Hallway Taps

By Cassandra

Millie was the average kind of bookworm who collects books and what do you think she reads them; she never misses an edition of her favourite anime magazines.

Even she was the so-called bookworm in their group of friends she is still just like all the students, not very smart but still responsible. She is a first year college student and she lives in the dorm in their school at the province. Dorm is really the last thing in her mind because she wants to be with her family, she had doesn’t really have a choice because the school is far from their house and it will take almost 5 hours to get to there school. Well that was the bad news but the good news is her best friend is Emily is using the dorm also, and the coincidence is there even in the same room. There many things they surpass together like the hard examinations, the boring hours of student life, the cruel life in college and there the latest is passing the 1st year in college considering there both taking the same course. Yeah they did a great job in life even in hard times and especially in joyful times, they were almost inseparable. They even knew the hobbies of each other very well.

Millie has a hobby of sitting down at their desk and reading her favorite books because she is a bookworm, so she gets absorbed in her books easily not minding what is she suppose to be doing during that time. While Emily has no permanent hobby and sometimes she just chats with other students in the dorm or if there is money she goes out with Millie and their barkada. One time Millie was sitting n her usual place reading a psychology book. She was very focused in what she was reading that she didn’t notice what time is it already. When suddenly “ Millie!” “Ahhhh!… Emily stop that you scared me, can’t you do anything else, you know this is the only time I get relaxed.” Emily laughed because she really had scared Millie that she jumped out from her seat. This happens almost everyday that’s why Millie gets really annoyed when this happens but she did get used to this, so sometimes she doesn’t mind Emily when she knows it is her.

One night when they where about to go to sleep, Millie called Emily, “Millie I’m just going to go to the library to borrow something” “Wait isn’t the library already closed?“” I know but I still might still catch the librarian ”. Emily didn’t really want to stop Millie because her friend’s hobby was like her life already so without any hesitation she didn’t stop her and so Millie went out already.

Suddenly Emily remembered that it was already 9:00 and that the lights at the corridors will be turned 9:30, so Emily looked outside hoping that Millie hadn’t got that far yet. But when she went out Millie was already out of sight, so she just hoped that Millie will made it here before 9:30 because it seems that she was really in a hurry. Well Millie was really walking in a fast pace but she didn’t actually knew what time is it, she’s just hoping that she would catch the sleepy head librarian.

While running Millie felt deaf of the unusual silence because all she hears is tapping of her foot on the ground and the fast beating of her heart trying to catch up with her breathe. She was really exhausted because she needs to run down stairs as silently fast as she could. It was really pure luck that no one passed by that hour because if she got caught her hope of borrowing that book for their thesis would be turn to ashes. As she got nearer to the library, about just one corner away, she slowed down a bit to catch her breath because she can rarely breath anymore so she stop by on the wall looking down with her hands on her knees. She looked down trying to calm herself. Then she looked forward again and she walked in her usual pace. While she walked she looked around the classrooms wondering if someone is fool enough to stay in this weary hours of the night.

Mentioning the word fool in her mind, she remembered Emily and she said in her mind, “Maybe if Emily was just with me, we will surely have a race to the library. I really hope I have asked her to come with me …… this sucks! The silence is really boring; everything seems to be quiet and the hassling job I’m gong to do just because of too much reading. Huh! I just hope no one will pass the thesis tomorrow…. wait what I’m thinking I’m such a fool thinking that. I’m just going to do it even just the half of it. Millie think positive, Millie think positive, Millie think positive, I could do this, I could do this… I hope so!” Silence is in the air again and her feet were all that was making all the noise. While walking midway to the corner she felt a light hand tap her from behind but she didn’t see it because she was focused on her way, so she looked back. When she looked back all she sees is the dark window at the end and the clean floors and no one was at sight. “Who was that? Is there a ghost here?…. wait I think I knew who this is.” , she continued on her way towards the library whistling. Then a few steps forward she felt that tap again on her back but it was just too fast that she didn’t saw the actual person who had done it. “ I know it is you… Emily am I right? I know you sometimes make fun of me but now I know every trick under your sleeve so you can’t repeat what you’ve done already.”

