Blowjob by Surprise

By Amanda Marais


I have had many requests to write a story about my first time. But people also wondered about other sexual acts in my life, how and when I performed them for the first time. So by request I am going to tell you how and when I gave my first blowjob.

Some readers might already know my birthday but for who doesn’t know, well my birthday is December 30th 1978, and this story happened in the summer before my 14th birthday. Usually in the summer many of my friends came over to my place cause at our house we had a swimming pool. But we weren’t the only ones with a swimming pool. One of my friends, Daniel, he also had a swimming pool at his house. Daniel was a very nice guy, 17 years old, single but most of the time he had short flirts with girls at school, but never anything serious. That day he had invited me and several other friends to his house because his parents were away on a vacation so he had the house all to himself that week. Obviously his friends talked him into giving a party and other things while his parents were away. So that day he invited us to swim at his place.

Eline and I agreed that she was coming over to my house that afternoon so we could ride together on our bicycles to Daniel’s house. I was waiting outside with a towel in my hand. I was already wearing my swimsuit. On top of that swimsuit I was wearing skirt and a t-shirt and some shoes. Eline arrived on time and together we made our way towards Daniel’s house.

He had a very lovely house, surrounded by a green garden and many flowers. In the deep blue coloured water of the swimming pool, the reflection of the sun was shining and the water was inviting us to take a dive.

Daniel and some other friends came out of the house when we walked into his garden. After greeting each other, some dived into the pool and some took places under the trees in the shade. The sun was burning that day. I kicked off my shoes and slipped my skirt and my t-shirt off and I lay down on the grass under a tree while I watched the others diving into the pool and having fun.

Daniel brought everybody a glass filled with iced tea. So there I was, enjoying my day, with a nice cold glass of iced tea in my hand. I could not keep my eyes away from Daniel . Never had I seen him with only shorts on. He was tanned, well- muscled, and looking very sexy to me. From time to time he looked back at me and smiled. I returned his smile by blushing.

He got out of the pool walking up the small steps towards me. Little streams of water were running slowly down his shiny chest. One hand ruffled through his wet hair causing many drops of water to fly through the air.

“A shame you are not swimming with is, “ he said with a slight ironic look in his eyes.
“Not yet,“ I replied: “Maybe later, I want to enjoy watching all the sights first.“

Without saying a thing he grabbed my hand and with his other hand he placed my glass on a small table.

“Where are we going?“ I asked him laughing but also a little nervous.

He did not answer me and took me into the house and up several stairs, into a room up While we walked up the steps, he looked into my eyes several times so intently with that same look it made me blush over and again. The room was very dark. The curtains were closed, so that only a small ray of sunshine came peeking inside the room. It was very hot in the room. It seemed to be a bedroom.

“What are we doing here?“

Again he did not answer me, but only smiled. He closed the door behind us. Gently he pushed me against the door and kissed me passionately on my lips letting me taste his lips. His lips, tasted like strawberry. With his tongue he pushed against my lips and made me part them. I opened my mouth, his tongue slipped inside and our tongues starting dancing around. He tasted so good. He was leaning against the door with his hands and the muscles on his arms were tensed. Feeling those muscles as I caressed his arms and feeling his tongue inside me sent shivers so quick like little devils running through my body. Slowly he took my face in his hands, removing his lips from my mouth and asked softly: “Do you want to do it?“

I was surprised by his question and I was biting on my lips as I considered how to respond. I told him I was not ready for that yet and instantly my excitement became fear. He caressed my face firmly, but his touches becoming more and more tender.

Slowly he pushed me downwards until I was sitting on my knees. I saw this huge bulge in his shorts right in front of my face. Daniel grabbed the edges of his shorts and slowly pulled them down. His cock was already hard as rock and jumped out against my face. I could actually smell his manhood.

This was the first time ever I had seen a penis from this close. So far I had only seen dicks in magazines or while I watched naughty movies when my parents were sleeping; so this was all new to me. I did not know what to do. Off course I had seen on TV what I should do, but I was so overwhelmed by everything happening this way, that I did not know what to do with this penis that was swaying in front of my face.

Daniel grabbed his cock with one hand and laid his other hand on the back of my head. Slowly he pushed against my lips with the head of his dick. The only thing I could do was open my mouth so I did. Slowly, I parted my lips as he pushed his penis inside my mouth, sliding it across my tongue.

The strawberry flavour I tasted earlier was already gone and replaced by the taste of his penis. The next moment I was hit by a second surprise as I felt a thick wave of warm and sour liquid running into my mouth. I was shocked by this discovery. I had never tasted precum before. He grabbed my head with both his hands and pulled my head towards him with force. I heard how Daniel was breathing loud and for a moment I thought I could feel his warm breath. He started moving his hips back and forth as he started to fuck my mouth. Like an amateur I was sitting there on my knees with my hands behind me and Daniel was fucking my virgin mouth with his hard cock. With every thrust I could feel his penis sliding deeper into my mouth, sometimes even too deep causing me to make this gargling noise that was making me feel ashamed. He started moving faster and harder, my head bucking back and forth on his penis guided by his strong arms. From time to time he pushed his dick so deep inside me that I could not get any air. I felt like I was choking!

Daniel started moaning out loud and then suddenly, I could feel a warm and hot, thick salty liquid running over my tongue and hitting the back of my throat. I swallowed his sperm because I didn’t know what else I could do. While I was still sitting on my knees, I saw his hand moving down I thought to help me back to my feet. Instead, he grabbed his shorts and pulled them back up. He smiled as I heard the sound of the elastic slapping against his sweaty stomach. I got up and looked at him, searching for words, but I couldn’t find any.

“Want to drink something?“ he asked.

I was still tasting the salty taste in my mouth and answered: “Yes, a glass of water please.“

He walked away and a minute later he returned with a glass of water in his hand, while I was still standing in the room, looking around. I was feeling ashamed and after sipping from my glass I asked him: “Is this how it always goes?“

He smiled and showed his pretty white teeth: “Absolutely!“

He seemed pleased, so I relaxed a little. I smiled and hugged him smelling his lovely scent of his neck. He gave me a kiss and we walked back downstairs to join the others by the swimming pool.

Eline was laying under the tree and smiled at me, wondering why I was away for so long with Daniel. I told her everything that evening on the phone while I was laying in bed.




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