By Rebel


I open the bathroom door and the steam envelopes me like a cloud. I can see you through the glass shower doors, not clearly, but enough that I can tell you are slowly stroking your cock. Your head is thrown back and you are leaning against the shower wall, one hand stroking slowly and the other rubbing your chest, playing with your nipples and then slowly cupping your balls. You are so into the moment that you don't hear me as I close the door and undress, all the while watching you pleasure yourself. I feel myself grow wet just thinking about what I will do when I step into the shower with you.

I open the shower door and ask softly, "Need some help?"

I startle you just for a second but then I see the hungry look in your eyes and I know you want this as badly as I do. I turn you towards the spray and step behind you. I lather up my hands and start washing your body, starting with your arms and chest. I rub your nipples and feel them grow hard, so I press myself against your back and your indrawn breath tells me that you are aware of my own hard nipples. I work my way down your stomach and before I can touch what my hands are aching for, I bring my hands around to your back. I slowly but firmly massage your muscles as I work my way down to your butt.

My God, but you have the most perfect ass and I never tire of seeing it or touching it. I drop to my knees to wash your legs, gently nipping your ass cheeks with my teeth. You jump but I know how much you enjoy it. I lightly run my tongue along your ass crack, barely touching you then bite your cheek and lightly slap it. I stand back up and lather my hands again; rubbing your stomach and rubbing myself against your soapy back. My hand brushes your cock and you moan......waiting. I tease you for a few more minutes then take you in my warm soapy hands. Mmmmmmmmm, you are so hard and you feel so alive in my hands. I stroke you slowly and gently, gently washing your balls also. I want you all nice and clean for my mouth.

Standing behind you stroking you makes me wonder what it would be like having a cock of my own. I know I would enjoy playing with myself if I did. I lick and nibble your back and neck and you drop your head back against my shoulder so I can lick your ears too. You reach behind you to touch my thigh then my ass, pulling me closer against you. When we can't take anymore, I turn you around and rub against you, your hard cock sliding between our soapy bodies. We kiss deeply, all the while rubbing and touching each other. I suck your tongue into my mouth with the same motion I use on your cock and I feel you jerk against my belly. With a hoarse cry, you say, "Now baby, please."

We rinse off and I push you up against the shower wall and place your foot on the side of the tub. I sit on the side of the tub between your legs and take the Shower Massage down with me. I like to use it on my pussy while I suck your cock. And you like to watch me, you like how it excites me even more.

I lightly lick the tip of your cock with my tongue and tease you with butterfly kisses and licks all over. I lick your belly and your thighs, I take each of your balls into my mouth and love them. We both enjoy prolonging this ritual. Neither of us can hold out very long. I suck the end and flick my tongue around and you try to push yourself farther into my mouth but I pull back. You play with my hair and try to pull my mouth closer again but I pull back. We play this way for a few minutes and then I take you into my mouth fully. Not all the way down just yet, but far enough to make you moan.

I aim the shower spray at my pussy as I get into my rhythm. With my free hand I reach for the soap and get my hand all nice and soapy. I place it between your legs so that my thumb is right under your balls massaging your prostate and my index finger is rubbing your asshole. You enjoy all the different sensations, my finger, my thumb and my mouth. As I get more aroused, I start sucking harder and faster. You are holding my head and fucking my mouth now, moaning softly. We keep up our rhythm till you hear me moaning, my orgasm so close. Your cock pulses in my mouth each time you feel me moan and I know it won't be long for you either. I come but I don't stop what I'm doing, knowing you are right there with me.

I moan and suck faster, bringing you closer and closer. You are breathing so heavy and moving your hips back and forth. I hear you whisper, "Now, babe, I'm coming." I keep sucking and I feel the first spurt hit the back of my throat. I bring the shower massage up and aim it at your cock and my mouth. I swallow and keep sucking and licking, spraying your cock with the warm water too. Your eyes are tightly closed and you are grunting and whispering "yessssss" and "Oh God". You collapse against the shower wall and look down at me. I am still holding your semi hard cock, cum on my tits and dripping off my chin. I lick my lips and tell you how incredible you taste and feel your cock jerk in my hands. I take one last taste and gently wash us both off. We dry off and go to bed to continue..............when you're recovered.



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