Mind Control TV

By Bill Blast
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Corey Palmer was slumped over in his t-shirt and shorts holding the remote control and channel surfing on his new 32 inch television set. The cable had just been installed and Corey had plenty of time on his hands.

He had just broken up with his girlfriend Marie Nelson. He was not upset about the breakup but was confused.

"I'm just not ready for a commitment," Corey told Marie as she cried incessantly.

"It's not you," he added.

Marie then slapped Corey in the face.

"Don't insult me you bastard!" she yelled as tears streamed down her face.

"I'm sorry," he said.

"You will be," she answered.

Corey continued to channel surf when he hit channel 121. He thought that the channels only went up to 120. Apparently, there was a channel 121 called the "Mind Control" channel. At least, that's what the bottom right hand corner of the screen said.

A beach blonde woman wearing a black halter top and black leather stretch pants had mesmerized Corey to the screen. Her look was hypnotic and the mere sight of her had caused Corey's penis to start growing stiff.

Corey stopped surfing and became both engrossed and curious about the channel and the woman who seemed to speak to him directly. The woman looked like a cross between Suzanne Sommers and Marie. Both had 36-24-36 bodies and both had bleached blond hair.

Corey stared at the television massaging his cock from outside of his shorts and not even realizing he was doing it.

"Welcome to mind control television," the mysterious woman said. "Today, we will find out who is holding the remote and who is being controlled."

What the hell is this, Corey thought to himself.

"Those of you with that special remote will be able to use it in just a few moments," the woman said. "Put in the proper identification number and the name of the person you want to control and press enter."

Corey had no clue as to what this woman was talking about. What identification number was he supposed to put in? What name is on a remote control? He was totally confused.

"Are you ready?" the woman on the television asked. "Remember, we are not gender biased on mind control television. Here we go."

Corey did not understand what was going on and started to change the channel but the remote control was not working. He knocked his hand against it because sometimes, in the past, that would help. But not this time. It was not the batteries in the remote control either. It was the fact that Corey could not change the channel.

The woman on the screen smiled and excitedly said, "Now! Work your magic!"
Corey suddenly had a feeling of losing control of himself, as if he did not have any free will. At the same time, he could sense Marie's presence. She was not physically there but he was able to "feel" her spirit. Corey suddenly froze.

Against his own free will, he stood up as if someone had picked him up off of the couch. He tried to fight against this force but was unable to as he began to take off his clothes. He pulled off his t-shirt, unbuckled his belt, unbuttoned shorts and unzippered them. His shorts fell to the floor.

Corey stood in his blue low-waist briefs. His cock was stiff. He found his hand being forced to rub the outside of his bulge to make his cock harder.

"What are you doing to me, Marie?" he asked.

Then, at that moment, he could hear Marie's voice say, "I'm taking control of your body."

Corey found himself being thrown on the couch. He pulled down his briefs exposing a seven inch, rock hard cock. He grabbed it and began stroking against his will.
He felt his heart beat faster as his cock became harder. It stood erect as Corey continued to stroke it.

"Put your other hand on your balls," Marie said.

Corey immediately responded.

He then felt a force make him get up from the couch and walk toward his bedroom. He tried to fight it, but the force was too strong. He walked into the bedroom with one hand stroking his cock and the other cupping his balls.

He quickly sat on his bed and then lied down on it. Corey didn't know what to expect next. Suddenly, his knees bent back towards his ears and his cock was getting closer to his mouth.

"No Marie," Corey pleaded. "Don't make me lick my own cock."

"Why shouldn't I?" Marie replied. "You should now what I've been tasting for the last six months. Maybe you can taste that salty cum while you're at it."

"Don't do this, Marie," he pleaded again. "I'll do anything else. Please."

"You'll do whatever I want you to do," Marie said.

Corey's tongue pointed straight out of his mouth and was about an inch from his rock hard cock. His knees pulled farther back. His head moved closer up. Then, his tongue began to lick his cock. An expression of complete terror covered Corey's face.

"You like sucking cock, don't you?" Marie said, the voice inside Corey's head becoming louder and more forceful. "I want you to like it."

Corey closed his eyes as he began to lick his cock and rub it around his lips. He tried to suck it as best he could. He licked as much as he physically could and put as much of his cock into his mouth as he could physically do.

Suddenly, his hand began stroking his cock faster. Corey's eyes widened. His hand moved even faster and Corey began to feel the beginnings of an orgasm. His mouth opened wide. He was about to shoot his come into his mouth and he just assumed that Marie would make him swallow it. He couldn't stop until, in one moment, his hand stopped and he was able to put his legs down.

Corey's cock was beginning to get raw, but Marie was not finished.

"Turn over," she said.

"You vindictive bitch!" Corey yelled.

"Oh, I didn't like that at all," Marie said in a calm and seductive voice. "I said turnover."

Corey flipped over to his front.

"I was going to be easy on you, but I'm not going to now," Marie said.

Corey had two hands and knees on the bed. He was on all fours. His butt was sticking up in the air.

"What are you going to do to me?" Corey asked.

"Take your finger, Corey, and stick it in the crack of your ass," she said.

Corey complied.

"Now twirl it around," she said.

Corey complied.

"Now, bark. Like a dog. Like the animal you are. Bark."

Corey began to bark.


He did it again and again until he started to continuously bark while twirling his finger around the hole of his anus. Corey felt completely dominated and could feel the humiliation throughout his entire body. It excited him.

"Come now little doggie," Marie said. "Come now."

Corey shot out his sperm across the bed and onto his pillow. The next spurt fell closer, and the next one close. Corey took his fingers out of his ass and began to breathe.

"How do you feel now," the dominant woman said.

"Spent," Corey said.

"I feel remarkable," said a tall, good looking auburn haired man on the television.

 "I'm thinking positive thoughts again."

"That's what mind control television is all about. Controlling your mind to think for you and not against you," said the beach blonde woman on the screen.

Meanwhile, Marie's voice was gone. Corey stared up at the ceiling as he lay nude in a pool of cum on his bed. His once stiff cock was going limp and the relationship that once occupied his time was gone.

As he got out of bed and started walking toward the bathroom to take a shower, he looked at his nude body in the full length mirror and posed, almost as if a female model might pose on a runway. Corey began to run his hands over his body and down to his genitals. His cock started to get stiff again and Corey began to masturbate.



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