The Blue Pill - Part I


After a normal long week at work came Friday evening and the enjoyment of a 3 day weekend as Monday was a day as we both took a personal day, it was for all intents and purposes like any other weekend with an added day on the backend, however who would have thought the enjoyment and ecstasy that we discovered while deciding to try the little Blue Pill,  after getting home from your parents house and assisting them getting into bed etc. you arrive to find me laying on the bed upon entering the room we greet each other with a smile as always and I surprise you by suggesting we take a bath together,   you quickly agree and wonder aloud whets got into you “Bob” . Nothing I respond at least not as of yet….we enter the bathroom where you are quick to discover a warm deep bath has been run, along with bubbles and lit candles surrounding the tub and on the vanity. after settling into the bath I follow you in as we laugh out loud at the snug fit with both of us into the bathtub…your body pressed up against mine as the back and top of your ass rest up against my ever growing manhood…as you feel the swelling up against you your head leans back and we kiss,  your tongue darting into my warm mouth as a soft sigh comes from deep inside you….I can sense this is going to be a special night for the both of us…after a few minutes of teasing each other and my cock now rock hard and snuggled between the upper most crack of your butt. I share with you the fact that I went to the Doc today and when I was ready to go ask him for a sample of the little blue pill just to see what it would do….My God if I knew what it would bring I would have done this a long long time ago…a very sexy mischievous grin comes across your face as we both seem to have plans for this evening. You ask me “Bob have you taken it yet and how long before it works” I reply “no was waiting for you as Doc said anywhere from 15 – 60 min”….. I reach down beside the tub and get the pill I had placed there show it to you as we kiss .after a short but erotic kiss I put it into my mouth and swallow it as I reach around and fondle your breast and notice your nipples are hard. Just dying for the soft touch of my hand as I cup your left breast into my hand and follow with my right reaching around your body pulling you tightly against me………. my throbbing cock is begging for attention as you push back against me and move your hips side to side,  grinding yourself into me eagerly wanting my hard cock deep inside you pulsating pussy, you whisper “  this is going to be a night I have wanted for a long time, I can tell and since you gave me a surprise then I  reciprocate.  I will let you TRIM me not shave but trim OK? “you do not need to do that if your not comfortable doing this…..not the reason why I ask for he little blue pill” I know you reply. as your hips gyrate into me as your head leans back to me reaching up to give me a slow erotic kiss which stirs the desire deep inside both of us, my hands gently playing with your breasts as your passion builds, your body slowly begins to turn around and face me,  “Sit on the edge of the tub” I rise up from the bubbles and and as I am sitting down your hand reaches out and  wraps around my hard throbbing dick and you lean up taking one of my own very hard nipples into your mouth, sucking it into your warm mouth, rolling it and flicking it with your tongue as your hand strokes me ever so slowly back and forth… you know just the right pressure and tongue action to drives me crazy, my hips rising to meet the rhythm of your hand, as you jerk me back and forth, kissing and licking your way down my chest ever so closer to my manhood stopping just long enough to tease me with your hot tongue along the way, licking and gently sucking my skin into your mouth, ever so softly giving a few love bites along the way…..teasing me as you get closer and closer to my shaft, as you get to my hair line you look up smiling and say “ I get to trim you also”  I say ok and you rise out of the tub and return with the scissors and a sexy smile on your face joined by a gleam in your eye, climbing back into the tub, facing me resting on your knees reaching up to join my mouth in a long………...wet kiss coming from deep inside each of us, feeling not only the want for each other but the love we have for each other….as the kiss breaks away you kiss and begin to lick your way down my neck. across my shoulders inching ever so closer to my own nipple that is wanting your touch again….leaning back looking at it for a brief moment you lean forward and take my nipple into your warm mouth…..just long enough for my temperature to rise to the level of excitement it was before and then releasing it. Licking down my chest again to engulf my hardness into your mouth again…taking it deep inside your mouth and sucking it making my hips rise up. My hard on going deep in your warm wet mouth. slowly ever so slowly you pull back opening your mouth at just the last moment allowing me the sight of me resting on your tounge.sending a shiver up my spine as you look up at me….locking eyes with me, your tongue runs up one side of my hard member and down the other….pulling back and holding it in your hand your begin to trim the hairs around it in just a few snips leaving it about ¼ inch long. leaning down to kiss the head of it when your done….rinsing it off you lift yourself up onto the rim of the tub saying “ here ya go” I move towards you moving in for a long slow kiss. my hand caressing the side of your body as it trembles at my touch…noticing that your nipples are as hard as I can remember them being…..leaning down to touch one with my tongue you ever so slightly jump as the nerve endings in your body are on full alert….I pull back and eyeing lower I can see the folds of your pussy glistening in the light…” You’re so wet” I say and your reply in a soft moan….” Mmmmmm”  I lean forward…..taking the scissors and lightly trimming away some hairs…..leaving it about the same as me..1/4 inch long…..rinsing you off with water…..leaning up to kiss you  and slowing kissing….licking my way down your body as your skin flinches at my touch……moving down to your hair line I can smell your sweet juices as I inch closer…….drawing a line along the hair line to the inside of your thigh and the soft skin as I kiss it and gently take some into my mouth  licking it with my tongue………releasing it sticking out my tongue as light as a feather …………….flicking your hard clit as you jump….sucking it into my mouth and swirling my tongue against it……….. your hips rise up to my mouth  lightly pushing to my mouth as your clit throbs in my mouth,…….your passion rises higher and higher………” Stop” you try and get the words out…..releasing your sweet love as it is throbbing and emitting your sweet nectar…..” We need to get to the bedroom “you say ….as we both get up and towel each other off as we are both breathing heavily walking hand in hand to the bed falling down into a passionate, wet………sex hungry kiss as we try and devour each other kissing and licking    sucking any body part we can each reach…………to be continued


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