When the Cat's Away the Mice Will Play

By Veronique
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"This shouldn't be happening," I say to myself, but that sting of naughtiness is part of the allure, and I can't ignore the electric rush that grips me as you step closer, your eyes fixed on mine, your confident strides only slightly exaggerated by the drink you've just set on the coffee table.

I've noticed all along how you stared at me, long before you married my mother, before I was even of legal age. I tried to convince myself I didn't appreciate the attention, even when I could feel your eyes burning into my backside; I knew you longed to put your hands on me instead, that you were undressing me with your eyes and imagining how my full, pink lips would feel wrapped around the head of your throbbing penis, my tongue savoring every luscious inch of that precious organ.

I forced myself to wait. Lusting after my stepfather might have been immoral, but I would at least make sure it wasn't illegal. Tonight is my eighteenth birthday, and my mother has been called away on urgent business. The remains of a typical family birthday party are strewn about the living room, with only you and I to tend to the mess. The drink you've just set down is starting to leave a ring on my mother's table, which just won't do, so I swivel around so that my back is to you, and I simply can't bend over to pick up the glass without my flirty pink skirt pulling up over my ass, revealing the damp white thong beneath it, nestled sweetly between my young ass cheeks. I pick up the glass and turn to face you; there appears to be no lasting damage to the table, but to be safe, I'd better lick the moisture off the glass. My tongue glides over the cool, smooth surface as my eyes gaze into yours.

"Daddy," I say poutingly, which I've never called you before, but it seems appropriate now. "Mommy isn't here to tuck me in to bed. I don't think I can go to sleep tonight without being properly... tucked."

The expression on your face is just what I hoped - a delicious mixture of astonishment and rapture, punctuated by an apparent bulge behind your zipper. "Well, then I supposed I'll have to do the - tucking," you stammer, picking me up like a child and carrying me to my room. It still looks like the place where a young girl sleeps, and I suspect that turns you on. There are pink and white sheets on my twin-size canopy bed, and while it doesn't afford much room to manoeuvre, it's adequate for deflowering your step-daughter.

"Would you please unbutton my dress, Daddy?" Your nimble and practiced fingers make quick work of the buttons that close the fabric over my chest, and you slowly push it back off my shoulders, letting it fall to the floor in a rumpled heap. "Oh no, I'm not supposed to leave clothes on the floor." I look up at you coyly. "I suppose you had better punish me," and I kneel before you.

"All right," you nod. "You know what the consequence is." I smile wickedly, ready to let the real fun begin. Eagerly, I grasp your belt buckle and unfasten your pants, letting them join my dress on the floor, admiring the first naked cock I've ever seen in person. It's longer and thicker than I expected, and already so hard. Unable to abstain myself, I lick your swollen head, getting my first taste of a man, and immediately I begin to suck your begging penis, letting my tongue dance along the taught veins and vessels, cradling your balls in my hands while my lips kiss the length of your shaft, leaving pink lipstick as evidence of my utter captivation. My mother's attention to you has been lacking, so your need is great, and I gladly oblige the necessity of the occasion.

I suck your dick like a giant tootsie pop, until it's clear that it will take little more for you to spew your load into me. Not sure I'm ready to swallow during my first blowjob, I pull one last stroke from stem to stern, then stuff your cock between my tanned breasts, still held together by a lacy bra, and rub my tits against your groin, feeling the iron-hard rod ramming up and down between them until finally you erupt, your thick white cum cascading over my belly, down toward my thong, while you twitch and spasm and struggle to keep your balance, clinging to the canopy.

So desperate is your need, of course, that one ejaculation has by no means done you in. You've gone and gotten my panties all messy now, so of course they can't stay on, and my bra is in an equally sticky situation. Shaking my tits free, I massage the essence of you into my skin and throw back the covers of my childhood bed. "It's time to tuck me in, Daddy. But Mommy used to lay with me for awhile... Would you please lay with me, Daddy?"

You grin like a man who's just been shown the fountain of youth - and truthfully, you have, as I push myself back onto the bed and spread my legs before you, revealing the flowing nest of all my virgin secrets. The remains of your clothing have somehow found their way to the floor, and you fairly nose-dive between my legs, nestling against my freshly-shaven pussy, and skilled as you are, your thick tongue immediately seeks out my pleading clit and showers it in tender, but earnest circles. You alternate between those blessed circles and sucking and licking along my entire pussy before thrusting your tongue into me, burying your chin in the soaking flesh of my vagina until the wild bucking of my hips forces you to lift your head, and you gaze upon the face of a young woman, blissfully lost in the throes of her first orgasm.

I'm through with the Daddy routine now. "I want to feel you inside me," I beg breathlessly, pulling you up so I can kiss you - I've never kissed your face before, and to do it for the first time with my own cum on your lips was strange, but not unpleasant as your tongue probed the farthest corners of my mouth, nearly driving me into oblivion again. "Please," I beg you, spreading my legs wider to accommodate your muscular frame. "I need you inside me."

In your wisdom, you know that a virgin seldom anticipates the pain of her first penetration, no matter how much she think she wants to be rammed into. You carefully position the engorged head of your manhood against my freshly sated flesh, and paying close attention to my expression, you push through the previously untrespassed gate to my womanhood, and pause while I squeeze my eyes shut and catch my breath, as you knew I would. It does hurt more than I realized, but the pleasure and pain are so closely matched that I can't even think of stopping. "Mm..more," I gasp, and you slowly snake into me, filling me so tightly that I swear I can feel every pulsing vein in your rigid member. You give me a moment to adjust, and I begin to rock beneath you, loving the fullness and heat that I'd never felt before. Slowly, so very slowly, you pull out just a little, and then slide back in, then out a little more, and in, and out a little more, and finally you're giving my hungry pussy full-length thrusts, pressing your torrid flesh against the untouched internal walls of my young body.

Unexpectedly, orgasm is just over the cusp for me, and I can feel it approaching as your speed increases. Perhaps you've sensed that I can handle more of a pounding, or perhaps you're now more concerned with your own climax, but in either case we are both in ecstasy as you thrust powerfully into me, the friction in our loins building collectively into a feverish frenzy, the bed rocking with the rhythm of your steady, delicious lunges into my body. As your cock courses in and out of my vagina, spreading warm juices between us, a storm of new sensations builds inside me, boiling up from somewhere beyond consciousness until it obliterates all sound, and I cum so hard I can't even scream. The orgasm grips me like I'd been struck by lightning, and pulses through me like the subsequent power surge. Your rapid breathing gives way to a guttural moan, as with one mighty thrust to the hilt, your balls slapping against my dripping body, you cum into me, violently releasing your load into my no-longer virgin womb, and you continue to rock against me as my body lavishly accepts every beautiful drop.

Drenched in sweat and smelling of sex, we finally roll to a heated afterglow, with you still inside of me, our hot breath on one another's faces as I observe what satisfaction looks like. I smile breathlessly and whisper, "Thank you for the tucking, Daddy."

You managed a chuckle as you slip your now-flaccid cock out of me. "Any time, Angel. I'll always be here to tuck you in when Mommy isn't home." As if to seal that promise, you gently suck one nipple while fingering my other breast. I run my hands through your hair, down your back and over your ass, rolling you onto your back and lying on top of you. I gingerly wrap one hand around your sodden member, stroking its glistening shaft as I drift off to sleep, dreaming of future nights when Mommy isn't home.


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