Devil in the Dark

By Veronique
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Trembling as your gloved hands fumble with the clumsy padlock on the basement door, you will yourself mightily to calm down, commanding your nerves to subside. You’ve never done this before, and you’re not sure what made you decide to do it now. Well, that isn’t true. You know exactly why you’re here. Being an accomplished pick-pocket isn’t enough anymore. You need a bigger score to make ends meet, so you sneak deftly into the first multi-million dollar house you can find that appears to be empty for the evening. In and out, in true pick-pocket fashion – find the sweetest prize in the place and get the hell out of there.

The lock gives way with surprisingly minimal resistance, and you intensely hope that all barriers to what you need this evening give way as easily. Creeping through the “basement” of the sprawling mansion, you start to suspect you’ve bitten off more than you can chew, as even the subterranean quarters of this house are decked to the nines. How are you to know what’s most valuable? A little reconnaissance is in order.

Stepping silently up the stairs and finding yourself in a state-of-the art kitchen, you become acutely aware of when you ate your last real meal. Still, setting your hunger aside, you continue your quest, which has brought you to another staircase, sweeping in a massive curve up to the second story. Slowly you ascend, cautious and deliberate in your movements, ears tuned to any warning sounds of the owners returning home. You pass trophies in the upstairs hall, and family photos. There appears to be only one child, and from the dates on the many awards and certificates, she appears to have just entered college. “Empty-nesters,” you smile to yourself in satisfaction. “There must be something of value in her room that they won’t miss for months.

The double doors at the head of the staircase lead into the master bedroom – elegant, but sparsely decorated, and any trinket would be easily missed. The next few doors revealed guest rooms, arrayed in much the same order. The last door, at the very end of the hall, as it always seems to be in these situations, held the most promise – you’ll find what you’re looking for in there, of this you’re certain.

Even though the house is empty, you still turn the knob as slowly and quietly as possible, as you have with the others. It seems untheifly to do otherwise. Stepping into the large chamber, the shadows of trees outside cast in long strokes across the bed, you freeze, suddenly paralyzed. The house is not empty at all. A girl – the girl from the photos, she must be – is lying asleep on the bed. If that were all, though, you might have just left, your heart beating thunderously at the thought of being caught at your first robbery before you’d even committed it. But as it were, you were rooted to the spot, your feet planted firmly in the lush, deep pile of the carpet, transfixed by the sight on the bed.

She was lying on her stomach, her left arm stretched perpendicular to her body, and her face resting on her right hand. Her long, auburn hair was swept across her shoulders, catching the moonlight and shining like silvery ribbons. The two things that were most noteworthy, however, were that she was naked, one corner of her bedsheet just barely pulled over her taught, smooth rear, and that there was a vibrator lying next to her outstretched hand. You notice the smell of sex still lingering in the thick summer air, and realize that this girl has just pleasured herself into exhaustion.

Before you even realize what you’re doing, you’ve picked up the vibrator. The thought of what this girl has just done to herself is playing through your mind, an erotic vision that brings crazed desires of your own to the surface, and your body begs you to replay that scene in the flesh. Maybe she’ll think she’s dreaming, you think, if you just hold the vibrator against her ass. Watching her twitch and hearing her moan would be heaven...

Deciding to just go for it, no matter what happens, you remove your clothes and get ready to masturbate while your run the vibrator between her legs. You turn it on, and run it over your cock a couple of time, enjoying the tingle of it. Now in desperate need of attention, it wakes up to meet the steamy night. You hold out the vibrator and press it into the dark crease between her legs, and in seconds her hips begin to move, and she lets out a small moan. By now, your dick is begging for a rub, but you decide to hold off – you might have other plans. The girl on the bed appears to still be sleeping, and having a most blissful dream. Still lying on her stomach, she subconsciously spreads her legs and begins grinding against the vibe, her breathing starting to come in short, sharp gasps. You rub the vibe against her clit in little circles, and her little moans become ecstatic cries as she draws her knees up, lifting her ass into the air and throwing her head back in the waves of pleasure consume her.