No one replied and so she continued her way. Few steps forward she looked back hoping she would catch Emily in action but still nothing was there. Then she shouts again “ You know It is just time you come out because I was just thinking of you few minutes ago that I should have asked you to come with me, so why just come here and we will walk together… because for your information your not scaring me, even a bit…. That will not work Emily this is just child’s play, you know hide and seek.” Because no one replied again felt irritated. “ Playing tough huh! Then let’s see who could withstand the fight, just wait when I get first to our room I will lock the door and you will be soo sorry that next time I will be the one playing the pranks on you!” Few walks later she felt it again but this time she was much more irritated that she clench her fists towards the ground and she crossed her arms on her chest. “ This is enough Emily I’m going to find you now because what I’m doing is a very serious matter and if I don’t pass this will be all your fault!” So she stared at the corner waiting for Emily to come out.

Millie was really getting impatient then she saw a lady wearing a white sleeping dress that is looking down and seems to carrying something in he arms came around the corner in very slow pace“ Finally you came out, then you are the one doing that huh! Just wait till I get your hands on you jerk! You have caused me enough trouble, do you know that?” The lady comes closer but she’s still looking down. “Wait a minute are you really a student here ha?” Millie was starting to have some suspicion that the lady is not a student because it seems unusual to see a student this time of a night walking so calmly like her that seems to not minding what trouble she had caused her.

As she comes closer she hears sobs, “ What do I hear? Is that sobs coming from her then maybe she feeling a bit down tonight that is why she decided to take a walk…maybe I shouldn’t have scold her for doing it maybe she’s just trying to cheer up herself.” Because she felt pity for her, she looked down to show how sorry is she for the student. When she had looked down she noticed something unusual about the lady, “wait a minute something seems to be missing. Ah! I know her feet are missing but where are they it seems impossible for it to be under her dress because she is floating. Ahhhhhhhhh!”

Because of fear she trembled on her feet and she tried to stand up but it seems that her feet are frozen on the ground so she moves her hands backward but she felt something at her back is blocking her way so she leaned back to see what was it. When she looked back she saw that it was a fresh, broken, bloody arm with its bones showing off and it’s blood all over floor. She removed her bloody hands from the floor and she looked towards the lady if she is still there, but when she looked she saw the lady was still there and she came much more faster that before but still she couldn’t move her feet from the ground so she leaned back to see if someone was there or even a janitor to help her because she’s really stuck in fear.

She checked again if the lady was there then she was surprised to see that the lady was already in front of her looking down on her with her red eyes then she noticed that she was carrying something in her arms, a small bloody fetus, and when she looked up few droplets of blood fell on her forehead and she freaked out and she ran back using the other long way around. When she reached the door she kicked it loudly then Emily opened the door. Millie rushed inside the room with fear and she almost fell down. “Millie you’re just in time I was kind of worried for you because I forgot to remind you that the lights in the corridors are going to be turn off by 9:30.” “ Millie the…re… was… some…” “ Calm down first would you, I can’t understand you and what did you did there is blood all over your hands. Did you killed someone and why are you very exhausted what happened?” Millie gasped her breath “ Killed me, how can you come up with I will never kill anyone and besides I have no enemies here.” “Then please start explaining young lady you’ve got me worried and when you came back you’re all bloody!” “ then please stop talking like my mother.” “ Ok but explain from the start.””

This is what happened, I was walking in the corridor when I start feeling taps on my shoulder but when I look back no one was there. At first I thought it was you following me- “ me following you, I was here the whole time waiting for you. “ then it means you are not the lady scaring me and disguising and in the corridor following me” ”Yes, and where shall I get that costume and how will I catch you, you were walking so fast that I even didn’t saw you outside just when you went out.” “ so if it wasn’t you then who is it?” “ I don’t know maybe someone else.” “ Impossible then it means what I saw was a white lady” “ Wait what did you said a white lady come on this is a joke right” Millie frowned. “ Ok that’s enough you’ve give me enough fright let’s go to sleep” Emily lied down on her bed and she covered herself with the blanket. “ I don’t want to sleep yet Emily.” “ Sleep now or else.” “ Ok, alright “ so Millie went to the bathroom to wash herself. In her mind: “ that was really creepy hew! I don’t want that to happen again but wait if what I saw was a white lady then what is that arm doing there. Maybe it’s just fake but wait, wait there no one else in the corridor then how did it get there?”. After that she felt a cold breeze run around the room that caused her to feel cold.



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