The Early Hour

By Deborah
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Shelia lived with Brad. She always wanted to be naked and wanted to touch and be touched for pleasure. She also wanted Brad to be naked too so that she could touch his body whenever and wherever she so desired.

Every morning Brad would get up early and sneak out of the house before Shelia even woke up. When she did awake she was all alone. She would touch her body all over. She started with her BIG titties. She would knead the flesh in her hands and pinch at her already hard nipples. Then she would bend her head so that her mouth could suckle the pointy little niblets. This brought her much pleasure.

However, she would have much rather have her big strong Brad with his hungry mouth and eager hands doing the job. Then she would run her hands over her pudgy tummy in such a way that she didn't feel fat at all just rubenesque and sexy. Lower her trembling hands would slide until she met the boundaries of her very private area. Tugging gently and rolling her hairs with her fingers, she dared herself to go within the hooded area that concealed her tiny little love button.

Her trembling fingers find the tiny switch that electrifies her. At first she hesitates...this is Brads job, but knowing that she would only have to wait and be patient she pursues her interest. Spreading her lips with her left hand and rubbing her clittie with her right she begins to feel warm and tingly. The moans and sighs are low but they are definite. She is very excited. Mmmmmm, how she wishes Brad were here.

At times when she masturbates for him he talks her through it in a very sensuous manner. His voice low and sexy. His words naughty. Yes, she misses him terribly. Just on the edge of orgasm she begins to get frustrated. Something is missing. Quickly she goes to her secret toy box and pulls out her fleshy feeling vibrating cock.

Just seeing it makes her hunger even more for her man. He is still absent from this exhilarating event. She adds a few drops of lubricant to her toy and strokes it longing for the real thing. Gently inserting it into her yearning cunt she resumes her clitoral satisfaction.

There now, feeling full of cock, her vibrator on high and her fingers fervently work to her delight she is near orgasm. Her breathing quickens, her body trembles her hands shake and then she is there. Her body stiffens up and she squeals with zest at her accomplishment. After a short rest she cleans her toy, puts it away, showers and leaves for work. All along missing the man she loves so much and thinking "maybe tonight Brad will be mine".


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