I Need His Seed

By Theresa


"You want me to what???" Jack exclaimed. We were old friends and only friends, but my clock was ticking and I wanted a baby. I had no boyfriend or husband and didn't want one. I just wanted a baby. So I decided to ask Jack to try to impregnate me, although I emphasized that I would never obligate him to help support our raise the child. I tried to tilt the scales in my favor by wearing a low cut day dress to emphasize my cleavage and my legs. I may be approaching my mid-30s, but I still think I look pretty good. Maybe it was unfair, but I removed my shoes and lifted them onto the couch we were both sittng on. After a while I subtly moved my feet closer to his legs and began rubbed one of them on his thigh while we talked. I didn't want him to think too much and I wanted his physical urges to take over. It was working. He took my foot in his hand and started massaging it. He was talking to me about how he wants to be responsible and all, but I still noticed the bulge in his jeans.

I slid next to him and told him I thought it was very sweet about how he cared about his responsibility in all this and kissed his cheek. I nuzzled his face and kissed his ear, whispering that he didn't have to do anything he wasn't comfortable with. At the same time, my hand rubbed his chest and moved down is belly to rub his bulge. He gulped and realized he'd lost. He turned to me and we kissed as more than friends for the first time. It was long and deep. Our tongues explored each others mouths. I felt his hand massaging my breast while my hands attempted to undo his jeans. I told him to stand up so I could remove them. When he did, I knelt down, unbuttoned and unzipped them, pulled them down, and then his boxers.

I smiled up at him and he smiled back. I grabbed his erect cock firmly and stroked it while I kissed its head. Immediately pre-cum stuck to my lip and made a string when I pulled away. I stroked him to coax more out and started licking it from his hole. I used my other hand to spread the hole open more and my tongue dug in for more. Jack groaned and moaned appreciably, but I know he wanted more. I took his whole head in my mouth and then started bobbing. As I bobbed, I took more and more of him in my throat until I had most of his cock. My hand was massaging his balls. His hand was in my hair caressing my head and coaxing it forward to continue the loving mouth fuck he was getting. Soon he had both hands grabbing my thick dark hair and started fucking my mouth. I was tempted to stop since I needed his cum inside my pussy, but I was enjoying this. I was loving watching his face and hearing his noises during the blowjob. But it was too late to stop. He spasmed and drove his shaft deep in my throat and I felt his hot cum shoot inside me. It wasn't too much and he slid out of my mouth. I swallowed his cum and smiled. I figured I'd get more out of him later.

I stood up and kissed him and then he knelt down. He lifted my dress and started kissing my panties' wet spot. He pulled them off, nuzzled my bush and licked my mound. I close my eyes, threw my head back, and moaned his name softly. "Ohhhh Jackkkk..." He coaxed me to lay on the couch so he could spread my legs for better access to my aching pussy. He spread my lips and his tongue explored me thoroughly. He'd flick my inner lips with the tip of his tongue for a while and then use the flat of his tongue to rub and lick me everywhere. Then he started paying special attention to my clit. My God! If I'd known he ate women out like this, I wouldn't have stayed platonic with him this long! I came and moaned loudly. I rubbed my wet crotch over his face and chin. He wasn't done. He held me down and kept my thighs spread and rubbed the tip of his tongue at the entrance to my vagina. He made his tongue stiff and entered me. Ohhhhhhhhhh. I liked that a lot! "Yes, Jack, baby. Oh that feels so good." I repeated over and over while his tongue explored my walls until he found my special spot. He rubbed his tongue along it. I gasped and looked down to see his face buried in my bush but his eyes wide open, thrilled at my pleasure. I was going to come good now. My hands pressed his head and my hips bucked uncontrollably. I fucked his face and moaned as he brought me closer and closer to a huge orgasm. My thighs closed around and crushed his face as I screamed, while his strong hands held my ass. My cum coated his face and dripped down my ass cheeks. I collapsed and wiped my brow and thanked him profusely.

When I caught my breath, I told him I had to fuck him. We took off our clothes and his eyes widened at the sight of my bare tits. I climbed on top of him and put one of them in his mouth while my hand reached down for his cock, which was very erect again for me. I put him half inside me and then fucked him until his beautiful hard cock was completely inside my cunt. We both groaned at the sensation. While he sucked and licked my breast and nipple, his hands moved to my ass. While I fucked him, my hands went through his hair while my feet held the sides of his thighs. Every so often, I remove my tit from his mouth and deep kiss him. After a while, he asked if he could doggy style me. I told him I'd love it and jumped off him. I turned around and bent over to give him access to my pussy and he entered me quickly. He complimented my ample round ass and thrust into me slowly at first, but soon picked up a quick tempo. "Faster, Jack! Faster, baby!" I begged him and he cooperated. He banged my pussy so hard his balls were slapping me. I love this position and it wasn't long before Jack brought me to another huge orgasm.

He turned me over and entered me missionary. Jack had stamina! I wrapped my thighs around him and complimented his fucking. He told me how sexy I was and how badly he's always wanted me. "I'm all yours," I told him, "Take me, honey." He fucked me hard while he kissed my neck. He whispered in my ear, "Do want my baby? Do you?" "Oh yes, Jack! Oh please! Give me your baby!" He took my legs and put them against his chest. Hs fucks got deeper and his mans got louder. I got the feeling he was going to cum good very soon.

He banged me hard and said, "Do you want my seed, sweetheart? Do you want my cum?" "Yes!" I screamed, feeling yet another orgasm rise in my loins, "Give it to me! Give me your seed!" I was delirious and happy. "I love you, Jack!" In my head, I was scared I just said the wrong thing, nut he yelled back, "I love you too, Theresa!" He started breathing heavy as his thrusts got quicker and harder. In between thrusts, he'd exclaim, "I'm going to cum! I want you to take it! Take my cum! take it!" "Oh yes!" I answered "Yes! Please, Jack! Give it to me! Now! All of it!" He groaned loudly, thrust hard and groaned. I felt his cum shoot inside me. He thrust a little more and stopped to shoot more of his hot life-giving semen deep inside my vagina.

When he was done, he fell on top of me and I whispered in his ear, "Thank you, my love. Thank you for your seed." He nuzzled and kissed my neck while my foot caressed the back of his leg. "I love you, Theresa." he said. "I love you too, Jack." I smiled. Even if I do get pregnant, I hope our lovemaking won't stop.



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