By Lady in Black


It had been days since I last saw you. The last thing you had told me is that you'd be back to stop by and pick up your stuff. You hadn't called or sent anyone over, so I figured you were out of my life for good. Things started to get to me. The scent of you was still in the bed, I saw your picture every morning, your bath stuff when I took a shower... I use your robe every morning. I missed you so much. I still can't believe you left me. I missed you so much, and I'm sorry for everything I had said that night. I wish that I could turn back the time and fix everything.. I could by lying in bed beside you cuddled close to your strong chest. Feeling your arms surround me, and your hard cock between us.

I was getting ready for work when I heard the knock on the door. It was your mother wanting to talk to you. I told her that you left, and haven't come back in almost a week. She hasn't heard form you either. We decided to take a trip to your office, and around town to see if we could find you. We couldn't. I dropped your mom off at her place and started driving home. I started to get wet thinking about those nights we had in your mothers backyard, when we first met.

I pulled up in the driveway, and your car was there. I walked towards the door, and it was wide open... After I stepped in the door, someone grabbed me and threw a pillowcase over my head. I couldn't see anything, I started screaming, and struggling to no avail. I started to panic when I was being dragged toward the upstairs. The person was rough and strong, I could feel their hard on when they were holding me. He started pushing me up the stairs, telling me If I didn't co-operate there would be problems. I started to cry and tried to walk up the stairs, I kept tripping up the stairs. he guided me to the master bedroom, I kept tripping on things on the floor. he shoved me face down on the bed and ripped my skirt off. I cold feel him leaning over me. I tried to squirm up the bed to get away. Then I felt a sharp smack on my back. "Don't EVER move away again" he told me. I started to cry harder.

I started to get turned on at knowing what was to come, but it was wrong, I don't want this to happen. I heard his pants unzip, I started to whimper. His fingers started to wander up my legs. I could feel them slowly wandering to between my thighs. I felt him kneel down, I can now feel his breath between my legs, he kisses between my thighs. I moan, he's found my weak spot, he slowly kisses his way up my thighs, and finally makes it to my wet pussy. He flicks his hot tongue onto my clit sending shivers up my spin. he starts to do full slow licks, taking his time to make sure he hits my clit every time. he slowly puts a finger inside me, and starts pump it slowly in and out, licking and sucking on my clit. I start moaning and moving my hips to my his fingers and tongue. I'm so close to cumming, I know that he knows this. He stops and tells me to sit up.

I sit up like I was told not wanting to start any trouble. He lifts the pillow case high enough to expose my lips. I flick my tongue out and lick his cock. Mm, it tastes so good. I wish I could see it. I slowly raise a hand to hold it. Slowly I start swirling my tongue around the head of his cock, hearing his breath go short. I slowly take his head into my hot wet mouth. I start slowly moving my head up and down, putting firm pressure on the underside. I slowly massage his balls in my other hand. I start to pick up the pace, I can hear him quietly moaning, I can feel his cock grow in my mouth. he makes me stop and take it out. I was very disappointed, I wanted to feel his hot cum going down my throat.

He pushes me back onto the bed and spreads my legs as far as they'll go. I feel him kneeling between them. All of a sudden I feel his cock at my entrance, I moan. I'm so horny, I start to beg him to give it to me. "Oh God Please Fuck Me. Fuck Me Hard, Don't stop please just fuck me." Then I felt him slam his hard cock into my tight hole. He pulls out and slams back in. He starts a rhythm pumping in and out of my wet pussy. He rips open my shirt and grabs my tits firmly.. using them as handles to keep the rhythm. I start to moan out loud telling him how good it is, and how much I wanted him to come inside my tight wet pussy. I knew he was getting close again, He flips me over and makes me go on all fours.

I obey and sit there. He starts teasing my clit with the head of his cock, slowly dragging it towards my ass. He does that a few times, then I felt pressure there. I prayed for him not to. "Please don't, I'll do anything, just not there. Please" And then I felt a ripping pain. He tell me not to move and it should be okay. I felt him slowly rock back and forth. Picking up a pace. It started to feel so much better. He got to a normal pace and it felt so good. We were both moaning, and breathing hard. Both getting close to the edge. He starts to move faster. "Mmm, Harder baby, do me Hard... " I start screaming to him. He reaches around to my clit with one hand and starts playing. With the other hand he reaches up to my breast and starts playing with my nipple. The combination of everything sent me over the edge. I screamed and moaned and shook underneath him. It felt so good, He kept going, and quickly pulled out, He moaned loudly and came all over my back.

He turned me around took off the pillow case and kissed me hard. I still couldn't see straight. He laid me down and laid beside me. When I looked over again. It was you.... You told me why you left, and why you came back. Ever since we've done this ever 3 months to get the passion flowing again.


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