The New Toy

By Kennedy
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She was young and spunky, that’s what did it for him. He had to have her, and soon, that’s why he told his wife that he was going out with the guys.

“I can’t believe she bought that,” he thought as he hopped into his car, trying not to get hard thinking about the sexy young thing he was going to see. He’d met her a few years back on the Internet; he thought nothing would come of it until she moved right into his neighbourhood, no more than five minutes away from his house.

They’d met several times before in person since she’d moved – lunch at a local café, dinner at her place, breakfast at her place. With each time of getting near her, he wanted nothing more than his cock to be inside of her. He loved her looks, her style, her personality. “Where was she a few years back and why wasn’t she in my life,” he’d always think. He pulled into the parking space and walked casually to the door, hoping he wasn’t disturbing her, it was 8pm and since she didn’t have to work the next day, she might have been busy entertaining. He took a deep breath and knocked. She came to the door a few minutes later; he could hear her running and scrambling to get to the door. She opened the door, happy to see him, but shocked as well.

“Ken, what are you doing here?” she asked standing in the doorway, holding her robe closed. She was clearly naked underneath.

“I just had to see you,” he replied, “Did I interrupt anything?”

“No, I was just reading.”

“Naked?” She smiled and nodded as she let him in. His cock hardened more at the very thought of her just sitting around naked. They sat next to each other on the sofa in a silence that was comfortably uncomfortable.

Her robe slid off her shoulder a bit as she turned on the TV to have some background noise, Ken was thankful for that. He could see her nice, round, firm breast where the robe opened. As she sat back down, he slid his hand under the silk of the robe and began to suckle on her breast. He slid one hand down between her legs and felt the warm moisture that resided within. His cock hardened to its fullness and he pushed a finger inside of her, she moaned slightly, sliding back and opening her legs farther. He stood up and she unzipped his pants and pulled them and his boxers off.

She stood up and slipped her robe off, and motioned for him to sit on the sofa. She sat down, back to him, sliding down on his big, hard, horny cock. She started going slowly at first, getting used to his size, moaning softly. He reached up and rubbed her breasts as she fucked him slowly. She picked up the speed and strength of her fucking, she was moving back and forth hard on his cock, her hips thrusting with such a force that she was liable to fly into the TV. He reached in front of her and started to rub her clit as hard and fast as she was fucking his cock.

She was screaming loudly, enjoying herself entirely too much; good thing the TV was on. Her already tight pussy tightened up around his cock even more as she quivered on his cock, thrusting herself harder and she came. He then pushed her off of his cock, and slid slowly into her asshole as she sat back down on his cock, screaming. He started to fuck her slowly, and move her with his rhythm. He then started to speed up and once she got the correct rhythm, he let her take control; fucking him as hard and fast as she was when he was in her pussy. She slammed down onto his cock, her ass tighter than her pussy, like it’d never been fucked before.

Finally, he let out a slight moan, letting go inside of her asshole; filling it with his excrements. They relaxed for a bit, she slid off his cock and stood before him – it was time for a shower; time for her to get that cum out of her ass.

She reached down and grabbed her robe, turned around and walked towards the bathroom, headed for the shower. She enjoyed his cock being in her ass, she’d never had that before. Before she got in the bathroom, he grabbed her, pushed her up against the wall and shoved his hard cock right into her still soaked pussy. She moaned, wondering how his cock got so hard so fast. He raised one of her legs and pushed her into the wall even more, smashing her size 40C breasts into the wall, fucking her hard and fast, apparently it was the way she liked it. She was moaning loudly, along with his grunts of pleasure. He thrust into her as hard as he could one last time, enjoying the feel of her, the sound of her. He quickly pulled his cock out as she turned around and opened her mouth wide to become his sperm deposit. She swallowed it and he looked at his watch, kissed her on the cheek and ran for his pants. He told his wife he’d be home in two hours; fucking her took two and a half. She nodded as she looked at the time. He kissed her, softly, and told her that he’d definitely come back soon if she wanted him to.

“Of course I do,” she assured him, “just call me and tell me what you want me to do, babe.” He nodded, kissed her again and walked out the door, feeling wonderful. He’d just had a great couple of hours with his new young sex toy, and her name was Sandra.



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