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It was a late Friday afternoon early in July. The fields were filled with long green blades of grass and brightly coloured flowers. The birds whistled elegantly in the sky and the sun shone brightly being illuminated by the stunning blue skies. Amy had just finished riding her faithful pet horse around her father’s fields on his large farm. It was a warm day. Amy walked along the spiralling gravelled path back up to her stables feeling very hot and exhausted from the tiring session she had just had riding her horse.

Amy continued to walk her horse into the stable and secured him safely into its own paddock. The stables were always in the shade and made for an ideal place to cool down. It was late afternoon and being as all of her father’s workers left early on Friday’s Amy decided to make use of the cool stables and relax a little.

Amy pulled the band out of her long brunette hair and shook her head to allow the hair to be free on her head. She ran her fingers through her hair and wiped the small beads of sweat that had developed on her forehead away. In the corner of the stable attached to the wall was a tap that dripped cold fresh water. It was such a hot afternoon and Amy really needed to cool down. She strolled over to the tap and turned it on. The fast flow of the water came rushing out of the tap splashing Amy’s boots and khaki coloured corduroy trousers. With her hair loose, she bent over and let the fast flow of the icy cold water cover her head and run down the back of Amy’s neck causing her to slightly lose her breath for a second. With a fast flick of her neck Amy’s hair was back over her head as she stood up and straightened her body.

Now with soaking wet hair and water dripping down her back Amy grasped her sodden hair and rung it as it were a wet piece of clothing and allowed cold water to splash over her shirt and cover her breasts.

Due to the coldness of the water covering the front of her body it didn’t take long for Amy’s nipples to harden and cause a strange sensation throughout her. The sensation of excitement, desire an aching inside of her that needed relieving. Amy scanned the stables looking for an area that was quiet, undisturbed so she could go about her business without any interventions. Behind one of the horses stables lay an area that was covered in soft hay, was hidden from the human eye. Ideal for what involved in her upcoming plans for the next few minutes or even hours. Off she went, to her own private area where she was just about to give herself the biggest orgasm of her life….

Amy’s wet shirt was an ideal ‘throw over’, something she could lie on whilst she done her business. Slowly she began to undo the buttons oh her shirt whilst she scanned the area cautiously checking that no one was definitely around. One by one, as the buttons came undone from top to bottom more of Amy’s flesh was revealed. As the last button came undone Amy pulled her arms out of the shirt and laid it done on the hay. Amy’s body was perfectly toned, slim and lightly tanned. She wore no bra and her petite but ample breasts fitted her slender body perfectly. The coldness of the tap water and made her skin goose pimply and in effect had hardened her nipples to state where they stood out for attention. The zip of the trousers were to one side as Amy now hurryingly slid the tight trousers down over her hips announcing a tiny firm ass barely covered by a white thong. The trousers and shoes were now off leaving Amy left with her only her ‘smalls’ on. She reached down on the hay and made sure her shirt that was acting as a throw was laid out correctly on the ground. She laid herself down on the damp shirt.

With her eyes closed and legs bent upwards Amy began to touch her left breast. Beginning with her index finger she slowly began to circle the outer area of her nipple, playing with it, teasing her breast into a frenzy. Now, with her index finger and thumb Amy began to tweak her left nipple, twisting it left to right firstly and the pulling furiously at her herself as she began to breathe slightly heavily, exhaling stronger breaths. Now it was time for the right breast to receive some attention. With her left hand she took her right breast and began to fondle it by cupping it and massaging herself. Firmer and firmer became her grip as she tugged and pulled at the handful of breast teasing her only body as she was feeling so good. Body temperature rising Amy could feel herself close to climax. But she wasn’t done yet; it was too soon for her to climax. She wanted to touch her pussy, wanted to tease her own clit, to feel her own juices seeping down between her legs.

With her legs now down and stretched wide apart Amy was aching to touch herself. She slowly run her fingers down along her tummy, over her pussy and began to stroke herself on the insides of her thighs. Tickling herself on the insides of her thighs was always a sensitive area and she never neglected to make sure she gave that particular area special attention. The stroking of her thighs again increased Amy’s body temperature and her heart beat began to race some more. She couldn’t wait any longer, her pussy was now screaming for some attention and she couldn’t wait any longer. With her right hand Amy grabbed a side of her thong and pulled it to one side revealing a small mound of perfectly shaven pubic hair. As her legs widened even further a full view was exposed of her vagina that glistened in the sunlight from the moistness surrounding it. Her right finger began to tickle her vagina firstly by placing her finger in the middle of her vulva and spreading the lips apart to disclose the entrance to her vagina. “Bang” followed by a scuffle of feet echoed in the stable. Amy jumped from the surprise.

Ryan, one of her father’s helpers on farm had been working late that afternoon and decided to pop in and check on the horses before he left for the day. Carrying a metal bucket from earlier feeding of the chickens he walked up the gravel track towards the horse’s stables. He walked into the stables and immediately felt the coolness of the stables through it being in the shade. He took a deepened breath as he inhaled the coolness of the air. Upon doing so he lifted his head facing the roof and tripped on a barrel of hay that had been lying on the floor dropping his bucket. “Bang” as the bucket hit the floor causing a loud echo of the room. Ryan quickly recovered from his fall and went to pick up the bucket. As he reached down to scoop the bucket with his left hand Ryan heard of ruffle of hay towards his left. He decided to investigate and check on what the noise was. At 21 Ryan was very much a man. Strong and well toned, handsome and mature.

