalized Manhattan phone book lying on the floor by her feet. NOW she could fuck me more comfortably without having to strain up onto her toes. Slowly I stroked her sweet insides with my erection while the lightning flashed and cracked outside. Her hips swiveled, meshing her pubic hair with mine.

With the brief strobing of the lightning, I could get glimpses of myself penetrating her! I could see our genitals plugged in while she fucked my brains out. Her arousing bump and grind had the desired effect. I pulled her sensuous ass tighter and "came" a second time.

Tina gave me a hickey out of SHEER PASSION. She did not have to "come" in order for her to be a thrilled and thrilling lover! She was the only really horny woman to have ever left a mark on my neck... then or since.

High school neck bites had nothing to do with passion and everything to do with territorial marking. Remember those? Not so that night! She let me know as much. She stuck her tongue in my ear again and then said, "You owe me one of these... if we ever get home again!"

The storm did blow over, moving out across Brooklyn and the Island to the East. By two thirty Tina was sprawled invitingly naked on her Yonkers living room floor and GETTING what she desired. SOIXANT NEUF... that translates to SIXTY-NINE for non-French speakers.

She had my tongue and finger IN her nether regions until she "came" and she had my slightly taxed erection in her mouth doing the same for me. At that age, yes, I "came" a third time in as many hours... and bless her heart, as always she didn't spit it out.

The avian symbol of love is indeed the "SWALLOW"!

She was a delight in all aspects of the word!

We drifted from after glow to sleep right there. My face still nestled against her adorable crotch and she with my cock still in hand. We had probably petted and suckled one another's sex organs for about an hour before achieving horny release. For me it was just such a pleasure to take my time to get her very aroused and then OVER THE TOP so to speak!

Tongues wagged and heads shook disapprovingly when we arrived at work an hour late. Oh well, to bad for them. There had been no time for loving and pussy pleasing in the shower that morning! Too bad for us. No time either for me to drop her at the bus stop and pretend that we had come from different directions.

We made up for it later on in the storage room again. We finger fucked and screwed in there. This time with Tina sprawled across some large cartons, tits and pussy up, I was able to linger with my finger in order to show her just how much I REALLY appreciated my teacher!

We were lucky that her orgasmic noises didn't give us away! Tina did try to stifle her vocal enthusiasm... with minimal success!

There is much more to tell about Tina in future essays. However, 'til then let me offer a suggestion and a plea to some of you ladies out there.

I am sure that every one of you has experienced a BUM FUCK or three in your lives. Men rarely have that problem as any pussy that will have us provides an orgasm... often at your expense. That's just the way our bodies were designed.

Yet, far too many of us are NOT properly educated as to HOW to PLEASE YOU! Even in these enlightened times, it is still assumed that if I am equipped with a dick, I automatically know what to do with it. (And what to do with it FOR YOU!) We don't!!! Girls don't "come" with instruction booklets and too many of them are afraid to speak up and say, "Here's how I wanna be fucked, lemme SHOW you!"

Most of us don't mean to be thoughtless... we just haven't the SEXperience to know that it takes two to tango until YOU "COME". (Preferably "come" first at that!)

It should be LAW that all young men of legal age are taught how to love and MAKE LOVE by an older caring woman as his surrogate!

Until Tina took charge of my intimate education, I was the original inept, shy waste of female hormones! When she was done with me, I was better equipped to enter into naked liaisons with wonderful women just like you. She had shown me ways to find and provide others with the same pleasures she wanted from her own sexuality.


1. If you are foot loose and fancy free... you qualify!

2. Do you know a nice but shy and awkward member of the opposite sex (or your own depending upon orientations?) Some one that is not adept at the intimate level? Someone that is not jail bait but in lonely need? If YES,... you qualify.

3. Do you enjoy your ability to arouse others? Yes again? You qualify!

4. Can you be relatively uninhibited regarding your own horny needs? Can you get naked and 'show off' while sharing that with someone else? If so then, you definitely qualify!!

If you answered affirmatively about the above then you are desperately NEEDED. (Needed to be"come" an impromptu, caring, sex Ed teacher!)

You needn't be a raving beauty either... the spectacular inner beauty that a libidinous woman exudes will shine through when the time "comes"! If your potential "student" is worthy of your naked attention, he or she will "see" it before you do!

The student that you select and SEDUCE will lovingly remember you forever! (As will the subsequent women that, you have taught him how to love and please over his lifetime.)

Yes, Tina taught me the raw basic mechanics of how her sex organs and yours work. Beyond that, she let me experience the essence of her most important sex organ. The one that comprised her mind and heart! For me she will always be SAINT TINA! Re-read and remember how she first seduced me with a "NAKED CUP OF COFFEE and..." and then invent and implement your own personal scenario with a selected apprentice.

A few of your own PRIVATE hand made orgasms along the way while you ponder and plan the possibilities wont hurt your erotic scheming either!

Bless you Darling Tina for all that you gave to me... and bless any older woman that takes a younger "bull by his horn" and follows her example!






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