The Passion

By coffeecake


The candles flicker in the darkness and the room is quiet. I awaken and feel your fingers inside my pussy, instinctively i begin to move my hips up and down in rhythm. I am soaking wet and my nipples are hard as they brush against the cotton sheets.

You remain asleep, I hear your breath breaking the silence. We sleep naked, as always, our bodies connecting in the most intimate places. I love to feel your body behind me, it is so strong ,hard and big, it envelopes me.

I groan loudly causing you to murmur in your sleep, i feel your dick grow harder pressing into the small of my back. I hold your fingers inside my pussy and continue to stroke gently, I think of your dick grow larger as you sleep, preparing itself for me.

This makes me shiver and i am close to cumming. I try not to moan too loudly as i do not wish to wake you...yet. My pussy aches for your touch but i continue to move your hand slowly, up and down through the wetness, pushing your fingers against my clit. Suddenly without warning i am cumming and my legs buckle and writhe beneath the sheets.

I try to remain quiet but find it difficult not to call out your name as i shake and shiver uncontrollably. I feel you move behind me and you kiss the back of my neck, I turn my body to face yours and look at you by the light of the candles. I trace my finger along your lips and bring my lips to yours. You open your eyes and focus them to mine.

We kiss gently but deeply, my body leans into yours, your fingers, still in my clit, probe me gently and my hand moves down to your dick. I grasp it in my hand it is thick and hard.

We stroke each other, gently at first but our breath quickens and we move faster, both of us getting closer to the edge. We hold each other tightly as we come, our bodies moulding into one and we relax together and sleep.

I awaken a little later and feel your mouth tracing the insides of my thighs, i groan in pleasure and open my legs wider to welcome your tongue, it dips in and out sucking at my clit and teasing my cunt.

Your tongue expertly brings me to orgasm and the feeling is so strong that i forget to breathe. You bring your mouth to mine and and place it over mine, breathing for me, into my mouth.

My whole body shakes and you grip me tightly, still breathing, as my orgasm subsides.

The action is so erotic and i melt into your body, your dick enters me and i gasp as you groan loudly, each first time always feeling like the first time ever and we move in tune with each other until we cannot hold on any longer. I wrap my legs around you pulling you closer to me and fuck you as hard and as fast as i can.

I feel like i cannot get you inside me fast enough or deep enough. I ride you urgently, pushing you deeper, stretching me, filling me with your big hard dick. We shout together unable to stop, needing to be closer trying to get inside each others bodies, not wanting to be apart. You kiss my neck and i hold you tighter, never wanting to let you go.

I grow tired and sensing this you pull me to the edge of the bed. thrusting yourself inside me, harder, faster, quicker and we fuck til we come and our bodies merge into each others. We gasp and shout and catch our breaths. Our bodies glisten with sweat and the bedcovers are in disarray. We sleep again, close to each other.

A little while later i wake up and for a while i watch you sleep, I move my head under the covers and trace the line of your hip down to your pubic hair with my tongue. I place one of your balls in my mouth and suck gently, circling my tongue around and around, your dick twitches slightly and i gather your other ball in my mouth and suck that gently too. I kiss up and down the shaft of your dick and lick around your arse, hearing you groan. I put your dick in my mouth and suck gently, feeling it grow hard and big in my mouth. I can feel my clit throbbing and suck your dick more urgently, feeling it pumping into my mouth.

Your breath quickens as you move closer to orgasm and i feel you wake up and pull me on top of you, i place you inside me and we move slowly, making love more gently than earlier in the evening, with no rush. We turn on our sides to face each other and i feel you deep inside me. We watch each other as we cum, our eyes fixed on each other. My body feels tight and full of you. your body stiffens and i feel you cum inside me, my cunt spasms and squeezes every last drop of cum from your body and we quietly, our eyes still fixed on each others, recovering.

The candles have lost none of their brightness, still flickering gently in the darkness and still half the night remains and each brand new morning....



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