Ryan walked towards where he heard the sound of the ruffle. Under and over a small fence when where before him he saw Amy. Amy was his boss’s daughter practically naked lying down on some hay with one hand on her pussy and the cupping her left breast. Amy was a beautiful girl and very popular with all the boys on the farm. With long brunette hair and a petite frame, small adequate breasts fitted her perfectly. Amy was always very sure of herself and assertive. She knew what she wanted and knew how to get it. As soon as this very horny woman noticed this tall, muscular built man shirtless, wearing nothing more than a pair of jeans and some boots one thing was evident.

Their eyes caught. Amy with her right index finger pointed to Ryan firstly and then pointing to her vagina, Ryan knew what he had to do. Taking the instruction was simple; he walked closer to Amy and lowered himself before her. Amy bent her knees and lowered her legs up and allowed Ryan to begin kissing between her legs. With his hands on her knees he began to widen her legs further giving him as much of her pussy as he could get. He began by riding his tongue up and down the insides of her thighs and then applying gentle kisses. Amy loved this and a loud gasp from her mouth bellowed. Ryan moved his head closer into Amy’s snatch as he began to probe her pussy with his tongue. Small teasing licks round Amy’s vulva, parting her lips with his tongue and sliding up to her clit. By now, her clit was swollen and hard. Ryan nibbled on her bean causing Amy’s body to tense and tighten as she could feel her blood reaching boiling point. Firm fast licks followed as his tongue went about caressing Amy’s clitoris. Her pussy tasted good as Ryan began devouring her cunt, furiously licking and sucking all the moistness from her. With firm pushes Ryan’s tongue was in and out of Amy, fucking her so to speak with his own tongue! Amy grabbed Ryan’s head, pushing his face into her further more. Ryan withdrew, declaring himself in charge of the situation now. He would do wanted he wanted to do to Amy, and not the other way round.

With his right finger he began to tease her pussy. Firstly in slow short circular motions straight into a teasing gentle rub on her clit. Her pussy was moist, very pink in colour and felt tight. Ryan started fingering Amy’s pussy with one finger at first; she moistened more inviting for one more of Ryan’s fingers. In and out Ryan’s fingers penetrated Amy’s pussy. Her hips buckled as she began to thrust and push into Ryan’s fingers some more. Wetter and wetter she became allowing more of Ryan’s fingers to be inside her. Three fingers later and Ryan’s fast fingering was driving Amy intense with pleasure, gasping for breath she moaned with ecstasy, eyes closed and nibbling on her lip, Amy was in heaven and enjoying all the attention she was receiving.

Ryan brought himself up onto his knees, then onto his heels and finally stood up straight. With a wry smile he glanced at Amy and their eyes met. With lustful looks into each others eyes, burning desire was apparent. Ryan began to undo his belt buckle, full of assertiveness and confidence he slid his belt out of his jeans. One by one, the buttons of his wranglers loosened revealing a white pair of Calvin Klein briefs. By this time, Ryan’s footwear had been flicked off and his jeans were down by his ankles. There before Amy, was a perfect specimen of a man stood in his underwear. Noticing the slight bulge in his groin Amy knew that Ryan was as hot for her as she was for him. Up onto her knees Amy went as she began to place soft kisses on his cock on top his underwear. Rubbing her hand on his balls as she continued to kiss his underwear Amy could feel Ryan hardening. With both hands gripped at the waist elastic, Amy began to pull down Ryan’s underwear revealing his now rock hard cock. With a small drop of clear fluid on the tip of his penis Amy placed her lips around it.

She could taste the sweet pre cum on the end of Ryan’s penis. With her tongue she spread the slightly sticky clear substance around the head of his tool. A quiver was felt through Ryan’s body as Amy continued to suck and lick his cock. With her right hand Amy cupped Ryan balls and started massaging them, rolling his balls around his very loose sack. She took his cock out of her mouth, continued to play with his balls and began to run her tongue up and down the shaft of his penis, looking up at him whilst doing so. Ryan was in heaven, he loved his cock being sucked and played with, seeing a women on her knees and paying him that much attention brought shivers throughout his body. Ryan’s cock was now very wet, Amy let go of his balls and took her hand to his penis. She gripped it firmly, using Ryan’s pre cum from the tip of his penis, began to slide her gripped hand up and down him lubricating his long shaft along the way. With each stroke, Amy’s movement was getting faster and faster, grip getting tighter and tighter, Ryan could feel himself wanting to come. He wasn’t ready to come just yet though, he still wanted his way with Amy. Ryan pulled himself from her, regaining his composure. He lay himself on his back and invited Amy on top of him.

Eagerly Amy stood up and removed her sodden wet panties. Moving her body over to where Ryan lay, she spread her legs and began to squat down and place Ryan’s thick, hard penis inside of her. Slow but sure, Ryan’s cock was now in. Amy began to ride her man slowly at first, taking his long shaft in. Deep penetrations followed as her momentum gathered more. Up and down as Amy began to thrust her hips, feeling every stroke of Ryan’s foreskin rubbing against the inner walls of her pussy. With her hands on each breast Amy began fondling each of her own tits. Pulling and twisting viciously whilst grinding her teeth, desire in her eyes, Amy furiously fucked away at Ryan whilst riding him hard. With Ryan’s own hands he gripped onto Amy’s hips and began to pull Amy closer to him…

To be continued…


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