High School Fun

By Lady in Black


It was the summer I turned 18 when I really started to think about sexuality. Our Health classes began to make us more aware of what attraction really was. As prom came up, I didn't see myself going to prom with a guy, I saw myself with a beautiful female. I started to questions who I was and what I was thinking. I started asking friends if it was right for me to find other women attractive. And to a certain extent, they all said yes. I still had the over whelming urge to try being with a woman, I just never knew who to go to.

One day after school, Me and my friends were joking around saying that being with another girl was just a gross thing, and that lesbians were gross, How shallow we were. Well I had to walk my friend home, since her mother didn't trust her walking alone in the evenings. We didn't talk till we got at least half way to her house. I looked at her and stopped her.

"Melissa, I have something I've been wanting to tell you all day" I was shaking as every syllable that came outta my mouth.

"What is it? You know we've been friends for the longest time, what seems to be the problem?"

I looked my friend over again, and went up to her, took her face gently in my hands and kissed her. She stood there speechless, then kissed me back. We started walking again, and didn't say anything after that. We said our good byes and went back to her place.

We made plans to go to the mall and try on the new bathing suits. They had a lot of nice ones, and since summer was coming, we all had to be in style. We walked to the mall, still not saying a word.

She finally spoke, "Why me? Why did you come out to me?"

"I don't know, you said we could talk about anything, and I just couldn't put that into words." I felt horrible for not telling her first, but I couldn't tell her in words, it was too complex.

We finally got to the mall and into the first store. She picked out a few of the swim suits. I was too big for this store at this point and time, so I just helped her pick them out.

"Will you come in and help me choose one that looks good? And no lying to me, I want the guys to be drooling" She laughs, and leads the way to the change room.

She tries the first one on, but she couldn't tie it up. So she asked me to tie it. I go to reach of the strings, and she drops them. This is the first time I had seen her firm breasts. They were perfectly round with perky nipples. They were so beautiful. I quickly looked away. Melissa grabs my hands and puts them on her chest. Oh, they feel so good. I start to rub them, and gently play with the nipples. I slowly let my hands fall towards her sex. I can feel the warmth from it. I place small kisses from the base of her spine to her neck then turn her around and kiss her sweet soft lips. I slowly push her towards the wall and pin her there. I kiss my way over her firm flat tummy and work my way down to the bikini bottoms. I hook my fingers on the sides and pull them down.

He sex was exposed to me, clean shaven and soft to the touch. It was beautiful. I put her one leg over my shoulder and slowly licked her slit from back to front. I could feel her shiver. I slowly part her lips to gain better access. I flick my tongue on her clit. She tastes so sweet, and she's so wet. I slowly start licking and sucking on her clit. I hear her start breathing harder, and the odd gasp coming from her. I slowly put a finger inside of her. She was so tight too. I continue to lick her clit, getting more vigorous, and Start to move my finger in and out faster. She started to grind her sex on my face and tongue, I kept going, I could hear her whimpering, she was so close. I got up and kept playing with her clit. I kissed her deeply to cover up the whimpers and moans. All of a sudden her body went ridged and he knees went weak. I kept her standing and kissed her again.

She smiled back "So then this one will be great for the guys to see right?"

We left the change room, and noticed there was a little wet spot on the bikini bottoms, we just laughed, purchased the bikini and left the store.

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