This is your cue. You drop the vibe and grab her hair, and she freezes as fear grips her and she realizes she wasn’t dreaming. “I can see you enjoy that,” you whisper gruffly, pulling her toward your face by her hair as you climb over her, pressing your iron cock against her ass. “I expect you to show your gratitude.” She lets out the breath she’s been holding in a tearful gust, and while she has appeared to shrink up a little, she hasn’t tried to move away. You pull her up so that she’s kneeling, and with your cock still pressed against her ass, you grab her breasts and pinch her nipples, eliciting a sharp cry of pain, but you know it has given her pleasure as the wetness flows fresh from her pussy onto your penis. You grind against her backside, just letting your dick glide back and forth under her dripping pussy lips. Suddenly, you turn her around to face you, and yank her hair down so that her face is only an inch from your throbbing member. “Blow me, now,” you order, and trembling, the girl parts her cherry lips and takes as much of you into her mouth as she can before bobbing her head up and down, letting you fuck her mouth. You press her head against you and thrust into her, feeling the head of your cock hit the back of her throat with each stroke, and delight in the hot wetness of her smooth tongue and glossy lips in every steel-like inch of your manhood. You can feel your hot essence boiling up inside you, and you know that at any minute you will be spurting your hot load into her mouth. “I’m going to cum, and you’re going to swallow,” you command, and hold her head so that she couldn’t spit of she wanted to. You explode, your hips bouncing up and your balls slapping her in the chin while your hands intertwine themselves in her long, silky hair.

You don’t know it yet, but being forced to blow you as made the girl much hotter than she imagined, and her pussy is overrun with evidence of her desire. She doesn’t want to show you though, because she wants it rough and she wants you to possess her. You notice a pair on nylon stockings on the dresser, and order her to lie on her back and bring her hands over her head. She does as she’s told, and you tie her hands to the headboard. There’s fear in her eyes, but there’s also a glint of something that makes you think she’s starting to enjoy this. You tear her legs apart, pushing her knees up to her shoulders, and with the head of your unsatisfied cock poised against her sopping labia, you push her legs up higher, forcefully. “Beg me for it, bitch! I’m your master, and I command you to beg!”

She goes white, and her lip quivers. “I... Beg you...”

“Louder!” You scream. “Beg for it, beg me to fuck you hard!”

She closes her eyes and lets out an electric scream. “Oh, yes, Master, please, fuck me now! Fuck me hard! Please, Master I need your big, hard cock inside me now!”

“Now?” You smile wickedly, pulling your cock away slightly, now that you know she wants it. “I’m not sure I should give it to you now. You’ve been a bad girl,” and with that you slap her ass, once on the left cheek and once on the right, and your dick gives a delighted lurch when you see a juicy little spurt pour from her pussy. You continue to hold her legs up, and with her hands tied and your cock so near, there’s nothing she can do to escape the torturous need building in her body. You lower your head and slowly, slowly, slowly, use only the very tip of your tongue, trailing it lightly from her anus to just past her clit, and this drives her out of her skull. Her whole body begins to convulse.

“Oh, please, please, I can’t take it. Fuck me now, please! I’ve never had a real cock! Please Master, fuck me now!”

The realization that she’s a virgin is enough for you, and in one mighty thrust you force your entire length into her, pumping in and out of the tightest pussy you’ve ever had while she screams in ecstatic pain. Each thrust feels so tight you almost doubt you’ll get back in when you pull out, but the muscles inside her pull you in even as you pull out, massaging your pulsating member with white-hot heat as your erection grows even bigger inside her. You know you’re about to cum, and at the last second you pull out, spraying your load on her beautiful young tits and massaging it into her skin. She knows you’ve finished, but she hasn’t, and she wraps her legs around you, grinding against you fiercely and begging for release. “Master, help me, I need to cum!” she begs.

You untie her hands, and she immediately thrusts two fingers from one hand into her pussy, while rubbing furiously at her clit with the other. You sit back for a moment and enjoy the view, and then decide that you’d much rather be in the game than on the bench, and pull her hands up again. She gives you a pained expression, but you just grin wickedly and press your face into her pussy. Your nose tickles her clit as your tongue goes to work on her vagina, and she weaves her fingers through your hair, holding your face against her as she pumps against you. Suddenly she pulls you up, flips you on your back, and straddles your face. She begins to grind against your chin as you eat hungrily at her pussy, your appetite being sated. Her screams of rapture are still ringing in your ears when she slides off your slippery face after having erupted all over it, and her legs continue to twitch and her body writhes in pleasure. “Ahh.... Thank you Master,” she sighs, letting her legs fall open to the summer heat.

“Thank you?” You say quizzically. “You did not ask my permission. You will have to be punished, severely.” Already your cock seems to be getting ready for more.

“Yes, Master, you must punish me,” she manages between gasping breaths, and if nothing else, you know you’ve found the house’s most valuable treasure.



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